Jan. 19th, 2017

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It's happening.

I'm starting to work on the [livejournal.com profile] hp_goldenage fanfic. I managed to pull off something like six pages, but they need SO MUCH refining and work done on that (Plus translation). But you know. Doing that and managing to finish in time, hopefully.

I also watched "Arrival" with Amy Adams and it's amazing. Highly recommend this movie.

It's what Interstellar wanted - and failed miserably - to be. The science part IS SO GREAT! Guyyyys, the heroes in this movie are LINGUISTS!!!! Because every aliens movie ever is "they want to kill us", but also they understand our language and we understand theirs at first meeting. When, in fact, what are the chances? A completely different form of life and civilization comes to Earth and we suddenly understand each other with google translate? Please!

So the movie works a lot on linguistics and communication issues (Such as the structure of a language or the problems to translate) and that was so interesting! This is a movie where people try to understand and communicate with aliens, rather than just kill kill kill, because wouldn't be our first priority ever? To just ask them questions and gain some knowledge, if we are in our right minds.


(Also the emotional/character-centric parts killed me too. I cried a lot by the end. So many emotions!)


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