Mar. 6th, 2017

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Hi guys! How are you?

I'm not really well, unfortunately. The children got the flu and I've got the flu from the children. Adventures in babysitting, you know? I'm currently in bed, feeling all sick and ouch-y. Anything new you'd like to show or talk to me about? I'm doing nothing, so. XD

[ profile] hp_goldenage started posting and I'm happy! I LOVE fics about my faves getting older. I'm waiting for aaaall the older Draco/Harry in the world with arms wide open. (Also, there's a fic about Luna/Ginny that I highly recommend! Enjoy it, guys!)

My Tumblr is killing it lately. I'm posting so many cute giftsets and fanarts! I'm so pleased with myself (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ I know that I'm spamming an insane amount of Yuri On Ice artworks, but this fandom is so productive and talented! (And Victor Nikiforov is #HUSBANDGOALS forever) Although I have to admit: I struggle to like Yuuri sometimes. Not because he isn't deserving, but because I see so much of myself in him and, mostly, the things I loathe and would like to suppress about myself ... I can't help but wanting to erase those aspects in fiction too.

Learning to love oneself is tricky.

I think that I'm gonna rewatch 2015 Macbeth, maybe? I was inspired by the Ginny/Luna story and, honestly, this movie is great. Apparently, some people didn't appreciate it enough, but to me it's wonderful. Cotillard and Fassbender played their characters beautifully and - unpopular opinion alert! - I prefer Fassbender's take on the "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" monologue compared to other ones. (Yes, even to McKellen's one. Sue me)

I think that many Macbeth portrayals always kinda forgot one aspect that makes the play so fascinating to me: the relationship between Macbeth and Lady. They plot the murder together, they go on this journey together and they share the defeat together.

I don't feel the solitary approach of the McKellen's scene (Although, he uses the words so beautifully! Such a great actor) Because it makes much more sense to me that Macbeth would think of Lady during that monologue, that he would direct the speech to her in a way. They are a together in this.

Also, I can understand more of Macbeth's vulnerability, the fact that he's not that hateful or determined as he may seem. Honestly guys: it's the Lady the determined and ruthless one! It's Lady the one who chooses to act and "rules" the marriage. Macbeth is kinda passive compared to his wife and very obedient to her wishes. He sort of regains himself only after she dies.

I love this couple and the gender-flippery thing I can see in it, with Lady being all ruthless and ambitious and pragmatic, while Macbeth is maybe more fragile. They are also dysfunctional in many ways, Lady knows how to wound her husband deeply, but ultimately ... great marriage story? I dig it more than Romeo & Juliet, tbh with you.


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