Mar. 8th, 2017


Mar. 8th, 2017 10:04 am
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To celebrate the International Women Day, I'm sharing this petition from Avaaz. And I truly hope it will get some results.

"We ask that you kick the Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke out of the EU Parliament following his hateful remarks about women and migrants, and after making a Nazi salute in the chamber. These acts are in violation of the Parliament’s rules and betray the values of the entire EU which our Parliament is elected to defend. "

This "guy" is now famous for a speech about women being naturally inferior to men and, yes, he also did the nazi salute. The freaking nazi salute. In 2017. WTF am I seeing???

I cannot believe this is actually happening in real life. So, just to let him know that we think he should rot in hell for the rest of eternity, sign this thingy.

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Hi guys, how are you? Still with the flu myself, but feeling better. Also, my dad is home. I'm happy. <3 Happy International Women's Day once again!

Since I'm having free time, I was uncertain if it was time to embark in the journey of re-reading HP (I feel like I need to deepen my knowledge, so I'm not a fake fangirl!!) or watch the movie "Elle" with Isabelle Huppert, in order to understand what was the fuss all about. I did the latter and, pity me, that movie is shit.

You know the basic premise, right? A middle-aged successful business woman gets raped in her house. I was under the impression that she was on the path for revenge, but no. Not at all. At least, not in a sense that we - as actual human beings - would understand.

Because the character portrayed by Huppert isn't a "real woman", she's just a fantasy. A male fantasy, given the fact that a man wrote this shit and another man chose it as subject to his movie.

Anyway, since this thing is bullshit I won't bother with respecting the spoilers rule. Also I won't talk much about a movie that, IMO, is an uneven mess, only blessed by the grace of an actress who can substain two hours of utter bullshit.

Lots of storylines put there and never fully developed, a protagonist who seems to be a sociopath herself, so the audience doesn't even bother with compassion, a calm and polite exchange with the rapist who is also called as emergency contact by the victim and the wife of said rapist (BTW, you understand who is he very soon) who thanks the victim for understanding her husband's special needs. And a random French actor who looks like Benito Mussolini. //that's gross tbh

It's kinda hilarious because it's so detached from anything remotely real, you can't possibly feel emotion.


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