Mar. 10th, 2017

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[ profile] teragramm posted a quote by Amber Benson (In a post about BtVS and how much impact it had on people's lives.)

As you probably already know, BtVS was my first fandom. The first show that prompted my creativity and imagination in terms of "I want more!", "I want to engage in a discussion", "I want to engage in terms of writing my own ideas!". There's not much I haven't said already and, as the years go by, I find new spaces where I can express my curiosity. But BtVS is still BtVS, and it's kinda like "home".

A show that I watched through my teenage years, when I was growing up and having confused emotions and all that stuff. A show that was a refuge during some dark times. And the reason why I started writing and interacting on the internet.

But I was focusing on Amber Benson's quote and, as obvious it may seem, how great is the character of Buffy Summers y'all? Because, yes: she's an everywoman. And yet, her character is so complex and fully fleshed. Buffy never seems an empty vessel for the viewer's imagination, she's Buffy with her peculiarities. (Her bravery, her big sis instict, her jealousy, her puns ...) She's pretty specific and with her own history.

At the same time, even people with completely different lives and backgrounds, can relate to her. I can relate to Buffy, so hard. There are many things about her character that resonates in me and I'm "different" in many other apparent ways. Buffy Summers truly speaks to my soul and I find amazing how she inspires me to be stronger.

Honestly, to me one of the greatest things about Buffy - character and show - is that it's all about power and strenght. It's literally a tale of a girl who fights and struggle to be better, stronger and braver. It's so cool to have a female hero like this, a female hero that wants to *win*. Buffy wants you to be strong.

(Also, I'm becoming more and more fond of Willow these days? Like, I had this sort of visceral relating thing with Buffy, but now I feel like I can appreciate more Willow and her self-discovery journey. Just the hell to S6 and the whole idea of "magic = drug")

The Buffyverse ladies are great.

And SMG posted a thing!

A message for the fans and her co-stars, with her picture of her working for "The Freshman" (My fave BtVS opening season, tbh) Awww, Sarah! I wish we could see more of her on our screens. She proved her talent many times during the seven seasons and I would love to see her win that goddamn Emmy she deserved.


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