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Posting my LJ answers for the LADIES MEME here too, in a proper topic format, so if you would like to talk more about the LADIES we could totally do that! Honestly, I have a bad memory and, while I was trying to remember all the things I've watched for answering the meme, I got nostalgic.

LADIEZZZZZ! Are great.

And you know what else is great? Captain Flint's ginger beard in the first season, and his appetite for absolute destruction. LOL.

But first the LADIEZ.

Favorite villains

1) DarkWillow. Don't judge me, I think she's great! She has an amazing potential that partly goes to waste, when they decide to downplay her struggle with her dark side as "addiction". GURL WHEDON! *glares* But in the three episodes featuring this character we have some amazing and iconic scenes (For example: Willow literally absorbing power and knowledge from the books, woooow!) and we could have had it all, as Adele says.

2) Lady Macbeth, LOLOLOL. Is she a villain being technically also a protagonist in the play? Cunning and ruthless, would "smash a child's head" (She says that!) and yet, an incredible complex character. The best female character Shakespeare ever wrote? I let you people judge.

3) Medea, LOL x1000. I think she's the actual first female character who does something so horrible and so unforgiving - as society we put so much effort in the celebration of motherhood and its sacrality - and yet she's so sympathetic during the whole play! A woman who was betrayed by her husband (The husband she helped, condemning her original family) a woman who has no place in the Greek society, seen as inferior for her female nature and her origins. A woman who was powerful and knowledgable in her own country, who is hurting in so many ways but first and foremost intellectually. Also, the cautionary tale of what passions can do to a human being, but I feel like bro Euripides just wanted to shoot fires at his own social tissue. Rightfully so.

4) Vera Claythorne (Especially in the latest television adaptation which I saw 500 times!) OMGGGGG. She was created by Agatha Christie and, actually, everybody knows about the version of the tale where she's innocent and she survives the island. First final girl in what is, essentially, a gore horror tale. I love the fact that, in this late version, we explore her psyche and understand the reasons why she does what she does.

(LOL, I'm so protective over kids and I'm putting these characters in the list)

5) Alice Morgan from Luther. Do I have to explain this one? She's so amoral and so great. Ruth Wilson is A+++++.

Favorite protagonists

(I'll try to consider only protagonists in the strict sense, although the vast majority of things are male dominated)

1) Buffy Summers, my fave, my inspiration, my GPOY. I've said so much about her, I don't think I need to argument so much here. I LOVE BUFFY SUMMERS, I DO!

2) Nina Sayers (The Black Swan) Natalie Portman deserved that naked man statue. Along with her Nina, we can go deep into this sexual nightmare, but also, I think, into the identity of a perfectionist. Nina just wanted to be perfect. She dedicated her whole life in achiving an impossible goal which is to become art itself. Of course she destroyes herself in the process and I feel so deeply for that. Perfectionism strikes a cord, also because I feel like, as women, we are compelled to constantly perform and perform perfectly. Our mistakes aren't just screw up, but characters flaws. I don't know if that makes sense, but I feel like perfectionism is also a female issue.

3) Alicia Florrick, LOLOLOL. While we're here talking about perfection. An epic journey feat. Julianna Margulies, actual queen of subtle acting. Engaging, great, complex character. 

4) Eleanor Rigby (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby) The most amazing portrayal of a mourning woman? This movie is just so beautiful and I especially adore the "Her" part. Jessica Chastain is wonderful.

5) Stella Gibson (The Fall) basically Gillian Anderson being the coolest. Her speeches give me life. Actual feminist hero.

Favorite Magical girls

(As in "witches and stuff, right? I'm not considering superheroes, due to the fact that they have their own question)

1) Willow. Okay, I've already mentioned her two times in this meme, I don't know if that's fair. But she's the witch in training of my formative years. Curious Willow who wants to learn magic! And do you see goats around? No, because she sacrified them!

2) I'm fascinated by Melisandre, but also I'm not? I loved her especially in the latest season of the show, when she starts to doubt her god and she questions her beliefs (Pity that she comes back from that too soon ... or does she?) On one side, there are clear references to actual historical religious figures and religion makes me feel uncomfortable and endangered. I firmly DO NOT LIKE people who never doubt and place all their knowledge in religion. UUUUUGGGH. On the other hand, she's fictional character and all, and we get to see her actual age and maybe figure out more about her past and nature in the future? I'm curious! I want to know more, I wish they would let us see all Melisandre's history from the beginning.

3) Illyria, who's actually called "god-king", BUT! Her gender seems fluid and not affected by the traditional dicotomy male/female, as I believe an ancient god who was there before civilization would be. I adore Illyria! Ancient, powerful, ruthless and yet struggling to understand her new nature as partly-human. I LOVE HER.

4) Hermione Granger. Obligatory and necessary. The greatest witch of her age. I dig her a lot in the books, especially when she starts her crusade for the house-elves' rights. She's not perfect and that makes her such a great, relatable character. I'm happy that so many girls had Hermione as role-model. One must thank JKR!

5) Pocahontas. Not actually magical ... except that she also talks to trees and stuff, so there's magic in her world? And anyway, she's kinda magical herself! I think I've already said this, but I LOVE THE WIND SONG! Also, such an inspiration character: wise, open-minded, understanding. She understands the value of compromise but also the need to be true to oneself and she becomes her own woman.

I wish they had a better development/writing 

To me, "horrible narratives" is actually wishing the characters had a better development or writing. A narrative can be tragic and horrible and yet still interesting. (Ex: Sansa Stark, who suffers a lot and yet becomes more intriguing. Or Miranda Hamilton who dies tragically and I felt so sad because she was my fave lady character in Black Sails, and yet it's kinda fitting to the narrative of tragedy and death) I can understand miserable and horrible in a certain context, I can't understand bad/lazy writing.

Better writing!

1) DARKWILLOW. LOL. Okay, okay, I've already said this, but it's my first example of wishing better writing. Dark!Willow had so much goddamn potential and she was anticipated and constructed in the canon and then ... magical cocaine! No.

2) Saint Blond Cordelia, do I need to add more?

3) Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful) WTF. WTFFFFFF! Great character, such a complex and vivid portrayal of a woman who wanted to belong to the light but was also deeply attracted to the dark side and, honestly, even more than that, when Vanessa rebels against both light and dark. Everything was great, everything was cool and Eva Green was working for that Emmy and then ... the most idiotic ending ever?? Not today, Satan, not today.

4) Fred Burkle, (AtS sucks with the ladies) Had better potential, was great in her solo episode during the Jasmine arc - when Fred was the only one to see the true face of that god - was written off as the lady who always needs some saving by the handsome and heroic men in the series. Her last episode is literally "ALL THE MEN WANT TO SAVE FRED". Not impressed.

5) I have a literal WANT TO SAVE HER situation about Sally Draper (Mad Men) Which contraddicts my post entirely, because her narrative is actually good and tragic but in a "well-written" way. And yet, AND YET! When she's forced, by the ending of the series, to take care of her mother and brothers when her father does the yoga coca-cola guru or something, I have the mighty need to go there on the back of a white stallion and save her from that misery. I LOVE SALLY! I want to save and protect Sally!

I will answer the others tomorrow. Night! <3



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