Apr. 11th, 2017

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Fave girls to live an adventure with! 

1) Buffy Summers as the most obvious. Clearly she's the first choice that comes to mind. After watching seven seasons and loving her adventures and characterization, it would be SO COOL to actually meet her and be a slayer or something. If I only could! And, does it count as cheating to put in here also Dawn and Willow? Because that's the whole Scooby gang package (Minus the boys which is even better, lol)

2) I would LOVE to be a vengeance demon of some sort and see the whole History of humankind unfolding as I chat with Anyanka. GOALS.

3) Minerva McGonagall and, please, let me be able to trasform myself into a cat! I want that too! 

4) Kalinda Sharma, because she's the coolest and smoothest and I would learn SO MUCH by being near her.

5) Clara Oswald because she's basically becomes her own Doctor and we could travel IN SPACE AND TIIIIME!

Adorable dorks

1) Elsbeth Tascioni. Absolute and adorable dork with fun jacket patterns. I love her so much. She has the funniest, most random lines and she's a motherfreaking GENIUS. I wish I was that clever!

2) Marissa Gold, awwwww. She has dorky moments and she's also very clever and witty. I love her so much. I love The Good Fight ladies.

3) Leslie Knope. I loooove Parks and Rec, it amuses me so much! I love Leslie because she's generous, kind and ambitious. She wants to make the best of her time and she's so energetic (I don't know how she manages, tbh!) And she has the most wonderful, quotable, funny DORK MOMENTS EVER. QUOTES TO PROVE IT: "Ann, you are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox" (I love her love for Ann), "OVARIES BEFORE BROVARIES, UTERUSES BEFORE DUDERUSES", "Winning is every girl's dream", "Clipboard mouth! Clipboard mouth!" Incredible.

4) Obligatory Buffy and Willow, c'mon. The goats quote, "I'm nice to meet", "Fire bad, tree pretty", "I like pancakes ‘cause they’re stackable", "I wish Buffy was here. I wish I had a million dollars", "I'll try for quiet rage, bye!" ... Do I need to continue? (OMG, I love the Buffyverse women! There are also Cordy, Anya ... aaww)

(Does a homicidal evil goddess count as dork? Because I would like to add also Glory to this list. She's such a fun villain! IDK XD)

5) Amy Brookheimer (Veep) more like neurotic self. She screams a lot, it's fun. "I've eaten hummus with a pen cap. Don't tell me how I can eat!"

Girls who I think deserved better endings

As I wrote in a previous comment, I'm not so much for that "She deserved better!" rethoric. Either a story is good - whether is tragic or not - or is not. And when a story is not good, I generally stop following it without remorse. I don't have time for bad narrative, tbh.

But in the context of the question and considering good stories which where actually disappointing just at the end, here's my answer:

1) VANESSA IVES as a perfect example of an engaging, intriguing story that, IMO, ended badly. "It was foretold", that's what the author said about the ending, but with all due respect many things were foretold during the three seasons arc and didn't happen. I still don't buy that final choice about Vanessa, but maybe it's just me.

2) And, since we're talking about Penny Dreadful, I would also add Mina. Her death is quite symbolic and starts the "other arc" of Vanessa's life. (And Sir Malcolm) But maybe for an AU idea, it would have been nice to see Mina and Vanessa together again.

3) Donna Noble & Rose Tyler? Not a big fan of RTD's run, I'm more a Moffat girl myself. I LAUGH at the whole idea of Rose being with the Faux Doctor. Most hilarious thing ever! WTF? XD

4) Robin Scherbatsky and the gross epilogue of HIMYM. For obvious and clear and totally justified reasons.

5) Miranda Hamilton just because I love her so much. I would probably have saved her, despite everything.

 I want to rescue from their horrible narratives

1) Vanessa Ives, I would rewrite her ending.

2) Another character from Penny Dreadful (Thinking about it, I remembered all the wrong choices) Angelique is the epithome of "she deserved better". I would LITERALLY go there and kill that motherfucking stupid asshole Dorian Gray with my own two hands to protect her. She just wanted to be loved and accepted! She deserved better.

3) Obviously Sansa Stark and all the ladies who had the misfortune to meet Ramsay Bolton.

4) Diane Lockhart, when the authors decided to make her miserable for no reason.

5) When I watched Supernatural (Centuries ago and I'm glad I dropped that) kinda all the ladies in the show. That casual misogyny though.

That I would love to kiss

OH MAN. I have many crushes for fictional characters and actors/actresses who play them. PLS DON'T JUDGE ME!

1) Buffy Summers, obviously, since forever.

2) Okay, don't judge me here, but I have difficulties with the thinking process everytime Melisandre shows her boobs on screen. There's a lot of boob showing in Game of Thrones, you know, but Melisandre is the one who does it for me. Is it maybe because she's so mysterious and dangerous and having sex with her could lead to bad stuff? I should tell my therapist about this. Anyways ... she's hot.

3) Okay, okay, I admire Diane Lockhart too much to think about her in that way. I wouldn't want to complicate the relationship with lusty feelings, because I would love to have her as a mentor/teacher/guide. I admire her SO MUCH. But thinking about Alicia Florrick though ... OH MAN! What about emotionally unavaible women? Kalinda too but IDK, Alicia always wears those tight dresses and she's more enigmatic in terms of emotional involvement. Also she's powerful and very controlled and so feminine, and she's the wife of that asshole Peter Florrick and it would be technically infidelity behind his back ... I'm not gonna add anything else. (Don't judge me)

4) Lucy Liu IN REAL LIFE, but especially in Charlie's Angel when she flips her hair.

5) Ruth Wilson IN REAL LIFE, but especially in "The Affair" and also as Alice Morgan, although maybe that's a bad idea, so just in "The Affair".


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