Apr. 29th, 2017

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You already know that I'm feeding three kitties who live around here (Prince Leopold, Moustache and Kitty). On this day, I've witness a "conflict situation" between them and another huge grey and white cat who came in here and stole their food.

So, okay, I put the food in their usual plate and put the plate a bit away from me, because Leopold and Moustache are two goddamn fools who look at me and wait for food but still are afraid to come closer. While I was playing with my phone, this huge grey/white cat came in front of them and they all run away. (Even Kitty! And she's the boss!) And he/she started eating. 

I don't know what I was supposed to do? Because I should probably defend *my cats* - except that they aren't truly mine - and maybe chase away with new cat, but also ... maybe the poor thing wasn't eating in days? I know that the three cats are supported by me and an old lady who lives near and I suppose they easily would find food, whether this new cat maybe doesn't have that chance? So I didn't chase him away and he ate.

Did I do a wrong thing or not? I don't understand much, sorry. 

(Also I'm apparently turning into a CAT LADY because I'm starting to see all kinds of cats around my house. OMG! THEY KNOW!)


Yesterday I've watched a movie with Blake Lively, where she goes into an amazing/paradise on Earth beach and gets attacked by a furious killer shark and has to survive during the whole movie. 

Honestly, HONESTLY. I've read some negative opinions on this movie - The Shallows - and I was watching with this understanding that the movie wasn't that good. But I think it was! Of course, the whole premise is silly ... this shark is literally a serial killer, ultimate weapon of Mother Nature. But it's the sub-genre itself! It's like those movies where Bruce Willis single-handedly has to save a whole city and America while the bad guys are 200 people with guns and stuff. Adventure/action thingy, not really realistic but fun to watch.

The movie is like that; the basic premise of this shark doing all the damage is a bit ridiculous, but Blake Lively was great. She acted the whole movie by herself, basically, and she makes her character relatable, even with her super-survival skills, and "alive". And yes, she has a great bikini body and she's very pretty, but also a very good actress I think. She did good. I hope it was appreciated.

Oh! Also, talking about actors. Tom Felton Fans, LOOK HERE ---> editorial.rottentomatoes.com/article/top-british-toms-whos-your-favorite/

And vote for your fave "British Tom" (Who I know it's Felton for many of you!)


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