May. 5th, 2017

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Good afternoon, guys! How are you?

I'm bored and restless and generally too lazy to start working, so I'm waiting for the cats to show up and have my kittens fix of the day. But, as I wait for them, I'm thinking about the ranking list which always comes a bit wrong because it's hard to choose between favorite episodes of your all time favorite series and maybe I could do a post about my fave episodes?

Let's do a whole post.

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(I still haven't read that bit about doing the cut on DW. I'm so sorry!)


A very hard thing to do while ranking episodes was to choose between the ones I love. Episodes that aren't so great in terms of narrative or plot, but are significant to me as a person. And, you know, I was also thinking that I started watching this show at fourteen years old and I'm sure that sixteen me would have picked episodes like "Passion" because it was romantic and angsty enough for my teenage self and Angel was quite an object of attraction for me, at the time.

I'm almost thirty now and this show stayed with me for so many years. I've changed, I've grown and I find different meanings in the narrative that followed me and shaped these formative years. And this is where a narrative proves its greatness, because it evolves with us and it has different angles to look at in different times. My angles now - and for the last decade maybe - are mostly about Buffy and her coming at age, along with Willow and Dawn and Anya and Faith. The Buffyverse is the place where I can see myself, portrayed in different female characters.

So anyway:

1. The Body

2. Restless
, this episode aged so well in terms of experimenting with absurd shoots and dialogues. The core characters' portrayals in their existential moment - Willow and her struggle with identity, Xander and his search for meaning, Buffy ... - are so powerful I believe one can identify with each member of the gang in different moments of his life. That makes the episode always relevant.

3. Selfless, a true masterpiece of episode IMO. I love the journey of Anya, again with the searching of her identity, sticking with each and every alias she chooses for herself and later falling in love and sticking to that alias too. The song is so beautiful, we've been blessed with the inclusion of a OMWF cameo and a retrò wig that gives as the good wife vibes - put intended. "What if I'm really nobody?" Do you ever cry?

4. Intervention

5. Blood Ties
, because it's such a wonderful Buffy & Dawn bonding episode, it makes me emotional af, and I loooove when Spike reassures Buffy when they are searching for missing Dawnie. A parallel, considered the previous fight. Spike & Buffy as concerned parents are everything ever, yes I'm a monogamous sappy spaz.

6. The Freshman, actual GPOY of yours truly.

7. Hush

8. After Life

9. Checkpoint

10. Bargaining part I & II.
"Where did I go? I was here. Here. But then I run away." I find that watching it is strangely comforting.

11. Pangs. "It's a sham with yams."

12. Living Conditions. "SHARE THIS!"

13. This Year's Girl / Who are you? Maybe my fave combo episode ever? I've always thought it was one of the scariest though, because being robbed of one's body and identity is terrible.

14. Doppelgangland, I remember - back when I had the DVDs that I lost - watching Joss' list and there was "The Wish" in his favorite episode list and I was a bit puzzled because I actually think it's a good episode but a bit overrated. It doesn't change anything in the narrative as whole. Still, if the result is this episode, I'm on board. Maybe one of the funniest Buffyverse episode ever. I love poor lost Vamp!Willow.

15. No Place Like Home, do you ever cry at the final Dawn/Buffy scene? 

16. Triangle, cute ponytail Buffy comfort episode. Don't judge me!

17. I Was Made to Love You
, so okay, some episodes are entirely perfect and great from start to beginning. Some are experimental and daring. This episode is neither, but it has a place in my heart because of the final scene between Buffy and the robot. So beautiful, so bittersweet. I love the fact that Buffy is more compassionate towards a potentially dangerous sexbot than his disgusting creator. I love the dialogue bit while she's sitting with April and comforting her as she dies. A great foreshadow of what's to come for Buffy, the losing of innocence, the desire to be perfect and "good" for the ones we love, Buffy's final resolution that comes right before "The Body", the episode that changed everything. "It's always darkest before dawn" and the "when life gives you lemons ..." Formative af to me.

18. Conversation with Dead People

19. Real Me
, Dawnie's diary POV forever.

20. Fear, Itself

21. The Weight of the World,
because I love dreamy Buffy episodes and because we have tiny Buffy flashbacks and a better look of her psyche, which actually foreshadows the S6 issues.

22. Fool For Love

23. Showtime
, remember the bit about "perfect iconic scenes that represent a whole not so perfect episode"? The final shoot with Buffy rescuing Spike.

24. OMWF

25. Tabula Rasa

And yes, there are other episodes I absolutely love and I guess episodes that define the show and its legacy (Surprise/Innocence, anyone?) But these 25 great or silly choices are home for me and all in an ideal number one spot. 


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