May. 10th, 2017

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So, I messed up AGAIN with technology and I did something wrong with my antivirus program because it crashed and I had to restart the WHOLE computer. Damn! I did restablish windows and chrome (As antivirus now I have Windows Defender, which was the default one, I guess. Is that any good?) I still have to download the program to watch movies and some other stuff I can't remember at the moment because it's SO LATE and I'm SO TIRED.

Good news, the computer didn't delete all my stuff, especially the university files I'm needing to study. Bad news ... I don't even know? I'm restarting the whole thing now, putting on passwords and stuff. I'm too tired to deal with anything else. Tomorrow is another day, as the movie says. And I have to study.

In case something weird happens and you don't hear from me, I was not abducted by the aliens (Hopefully) it's just technology issues.

But also, writing this message to inform you that I dreamed of Harry Potter last night! *___* 

I dreamed that I was inside the narrative along with JKR herself. (I should read less fanfics, I know) And anyway, I was with Joanne and we were together inside Harry's reality and I was in the middle of criticizing her choices about the Epilogue. XD

In my dream, Harry and Ginny had eight children (Nine, but one died after birth or something) Plus Harry had three other children from another woman? And I was like: "Joanne, that was truly unnecessary! Twelve children in total are too many! I didn't really like him with Ginny and, anyway, he didn't need to have children in order to be happy!"

And she was like: "You don't understand, but it makes perfect sense!"

And that's was the second time I've ever dreamed about Harry Potter. (Though the first time happened while I was reading the last book, so you know, normal to dream about the book you're currently reading)

Imagine Harry with twelve children though, DAMNNNNN.


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