Jun. 20th, 2017

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Just watched the last episode of American Gods S1. We've been blessed, honestly.

Without making spoilers I would like to say some things:

1) Ian McShane is perfect. His "revelation" speech was so cool! I love his voice and the way he carries this old bastard of a character with such elegance and confidence. A+++

2) Anansi is great. I love the way he told the old Queen's story and, again, great casting! This cast is flawless! Maybe I would have picked someone else for Easter? Not that the chosen actress isn't great, but I imagined the character differently and I loved that bit when she complained about her thights getting thicker and Shadow was super into it.

3) Shadow is a freaking puppy! Ricky Whittle is a real life, 100% certified cute puppy!

4) Emily, Pablo, Gillian ... did I ever mention the fact that I LOVE THIS CAST?? Most talented, beautiful people.

5) Speaking of beautiful, gratuitous picture of Yetide Badaki because of reasons:

Literally the most beautiful woman alive???

I can't wait to see more of this show next year. So far, so good. Thanks Starz!
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What the hell did I just read??


And there are other posts about the general confusion on Italians and Italy. These are the actual highlights of the "Italian Discourse" on Tumblr:

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST (The "Terroni" comment though. HAHAHAHA)

Guys, for the love of everything that it's sacred. If you've never been in Italy, if you have never studied Italian history and you don't know what you're talking about, just kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP.

This is just spreading misinformation and confusion on a social platform.

Also, as a general advise, try to learn History from book research and try to ALWAYS search for the sources and their historical validation. Otherwise it will make you even more confused.

Anyway, as you know, your girl here is Sicilian. Born and raised. (And actually living in the island) According to this line of thinking I shouldn't be the way I am which is very, very pale.

Hint: Normans conquered Sicily too.

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And anyway, stuff is happening, FESTS ARE HAPPENING!

Let me just spread the world about the prompting going on right now. First of all, guys, [livejournal.com profile] hd_familyfest officially opened the prompting part of the fest, YAY!!!

You know how I love Draco/Harry + kids and, generally, focusing on the "family" theme. It's my weakness. So please, leave prompts and give us writers ideas to come up with new family stories.

HERE the prompting page with the rules.

I'm counting on you!

Also, also (And I was not familiar with these two fests but I'm 100% on board starting from now) there's the chance to leave prompts at the cliché fest (At this address --> CLICHES HERE) and at [livejournal.com profile] party_4_potter (--> PARTY HERE) a community about our boy Harry's birthday.

Feed your local friendly ficwriter with new ideas and imagery for Draco & Harry! :D


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