Jul. 7th, 2017

kikimay: (Notice me Potter!)

Guyssss! I'm currently in a hurry because I'm going out, BUT!

[livejournal.com profile] hd_familyfest has just opened the claiming of the prompts and I'M SO EXCITE!

Don't let me down on this one, guys! Claim, claim, claim.

I will soon claim myself the prompt I liked the most, but I wanted to wait a little bit because I'm uncertain (There are a couple of ideas I'd like to explore, so I'm thinking about which one I would love to write the most) and ... I kind of want to see what other people do before?

Draco/Harry + family is maybe my favorite thing ever. Certainly something I adore in a fanfic, sometimes even more than just the couple-y thing itself. I'm a devoted reader of stories with my OTP and the family theme, so I feel like I'm first and foremost a fan and a reader, I want to see and enjoy other people's productions, and then I'm also a writer who cares too much about these dynamics so I will do something for sure.

I hope I'll see more claiming in these couple of hours and then I decide myself what I want to do.

[livejournal.com profile] digthewriter, this thing is gonna happen! And I hope I'm helping, because I'm a huge fan. <3



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