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Hi guys! How are you? Are you enjoying these warm Summer days?

I've been just eaten alive by the mosquitos as I went downstairs to feed Moustache and Prince Leopold. I definetely need to buy some sort of spray or something, because I was there for 10 minutes and I have like 20 bites on my body. Can someone please explain to me why mosquitos exist and what's their point in the bigger scheme of things? Because I'm ready to kill them all.

Anyway, Moustache and Leopold are becoming SO GODDAMN PRETTEE, guys. They will be one year old this August and, IDK, they look even more beautiful than usual? I also think that Leopold is somehow becoming more attached. For example, today I was there giving them the food and, at some point, Moustache just dropped everything and went to check his favorite bush on the other side of the road. I started to grab the keys, but Leopold looked at me as if he wanted something (Clearly not to be touched, since he's allergic to human contact XD) I assumed that he wanted more food and I left a bit upon the wooden thing where he likes to jump and I started to climb the stairs. He ignored the food and followed me.

He still kept a safe distance from me but, as I opened the door, I looked behind and he was still there staring at me. I could be interpreting this wrong, but it felt like he wanted to say goodnight to me. It was heartwarming! I love his furry cute face

And you know what else I love? The Rupaul's Drag Race and Sasha Velour, the latest winner!

OMG GUYS!!!! I wasn't even familiar with drag and this particular kind of performing art. I didn't think it was interesting for me, but I've got curious as I saw gifsets and posts on Tumblr and I started to watch random videos on Youtube.

I immediately adored Alyssa Edwards. I think she's hilarious and her "Alyssa's Secret" videos are hysterical! If you ever feel stressed or angry, just watch the videos when she tells about her everyday life or the funny stuff that happen to her! She's a great narrator, you really follow her tales from start to ending and I like the fact that she has a Southern accent. She impersonates this sort of "Southern proper lady" character which is fun.

I also like Bianca Del Rio obviously (The "Not Today, Satan" must be the most iconic line ever spoken on television), Latrice Royale, but the latest winner of the race ... OMG. I think I'm in love!

She's Sasha Velour and I love her approach to drag, how she pulls off a whole theatrical, emotional performance during her pieces, her dramatic eyebrows and eyes! Think of a Disney female villain like Maleficent with a sort of romantic, heartbroken vibe.


Shea Couleé, the other contestant, is also great and her dragging of Valentina added 20 years to my lifespan ("Do I look upset to you?" OH MANNN, YASSS! GO OFF!!) But there's no context. Sasha used her prompts really good and her dramatic performance was great.

I also kind of want her dress. Mh.

Good stuff.


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