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I can't wait to see even this one. Looks like Johnny Depp is the one who gets murdered. LOL. Anyway, HEAR MY SCREAMS OF JOY!
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Greatings from the lake of Iseo! (I really don't know what's the English name for this place)

I'm currently living at my bro's and since I have a bit of free time in my hands ... Guys, listen: which story should I start on working on?

The poll options isn't working, damn!

So, anyway: Which Draco/Harry story should I start writing?

1 - A sequel to "In the Aftermath"

2 - A sequel for "A recipe for perfect happiness"

(Turns out I have ideas™ for both)

3 - A completely new story (+added suggestions)

Should your girl put there more porn?

1 - Yeeees

2 - Cucurucuccu palomaaa (aka "I already have ideas")

3 - I'm fine, thanks

Let me know what you think!
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Gonna go to bed. See you all in 6 days, guys! I'm going to miss you and I'm gonna miss the cats but first let me share this little trailer with Tom Felton as a main character.

I didn't care about "The Flash". I only watched random Tom scenes, thanks to [ profile] felixfvlicis' kindness too. But this looks good. It looks really interesting and I would be curious to see this exploration inside the mind of Belisario's character.

I can't wait to see it, honestly.

And, you know, I'm more of a DanRad fan myself. I just love him, his tiny yet amazing and compact body and his acting choices. But apparently, apparently, a whole TFelt meltdown is sort of happening. Also because of ONE PERSON I WON'T NAME *points at the tagged user* WHO DRAGGED me into this Felton hellsssdgsjjsd


I just don't know how to justify this. It happened.

I'm slightly obsessed with his ankles. He has such slim ankles and they are LITERALLY Draco's ankles forreal.

All the Draco aesthetics to fuel my writing. Mhh.


May. 24th, 2017 03:04 pm
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Hi guys! How are you?

I hope all my British friends and their families are safe after what happened in Manchester. There are no words and I can't begin to understand the logic behind these actions, just meant to hurt more and more people everytime.

Today I randomly found myself with Little One, my kid cousin. He was out with his mom and saw me walking down the street and decided to come with me. I took him to the library and then we watched the cats. He's such a lovely, sensible, funny little boy. And he told me about terrorism. At school, there was the memorial for Falcone and Borsellino, the anti-Mafia judges to lost their lives fighting against corruption and crime. The teacher explained their story and she must have also explained the nature of the Manchester attack, because Little One added that there are also bad people who hide bombs under their shirts, just to hurt other people.

My heart clenched. He told me in such a simple, innocent way. He's still so little. But he'll grow up soon and I hope with all my heart that the world will be good to him. Baby, baby.

And anyway, enough with the sad mood.

Another go at the Disney meme!!

I still don't know why the hell I can't write on my DW journal, I have to resolve that as soon as I can )
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Oh guys!

First of all, DW posting system isn't working? I opened the page for a new post, but I can't actually write on it. I wonder if anyone is experiencing the same kind of problem or it is just me. I didn't do anything, I promise! >w< I just wanted to crosspost as always.

Also - and that made me sad - while deleting my laptop files and ordering my stuff & things, I accidentally deleted the old videos of Little One I filmed with my phone! *Star Wars' Luke's NOOOOO*

I was SURE I had these videos saved with the other pictures of him and the kids in my support files. Instead, when I looked, there were only the pictures, not the videos. They were literally tiny bits of video filmed with my phone, but I wanted to preserve them, as I do with anything kids-related, because he was three in there and SO ADORABLE as he talked to me holding the phone. I'm angry at myself. :(

While I'm bummed out I'm going to do a bit of the Disney meme, uuuggh )
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Guys, guys, look what I found on Tumblr! *C*

Oh man. In ten days I'll add the tens 3 to my age. *panics*

Should I do this? Mmmmhhh.

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Guys, guys, GUYSSSSS! 

I finally had the chance to watch "American Gods" and it's great!!??!!! Super-recommended to those of you who like mythology, diverse characters and a nice mix of romance, mystery and fantasy. 

I read the book years ago and, because of that, my memory of the story isn't that good, but as I watch the scenes I seem to recall the moments in the story and I'm so pleased because the authors and the casting directors did an amazing job. I kinda love everything? I especially love the actors chose to portray the main characters: Mr. Wednesday, Shadow, Mad Sweeney ... 

I know everyone talked about THAT SCENE between the Jinn and Salim and it deserves all the phraise because it's such a powerful, beautiful, touching scene. There are metas on Tumblr that explore the importance of the scene better than I could ever did. I think you should read those.

But can we talk a moment about Mr. Jacquel (Anubis)? 

Awwwww, guyyyys! First of all, I loved this character in the book. Such a nice, decent ancient god. A super-chill ancient god. 

I LOVE THE CASTING!!! I just liked the whole scene with him and I think that the actor delivered the character's wise, compassionate attitude so well.


"Your best is good."

A nice, understanding deity. A deity who knows humans are flawed creatures. A cool Egyptian god.

So comforting. Thanks!

And, you know, I think I'm going to watch the show from now on. I hope it continues to be good and I surely recommend it here. MYTHOS KAI LOGOS! 

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So, I messed up AGAIN with technology and I did something wrong with my antivirus program because it crashed and I had to restart the WHOLE computer. Damn! I did restablish windows and chrome (As antivirus now I have Windows Defender, which was the default one, I guess. Is that any good?) I still have to download the program to watch movies and some other stuff I can't remember at the moment because it's SO LATE and I'm SO TIRED.

Good news, the computer didn't delete all my stuff, especially the university files I'm needing to study. Bad news ... I don't even know? I'm restarting the whole thing now, putting on passwords and stuff. I'm too tired to deal with anything else. Tomorrow is another day, as the movie says. And I have to study.

In case something weird happens and you don't hear from me, I was not abducted by the aliens (Hopefully) it's just technology issues.

But also, writing this message to inform you that I dreamed of Harry Potter last night! *___* 

I dreamed that I was inside the narrative along with JKR herself. (I should read less fanfics, I know) And anyway, I was with Joanne and we were together inside Harry's reality and I was in the middle of criticizing her choices about the Epilogue. XD

In my dream, Harry and Ginny had eight children (Nine, but one died after birth or something) Plus Harry had three other children from another woman? And I was like: "Joanne, that was truly unnecessary! Twelve children in total are too many! I didn't really like him with Ginny and, anyway, he didn't need to have children in order to be happy!"

And she was like: "You don't understand, but it makes perfect sense!"

And that's was the second time I've ever dreamed about Harry Potter. (Though the first time happened while I was reading the last book, so you know, normal to dream about the book you're currently reading)

Imagine Harry with twelve children though, DAMNNNNN.

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Guys, send me a character and I'll tell you why I'm similar to him/her/they.
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Good afternoon, guys! How are you?

I'm bored and restless and generally too lazy to start working, so I'm waiting for the cats to show up and have my kittens fix of the day. But, as I wait for them, I'm thinking about the ranking list which always comes a bit wrong because it's hard to choose between favorite episodes of your all time favorite series and maybe I could do a post about my fave episodes?

Let's do a whole post.

Childhood living is easy to dooo  ♪
The things you wanted I bought them for youu 

(I still haven't read that bit about doing the cut on DW. I'm so sorry!)


A very hard thing to do while ranking episodes was to choose between the ones I love. Episodes that aren't so great in terms of narrative or plot, but are significant to me as a person. And, you know, I was also thinking that I started watching this show at fourteen years old and I'm sure that sixteen me would have picked episodes like "Passion" because it was romantic and angsty enough for my teenage self and Angel was quite an object of attraction for me, at the time.

I'm almost thirty now and this show stayed with me for so many years. I've changed, I've grown and I find different meanings in the narrative that followed me and shaped these formative years. And this is where a narrative proves its greatness, because it evolves with us and it has different angles to look at in different times. My angles now - and for the last decade maybe - are mostly about Buffy and her coming at age, along with Willow and Dawn and Anya and Faith. The Buffyverse is the place where I can see myself, portrayed in different female characters.

So anyway:

1. The Body

2. Restless
, this episode aged so well in terms of experimenting with absurd shoots and dialogues. The core characters' portrayals in their existential moment - Willow and her struggle with identity, Xander and his search for meaning, Buffy ... - are so powerful I believe one can identify with each member of the gang in different moments of his life. That makes the episode always relevant.

3. Selfless, a true masterpiece of episode IMO. I love the journey of Anya, again with the searching of her identity, sticking with each and every alias she chooses for herself and later falling in love and sticking to that alias too. The song is so beautiful, we've been blessed with the inclusion of a OMWF cameo and a retrò wig that gives as the good wife vibes - put intended. "What if I'm really nobody?" Do you ever cry?

4. Intervention

5. Blood Ties
, because it's such a wonderful Buffy & Dawn bonding episode, it makes me emotional af, and I loooove when Spike reassures Buffy when they are searching for missing Dawnie. A parallel, considered the previous fight. Spike & Buffy as concerned parents are everything ever, yes I'm a monogamous sappy spaz.

6. The Freshman, actual GPOY of yours truly.

7. Hush

8. After Life

9. Checkpoint

10. Bargaining part I & II.
"Where did I go? I was here. Here. But then I run away." I find that watching it is strangely comforting.

11. Pangs. "It's a sham with yams."

12. Living Conditions. "SHARE THIS!"

13. This Year's Girl / Who are you? Maybe my fave combo episode ever? I've always thought it was one of the scariest though, because being robbed of one's body and identity is terrible.

14. Doppelgangland, I remember - back when I had the DVDs that I lost - watching Joss' list and there was "The Wish" in his favorite episode list and I was a bit puzzled because I actually think it's a good episode but a bit overrated. It doesn't change anything in the narrative as whole. Still, if the result is this episode, I'm on board. Maybe one of the funniest Buffyverse episode ever. I love poor lost Vamp!Willow.

15. No Place Like Home, do you ever cry at the final Dawn/Buffy scene? 

16. Triangle, cute ponytail Buffy comfort episode. Don't judge me!

17. I Was Made to Love You
, so okay, some episodes are entirely perfect and great from start to beginning. Some are experimental and daring. This episode is neither, but it has a place in my heart because of the final scene between Buffy and the robot. So beautiful, so bittersweet. I love the fact that Buffy is more compassionate towards a potentially dangerous sexbot than his disgusting creator. I love the dialogue bit while she's sitting with April and comforting her as she dies. A great foreshadow of what's to come for Buffy, the losing of innocence, the desire to be perfect and "good" for the ones we love, Buffy's final resolution that comes right before "The Body", the episode that changed everything. "It's always darkest before dawn" and the "when life gives you lemons ..." Formative af to me.

18. Conversation with Dead People

19. Real Me
, Dawnie's diary POV forever.

20. Fear, Itself

21. The Weight of the World,
because I love dreamy Buffy episodes and because we have tiny Buffy flashbacks and a better look of her psyche, which actually foreshadows the S6 issues.

22. Fool For Love

23. Showtime
, remember the bit about "perfect iconic scenes that represent a whole not so perfect episode"? The final shoot with Buffy rescuing Spike.

24. OMWF

25. Tabula Rasa

And yes, there are other episodes I absolutely love and I guess episodes that define the show and its legacy (Surprise/Innocence, anyone?) But these 25 great or silly choices are home for me and all in an ideal number one spot. 

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... Because I'm waiting to go out and I was bored. While listening to The Sundays' "Wild Horses" cover, I must add.

I tried to refrain from the need to go "I like both" and here's the results. LOL. They are different now.
Rank Name
1 Restless
1 The Body
1 Intervention
1 Selfless
1 Showtime
6 Blood Ties
7 No Place Like Home
7 Triangle
7 Checkpoint
10 The Freshman
11 This Year's Girl
11 Who Are You
13 Doppelgangland
14 Fear, Itself
14 I Was Made to Love You
14 The Weight of the World
17 Living Conditions
17 After Life
19 Conversations with Dead People
20 Beer Bad
21 Bargaining (Part 1)
22 Real Me
22 Fool for Love
24 Never Leave Me
25 Dead Things
26 The Wish
27 Amends
28 The Gift
29 Bargaining (Part 2)
30 Once More, With Feeling
31 Tabula Rasa
32 Family
32 Forever
34 Buffy vs. Dracula
35 Sleeper
36 Help
37 Touched
38 Beneath You
39 Him
40 Lessons
41 End of Days
42 Bring on the Night
43 Normal Again
44 Lie to Me
45 Homecoming
46 The Harsh Light of Day
47 Life Serial
48 Lies My Parents Told Me
49 The Replacement
50 Wrecked
51 Get It Done
52 Smashed
53 Chosen
54 All the Way
55 Grave
56 School Hard
57 Surprise
58 Innocence
59 Passion
60 I Only Have Eyes for You
61 Becoming (Part 2)
62 Graduation Day (Part 2)
63 Beauty and the Beasts
64 Graduation Day (Part 1)
65 Earshot
66 Faith, Hope & Trick
67 The Dark Age
68 Becoming (Part 1)
69 Helpless
70 The Zeppo
71 Halloween
71 Consequences
73 Enemies
74 Nightmares
75 Prophecy Girl
76 The Prom
77 Potential
78 Choices
79 Older and Far Away
80 Revelations
81 Two to Go
82 Villains
83 First Date
84 Same Time, Same Place
85 Gone
86 Doublemeat Palace
87 Flooded
88 Shadow
89 Killed by Death
90 Bad Girls
91 When She Was Bad
92 Angel
93 The Harvest
94 Welcome to the Hellmouth
95 Storyteller
96 Hell's Bells
97 Ted
98 Gingerbread
99 Lovers Walk
100 Reptile Boy
101 Wild at Heart
102 The Initiative
103 Tough Love
104 Anne
105 Band Candy
106 Bad Eggs
107 Go Fish
108 Listening to Fear
109 Primeval
110 Where the Wild Things Are
111 New Moon Rising
112 Phases
113 Spiral
114 The Yoko Factor
114 The Killer in Me
116 Out of My Mind
116 Dirty Girls
118 Crush
118 Entropy
118 Empty Places
121 The Pack
121 As You Were
121 Seeing Red
124 Superstar
125 Some Assembly Required
126 Inca Mummy Girl
127 Into the Woods
128 Dead Man's Party
129 What's My Line (Part 2)
130 What's My Line (Part 1)
131 The Witch
132 Teacher's Pet
132 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
132 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
132 The I in Team
132 Goodbye, Iowa
137 Hush
138 Doomed
139 Pangs
140 Something Blue
141 Out of Mind, Out of Sight
142 A New Man
143 I Robot... You, Jane
143 The Puppet Show

And girl,

May. 3rd, 2017 03:26 pm
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Here's my ranking scale for BtVS/AtS!

In case anyone is interested, here's the link to do your own listing:

Buffy, Willow and Anya are in my podium. Surprising, right? Apparently, I prefer Angel to Spike (lol), but it's true that I care about them at times. BtVS characters >>>>> AtS characters, which is accurate. Man, I did like the potential about Maggie Walsh. I'm a bad person.

Rank Name
1 Buffy Summers
2 Willow Rosenberg
3 Anya Jenkins
4 Illyria
5 Buffybot
6 Angel
7 Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne
7 Spike
7 Dawn Summers
7 Glory
11 Cordelia Chase
12 Faith Lehane
12 Mr. Trick
12 Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
15 Drusilla
15 Halfrek
17 Angelus
17 Jasmine
19 Dr. Walsh
20 Harmony Kendall
21 The Mayor
22 Rupert Giles
23 Jonathan Levinson
24 D'Hoffryn
25 Lilah Morgan
25 Lindsey McDonald
27 Kendra
27 Eve
29 Charles Gunn
30 Robin Wood
31 Gwen Raiden
31 Anne Steele
33 Nina Ash
34 Joyce Summers
35 The Groosalugg
36 Darla
37 Ethan Rayne
38 Tara Maclay
39 Kennedy
39 Adam
41 Jenny Calendar
42 Xander Harris
42 The Master
42 Allen Francis Doyle
42 Caleb
42 Amy Madison
42 Marcus Hamilton
48 Andrew Wells
48 Knox
48 Lorne
51 Clem
51 Merle
53 Winifred 'Fred' Burkle
53 Riley Finn
55 Ben
55 Gavin Park
55 Linwood Murrow
58 The First
58 Knox
58 Connor
61 Warren Mears
61 Daniel Holtz
61 Holland Manners

MOAR on the episodes )
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm good. On Sunday, I went out with my dear friend L. and Little One and we took him to the local museum. Awwww, HE WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! As you probably already know, in Sicily there are many remains of the Ancient Greek culture. Helenistic Sicily was very rich in terms of exchanges and cultural landscape and we have the privilege to guard a lot of this wealth. There are so many stuff to see and, in the place where I live, the most important are related to the worship of Demeter and Kore (And Hades, obvs) because they were the agriculture deities.

So, I took Little One with me and we saw all these ancient statues of the Greek gods and, at some point, he asked me if Hades was before or after the dinosaurs. I answered that Hades was way after, since the dinosaurs were pretty much the first things ever, but he replied to me that the first thing ever had to be Jesus, "Because he was born in year zero!

Well, there's a solid logic working on there. I'll work on explaining chronology, at some point. XD

Anyway, it was fun and he's the cutest child ever. I love him so much <3333 and I love babysitting him.

On fandom matters, HD_remix has already started and I'm already behind (Ouuuch). I need to manage my free time in order to enjoy the beautiful new creations. I'm so exciteeee! And today is May 2th, the anniversary of the "Battle of Hogwarts"!

On that note ... guys, can we please not with these stupid flame wars? 

Apparently, there's a whole "situation" going on because, on this day, JKR apologized for the death of Snape. Why does she feel the need to even apologize for her writing choices is beyond me. I believe she shouldn't even address these matters. But you know, it's a free country (hers and also mine, hopefully XDD) and everyone should do whatever the hell he/she wants. 

I'm just so borderline annoyed with the black & white Tumblr logic sometimes. I don't understand how can you enjoy a work of art - a work of any kind, really - while being obsessed with some restrictive morality standards. Do you know that morality standards are a product of society during a certain time period? By moral standards, we have a lots of 1600 morality books shaming women with different sexualities or because they were more free, for example. It's a thing, go check in your History books or local library.

Now, the moral imperative seems to be enjoying and stanning only "unproblematic faves" (Ignoring that actual reality that humans are, pretty much by definition, flawed creatures) and Snape is very, very problematic.

(I can't believe I'm doing this, I don't even like Snape!)

... But what the hell are we even talking about?? 

People can like Snape! Are we having arguments about this? Of course, you can like Snape. Just as I like Draco, for example, who is a bully as a kid and a coward, or just as others can like Voldemort or Bellatrix who are pretty much freaking evil. 

It's the beauty of narrative. You can like problematic things while being safe. You don't have to share your favorite characters' beliefs, not always. Of course, it's uplifting to see a character who embodies your values and most optimist beliefs (For me, Harry is a character I would like to emulate in my RL. Or Buffy Summers. They are brave and generous, I admire that deeply) But you can also enjoy the narratives of literal pieces of shit.

Now, arguments and stuff I would like to point out:

Snape really was BRAVE. One of the bravest characters we encounter in the whole saga, where bravery is valued above all virtues. Snape tries to manipulate and lie to a goddman evil sociopath with a snake face. Someone who terrifies even his most loyal acolytes. (Lucius Malfoy was SCARED AS FUCK during the whole table scene/chapter at the Manor in DH) And, in order to accomplish that, one must have balls of steel. Let's be real here.

Now, do you find difficult to believe that Harry James Potter - Gryffindor extraordinarie and boy who sacrified himself at the age of 17 - would admire and even celebrate this bravery? Once again, he values - and the author herself values - bravery above all things, because bravery requires great sacrifices and it's the hardest thing to do. Also, Harry is forgiving in his nature. He even manages to pity Voldemort during their last stand. WTF! 

I don't find hard to believe that he would admire Snape and possibly even use his first name for a son. That's Harry. 

There are cinnamon rolls too pure for this world and there are characters who manage to be both selfish and selfless at once and they have their own group of admirers. It's natural.

Do I personally like Severus Snape? NOPE. But that doesn't matter. Back off from people's imagination.

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You already know that I'm feeding three kitties who live around here (Prince Leopold, Moustache and Kitty). On this day, I've witness a "conflict situation" between them and another huge grey and white cat who came in here and stole their food.

So, okay, I put the food in their usual plate and put the plate a bit away from me, because Leopold and Moustache are two goddamn fools who look at me and wait for food but still are afraid to come closer. While I was playing with my phone, this huge grey/white cat came in front of them and they all run away. (Even Kitty! And she's the boss!) And he/she started eating. 

I don't know what I was supposed to do? Because I should probably defend *my cats* - except that they aren't truly mine - and maybe chase away with new cat, but also ... maybe the poor thing wasn't eating in days? I know that the three cats are supported by me and an old lady who lives near and I suppose they easily would find food, whether this new cat maybe doesn't have that chance? So I didn't chase him away and he ate.

Did I do a wrong thing or not? I don't understand much, sorry. 

(Also I'm apparently turning into a CAT LADY because I'm starting to see all kinds of cats around my house. OMG! THEY KNOW!)


Yesterday I've watched a movie with Blake Lively, where she goes into an amazing/paradise on Earth beach and gets attacked by a furious killer shark and has to survive during the whole movie. 

Honestly, HONESTLY. I've read some negative opinions on this movie - The Shallows - and I was watching with this understanding that the movie wasn't that good. But I think it was! Of course, the whole premise is silly ... this shark is literally a serial killer, ultimate weapon of Mother Nature. But it's the sub-genre itself! It's like those movies where Bruce Willis single-handedly has to save a whole city and America while the bad guys are 200 people with guns and stuff. Adventure/action thingy, not really realistic but fun to watch.

The movie is like that; the basic premise of this shark doing all the damage is a bit ridiculous, but Blake Lively was great. She acted the whole movie by herself, basically, and she makes her character relatable, even with her super-survival skills, and "alive". And yes, she has a great bikini body and she's very pretty, but also a very good actress I think. She did good. I hope it was appreciated.

Oh! Also, talking about actors. Tom Felton Fans, LOOK HERE --->

And vote for your fave "British Tom" (Who I know it's Felton for many of you!)

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Guysssssss, hi!! How are you? I hope you're all well and enjoying these late April days. Which are freaking cold around here, idek.

Today there's a national fest, the "Liberation Day", which celebrates the arrival of the Anglo-American soldiers who fought alongside the Italian Resistance to finally free the penisula from nazi-fascism. Of course, there are still folks who don't like this celebration, who miss Mussolini and fascism. How come, in effin' 2017, one can be nostalgic over a short, bold asshole who liked to talk non-sense and parade around like a cock, you ask? The human mind is a gross mystery. 

But anyway, National Celebration, yaaayyy! 

On this day, allow me to rec some Draco/Harry stuff. First of all, I'm still 3000% over-emotional about this pairing. I don't know what it is - or to be more honest, I can understand and try to analyze what it is, but the emotional variable is something one cannot control. 

I suppose that this old fashioned tale of love and redemption speaks to my soul. Both Draco and Harry have traits, as single characters, that fascinate me and having them interacting is bliss. And yes, Draco is problematic! "My fave is problematic", Tumblr folks! He was a Death Eater and, before that, an annoying bully. I can understand the hate towards a character like him (Although, he's very much romanticized by the fandom which, again, understandable for reasons and also problematic) When I bump into a story that show this character's complexity, his contraddictions, his cowardice and his beauty and I'm just .... !!!!! MAN! 

I'm still in that emotional place where good hurt/comfort fanfics kill me dead. While I adore fluff, established relationship shenanigans, children fics and over-indulge into writing them myself, when an author portrays the blossoming romance, the slow falling in love between one Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy with all the problems and the angst that is courtesy of their past, I turn into actual jelly.

Case in point, the fic I want to rec today:

(Should I rec things more often? I'm so inconsistent with everything, I wouldn't trust myself)

I felt lots of feelings while reading this story and I'm sure many of you will too. It's a slow-build and deals with injury and disability on Harry's part. We have redemeed Draco but his past isn't forgotten, he still displays his best qualities. Awww. I don't know guys, I just want to save this blond little shit and redeem him. Sue me.

Also, a fanart with the ultimate Older!Drarry aesthetic:

Hot and brave and heroic and HOT Harry, with a bit of white in his hair and the beard of sex, and long-haired Draco. Sweet dreams are made of this. Sue me, part 2.

And also this actual piece of pure Draco Malfoy aesthetic:

To hopefully please [personal profile] felixfvlicis You're a precious rainbow ice-cream filled cake and I love  ... pleasing your eyes, I suppose! XD 

Enjoy the OTP! I'm gonna make dinner.

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Oh guys, pls let's do this! XD

send 6 characters/people and i’ll tell you who i would:


  • do the sexy love™ with
  • sacrifice myself for
  • kick
  • take to prom
  • abandon in jurassic park
  • push off a bridge
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OMG guys, what even is Dreamwidth method on posting photos and putting things under the spoiler cut? I can't even! (I saw a post about the spoiler tag, but I haven't got the time to read it)

I'm posting on LJ, because I'm too tired to learn stuff at the moment. It's really annoying this whole checking on two journals.

Anyway, yesterday I went out and immersed myself into the Nature and then I came home and watched the season finale of "The Good Fight" and it was GOOD. Under the spoiler tag, you can read my thoughts about it and maybe fangirl with me a bit.

Also, also, a very symbolic photo of the cats I'm currently supporting, because yes.

LITERALLY a photo that says everything: the female kitten is looking pissed and ready to fight, which is essentially what she does 24/7 (She engaged in a fight with an older and bigger cat, apparently?? This cat lives two houses down the road and looks pretty menacing, cat-wise, certainly he's much bigger than her); Prince Leopold - I named the prettiest one like this because he looks like royalty - is looking pretty and generally confused and his brother, Moustache, is gently not giving a fuck about the photo situation thing. AMAZING.

The Tale of the Epic Friendship between Lucca Quinn and Maia Rindell )
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Happy Easter, guys! If you celebrate it or are just having a nice Sunday.

I bought a chocolate egg for myself and, inside, I've found Elsa from Frozen. YAY! XD

Also, also ... apparently I was randomly selected to receive a paid DW account?? And now I have 100 icons and other stuff I don't know anything about. WOW! Such luck! I never win at these sort of things, but it happened.

I just wish I could share a bit of this icon space and feautures with you, tbh. Is that even possible? 

And, anyway, behold my "naughty!Draco" icon. He prettee.
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Apparently is LJ birthday and anyone is doing this, because I think we are all curious to see how much we wrote and posted here?

This is my result:

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday


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