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2017-07-18 09:25 pm
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Hey, Tom Felton fans! (Watch "Feed", the movie)

Guys, hi!

I know that many of you are devoted Tom Felton's fans (And some of you post incredible Tom-appreciation picspams, lol [ profile] felixfvlicis) so I guess I already have a keen audience for this one.

I've watched the movie "Feed" with Troian Bellisario and Tom Felton himself and I must tell you: IT'S GOOD. I won't spoil anything, but I can say that Tom has an important role in the movie and his character is pivotal to the protagonist's journey in a peculiar way. Watch and see.

What actually impressed me was Troian's performance as the main character, Olivia, and the fact that she wrote the story herself, putting a lot of her personal struggle into the writing process. I think you can feel how her look into Olivia's struggles is an "insider look", a POV coming from someone who actually dealt with anorexia and mental illness.

Yes, the big theme of this movie is eating disorder and I think it's fair to say that some people will probably find it triggering and scary due to their personal experiences. But if you can watch it without getting too scared or uncomfortable, I think you will appreciate a fine movie about this girl and her struggle with control issues, guilt, loss.

I especially enjoyed the ending - which, again, won't spoil - because it's unlike other movies dealing with the same stuff and it felt true to life.
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2017-07-17 10:34 am
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Obligatory 7x01 Game of Thrones post (SPOILER ALERT!)

If you haven't seen the episode yet and you don't want me to ruin it for you

DON'T LOOK IN HERE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
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2017-07-08 11:22 am
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I'm cryin' (Draco + Harry, slightly nsfw video with a happy ending)

Fellow shippers, have you seen this one?

I have no words. IT'S AMAZING! XD What a time to be alive!

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2017-07-07 09:06 pm
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Draco/Harry Familyfest is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Guyssss! I'm currently in a hurry because I'm going out, BUT!

[ profile] hd_familyfest has just opened the claiming of the prompts and I'M SO EXCITE!

Don't let me down on this one, guys! Claim, claim, claim.

I will soon claim myself the prompt I liked the most, but I wanted to wait a little bit because I'm uncertain (There are a couple of ideas I'd like to explore, so I'm thinking about which one I would love to write the most) and ... I kind of want to see what other people do before?

Draco/Harry + family is maybe my favorite thing ever. Certainly something I adore in a fanfic, sometimes even more than just the couple-y thing itself. I'm a devoted reader of stories with my OTP and the family theme, so I feel like I'm first and foremost a fan and a reader, I want to see and enjoy other people's productions, and then I'm also a writer who cares too much about these dynamics so I will do something for sure.

I hope I'll see more claiming in these couple of hours and then I decide myself what I want to do.

[ profile] digthewriter, this thing is gonna happen! And I hope I'm helping, because I'm a huge fan. <3


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2017-07-05 09:18 pm

The Drag's Agenda

Hi guys! How are you? Are you enjoying these warm Summer days?

I've been just eaten alive by the mosquitos as I went downstairs to feed Moustache and Prince Leopold. I definetely need to buy some sort of spray or something, because I was there for 10 minutes and I have like 20 bites on my body. Can someone please explain to me why mosquitos exist and what's their point in the bigger scheme of things? Because I'm ready to kill them all.

Anyway, Moustache and Leopold are becoming SO GODDAMN PRETTEE, guys. They will be one year old this August and, IDK, they look even more beautiful than usual? I also think that Leopold is somehow becoming more attached. For example, today I was there giving them the food and, at some point, Moustache just dropped everything and went to check his favorite bush on the other side of the road. I started to grab the keys, but Leopold looked at me as if he wanted something (Clearly not to be touched, since he's allergic to human contact XD) I assumed that he wanted more food and I left a bit upon the wooden thing where he likes to jump and I started to climb the stairs. He ignored the food and followed me.

He still kept a safe distance from me but, as I opened the door, I looked behind and he was still there staring at me. I could be interpreting this wrong, but it felt like he wanted to say goodnight to me. It was heartwarming! I love his furry cute face

And you know what else I love? The Rupaul's Drag Race and Sasha Velour, the latest winner!

OMG GUYS!!!! I wasn't even familiar with drag and this particular kind of performing art. I didn't think it was interesting for me, but I've got curious as I saw gifsets and posts on Tumblr and I started to watch random videos on Youtube.

I immediately adored Alyssa Edwards. I think she's hilarious and her "Alyssa's Secret" videos are hysterical! If you ever feel stressed or angry, just watch the videos when she tells about her everyday life or the funny stuff that happen to her! She's a great narrator, you really follow her tales from start to ending and I like the fact that she has a Southern accent. She impersonates this sort of "Southern proper lady" character which is fun.

I also like Bianca Del Rio obviously (The "Not Today, Satan" must be the most iconic line ever spoken on television), Latrice Royale, but the latest winner of the race ... OMG. I think I'm in love!

She's Sasha Velour and I love her approach to drag, how she pulls off a whole theatrical, emotional performance during her pieces, her dramatic eyebrows and eyes! Think of a Disney female villain like Maleficent with a sort of romantic, heartbroken vibe.


Shea Couleé, the other contestant, is also great and her dragging of Valentina added 20 years to my lifespan ("Do I look upset to you?" OH MANNN, YASSS! GO OFF!!) But there's no context. Sasha used her prompts really good and her dramatic performance was great.

I also kind of want her dress. Mh.

Good stuff.
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2017-06-28 10:52 pm

Emojis MEME!

Hi guys! Who came up with even more prompts for the [ profile] hd_familyfest?

Exactly. Your girl Kiki, who should definetely STOP to get all mellow over fictional families (NEVER STOP). Guys, if you like family fics just as much as me, go there and leave a prompt. I can't wait to read aalllll the stories.

Stuff happened: I cut my hair again. Soon I will produce photographic evidence, I guess. This time around I'm not completely sure over the haircut because, surprisingly, I think it's too short on the back (It's still a bob, supposedly) I did such a GOOD, DIFFICULT job in keeping it growing and maybe I should have said to the hairdresser that I wanted to not regret my life choices. But alas, it happened and there's no point in crying over spilled milk. Also, more comfort for the Summer.

Since we're here,

Leave the pencil emoji --> ✏️ and I will write down an headcanon for the character/pairing of your choice.

Leave the fire emoji (🔥) if you want to enjoy an unpopular opinion over a character/plot/series of your choice. If you send me this 🎀 I will ask you.
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2017-06-27 08:36 pm


Oh guys. How are you?

Here's SO HOT! And, I don't know, it's maybe the combo between the general hotness and the fact that I should have my period soon, but I feel so. goddamn. weak. Like someone pulled off a battery or something. I can't find the energy to commit to a proper study plan and I'm struggling to at least do something every day. Dis gonna end well, lol.

Anyway, I dreamed about BtVS? I dreamed that I was watching S6 again - and that's why I woke up with Michelle Branch stuck in my head - and then I was fighting in a old forum about Buffy's depression and the fact that you can't cure mental illness with "positive thoughts and candy". IDEK. But it made me remember how I raged in defense of S6, although it wasn't a perfect season and honestly they screwed up many things. Mostly Tara.

The funny thing is that, for me, it's not even her death that bothers me that much, characters can die, but her whole S6 arc as the "abused wife" that makes me go uuuugghhh. I feel so bothered by the authors' choices and I don't even hate Willow or dislike the Dark!Willow arc (Quite the opposite, in fact) But I realised that I've never talked about Tara and it's strange because in many ways she's such a relatable character for me. I too have maternal tendencies and I understand her role in the Summers family dynamic. Also, she's very popular these days thanks to Tumblr.

And although I still dont' feel much of the Tumblr-esque angle of the issue, it frustrates me that a character that was introduced in S4 and could have had a much more satisfactory story-arc - and even more mystery honestly - was somehow wasted and couldn't free herself from the abuse narrative.

Thinking about Tara depresses me.

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2017-06-26 06:45 pm

Happy birthday to the HP Series!

Look what I found, guys!

Yet another test about your wand. Well, it's really the Pottermore test because I've done it on the site and the questions are the same, but I was not really sold on my wand? Apparently, my material of choice was dogwood and it's noisy and I have to use my voice for the spells. LOL, Rowling this time you failed to spot this introvert.

Now I must have answered differently to some question, because it's pine. Such gorgeous tree! Although ALL trees are gorgeous and majestic and amazing.

Ollivanders Bespoke Wand Selector
Your Result: Pine, Phoenix, 13 3/4″, Pliant:
This core is the rarest of the three, as it comes from an elegant yet detached creature which is seen as one of the most exotic in the wizarding world. Phoenix feather wands are capable of the greatest range of magic, although this means that sometimes they will act of their own accord. Wands with this expensive material as their core are the pickiest of all the cores in choosing the most suitable owner, and allegiance is often hard-won.

Owners of Phoenix Feather wands - Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Silvanus Kettleburn, Celestina Warbeck
Dogwood, Phoenix, 13 3/4″, Flexible
Cedar, Unicorn, 14″, Reasonably Supple:
English Oak, Phoenix, 13″, Supple
Cedar, Dragon, 13 1/2″, Quite Bendy
Pear, Dragon, 14 1/4″, Hard
Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 14 1/4″, Brittle
Cherry, Dragon, 13 1/4″, Quite Flexible
Cypress, Unicorn, 13 1/2″, Slightly Yielding
Ebony, Unicorn, 13 1/4″, Rigid

And, guys, did you see that if your write Harry Potter or the name of your Hogwarts House on Facebook you get the wand doing magic? It's pretty.

I also saw the famous photo of JKR writing at the pub where she composed the "Philosopher's Stone". I think that, when I'm done studying, I'm going to re-read the books. Or at least the last one? Because I really loved it and I had so many feelings.

JKR looked sooo pretty with red hair.

Also, here's is SO GODDAMN HOT and I can't even find the energy to open my books. Henceforth this post.

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2017-06-23 07:15 pm
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AMERICAN FRIENDSSSS!!! (Planned Parenthood)

Something really cool for you!

I know that many of you are trying/struggling to phone to your senators and it must be hard, but here's a thing that will maybe help?

You have to connect to this website (, leave your data, and you will get connected to your senator! Here many cool people are promoting it, such as Aubrey Plaza, Retta and Amy Poelher (I'm a big Parks and Rec fan!) Also Gloria Steinem, Jennifer Lawrence, Jon Hamm and others. It will help in the battle for the defense of Planned Parenthood which, again thanks to the social media, I know it's such an important thing for you and your health.

I thought it was cool to share. Have fun in pissing off the Republicans!
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2017-06-20 08:50 pm


And anyway, stuff is happening, FESTS ARE HAPPENING!

Let me just spread the world about the prompting going on right now. First of all, guys, [ profile] hd_familyfest officially opened the prompting part of the fest, YAY!!!

You know how I love Draco/Harry + kids and, generally, focusing on the "family" theme. It's my weakness. So please, leave prompts and give us writers ideas to come up with new family stories.

HERE the prompting page with the rules.

I'm counting on you!

Also, also (And I was not familiar with these two fests but I'm 100% on board starting from now) there's the chance to leave prompts at the cliché fest (At this address --> CLICHES HERE) and at [ profile] party_4_potter (--> PARTY HERE) a community about our boy Harry's birthday.

Feed your local friendly ficwriter with new ideas and imagery for Draco & Harry! :D

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2017-06-20 06:37 pm
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What the hell did I just read??


And there are other posts about the general confusion on Italians and Italy. These are the actual highlights of the "Italian Discourse" on Tumblr:

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST (The "Terroni" comment though. HAHAHAHA)

Guys, for the love of everything that it's sacred. If you've never been in Italy, if you have never studied Italian history and you don't know what you're talking about, just kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP.

This is just spreading misinformation and confusion on a social platform.

Also, as a general advise, try to learn History from book research and try to ALWAYS search for the sources and their historical validation. Otherwise it will make you even more confused.

Anyway, as you know, your girl here is Sicilian. Born and raised. (And actually living in the island) According to this line of thinking I shouldn't be the way I am which is very, very pale.

Hint: Normans conquered Sicily too.

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2017-06-20 12:14 am
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Come to Jesus

Just watched the last episode of American Gods S1. We've been blessed, honestly.

Without making spoilers I would like to say some things:

1) Ian McShane is perfect. His "revelation" speech was so cool! I love his voice and the way he carries this old bastard of a character with such elegance and confidence. A+++

2) Anansi is great. I love the way he told the old Queen's story and, again, great casting! This cast is flawless! Maybe I would have picked someone else for Easter? Not that the chosen actress isn't great, but I imagined the character differently and I loved that bit when she complained about her thights getting thicker and Shadow was super into it.

3) Shadow is a freaking puppy! Ricky Whittle is a real life, 100% certified cute puppy!

4) Emily, Pablo, Gillian ... did I ever mention the fact that I LOVE THIS CAST?? Most talented, beautiful people.

5) Speaking of beautiful, gratuitous picture of Yetide Badaki because of reasons:

Literally the most beautiful woman alive???

I can't wait to see more of this show next year. So far, so good. Thanks Starz!
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2017-06-17 05:16 pm

(no subject)

Happy birthday [ profile] enchanted_jae! Hope you're having an awesome day! (PLZ, give us more "Gains" soon!) XDD

On this day, I'm going to Mini-Hermione first communion. Can you believe that she's already eleven and doing this sort of stuff? Incredible! They grow up so fast!

Needless to say, the church space will make me feel anxious and uncomfortable. I tried to picture the Gloria Steinem's uterus imagery, but it still doesn't work on me. Churches give me the anxious mood. Maybe, in a previous life, I was a woman condemned for witchcraft by the Spanish Inquisition!

(Fun historical fact! The approved Inquisitions were three: Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. They were, of course, branches of the Roman Church. But they actually didn't burn at the stake the witches? Basically, these Inquisitions had a more paternalistic view and while they humilated and scared the accused, they didn't use to condemn them. The most vicious tribunals, for women accused of witchcraft, were the North-European and American ones, where protestantism was the dominant religion)

IDK, history.

Wish me luck!

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2017-06-16 03:26 pm

Unrequested opinion about Harry & fatherhood

'Cause I posted this stuff on Tumblr, so anyway!

As I was looking for new posts about my favorite Gryffindor babe Harry, I bumped into a very common critique against the “Cursed Child” plot and … I kind of want to say my opinion about that?

It seems to me that many fans are upset and disappointed by the relationship between Harry and his son Albus Severus aka = “Harry sucks as a dad!”

About that, I just want to point out that:

- While I maintain my inalienable right to ignore the Cursed Child and, generally, to ignore the whole epilogue and imagine a different future for the characters

- While I firmly believe that, even in the Cursed Child, Harry is not a bad father, but a confused and overwhelmed man trying his best and failing for different reasons …

I have to say that the only thing that actually makes sense to me about Harry’s life as “mature adult” is his failure as father figure.

Don’t mistake me: Harry is my favorite character of the saga and his heart is full of love and compassion. I don’t believe it would be hard for him to love deeply and completely another human being, especially a son.

But that’s the thing: while Harry can love, he also has a lot of unresolved trauma on his back and I think that a love so overwhelming would definetely scare him.

Especially because he doesn’t know how to parent. He didn’t have any positive model during his childhood - while being constantly abused, he also witnessed the awful parenting of Vernon and Petunia towards Dudley - and later he had only tragic and/or problematic parental figures that also fucked him up.

My boy Harry would be terrified by the very idea of being a father, IMHO. And the younger the scarier, because he didn’t have the chance and the time to work on his own issues.

What do you think about that?

Let Harry go to therapy.
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2017-06-13 11:52 am

The Little Flint report

Goddamn Dreamwidth isn't working anymore already, so I'm going to stick in here for a bit. Honestly, it's becoming an annoying issue and I don't have time for that.

I'd like to report the current cat situation, particularly concerning Little Flint.

As you know, she's the only female of the group. Prince Leopold and Moustache, her brothers, are males but, as it happens in life, they are pretty useless while Flint is the more proactive and dominant one. She was always like that, but now that she's almost one year old, she's becoming more and more indipendent. We talked about her the other day, when I saw the lady's daughter.

Little Flint is going on hunting/exploring and she comes home sometimes in the mornings and sometimes after a couple of days. She's sterile, so there's no way she's going to make new kitties, but she goes away all the same and I think she puts herself in danger? One time she came back with her tiny forehead all dirty with something like plaster. (??) Another time she came back after two days and she was limping. One time she came back running, literally chased by another, bigger cat. Yesterday, when she came to me, she looked so anxious! She was jumping at every sound and, at some point while eating, she heard a dog barking somewhere and she stopped eating and jumped on the highest spot to search for the dog.

Little Flint, where do you go?

It's hilarious because Leopold and Moustache never, ever go that far away. They stay in the perimeter between my house and the lady's house. Instead, I spotted Little Flint at the very end of the road, where there's a house which is work in progress (That would explain the plaster!) and there's a hill.

I saw the bushes moving, I turned and ... who was there? You guessed it, Little Flint!

Thing is: this hill brings you to a whole new side of the town and there are dogs there and other houses. I fear Little Flint could put herself in danger. But I know she has fire in her veins and she's free as the wind, there's no way of stopping her. Still, I hope she doesn't wound herself. She's so tiny compared to the other cats!

And now, gratuitous photos of Little Flint:

Under the cut! )

Thus I conclude the cat spam.
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2017-06-12 11:06 pm

Me trying to use DW

Oh guys, I'm going to bed but first lemme just say that ... yaaaayyyyyy, finally my DW posting system seems to be working properly again! I can actually type words and see them appearing in the screen.

This business of checking both DW and LJ is really confusing. Especially because there are still stuff on LJ that are not here.

And I still have to learn the stuff to post pictures and to insert a cut. Damn.

Anyway, I don't know if any of my HP friends here are checking Felton's pictures on Instagram, but there's a whole situation happening and I believe that many of you would be pleased to see it. (Also it could fuel your Draco/Harry smutty imagery)

Okay, I'm going to try with these

HELP??? )
HELP??? )
And with this slutty Draco imagery, I'm outta here. Goodnight! 

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2017-06-11 11:03 pm
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A prayer for Mad Sweeney

Guys, did you see the latest "American Gods" episode?


It was so beautiful. Pablo and Emily were so great. Give them 23 emmys, please and thank you.
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2017-06-09 12:34 pm

Various *important* stuff


The feud between the Odin cat (I think I'm going to call him like that, the one with the different eye, you know) and Leopold is still going strong. Hissing, murder glares and general hostility are coming from Prince Leopold anytime he sees Odin approaching. I'm putting the food in different spots and trying to keep them separate, but I believe they are having a whole situation where they need to piss each other off for the sake of pissing each other off. It's hilarious, honestly.

Meanwhile, I talked with the old lady's daughter and the Odin cat is now officially starting a medical cure for his eye and respiratory system. Yeah, he's currently "public enemy n°1" for the other cats, but he's also sick and IDK, I hope he gets better. He just looks so miserable! But hopefully, thanks to the meds + a good diet he will get better.


The disruptive element of this "cat family".

Moustache looking pretty and baffled as usual.

IDK. I created a new tag for the cats, because apparently I'm going to spam this content too, from now on. Sorry. I'm becoming a cat lady and my mother resents that and resents my neighboor who allowed it in first place. XDD


- WATCH AMERICAN GODSSSS! OMG guys, trust me on this one! Do you happen to like "unlikeable female characters"? You're going to love Laura Moon. Do you like violent stupid motherfuckers? Mad Sweeney is there for you. Do you care for cinnamon rolls too pure for this world? Salim is in there. I love everything.

Also Zorya Vechernyaya is great and she reminds me of my paternal grandmother.

(Lowkey shippin' it)

ALSO, ALSO - and here I stop for now because I need to study like crazy - I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT "ALIEN: COVENANT"


Someone explain to me wtf was that and why they decided to put into the trash the most attractive and interesting parts about "Prometheus"! EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN!
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2017-06-08 11:58 am
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I'm crying and laughing. This is hysterical XD

Give this man his own reality show, please.

And today is the Election Day for UK. Good luck, guys! <3
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2017-06-07 07:34 pm
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Draco/Harry POLL TIME!

Hi ragazzi!

Back at studying all day, I even haven't got the chance to see my wonderful Little One. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the [ profile] hd_remix fest revealed the authors and ... surprise, I was one!

Here's the thing I managed to create:

Also, also, still wondering what I should write next and since the next time I couldn't, because I suck at using my phone, now LEMME DO THE POLL! *____*

[Poll #2068741]


(Because I'm a nerd and, for some reasons, I kind of planned both sequels)

1) The sequel to "In The Aftermath" would explore D/H's relationship as a tentative one. They are both 50 years old and that's the first time they are together as lovers. We left Draco grieving for his father and Harry promising to stay close to him. I think it would involve at least one explicit sex scene. Angst + romance + first times maybe. I have a soft spot for older Drarry trying to make it work.

2) The sequel to "A Recipe" is a story about an established and happy relationship, so the drama has to come from a different angle. I'm thinking about mpreg and the dangers of late pregnancy, maybe? Something like that. The drama feels needed because the first story is basically just fluff, so it would be pointless to add even more fluff, but of course it will portray a different kind of Draco and Harry, as they live together and know each other better than anyone.

Let me know if you have ideas and, generally, if you want to do polls. Because I love polls. Yaaay.