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Look what I found, guys!

Yet another test about your wand. Well, it's really the Pottermore test because I've done it on the site and the questions are the same, but I was not really sold on my wand? Apparently, my material of choice was dogwood and it's noisy and I have to use my voice for the spells. LOL, Rowling this time you failed to spot this introvert.

Now I must have answered differently to some question, because it's pine. Such gorgeous tree! Although ALL trees are gorgeous and majestic and amazing.

Ollivanders Bespoke Wand Selector
Your Result: Pine, Phoenix, 13 3/4″, Pliant:
This core is the rarest of the three, as it comes from an elegant yet detached creature which is seen as one of the most exotic in the wizarding world. Phoenix feather wands are capable of the greatest range of magic, although this means that sometimes they will act of their own accord. Wands with this expensive material as their core are the pickiest of all the cores in choosing the most suitable owner, and allegiance is often hard-won.

Owners of Phoenix Feather wands - Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Silvanus Kettleburn, Celestina Warbeck
Dogwood, Phoenix, 13 3/4″, Flexible
Cedar, Unicorn, 14″, Reasonably Supple:
English Oak, Phoenix, 13″, Supple
Cedar, Dragon, 13 1/2″, Quite Bendy
Pear, Dragon, 14 1/4″, Hard
Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 14 1/4″, Brittle
Cherry, Dragon, 13 1/4″, Quite Flexible
Cypress, Unicorn, 13 1/2″, Slightly Yielding
Ebony, Unicorn, 13 1/4″, Rigid

And, guys, did you see that if your write Harry Potter or the name of your Hogwarts House on Facebook you get the wand doing magic? It's pretty.

I also saw the famous photo of JKR writing at the pub where she composed the "Philosopher's Stone". I think that, when I'm done studying, I'm going to re-read the books. Or at least the last one? Because I really loved it and I had so many feelings.

JKR looked sooo pretty with red hair.

Also, here's is SO GODDAMN HOT and I can't even find the energy to open my books. Henceforth this post.


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