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Just watched the last episode of American Gods S1. We've been blessed, honestly.

Without making spoilers I would like to say some things:

1) Ian McShane is perfect. His "revelation" speech was so cool! I love his voice and the way he carries this old bastard of a character with such elegance and confidence. A+++

2) Anansi is great. I love the way he told the old Queen's story and, again, great casting! This cast is flawless! Maybe I would have picked someone else for Easter? Not that the chosen actress isn't great, but I imagined the character differently and I loved that bit when she complained about her thights getting thicker and Shadow was super into it.

3) Shadow is a freaking puppy! Ricky Whittle is a real life, 100% certified cute puppy!

4) Emily, Pablo, Gillian ... did I ever mention the fact that I LOVE THIS CAST?? Most talented, beautiful people.

5) Speaking of beautiful, gratuitous picture of Yetide Badaki because of reasons:

Literally the most beautiful woman alive???

I can't wait to see more of this show next year. So far, so good. Thanks Starz!
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Guys, did you see the latest "American Gods" episode?


It was so beautiful. Pablo and Emily were so great. Give them 23 emmys, please and thank you.
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The feud between the Odin cat (I think I'm going to call him like that, the one with the different eye, you know) and Leopold is still going strong. Hissing, murder glares and general hostility are coming from Prince Leopold anytime he sees Odin approaching. I'm putting the food in different spots and trying to keep them separate, but I believe they are having a whole situation where they need to piss each other off for the sake of pissing each other off. It's hilarious, honestly.

Meanwhile, I talked with the old lady's daughter and the Odin cat is now officially starting a medical cure for his eye and respiratory system. Yeah, he's currently "public enemy n°1" for the other cats, but he's also sick and IDK, I hope he gets better. He just looks so miserable! But hopefully, thanks to the meds + a good diet he will get better.


The disruptive element of this "cat family".

Moustache looking pretty and baffled as usual.

IDK. I created a new tag for the cats, because apparently I'm going to spam this content too, from now on. Sorry. I'm becoming a cat lady and my mother resents that and resents my neighboor who allowed it in first place. XDD


- WATCH AMERICAN GODSSSS! OMG guys, trust me on this one! Do you happen to like "unlikeable female characters"? You're going to love Laura Moon. Do you like violent stupid motherfuckers? Mad Sweeney is there for you. Do you care for cinnamon rolls too pure for this world? Salim is in there. I love everything.

Also Zorya Vechernyaya is great and she reminds me of my paternal grandmother.

(Lowkey shippin' it)

ALSO, ALSO - and here I stop for now because I need to study like crazy - I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT "ALIEN: COVENANT"


Someone explain to me wtf was that and why they decided to put into the trash the most attractive and interesting parts about "Prometheus"! EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN!
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Guys, guys, GUYSSSSS! 

I finally had the chance to watch "American Gods" and it's great!!??!!! Super-recommended to those of you who like mythology, diverse characters and a nice mix of romance, mystery and fantasy. 

I read the book years ago and, because of that, my memory of the story isn't that good, but as I watch the scenes I seem to recall the moments in the story and I'm so pleased because the authors and the casting directors did an amazing job. I kinda love everything? I especially love the actors chose to portray the main characters: Mr. Wednesday, Shadow, Mad Sweeney ... 

I know everyone talked about THAT SCENE between the Jinn and Salim and it deserves all the phraise because it's such a powerful, beautiful, touching scene. There are metas on Tumblr that explore the importance of the scene better than I could ever did. I think you should read those.

But can we talk a moment about Mr. Jacquel (Anubis)? 

Awwwww, guyyyys! First of all, I loved this character in the book. Such a nice, decent ancient god. A super-chill ancient god. 

I LOVE THE CASTING!!! I just liked the whole scene with him and I think that the actor delivered the character's wise, compassionate attitude so well.


"Your best is good."

A nice, understanding deity. A deity who knows humans are flawed creatures. A cool Egyptian god.

So comforting. Thanks!

And, you know, I think I'm going to watch the show from now on. I hope it continues to be good and I surely recommend it here. MYTHOS KAI LOGOS! 


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