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Oh guys. How are you?

Here's SO HOT! And, I don't know, it's maybe the combo between the general hotness and the fact that I should have my period soon, but I feel so. goddamn. weak. Like someone pulled off a battery or something. I can't find the energy to commit to a proper study plan and I'm struggling to at least do something every day. Dis gonna end well, lol.

Anyway, I dreamed about BtVS? I dreamed that I was watching S6 again - and that's why I woke up with Michelle Branch stuck in my head - and then I was fighting in a old forum about Buffy's depression and the fact that you can't cure mental illness with "positive thoughts and candy". IDEK. But it made me remember how I raged in defense of S6, although it wasn't a perfect season and honestly they screwed up many things. Mostly Tara.

The funny thing is that, for me, it's not even her death that bothers me that much, characters can die, but her whole S6 arc as the "abused wife" that makes me go uuuugghhh. I feel so bothered by the authors' choices and I don't even hate Willow or dislike the Dark!Willow arc (Quite the opposite, in fact) But I realised that I've never talked about Tara and it's strange because in many ways she's such a relatable character for me. I too have maternal tendencies and I understand her role in the Summers family dynamic. Also, she's very popular these days thanks to Tumblr.

And although I still dont' feel much of the Tumblr-esque angle of the issue, it frustrates me that a character that was introduced in S4 and could have had a much more satisfactory story-arc - and even more mystery honestly - was somehow wasted and couldn't free herself from the abuse narrative.

Thinking about Tara depresses me.

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Good afternoon, guys! How are you?

I'm bored and restless and generally too lazy to start working, so I'm waiting for the cats to show up and have my kittens fix of the day. But, as I wait for them, I'm thinking about the ranking list which always comes a bit wrong because it's hard to choose between favorite episodes of your all time favorite series and maybe I could do a post about my fave episodes?

Let's do a whole post.

Childhood living is easy to dooo  ♪
The things you wanted I bought them for youu 

(I still haven't read that bit about doing the cut on DW. I'm so sorry!)


A very hard thing to do while ranking episodes was to choose between the ones I love. Episodes that aren't so great in terms of narrative or plot, but are significant to me as a person. And, you know, I was also thinking that I started watching this show at fourteen years old and I'm sure that sixteen me would have picked episodes like "Passion" because it was romantic and angsty enough for my teenage self and Angel was quite an object of attraction for me, at the time.

I'm almost thirty now and this show stayed with me for so many years. I've changed, I've grown and I find different meanings in the narrative that followed me and shaped these formative years. And this is where a narrative proves its greatness, because it evolves with us and it has different angles to look at in different times. My angles now - and for the last decade maybe - are mostly about Buffy and her coming at age, along with Willow and Dawn and Anya and Faith. The Buffyverse is the place where I can see myself, portrayed in different female characters.

So anyway:

1. The Body

2. Restless
, this episode aged so well in terms of experimenting with absurd shoots and dialogues. The core characters' portrayals in their existential moment - Willow and her struggle with identity, Xander and his search for meaning, Buffy ... - are so powerful I believe one can identify with each member of the gang in different moments of his life. That makes the episode always relevant.

3. Selfless, a true masterpiece of episode IMO. I love the journey of Anya, again with the searching of her identity, sticking with each and every alias she chooses for herself and later falling in love and sticking to that alias too. The song is so beautiful, we've been blessed with the inclusion of a OMWF cameo and a retrò wig that gives as the good wife vibes - put intended. "What if I'm really nobody?" Do you ever cry?

4. Intervention

5. Blood Ties
, because it's such a wonderful Buffy & Dawn bonding episode, it makes me emotional af, and I loooove when Spike reassures Buffy when they are searching for missing Dawnie. A parallel, considered the previous fight. Spike & Buffy as concerned parents are everything ever, yes I'm a monogamous sappy spaz.

6. The Freshman, actual GPOY of yours truly.

7. Hush

8. After Life

9. Checkpoint

10. Bargaining part I & II.
"Where did I go? I was here. Here. But then I run away." I find that watching it is strangely comforting.

11. Pangs. "It's a sham with yams."

12. Living Conditions. "SHARE THIS!"

13. This Year's Girl / Who are you? Maybe my fave combo episode ever? I've always thought it was one of the scariest though, because being robbed of one's body and identity is terrible.

14. Doppelgangland, I remember - back when I had the DVDs that I lost - watching Joss' list and there was "The Wish" in his favorite episode list and I was a bit puzzled because I actually think it's a good episode but a bit overrated. It doesn't change anything in the narrative as whole. Still, if the result is this episode, I'm on board. Maybe one of the funniest Buffyverse episode ever. I love poor lost Vamp!Willow.

15. No Place Like Home, do you ever cry at the final Dawn/Buffy scene? 

16. Triangle, cute ponytail Buffy comfort episode. Don't judge me!

17. I Was Made to Love You
, so okay, some episodes are entirely perfect and great from start to beginning. Some are experimental and daring. This episode is neither, but it has a place in my heart because of the final scene between Buffy and the robot. So beautiful, so bittersweet. I love the fact that Buffy is more compassionate towards a potentially dangerous sexbot than his disgusting creator. I love the dialogue bit while she's sitting with April and comforting her as she dies. A great foreshadow of what's to come for Buffy, the losing of innocence, the desire to be perfect and "good" for the ones we love, Buffy's final resolution that comes right before "The Body", the episode that changed everything. "It's always darkest before dawn" and the "when life gives you lemons ..." Formative af to me.

18. Conversation with Dead People

19. Real Me
, Dawnie's diary POV forever.

20. Fear, Itself

21. The Weight of the World,
because I love dreamy Buffy episodes and because we have tiny Buffy flashbacks and a better look of her psyche, which actually foreshadows the S6 issues.

22. Fool For Love

23. Showtime
, remember the bit about "perfect iconic scenes that represent a whole not so perfect episode"? The final shoot with Buffy rescuing Spike.

24. OMWF

25. Tabula Rasa

And yes, there are other episodes I absolutely love and I guess episodes that define the show and its legacy (Surprise/Innocence, anyone?) But these 25 great or silly choices are home for me and all in an ideal number one spot. 

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... Because I'm waiting to go out and I was bored. While listening to The Sundays' "Wild Horses" cover, I must add.

I tried to refrain from the need to go "I like both" and here's the results. LOL. They are different now.
Rank Name
1 Restless
1 The Body
1 Intervention
1 Selfless
1 Showtime
6 Blood Ties
7 No Place Like Home
7 Triangle
7 Checkpoint
10 The Freshman
11 This Year's Girl
11 Who Are You
13 Doppelgangland
14 Fear, Itself
14 I Was Made to Love You
14 The Weight of the World
17 Living Conditions
17 After Life
19 Conversations with Dead People
20 Beer Bad
21 Bargaining (Part 1)
22 Real Me
22 Fool for Love
24 Never Leave Me
25 Dead Things
26 The Wish
27 Amends
28 The Gift
29 Bargaining (Part 2)
30 Once More, With Feeling
31 Tabula Rasa
32 Family
32 Forever
34 Buffy vs. Dracula
35 Sleeper
36 Help
37 Touched
38 Beneath You
39 Him
40 Lessons
41 End of Days
42 Bring on the Night
43 Normal Again
44 Lie to Me
45 Homecoming
46 The Harsh Light of Day
47 Life Serial
48 Lies My Parents Told Me
49 The Replacement
50 Wrecked
51 Get It Done
52 Smashed
53 Chosen
54 All the Way
55 Grave
56 School Hard
57 Surprise
58 Innocence
59 Passion
60 I Only Have Eyes for You
61 Becoming (Part 2)
62 Graduation Day (Part 2)
63 Beauty and the Beasts
64 Graduation Day (Part 1)
65 Earshot
66 Faith, Hope & Trick
67 The Dark Age
68 Becoming (Part 1)
69 Helpless
70 The Zeppo
71 Halloween
71 Consequences
73 Enemies
74 Nightmares
75 Prophecy Girl
76 The Prom
77 Potential
78 Choices
79 Older and Far Away
80 Revelations
81 Two to Go
82 Villains
83 First Date
84 Same Time, Same Place
85 Gone
86 Doublemeat Palace
87 Flooded
88 Shadow
89 Killed by Death
90 Bad Girls
91 When She Was Bad
92 Angel
93 The Harvest
94 Welcome to the Hellmouth
95 Storyteller
96 Hell's Bells
97 Ted
98 Gingerbread
99 Lovers Walk
100 Reptile Boy
101 Wild at Heart
102 The Initiative
103 Tough Love
104 Anne
105 Band Candy
106 Bad Eggs
107 Go Fish
108 Listening to Fear
109 Primeval
110 Where the Wild Things Are
111 New Moon Rising
112 Phases
113 Spiral
114 The Yoko Factor
114 The Killer in Me
116 Out of My Mind
116 Dirty Girls
118 Crush
118 Entropy
118 Empty Places
121 The Pack
121 As You Were
121 Seeing Red
124 Superstar
125 Some Assembly Required
126 Inca Mummy Girl
127 Into the Woods
128 Dead Man's Party
129 What's My Line (Part 2)
130 What's My Line (Part 1)
131 The Witch
132 Teacher's Pet
132 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
132 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
132 The I in Team
132 Goodbye, Iowa
137 Hush
138 Doomed
139 Pangs
140 Something Blue
141 Out of Mind, Out of Sight
142 A New Man
143 I Robot... You, Jane
143 The Puppet Show

And girl,

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Here's my ranking scale for BtVS/AtS!

In case anyone is interested, here's the link to do your own listing: http://unlikablefemaleprotagonist.tumblr.com/post/160205841636/buffy-and-angel-character-and-episode-sorter

Buffy, Willow and Anya are in my podium. Surprising, right? Apparently, I prefer Angel to Spike (lol), but it's true that I care about them at times. BtVS characters >>>>> AtS characters, which is accurate. Man, I did like the potential about Maggie Walsh. I'm a bad person.

Rank Name
1 Buffy Summers
2 Willow Rosenberg
3 Anya Jenkins
4 Illyria
5 Buffybot
6 Angel
7 Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne
7 Spike
7 Dawn Summers
7 Glory
11 Cordelia Chase
12 Faith Lehane
12 Mr. Trick
12 Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
15 Drusilla
15 Halfrek
17 Angelus
17 Jasmine
19 Dr. Walsh
20 Harmony Kendall
21 The Mayor
22 Rupert Giles
23 Jonathan Levinson
24 D'Hoffryn
25 Lilah Morgan
25 Lindsey McDonald
27 Kendra
27 Eve
29 Charles Gunn
30 Robin Wood
31 Gwen Raiden
31 Anne Steele
33 Nina Ash
34 Joyce Summers
35 The Groosalugg
36 Darla
37 Ethan Rayne
38 Tara Maclay
39 Kennedy
39 Adam
41 Jenny Calendar
42 Xander Harris
42 The Master
42 Allen Francis Doyle
42 Caleb
42 Amy Madison
42 Marcus Hamilton
48 Andrew Wells
48 Knox
48 Lorne
51 Clem
51 Merle
53 Winifred 'Fred' Burkle
53 Riley Finn
55 Ben
55 Gavin Park
55 Linwood Murrow
58 The First
58 Knox
58 Connor
61 Warren Mears
61 Daniel Holtz
61 Holland Manners

MOAR on the episodes )
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More on the fact that I would really liked to be a Vengeance Demon, no kiddin'. Although that's very bad and I'm a sinner. 

I have thoughts and meta-ish suggestions I would like to write down. Also because it's almost Easter here and I'm DOING NOTHING, YAY! *squees* 

I've always been curious about Anya and vengeance demons and the fact that, among the creatures of the Buffyverse, they are listed as "bad guys". Demons a slayer needs to slay. Of course, we understand that they cause many troubles and they can rewrite the fabric of reality with great consequences like death, loss, evil. 

As watchers, our first encounter with Anya reveals her horrible demon face and we immediately get the message of EVIL + BAD. Later, we meet D'Hoffryn, who is the demon boss of Anya (And Halfrek) and he's almost a monster, a guy who decides to kill one of his best servant just to punish another. So you know: ultimately these vengeance demons, who are women, are controlled and punished by a male and restricted in their capacity to choose action.

And maybe the whole moral of the story is that you can't fight Patriarchy by using the Patriarchy Tools (Violence, abuse, revenge ...) and the Slayer needs to build a different and better system for both men and women. Okay, okay.

But still, I'm curious.

First of all, vengeance demons seem to persue some sort of primal and, yes, violent but effectual form of justice. The justice you can read about in the Old Testament, when God punishes evil deeds with blood and loss. Evolving as society, we understood the deep violence and damage behind this form or retribution and yet, for centuries this was society's justice. Our law. 

Vengeance demons usually take the side of the victims, the ones who didn't have a voice until recent times: women and children (Halfrek, apparently, has "daddy issues" and so she sides with kids) The punished ones are men who are, also usually, guilty. Of course, we could open a whole discussion about how unfair it all is and I agree ... but let's stick with this for a sec.

One thing about Anya that is always played as "comedy thingy" is her hatred for men, her conviction that men and especially unfaithful men need to be punished for their deeds. In our modern and more evolved society, we would totally say: "The guy is a jerk, just leave him" and everything would be fine, hopefully. Anya is mocked because she doesn't seem to grasp this concept and she seems also petty in wanting to punish all men.

Losing a man in pre-modern society - losing a husband - was one of the most terrible things that could occur to a woman. I'm not talking about love and stuff, I'm talking about MONETARY ISSUES.

Women were forbitten to work in most places, they could aspire only to a poorly paid and unstable job (Such as spinster in the cities). If they were with children, this job couldn't have been sufficient to feed them. Having a husband meant stability, economical entries, social recognition, social status. And while for the man the wife wasn't that important, for a woman her whole life changed with marriage. She was "the wife of ..." and so it was a fundamental event in terms of social reasons too and status.

When Luther did the whole scism thing in Europe, and stuff was going a bit crazy because of religion, the authorities at first didn't do a battle also on marriage between Catholics and Protestants or whatever, mostly because for the aristocracy the primary issue regarding marriage was STATUS + POLITICAL ALLIANCE. The religious difference wasn't that important when it came to create a perfect heir for a noble house and the wife was supposed to stick with the husband even if he belonged to a different confession.

The wife must obey to the husband, of course. On that issue both Catholic and Lutherans agreed.

From the actual reports of early courts instituted for women and family law, the wives didn't ask much for divorce but they asked more that the husband was forced to come back with them, to stick to his promises. The wives needed a steady income and having a husband was the only solution for that. In Russia, there are reports of actual separation between the spouses but not divorce, also for monetary reasons. Let's add that, in Russia, poor women were sold as slaves with their eventual kids, in case of huge debts or inabilty to provide for themselves. (No to say that pre-modern Russia was evil, because things weren't that better in other Europeans countries either)

It was important was Anyanka was doing there. By punishing the unfaithful husband she didn't necessarily enforce the marriage institution, she just provided a court of Justice for all those women who couldn't speak up for themselves and couldn't economically provide for themselves.

Not that the crimes of women on women didn't exist. Many witch hunts apparently started among the ladies: one women accused another to poison her milk, to be responsible for her child's illness/death and so on.

Again, Anyanka seems equally eager to punish a woman for the crimes done against another woman. The status of a victim - the loss of economic and social status - justify her action against the perpetrator. 

Status: very important in pre-modern society. History researches actually tell us that unmarried women, poor and single women who came from the country to the big cities to find a job were questioned. Not much about their faith or religious beliefs (Even if, in 1500/1600 Europe was at war because of that), but mostly because without a man they were like beasts without a master and so suspicious and potentially dangerous. 

It's interesting to see that economical and social reasons are intrinsecally linked in women's life and marriage is the crucial changing point for both. Anya doesn't really make a distinction: the damage inflicted could be either social (Cordelia who is isolated by her lady friends) and or economic, the perpetuator must be punished all the same.

I really think it would be SO COOL to explore more of the Vengeance Demons' universe and their ethical code and how Anyanka acted and processed things during her whole run as "patron saint of the women scorned". Again, great importance on economic issues, I think: we saw her basically trigger the Revolution? And Anya is very focused on money - again played as funny stuff.

IMO it's a pity that the Buffyverse just focus on the emotional/sentimental angle - the women scorned, the emotional wound - which is also important, clearly, but I wouldn't have been the reason to trigger such hate and desire of revenge in the past. Not just that. 

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Guys, what the hell?

LJ sends me emails in which there's nothing written or a link to my own posts. What's that? I haven't clicked on any link, just to be on the safe side of things, and the empty emails are empty. But I don't understand. I wonder if this is also happening to any of you. (I think there's a mistake, and LJ does it everytime it should point me out to a message that mention my name)

Whatever, I suppose.

Here for the last "hair ranking" post and guess who's the lady chosen to complete this Hair Evolution Shenanigans?? *drum rolls* CORDELIA CHASE *_____* A girl who changed her hair A LOT, much like Anya and Buffy. It's not technicallyall BtVS, but BtVS looks are also ranked. I take this thingy very seriously. I really like hair.

Huh - huh, Queen C's hair porn )
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Guys, how are you?

I have made a huge mistake. Once again, I have consumed too much caffeine in one day and I had a moment of true ditziness (Does this word exists?). Now that I'm feeling much calmer and as I wait for Morpheus to guide me in the land of joy and dreams, I came here to do the penultimate BtVS ladies HAIR CELEBRATION POST, with the actual QUEEN of changing hairstyle and color: Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

When will your faves be so smart and beautiful at once?

The actress who plays Anya, Emma Caufield, is actually one of the Chosen Ones. Into every generation, a girl who can pull off both blond and brunette hair and, AND, I believe that red would look great on her too. When will us all, really?

Since Anya changed her hair the most during the five season she was on the show, this will be a long post.

Brace yourself for the hair porn

Also, did you see what I did with the TITLE? *grins* )

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I'm a frivolous person and I love talking about hair and hairstyles. After publishing a post about Buffy's hair in all his changeable glory, I think it's only fair to do the same for another favorite lady of ours, Willow Rosenberg.

Willow changes her hairstyle less times then Buffy, and there's a whole continuity in terms of color. Alyson found the right shade of red - vibrant, not too dark neither too orangey - and she committed like a woman on a mission. I adore the chosen shade of red and, honestly, we see Alyson changing much more during HIMYM, but her Willow red is iconic and perfect.

Without further ado )

Btw, searching for gifs with textless close-ups of Willow waS THE ACTUAL WORST. Hardest things to find! So I quitted after 3 hours of research. How come nobody ever did the "Willow's hair evolution" thingy on Tumblr?
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Guyyyyyyyyyys, still celebrating the 20 Years anniversary of BtVS! (I can't believe all my formative years were literally *formed* by this show) Have you seen all the cool gifsets on Tumblr? The fandom is just giving and giving, it's amazing!

I'm in place now - or in the last ten years or something? - where I'm so much more into the Buffyverse ladies and their relationships with one another and their characterizations, so it's freaking cool to see gifsets about the parallels between Tara & Faith or AUs with Dawnie as the tiny, sassy little sister. BtVS is the gift that keeps on giving.

Aaaaand I wanna do something too, but since I'm lame and I don't have artistic skills, I'm going to rank Buffy's hair in order of beauty and life-changing impact on the viewer. Such an incredible idea!

Brace yourself for the HAIR PORN

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[livejournal.com profile] teragramm posted a quote by Amber Benson (In a post about BtVS and how much impact it had on people's lives.)

As you probably already know, BtVS was my first fandom. The first show that prompted my creativity and imagination in terms of "I want more!", "I want to engage in a discussion", "I want to engage in terms of writing my own ideas!". There's not much I haven't said already and, as the years go by, I find new spaces where I can express my curiosity. But BtVS is still BtVS, and it's kinda like "home".

A show that I watched through my teenage years, when I was growing up and having confused emotions and all that stuff. A show that was a refuge during some dark times. And the reason why I started writing and interacting on the internet.

But I was focusing on Amber Benson's quote and, as obvious it may seem, how great is the character of Buffy Summers y'all? Because, yes: she's an everywoman. And yet, her character is so complex and fully fleshed. Buffy never seems an empty vessel for the viewer's imagination, she's Buffy with her peculiarities. (Her bravery, her big sis instict, her jealousy, her puns ...) She's pretty specific and with her own history.

At the same time, even people with completely different lives and backgrounds, can relate to her. I can relate to Buffy, so hard. There are many things about her character that resonates in me and I'm "different" in many other apparent ways. Buffy Summers truly speaks to my soul and I find amazing how she inspires me to be stronger.

Honestly, to me one of the greatest things about Buffy - character and show - is that it's all about power and strenght. It's literally a tale of a girl who fights and struggle to be better, stronger and braver. It's so cool to have a female hero like this, a female hero that wants to *win*. Buffy wants you to be strong.

(Also, I'm becoming more and more fond of Willow these days? Like, I had this sort of visceral relating thing with Buffy, but now I feel like I can appreciate more Willow and her self-discovery journey. Just the hell to S6 and the whole idea of "magic = drug")

The Buffyverse ladies are great.

And SMG posted a thing!


A message for the fans and her co-stars, with her picture of her working for "The Freshman" (My fave BtVS opening season, tbh) Awww, Sarah! I wish we could see more of her on our screens. She proved her talent many times during the seven seasons and I would love to see her win that goddamn Emmy she deserved.

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Hi guys, how are you?

Here we are dealing with the Siberian cold winds or something, it's snowing since this morning and it's very, very cold, wow! The snow is pretty though, but I think I have to clean the sidewalks near my house because I feel like I could fall there.

Anyway, I should also really start the writing process of the [livejournal.com profile] hp_goldenage fic and the fic I promised for [livejournal.com profile] carlyinrome (Sorry for being so slow! I still don't have my laptop and I'm using my mom's!) ... I wouldn't want for her to discover a word doc where I plot gay porn. XD

But I really hope I would be start writing soon. I have ideas!

Speaking of which, here's the second part of the Hogwarts Sorting Buffyverse Edition, done because everybody does it.

In which I sort Willow, Xander, Tara and Cordelia maybe )
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Hi guys, how are you feeling? Still kinda bummed by the US elections, but I'm glad to see how many people are fighting and even joking about the new establishment. Sometimes irony is the best answer against sadness and defeat. I'd like to ask all my fellow LJ friends who are currently protesting/deciding to protest to please be careful. I've seen some concerning posts on Tumblr and I'm worried. Please, try to stay safe.

Anyway, because humanity is a disappointment, fandom was invented.

My last TOP 5 asked by [livejournal.com profile] frelling_tralk

TOP 5 Spuffy Moments *pinches cheeks* )

Credits: gif1, gif2, gif4 and gif5 by marilynmay at http://marilynmay.tumblr.com/

gif3 by aikobot, at http://goodbyepiccadilly.tumblr.com/
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Hello, guys! It's saturday night and I'm stuck at home. Boooooooredom.

I'm going to use this occasion to complete the penultimate question for the TOP 5 MEME. Gimme something else to do! Gimme something else to do!!! It's been a up and down week and I honestly can't wait for [livejournal.com profile] hd_owlpost to start, because I feel a mightly need for new Draco/Harry stories and fandom interaction.

Also, we are in November

*obligatory gif usage*

And in this month there will be the election of the President of the USA. I'm absorbing a lot of Hillary hate from my cousins these days and I can't wait for this shit to end, thank you very much. I hope Trump will crawl back in whatever hole he came from.

Meanwhile [livejournal.com profile] itsnotmymind asked for TOP 5 Buffyverse quotes!

This is so hard because BtVS is so quotable! )
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Starting from now to the next week it will be an asskicking period of studying and stuff (Hopefully, if I can stay that productive!) And I'm feeling kinda bummed out by the idea at the moment, so why not make a pointless post on LJ? I do like to write here.

These days on Tumblr there's this very popular idea of sorting characters with different methods (zodiac, Hogwarts House and so on) One of the most popular sorting system is the Myers-Briggs test which, if I'm not mistaken, was already discussed in here.

I'm not a psychologyst, but since people make pretty gifs I think I can express my opinion. (✿╹◡╹)

And, in doing so, I'm gonna consider the core characters of my current obsession (HP) and my long lasting love (BtVS). Brace yourself.


Buffy Summers = The reason why I'm posting this, tbh. I saw a bunch of gifs categorizing Buffy as ISTP (introverted, sensing, THINKING, perceiving) Now, I can potentially agree on everything except that "thinking" part. WTFFFFFF! Which show where you watching, guys?? Buffy is absolutely and primarly ALL ABOUT FEELINGS.

She listens to her guts, she thinks that emotions are totally valid assets, she makes the most important choices following her heart and she forgives even when hurt.

Of course, she *thinks*. She's a very intelligent lady and she also has this very strong moral compass in which she needs to prevent badness from happening and it's all her responsability. But if you pick a dychotomy "feeling or thinking" and you ask me what's Buffy Summer's prevalent function, it must be feeling. Ultimately she can sacrifice herself for love.

Buffy could be either extroverted or introverted, I don't know. She clearly enjoys social situations and she has a past of being a "queen bee". But she develops a strong stoicism and the ability to bottle up her emotions. Plus, in the end she goes out with the same two people for decades! I think she could be an introverted who plays the extroverted role very well.

She's sensing - apparently means pratical. She's a very pratical person and, in battle, she often picks casual stuff to kill vampires. She's not so much for abstract thought, more like: let's see what happens and what can I do to handle the situation.

FEELING AF. Because she ultimately relates on her insticts and emotions.

Perception or judgement, IDK. Mostly because she has a strong moral compass (And that's the judgemental part, I guess) But she's also very practical, so IDK. Anyway I would say that Buffy is ISFP or ISFJ and see what happens and what Wiki tells me about these kind of people.

Incidentally, I believe that Harry James Potter is also a ISFP.

Again, all the same conclusions )

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Hi! I finally get to post this chapter of Dreams and Mirrors. Sorry for the delay.

I'm just dealing with my sleeping/study schedule and it's a mess. Plus my friend keeps sending me like 354646 messages per minute about her stuff and I'm thinking that this whole socializing thing is really brutal, to quote Angel. I need silence, guys.

Anyway, this is it. It counts as belated birthday gift for Buffy Summers, hero extraordinaire.

I'm also finishing the snowflake challenge and, if you're interested, you can drop by and see what stuff make me all mushy-fangirly and we can squee together.

January 19, 1998 )

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Guys, my stupid laptop wants to kill me >*< I can't write properly! UUUUUGHHHH

(I'm currently using the desktop board which is annoying, believe me)

So seventh day of the snowflake challenge and I have to share a bit of canon and explain why I love it so much. If this thing keeps working I would like to share TWO pieces of canon about two of my most beloved characters ever: Harry James Potter, because I fell really hard after reading those books, and Buffy Anne Summers.

First piece of favorite canon: The forest chapter (Deathly Hallows)

You have the actual photographic proof of how much this book hurt my soul. Reading the last chapters of DH was an emotional journey and I cried my eyes out reading about Harry going to the Forbidden Forest for the last time, to let Voldemort kill him. Jesus.

It was very powerful and I think one of the best pieces of Rowling as an author. After learning the truth about his mother's death from Snape's memory, Harry decides to accept his fate in a very stoic manner and go alone towards his own death. I WILL FOREVER CRY ABOUT THIS. Mostly because, guys, he's going towards Voldemort!! The wizard he bravely fought for SEVEN mothereffing books, the wizard responsible for his parents' deaths, for Sirius' death, for all the pain and suffering he went through since AGE ONE.

And he knows that he cannot fight back - which is something that punches me right in the ovaries, he knows he cannot fight back. Harry learns the truth about Dumbledore too: how he groomed him for this, how he always planned Harry's death. And Dumbledore was his mentor and the person Harry trusted above all.

He learns the truth in the most desperate hour and he doesn't even hesitate. He doesn't stop for Ron and Hermione because he'll know he couldn't find the strenght after seeing them.

Oh Harry. He doesn't want to die. He never wanted to die. He suffered so much and lost so much (I believe he starts suffering of PTSD after the fourth book and depression in the latest two) And still wants to live but he has to do this. He has to walk to the Forest alone. AND HE'S SO BRAVE. He's only a boy and he's so so brave.


Second piece of favorite canon: Dawn/Buffy scene from No Place Like Home

DON'T TOUCH ME. I believe you all know where this scene comes from and I don't really have to explain so much. It was hard to choose a single Buffy favorite scene because there are so many and I wanted to maybe include a funny one, because the Harry Potter choice was emotionally draining but well, here you have it.

Buffy's love for Dawn is the ultimate light into my pointless existence. I just can't deal with the fact that Buffy discovers that her annoying child sister isn't real in the middle of a fucking shitstorm of idiotic boyfriends, anxiety for her mother and dangerous hell-bitches and she just accepts her. She accepts and protect and loves Dawn with all her heart, even though she's not *hers*.

I'm literally so emotional about brave and accepting heroes. I'm out.
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Fourth day of the Snowflake Challenge!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

According to this one, I have to create a fanwork (Whatever I want: art, drabbles, fics and so on) So I thought it would be nice to post another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors, also because I started this one while ago and it was almost ready and I don't have much time in my hands, LOL. *w*

Hope you like this one, hope you didn't forget the story, hope I didn't make too many mistakes!

You see the date and you understand where we are in the canon. Have fun!

January 18, 1997 )
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Hi guys, how are you?

I really hope you're all fine. I'm feeling good these days. I'm watching and reading very good stuff and taking time to appreciate nature and my baby cousins. <3


- The Affair, season two. Very very good show. I'm in love with Ruth Wilson, who was amazing in Luther and never disappoints. Actual goddess. I'm also curious to see who is lying at this point, because clearly isn't about subjective perception anymore, I think that some motherfucker isn't telling the truth. Very engaging narrative. An interesting exploration of love and human relationship and the murder case is enjoyable.

- Doctor Who. Just one thing: MORE ASHILDR! I do love immortal murderous children (See Anne Rice's Claudia)

- Just saw Crimson Peak. Good movie. Beautiful creepy house, gorgeous costumes, gorgeous actors ... but I was expecting more? Like, everything was perfect just like that. I understood what the mystery was about quite early so ... maybe I wanted them to push the envelope more, so to speak. Explore the characters even more.

I read the latest issue of BtVS )

Also news from JKR! There will be a new chapter in the Harry Potter story! The Cursed Child will be out in theaters in July 2016! *CCC*

How do you feel about it? Curious? It's strange, for me, because I'm new to the fandom and super-invested, so I can't ignore the excitement of knowing more. I have A TONS OF ISSUES with the idea of Harry, 30 something, already married and father of three and working for the Ministry. I just can't this epilogue, guys. I cannot.

Still, I'm a curious kind of girl and I want to know more. Albus Severus, despite his unfortunate fate in the name department, seems an interesting kid and who doesn't want a Potter among the Slytherins? Still so many problems with Harry being a family man like that

Hope we see McGonagall! And Hermione and Ron! And Hagrid! And professor Neville! And Draco and Scorpius!

... I'm new. I like this 'verse. I have feelings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Because why not?

Which Buffy Character Are You? )

I'm Dawnie in this one! Closely followed by Angel and Buffy.

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Guuuyys! How is it going? Everyone's fine?

I hope so. As you probably already know, I'm planning another Drarry fic but from Lucius Malfoy's POV. Doubts: should I shift from Lucius's POV to Draco and/or Harry? Is Lucius capable of redemption of some kind?

Full disclosure: I do believe that Lucius loves his son and wants him to survive, but I also believe that he's emotionally abusive af and he probably doesn't even realize that, because he grew up with a strict father himself and he thinks that fathers just behave that way normally. So yeah, it's a pretty fucked up relationship (I LOVE THOSE) because it's between people who truly care for the other and at the same time are hurting the other. And, of course, it's Lucius who is hurting Draco. Draco, as young boy and then adolescent son, doesn't have the power and the authonomy to hurt his father.

But also: I despise Lucius as a person, as a racist asshole supporter of magic!Hitler, so if I make him recognize his huge mistake, because he just has to in my fic, that would be OOC? (And, don't worry, I don't plan to transform Lucius in Saint Lucius follower of Hermione 2.0. He's still an aristocratic ass anyway) I do think he understood how wrong everything was when his son and wife - and himself scared shitless - where suffering in their own house.

Also why did I have these fic ideas?

Anyway. Talking about shit fathers: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? *points to the latest BtVS issue*

The Return of Hank Summers )


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