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Guyyyyyyyyyys, still celebrating the 20 Years anniversary of BtVS! (I can't believe all my formative years were literally *formed* by this show) Have you seen all the cool gifsets on Tumblr? The fandom is just giving and giving, it's amazing!

I'm in place now - or in the last ten years or something? - where I'm so much more into the Buffyverse ladies and their relationships with one another and their characterizations, so it's freaking cool to see gifsets about the parallels between Tara & Faith or AUs with Dawnie as the tiny, sassy little sister. BtVS is the gift that keeps on giving.

Aaaaand I wanna do something too, but since I'm lame and I don't have artistic skills, I'm going to rank Buffy's hair in order of beauty and life-changing impact on the viewer. Such an incredible idea!

Brace yourself for the HAIR PORN

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[ profile] teragramm posted a quote by Amber Benson (In a post about BtVS and how much impact it had on people's lives.)

As you probably already know, BtVS was my first fandom. The first show that prompted my creativity and imagination in terms of "I want more!", "I want to engage in a discussion", "I want to engage in terms of writing my own ideas!". There's not much I haven't said already and, as the years go by, I find new spaces where I can express my curiosity. But BtVS is still BtVS, and it's kinda like "home".

A show that I watched through my teenage years, when I was growing up and having confused emotions and all that stuff. A show that was a refuge during some dark times. And the reason why I started writing and interacting on the internet.

But I was focusing on Amber Benson's quote and, as obvious it may seem, how great is the character of Buffy Summers y'all? Because, yes: she's an everywoman. And yet, her character is so complex and fully fleshed. Buffy never seems an empty vessel for the viewer's imagination, she's Buffy with her peculiarities. (Her bravery, her big sis instict, her jealousy, her puns ...) She's pretty specific and with her own history.

At the same time, even people with completely different lives and backgrounds, can relate to her. I can relate to Buffy, so hard. There are many things about her character that resonates in me and I'm "different" in many other apparent ways. Buffy Summers truly speaks to my soul and I find amazing how she inspires me to be stronger.

Honestly, to me one of the greatest things about Buffy - character and show - is that it's all about power and strenght. It's literally a tale of a girl who fights and struggle to be better, stronger and braver. It's so cool to have a female hero like this, a female hero that wants to *win*. Buffy wants you to be strong.

(Also, I'm becoming more and more fond of Willow these days? Like, I had this sort of visceral relating thing with Buffy, but now I feel like I can appreciate more Willow and her self-discovery journey. Just the hell to S6 and the whole idea of "magic = drug")

The Buffyverse ladies are great.

And SMG posted a thing!

A message for the fans and her co-stars, with her picture of her working for "The Freshman" (My fave BtVS opening season, tbh) Awww, Sarah! I wish we could see more of her on our screens. She proved her talent many times during the seven seasons and I would love to see her win that goddamn Emmy she deserved.

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Okay, since I'm pretty bored and I can't catch any sleep, this is officially happening: the Sorting Hat for the BtVS characters (Because on Tumblr everybody does it and I'm not good with graphics and also I like to rant aimlessly)

If you're not familiar with the Sorting: in the Harry Potter universe, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there are four houses, each one *picks* its own students who possess the qualities favored by the house itself. This categorization embodies abilities/qualities of the single student, but most of all his goals in life, in the pursuit of happiness and personal growth, and in his ideal view of the world.

And since, basically, these four houses kinda work for everyone, people like to put other characters from other fandoms in these tiny shiny boxes. Boxes are fun.


1) Gryffindor, the house of Harry Potter himself and the protagonists of the saga. The qualities favored by Godric Gryffindor, who founded the house, are: chivalry, bravery, daring, nerve, recklessness. Most of all: the majority of Gryffindors seems to be guided by a moral code encompassing all their actions. Meaning: these guys want to be *heroes*, they want to do good in the world, to change it rightly. (Of course, not all Gryffindors are like this - Peter Pettigrew is a traitor and a coward - and some Gryffs are just show offs and vain) But generally, these guys aim for the Greater Good.

2) Hufflepuff. Qualities: kindness, patience, hardwork, honesty, dedication. The nurturing/hard working type. "The good guys", due to the qualities listed above - although exceptions are always need to be considered - but Rowling herself has a pretty great opinion of Hufflepuff and, honestly, people who are tolerant and loyal and pretty much just trying to do good for other's sake are just great, so.

3) Ravenclaw. Qualites: creativity, originality, wisdom, curiosity. I wouldn't say necessarily logic though, because Luna is often seen as quintessential Ravenclaw and, while she's certainly not lacking in the curiosity/originality field, "her logic does not resemble our Earth logic". And that's the whole point of Logic, guys. But, you know, other ways of thinking and all that stuff. (Still, Hermione Granger, who is sorted in Gryffindor, is much more coldly logical) Ravenclaws are motivated by their desire to gain knowledge and their creativity.

4) Slytherin, my little cousin's favorite house because of snakes. Qualities: cunning, ambitious, self-preserving, determined (Although I recently saw this quality in the Gryffindor description on Pottermore, ouch!), resorcefulness. Slytherins are motived by their ambition and their quest for greatness, which could potentially lead to very narcissistic, self-serving individuals who only care about their personal gains. And the whole saga went on and on about that. But Slytherin doesn't equal evil and some of them are the most interesting, complex and even heroic characters. To understand their fuckery think about the Odyssey, when Ulysses pwns Polyphemus by letting him get drunk and then blinding him. That's the kind of clever and cunning we're talking about. (And that he reveals his true name! Aww <3) Again, not authomatically evil.

And that's it. I honestly wouldn't assume anything else about the characters and how they behave and revolve around the others. These are general boxes and, as proved in the books, pretty different people are classified in the same way (Think about Cho Chang being in Ravenclaw: she's very emotional, not at all just cold logic and wisdom)

So, I would just put the Buffyverse character in a box, instead of another, because of what I think they are trying to accomplish with their lives )
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Hi guys, how are you feeling? Still kinda bummed by the US elections, but I'm glad to see how many people are fighting and even joking about the new establishment. Sometimes irony is the best answer against sadness and defeat. I'd like to ask all my fellow LJ friends who are currently protesting/deciding to protest to please be careful. I've seen some concerning posts on Tumblr and I'm worried. Please, try to stay safe.

Anyway, because humanity is a disappointment, fandom was invented.

My last TOP 5 asked by [ profile] frelling_tralk

TOP 5 Spuffy Moments *pinches cheeks* )

Credits: gif1, gif2, gif4 and gif5 by marilynmay at

gif3 by aikobot, at
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Starting from now to the next week it will be an asskicking period of studying and stuff (Hopefully, if I can stay that productive!) And I'm feeling kinda bummed out by the idea at the moment, so why not make a pointless post on LJ? I do like to write here.

These days on Tumblr there's this very popular idea of sorting characters with different methods (zodiac, Hogwarts House and so on) One of the most popular sorting system is the Myers-Briggs test which, if I'm not mistaken, was already discussed in here.

I'm not a psychologyst, but since people make pretty gifs I think I can express my opinion. (✿╹◡╹)

And, in doing so, I'm gonna consider the core characters of my current obsession (HP) and my long lasting love (BtVS). Brace yourself.


Buffy Summers = The reason why I'm posting this, tbh. I saw a bunch of gifs categorizing Buffy as ISTP (introverted, sensing, THINKING, perceiving) Now, I can potentially agree on everything except that "thinking" part. WTFFFFFF! Which show where you watching, guys?? Buffy is absolutely and primarly ALL ABOUT FEELINGS.

She listens to her guts, she thinks that emotions are totally valid assets, she makes the most important choices following her heart and she forgives even when hurt.

Of course, she *thinks*. She's a very intelligent lady and she also has this very strong moral compass in which she needs to prevent badness from happening and it's all her responsability. But if you pick a dychotomy "feeling or thinking" and you ask me what's Buffy Summer's prevalent function, it must be feeling. Ultimately she can sacrifice herself for love.

Buffy could be either extroverted or introverted, I don't know. She clearly enjoys social situations and she has a past of being a "queen bee". But she develops a strong stoicism and the ability to bottle up her emotions. Plus, in the end she goes out with the same two people for decades! I think she could be an introverted who plays the extroverted role very well.

She's sensing - apparently means pratical. She's a very pratical person and, in battle, she often picks casual stuff to kill vampires. She's not so much for abstract thought, more like: let's see what happens and what can I do to handle the situation.

FEELING AF. Because she ultimately relates on her insticts and emotions.

Perception or judgement, IDK. Mostly because she has a strong moral compass (And that's the judgemental part, I guess) But she's also very practical, so IDK. Anyway I would say that Buffy is ISFP or ISFJ and see what happens and what Wiki tells me about these kind of people.

Incidentally, I believe that Harry James Potter is also a ISFP.

Again, all the same conclusions )

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I did a thing!

Buffy Summers Harry Potter Thor Odinson MCU
BRILLIANT BUT LAZY She doesn’t perform well as Willow in school, but she’s a smart and capable student Not erudite as Hermione, but talented duelist, capable of producing a Patronus charm at thirteen, youngest Seeker in a century -
CHILD SOLDIER She was 15 years old when she was called 11 years old (Arguably)
CURSED WITH GREATNESS (Aka The Chosen One) Just wants a normal life Voldemort tries to kill him since he was one year old (Not so much with the curse, he loves being a prince)
ARCHNEMESIS LOVE Spike, Angel/us, Faith (LOL, I ship him with Draco shut up) “LOKI, NOOO!”
MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES (Depression, PTSD, anger issues) Yo After book 4, he seems to be suffering of PTSD -
BIG BROTHER/SISTER INSTINCT Dawn - Keeps protecting Loki, even if he’s a murderous little shit
ABUSED Fought sexual assault more than once + more By aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon, bullied by Snape -
OUT OF CONTROL SASS “If the apocalypse comes beep me” “This is night, Diddykins. That’s what we call it when it goes all dark like this.” -
DEATH IS YOUR GIFT Twice Literally raised like a pig for the slaughter Accepts to sacrifice himself in order to stop Loki’s madness
DEAD PARENTS Joyce (S5) Since he was 1 years old Frigga (TDW)
FALLEN PRINCESS Used to be a popular cheerleader - Used to be an arrogant bratty prince
THE HERO Saves the world, a lot Saviour of the Wizarding World Avenger, protector of the Realm
GOOD IS NOT SOFT Will bash a hellgod’s fucking face with a freaking hammer until she begs to stop Crucioed Amycus Carrow so hard he slammed into a wall He looks like a huge sunshine puppy but he can become the Revenant bear
CHOSEN FAMILY The Scoobies, Dawnie Ron and Hermione, the Weasleys, the DA squad The Avengers, Jane and her science team
BLONDE HOTTIE check - check
GUILT COMPLEX Inferiority/superiority complex issues Blames himself for the people who died during the war After being banished to Earth
BERSERK BUTTON Aka anger issues and violent slayer lifestyle Where you talking ill about his parents? Try to say that shit to his face! He owns a huge hammer to bash heads with
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Hello guys! How are you? Hope you're all doing great.

First things first: yesterday was Buffy Summers' birthday. Yay!

If we consider January 19th 1981 as canon birthday date, we can conclude that Buffy must be 35 years old now. Amazing!

It reminds me that I'm terribly behind with the comics and I'm not reading them since October or something. Am I missing something important? Something nice? Are they gonna ruin Spuffy for the 246547254 time because they are too afraid to move things foward?

Anyway, to celebrate the event I'm planning to post another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors which would be also appropriate, considering the fact that we are following the story during Buffy's birthday. (When everything sucked, poor baby)

And speaking of poor babies: lately I was in a rage!

Basically, now I'm super-fannish about the HP saga, y'all know, and there was this meme on FB dedicated to Snape and, guys, THE DEBATE STARTED AGAIN!  Once upon a time, a friend of mine told me that the "Snape debate" was very controversial in the fandom and I believed her and I think I understand why, but honestly, the Italian fandom always gets to be more scary than all the other places IMO?

So, the meme was about Snape and somebody commented with a "I can't believe there are people in this world who don't even like Snape!" And the moderator was like "Do they even exist?" ... and so it started.

A guy wrote that people who don't like Snape understood nothing of the saga and, of course, some replies were like "Maybe we understood everything but we just don't like him??" which was also my opinion. But I get kinda pissed when people were like "Harry is just dumb and lucky" and "Snape waS so much better than your precious hero". DON'T TOUCH MY BABY, BITCH.

I'm sure that being *friendzoned* (Jesus, I HATE this expression and the very concept behind it) must be so painful that 10 years of psychological and possibly physical abuse + constant danger of dying + post-traumatic stress sydrome are just a walk in the park compared to that. But honestly.

Why can we accept that:

1) Your faves are not my faves. But that doesn't mean that I didn't understand the text or that I'm dumb. I'm just moved by different things and different characters and it's fine.

2) You can love a "problematic fave" even if he's an asshole and he does terrible things. Narrative Life.

Because I find kind of disturbing this thing that I saw happen the other day, in which fans justify a creepy behavior by whitewashing a character and his reasons, because they can't find themselves in the position of loving someone who is wrong. Like, WHY?

Don't mistake me. I understand that everyone has his own standards of right/wrong and creepy/non creepy, but when people are like "Okay, he was stalking her but just because he did care about her so muuuuuch!" and stuff like that, there's always a tiny part of my brain that goes "so this person would be totally fine if something like that would happen in RL?"

I don't know. Like I said, narrative doesn't equate real life. But I guess that many guys saw Snape's pain as "too real" and justificable, considering that being friendzoned is the worst that could possibly happen to a human being, and I was kinda squicked.

I would defend the right to ship all the wrong things and enjoy all your favorite psychos. Isn't this the great things about narrative? That we can adore people who would want to stay the hell away from us in RL? Recently, while watching the latest BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie's tale, I was pretty sympathetic towards a mass-murderer (!!!) Like, you know what I mean, right?

Just own it. OWN IT, ffs! You love an asshole character who does terrible things, that's fine! You don't have to whitewash the ground where he walks or bash other characters just to make your fave look like the hero! (As in fanwriters who wrote Buffy like she's an heartless whore from Hell just to make their fave look awesome, for example)

Own. It.

*Btw, I'm pretty conscious that Snape's story is very complex and that he too was abused in many ways since young age. I do feel very sorry for him and I don't dislike him as a character inside the main narrative. I just don't feel "warm" enough towards him? I don't love him. But I'm generally pretty meh towards all the Marauders. They are interesting and fun, but I'm more emotionally involved with the actual kids in the seven books. That's just my take on the story.

** I do feel like a moral!Hermione when I make these posts because I'm dealing with concepts of right and wrong and I'm assuming that some characters like Buffy or Harry are intrinsecally "good" which is kind of a moral absolutism on its own. See, I'm contradicting myself within the post! Why I even write stuff?

So, that was just a pointless midnight rant. I'm sleepy. I'm gonna post soon the real interesting, I hope, stuff.

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Guys, my stupid laptop wants to kill me >*< I can't write properly! UUUUUGHHHH

(I'm currently using the desktop board which is annoying, believe me)

So seventh day of the snowflake challenge and I have to share a bit of canon and explain why I love it so much. If this thing keeps working I would like to share TWO pieces of canon about two of my most beloved characters ever: Harry James Potter, because I fell really hard after reading those books, and Buffy Anne Summers.

First piece of favorite canon: The forest chapter (Deathly Hallows)

You have the actual photographic proof of how much this book hurt my soul. Reading the last chapters of DH was an emotional journey and I cried my eyes out reading about Harry going to the Forbidden Forest for the last time, to let Voldemort kill him. Jesus.

It was very powerful and I think one of the best pieces of Rowling as an author. After learning the truth about his mother's death from Snape's memory, Harry decides to accept his fate in a very stoic manner and go alone towards his own death. I WILL FOREVER CRY ABOUT THIS. Mostly because, guys, he's going towards Voldemort!! The wizard he bravely fought for SEVEN mothereffing books, the wizard responsible for his parents' deaths, for Sirius' death, for all the pain and suffering he went through since AGE ONE.

And he knows that he cannot fight back - which is something that punches me right in the ovaries, he knows he cannot fight back. Harry learns the truth about Dumbledore too: how he groomed him for this, how he always planned Harry's death. And Dumbledore was his mentor and the person Harry trusted above all.

He learns the truth in the most desperate hour and he doesn't even hesitate. He doesn't stop for Ron and Hermione because he'll know he couldn't find the strenght after seeing them.

Oh Harry. He doesn't want to die. He never wanted to die. He suffered so much and lost so much (I believe he starts suffering of PTSD after the fourth book and depression in the latest two) And still wants to live but he has to do this. He has to walk to the Forest alone. AND HE'S SO BRAVE. He's only a boy and he's so so brave.


Second piece of favorite canon: Dawn/Buffy scene from No Place Like Home

DON'T TOUCH ME. I believe you all know where this scene comes from and I don't really have to explain so much. It was hard to choose a single Buffy favorite scene because there are so many and I wanted to maybe include a funny one, because the Harry Potter choice was emotionally draining but well, here you have it.

Buffy's love for Dawn is the ultimate light into my pointless existence. I just can't deal with the fact that Buffy discovers that her annoying child sister isn't real in the middle of a fucking shitstorm of idiotic boyfriends, anxiety for her mother and dangerous hell-bitches and she just accepts her. She accepts and protect and loves Dawn with all her heart, even though she's not *hers*.

I'm literally so emotional about brave and accepting heroes. I'm out.
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Guys, guys, guys! I don't know if you saw this one:

9 Reasons why Buffy Summers is a great feminist. Makes me happy. I like to see my favorite characters appreciated and I agree with all the points, tbh. I think that the article is a great summary of a decade of fan-essays on why Buffy Summers is so important.

(It feels kinda ironic reading it right now because, like a couple of hours ago, a boy dismissed my period-related pain with "all the women have periods. So are we going out?" BITCH, WHAT XDD)

Also I'm totally on board on this "Bellatrix Lestrange should have been a Gryffindor" thing. Has it been done in fanfics?
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Hi guys, how are you doing?

I'm making the most useless post ever just because it won't stop raining and I already slept too much and [ profile] red_satin_doll shares my interest in Buffyverse fashion.

I also like to inform you that yesterday I ate one of the most delicious things ever. Ravioli with capesante (How do you call those in English? It's a species of scallop) and shrimp with orange and lemon flawored butter. OH GOD, heaven. (Although apparently I have weird taste or, at least, I really like strong stuff in kitchen and my friends don't) If anyone has the recipe for that or knows something like that just tell me because it was delicious!

Anyway I would like to rant about JKR choosing the wrong profession for Harry, but let's start with the fashion post and under the cut you can find the prettyness!

(NO SPOILERS. Also I will consider only the outfits inside the issues, not the cover)

FAVORITE FASHION ITEMS IN S10 OF BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Of course, the season is WIP so it's an incomplete list) )

So, that's it. My pointless post about BtVS fashion.

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Hi guys! How are you?

I'd like to inform you that I finally read the latest BtVS issue. Goddamn, I know! I took me a while, but I'm finally here too. So under the cut you can find my opinions about the issue in question, but also.

I'd like to write another HP fanfic, another Drarry one but ... from Lucius Malfoy's point of view? Which weird, because I disliked Lucius, but also he truly loved Draco, even if he was a strict father and I just have so many feelings about parent/child relationships, especially when they are complex and slightly dysfunctinal, don't ever let me start. Anyone has suggestions or opinions on Lucius and why I conceived such stupid idea?

Harry and Buffy have so much in common that I think I might have "a type" when it comes to fave cinnamon rolls heroes who die for our sins. Also when DanRad became so fucking hot? The beard, guys. THE BEARD.


Here's my thoughts on issue #18 )
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Hi guys! I'm taking a pause from the Harry Potter commentary (HP is so great!) to talk about the latest BtVS comic issue.

It's really hot in here and I'm very tired, so I could be more pointless than I usually am. But I'm having so many feelings about so many characters right now and I want to ship all the things and express my love for all the characters I care about and, really, DRACO AND HARRY BELONG TOGETHER, RAY VELCORO IS THE ULTIMATE LIFE COATCH, WHY CAN'T WE HAVE NICE CANON SPUFFEL? Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are so hot, I don't want to ship that ship but also hot men having sex is hot. What is life!!1!!11!

I'm kinda in this sort of mood. Sorry.

This issue is cute and I like it )
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Hi guys, I just wrote another prompt.

This time I picked the one sent me on Tumblr which is originally "post NFA Buffy wonders about Spike and Angel's relationship" and I ended up trying to explore Buffy's relationship with both vampires and her feelings after she finds them alive. So expect some Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike interaction. I really hope you like it.

Many thanks to [ profile] carlyinrome for her precious help as beta. (I'll work on your requests soon!)

After the Fall )
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Hi guys! Quick post because I have so many feelings.

1) Still searching for a beta.

2) I just changed my default icon and it's so amazing and badass looking.

3) Still thinking about writing a Spangel - Angel & Spike - Spuffel fic?

4) The cover art for Buffy season 10 issue 18 is THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I'm in awe.

Look! Buffy's a goddess! )

This cover fills me with hope, actually.

Maybe it's nothing and, I'm sure of it, it won't be Angel and Buffy's last encounter and maybe it's just a phase or something and soon things will be back again. Same old same old. But anyway, I really think it's an amazing piece of art and the symbolism makes me so happy.

Look at Buffy's face. Just look at her. She seems so happy, carefree and ... free, really. I haven't seen a look like that since Chosen and I'm the biggest fan of her final smile. No apologies.

She's looking at the sky, she's looking foward and she seems strong and calm and incredibly alive. (Also bonus points to Steve Morris because he nailed Buffy's physicality and sense of fashion. She doesn't have impressive boobs and she does have glorious hair and she's beautiful)

And, Jesus take the wheel, she's WALKING AWAY. She is! Look at Angel's face as he stands behind! Look at the cross he gave to her! *symbology boner* Is she finally moving on? Is she finally leaving her past behind and looking for something better?

You know, it's all speculation and we still know nothing about Angel/Buffy interaction and probably it won't happen anything (Considering this points I'm not putting this under spoiler) but it's just SO ICONIC.

Angel was the one walking away. Always. The one deciding, the one coming back and going to LA and having full agency on his choices. And I'm always angry because it's an issue that was never fully addressed. While we all agree that S6 Spuffy was unhealthy and Riley was a moron, Angel hurt her in a most subtle and everlasting ways. She imprinted on him and it was a neverending abandonament and trauma issue. He was Hank all over again.

And she always dealt and she always waited for him to come back. Well, I just love to see Buffy taking back her agency and deciding on her own and Angel being the one who has to deal, finally. I just love to see her leaving him behind, because she deserves so much more.

And, mind you, I'm telling this shipping preferences aside. I would actually love to see Buffy and Angel becoming really friends and maybe working on their relationship in the future. I actually ship Spuffel and I lovelovelovelovelove Angel and Spike so much, these two vampire dorks with issues are in my heart and I will always love (and ship) them.

It's just that Buffy is my homegirl and if she overcomes trauma and old demons it's such a glorious day.

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Since I'm currently into slashfics about old gross rednecks in love I'll be brief.

This post is about the latest comic issue. I'm EXCITE.

Spoilers )

Rewrite your narrative, baby! You deserve it.

Also next issue: more Spike. YAAAASSSS.

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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm currently obsessing over True Detective. For some reasons I had to rewatch it and let me tell you: the second watch is even better than the first. I'm falling in love once again with Rust Cohle and I'm kinda reading slash fanfics about him and Marty post-Carcosa (And I don't like Marty. I feel guilty, but also I'm totally into slash)

But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to share the love! Aka: the amazing artworks that [ profile] red_satin_doll made for my fic, Dreams and Mirrors.

I was uncertain about the way of sharing her artworks. I thought I could put a banner in the first chapter of the story or in all the chapters? But I'm super-clumsy when it comes to html and I don't want to mess up stuff. Also [ profile] red_satin_doll did some amazing variants and I think it's nice to show them. Personally I like to understand more about the creative process in art. Also there are lots of pretty colors.

So here's a whole post about these amazing gifts and I hope she likes it and that I still have her seal of approval.

Dreams and Mirrors - the fanarts )

Long story short: I'M SO GRATEFUL, THANK YOU.

Check on [ profile] red_satin_doll's LJ if you don't know her to see her artworks. And I hope she does more and more and more, because I'm very greedy.

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... are fanarts about Cordelia and Buffy.

I've spotted some beautiful things on Tumblr and the feels came to me. I also rewatched a random Cordelia-centric episode of AtS, because now I know Homecoming by heart, and, you know, I love Cordy interacting with the ladies (The episode in question is Disharmony) I wish that the angle Buffy/Cordy would have been much more explored. They are both fierce, strong and caring ladies and Cordy is Buffy's mirror in many ways.

So there's that. I need more Cordy. And thanks to [ profile] endeni for linking a long Cordelia meta. I'm curious about it.

Other breaking news are CHECK OUT [ profile] red_satin_doll's amazing Dru icons:

My heart is three times bigger because she was inspired by my fic. It's really amazing the fact that she likes my fic, to begin with, but I feel super-special because I inspire icons. And there's going to be more art, yay!
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Oh hi! I know I have already posted today, but I also translated an old fic and I thought to just post it and stop saving it on my computer.

It's an old Spuffy story with dub-con at the beginning - BIG WARNING - I generally dislike dub-con and I almost never read it, but for some reasons my brain produced it. I was trying to portray an almost-like-season6 Spuffy interaction with a huge fight at the beginning, because this pairing is so violent at times and I unapologetically love it. So, mh, violent sex and swearing.

The ficlet is a PWP except that the sex is not really explicit. Or yes. Or almost, I guess. (I always suck in categorizing sex scenes) and it features established relationship but not tamed Spuffy.

I want to write something new and different, but first I thought to just post some old stuff. Hope you like it.

Oh, it's a future!fic and all the mistakes are mine.

A Portrait without Mercy )
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Hello guys! Nice evening (or morning, or night?) to everyone.

I'm so hungry these days. I want to eat everything and especially chocolate and cheese, which is not the smartest choice since this is supposed to be time to show off bodies and stuff. (But I never worry too much about that) And while I'm trying to resist at the sweet syren song of chocolate the mosquitoes are literally eating me alive. It's not fair.

Things I'm watching: I'm currently watching S2 of Orange is the New Black. I didn't watch some episodes of S1 and I'm jumping back and foward - as I usually do when I have a whole new series to watch, I just can't follow the right order - I'm still liking it. I especially like the characters' backstories and the new antagonist, Vee, is a very interesting character and so I don't miss too much Alex. Very interested in Vee's and Red's backstory and why they know each other so well. I'm also curious about the whole incident with Pornstache and the clandestine couple. (I like the new "owners" of the kitchen, especially Mendoza)

I also rewatched S1 of Buffy, the first two episodes. To me Buffy started with S2. (The episodes I watched for the first time came from S2) So it's always kinda curious to see that there was a season before. The fashion in the first season is so bad and the fightings are almost embarassing (They really didn't have a lot of money) but it's very nice to rewatch it, especially after reading good metas. I'm thinking about [ profile] sunclouds33's reasons to like Buffy: here.

It's all true! Buffy's like a tiny blonde Jessica Fletcher. In the first episodes is very clear, especially since she doesn't really fight a lot (Or, to say it better, the fights aren't great. She did pick an epic fight against Luke and Darla). She investigates and she knows who's the vampire by looking at the details such as the wardrobe choices. It's really nice when a meta shifts the prospective and you realize some things you never actually catched before.

Rewatch thoughts:

- The first Buffy's outifit is not that bad. She's actually really cute with the boots, the mini-skirt and the white top. The make-up is maybe too much, but it gets better in S2. SMG's body type was really different from the other seasons, that's something I've always think rewatching.

- I don't think that Cordelia was all that mean. Yes, she was really mean to Willow and it was unfair and she established her dominance by being mean to other people and using them (she wants to be Buffy's friend because she thinks that Buffy is cool, at first), but Jesse and Xander were kinda annoying. She doesn't want to go out or dance with you, give the girl a break!

- Willow's cute and she does have the wild card even in the first episodes. She hacks with computers and she follows the vampire after Buffy's suggestion to "seize the moment". And she didn't even really know Buffy at that time. (Which brings me to: Willow was always so very eager to play the good friend part to Buffy. She was eager for her approval and friendship and maybe she firstly assumed the Buffy's cheerleader role instead of making things about herself. Also it seems that Buffy is Willow's first female friend)

- Buffy's awesome. She chose Willow and Xander over Cordelia. She chose to be on the "losing" side instead of being Queen Bee of Sunnydale (Which she could easily have been after a bit of practice with slayer stuff) Also she cares a lot. She goes to Giles to say that she doesn't care while she's caring XD

- Buffy's still the character I relate/care the most, while partially relating to old school Willow.

- Darla seems so eager to please the Master and so scared by him. She almost seems a different character from AtS Darla. But at the heart I still consider her "patriarchy girl", if that makes sense. I think that she has a lot of power but it gets frustrated by the fact that it's always all about a man for her (The Master, Angel, Connor: the father, the husband and the son) She's the opposite of Buffy.

- Angel makes me laugh a lot and so does Giles. I mean, a guy suddently appears to tell you weird stuff and that's supposed to be attractive and/or mysterious. BE CLEAR, DUDE. XD People are dying, fucking say it as it is. And Giles is so innocent and doesn't know how to handle Buffy. That's almost cute!

- Joyce's hair is terrible. But I remember when my mom used a similar haircut. It always gets personal when I watch BtVS.


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