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Hi guys! Who came up with even more prompts for the [ profile] hd_familyfest?

Exactly. Your girl Kiki, who should definetely STOP to get all mellow over fictional families (NEVER STOP). Guys, if you like family fics just as much as me, go there and leave a prompt. I can't wait to read aalllll the stories.

Stuff happened: I cut my hair again. Soon I will produce photographic evidence, I guess. This time around I'm not completely sure over the haircut because, surprisingly, I think it's too short on the back (It's still a bob, supposedly) I did such a GOOD, DIFFICULT job in keeping it growing and maybe I should have said to the hairdresser that I wanted to not regret my life choices. But alas, it happened and there's no point in crying over spilled milk. Also, more comfort for the Summer.

Since we're here,

Leave the pencil emoji --> ✏️ and I will write down an headcanon for the character/pairing of your choice.

Leave the fire emoji (🔥) if you want to enjoy an unpopular opinion over a character/plot/series of your choice. If you send me this 🎀 I will ask you.
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Guys, guys, GUYSSSSS! 

I finally had the chance to watch "American Gods" and it's great!!??!!! Super-recommended to those of you who like mythology, diverse characters and a nice mix of romance, mystery and fantasy. 

I read the book years ago and, because of that, my memory of the story isn't that good, but as I watch the scenes I seem to recall the moments in the story and I'm so pleased because the authors and the casting directors did an amazing job. I kinda love everything? I especially love the actors chose to portray the main characters: Mr. Wednesday, Shadow, Mad Sweeney ... 

I know everyone talked about THAT SCENE between the Jinn and Salim and it deserves all the phraise because it's such a powerful, beautiful, touching scene. There are metas on Tumblr that explore the importance of the scene better than I could ever did. I think you should read those.

But can we talk a moment about Mr. Jacquel (Anubis)? 

Awwwww, guyyyys! First of all, I loved this character in the book. Such a nice, decent ancient god. A super-chill ancient god. 

I LOVE THE CASTING!!! I just liked the whole scene with him and I think that the actor delivered the character's wise, compassionate attitude so well.


"Your best is good."

A nice, understanding deity. A deity who knows humans are flawed creatures. A cool Egyptian god.

So comforting. Thanks!

And, you know, I think I'm going to watch the show from now on. I hope it continues to be good and I surely recommend it here. MYTHOS KAI LOGOS! 

And girl,

May. 3rd, 2017 03:26 pm
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Here's my ranking scale for BtVS/AtS!

In case anyone is interested, here's the link to do your own listing:

Buffy, Willow and Anya are in my podium. Surprising, right? Apparently, I prefer Angel to Spike (lol), but it's true that I care about them at times. BtVS characters >>>>> AtS characters, which is accurate. Man, I did like the potential about Maggie Walsh. I'm a bad person.

Rank Name
1 Buffy Summers
2 Willow Rosenberg
3 Anya Jenkins
4 Illyria
5 Buffybot
6 Angel
7 Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne
7 Spike
7 Dawn Summers
7 Glory
11 Cordelia Chase
12 Faith Lehane
12 Mr. Trick
12 Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
15 Drusilla
15 Halfrek
17 Angelus
17 Jasmine
19 Dr. Walsh
20 Harmony Kendall
21 The Mayor
22 Rupert Giles
23 Jonathan Levinson
24 D'Hoffryn
25 Lilah Morgan
25 Lindsey McDonald
27 Kendra
27 Eve
29 Charles Gunn
30 Robin Wood
31 Gwen Raiden
31 Anne Steele
33 Nina Ash
34 Joyce Summers
35 The Groosalugg
36 Darla
37 Ethan Rayne
38 Tara Maclay
39 Kennedy
39 Adam
41 Jenny Calendar
42 Xander Harris
42 The Master
42 Allen Francis Doyle
42 Caleb
42 Amy Madison
42 Marcus Hamilton
48 Andrew Wells
48 Knox
48 Lorne
51 Clem
51 Merle
53 Winifred 'Fred' Burkle
53 Riley Finn
55 Ben
55 Gavin Park
55 Linwood Murrow
58 The First
58 Knox
58 Connor
61 Warren Mears
61 Daniel Holtz
61 Holland Manners

MOAR on the episodes )


Feb. 4th, 2017 09:45 pm
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Hi guys, how are you?

Currently spending another Saturday at home and feeling a little bummed out because of it, but also still incredibly tired for no reason? I don't even know. Apparently I've lost my will to exist somewhere. I hope you're doing better.

I'm proud to announce that I've finally finished my [ profile] hp_goldenage story! I had to rewrite the whole second part, because it wasn't really working for me, and now I believe it does and I sent it to my beta for Grammar check, but it's basically done. Yay! I need to thank [ profile] felixfvlicis for helping me out with the rewriting process. Your suggestions were everything!

And, because I'm a mess like that, I have decided to partecipate to [ profile] hd_remix and I completed the form. I'm officially in the game now! And here's the beautiful banner for the fest:

(Art by upthehillart​ banner by [ profile] snowgall)

The sign-ups are open until February 10th, so if you want to partecipate fill the form and join me in this cool new thing!

I've never been in a fest like this one (Well, it was literally my first time in all the fests I've been! XD) But the idea of taking inspiration from a already existing story and writing it from another angle or POV or whatever is SO EXCITING! I can't wait to read my assignments and try to figure out how to do this thing. I'm loving all these writing challenges. ♥

And I'm still sleepy despite having slept to much? DAMN. Meme-time!

Stolen from [ profile] frelling_tralk

Name an episode (or episodes, as many as you like) from one of my shows and I will tell you the following about it. (+Movie/books, in my case)

What I like about it.

What I don't like about it.

Favorite line.

Best performance.

A scene/idea from it that's particularly interesting to me.

Something I would have changed to make the episode better.
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Currently studying. As per usual, I'm laaaaate with the program and I'm pushing myself. Why do I always put myself in these kind of situations? I suck at organizing.


Here some things that could make your day brighter, because I feel sad looking at social media and politics and I know this feeling is largely reciprocated by many people in my f-list and I saw some nice things on the internet and why not? (Longest question ever)


Look how orange you fucking look, gurl! )
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Awww guys, I'm currently marathoning the new Anime series "Yuri On Ice" and I'm so !!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't even know about this! Or, to be more precise, I saw many posts on Tumblr, due to the fact that some people I follow were watching it, but I didn't pay much attention. Until yesterday, when I saw a clip from the final episode and I watched and I found it so poetic I had to watch the series.

Very good decision, self!

"Yuri On Ice" is the tale of the romance between Yuri, a Japanese skater, and his coatch Viktor.

What is great about this love story is basically how supporting and caring Viktor is. He's Yuri's coatch and Yuri is a 23 years old skater - which, apparently, is bad for skaters, since their age to perform is very low - and he's so used to fail, he doesn't believe in himself anymore. But Viktor, his actual skater hero, is there to encourage, support, challenge and love him all the way and I'm just so

It's so heartwarming and encouraging! Yuri blossoms under love and faith and Viktor is the best ever!

(Also, that goddamn kinda like Drarry aesthetic! I'M TRULY SOBBING ;O; Viktor looks like fanfic Draco in the Muggle world, so elegant and gorgeous. There's even the proper heights difference!!!!!!)

Oh, and there's the character of the other Yuri, the Russian one, who looks like a little shit kitten powered entirely by spite and rage, which is adorable!

Here's a piece of the soundtrack, this incredibly beautiful aria sung as a "love theme" for the final dance. GUYS. REALLY.

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Oh guys! I started watching the third episode of "The Affair", the Showtime series written by Sarah Treem, and I'm really having a hard time with it, especially in terms of the treatment of the female characters.

I think I'm starting to like the new lady character, Juliette, and ouch. I have feelings.

Also I'm finding it SO HARD to like the male characters, especially Noah and his sorry ass. OMG. It's a torture.

VAGUE-ISH SPOILERS (+ discussion about consent and female sexuality)

Juliette is a middle-aged French professor who accepts a job in the University where Noah is working AND ALL THE MALE CHARACTERS ARE GROSS )
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On totally unrelated news, the Patronus Charm is officially on Pottermore!


And, I shit you not, my Patronus is an unusual animal. And it's a Buffalo.



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Guys, guys! Did you see this stuff?

Basically on Pottermore there's a whole new Sorting Hat thingy but with the Ilvermony houses. I'm too tired to read the whole article, I should go to sleep asap but I'm curious like the proverbial cat and I did the sorting test. LOL.

Apparently I'm a "Thunderbird"? For whatever that means anyway.

Represents the soul.

Favours adventurers.


Anyway, I'm sooo sleepy. Do the test so we can discover the other houses and what they mean, please!

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Remember when I recommended Penny Dreadful as a wonderful series that can break your heart? Well, it actually ended. It was planned to last only for three seasons and now I'm heartbroken forreal. Oh Vanessa Ives! VANESSA!!!

I will have words with the creator, John Logan, because this whole thing is unfair and Vanessa Ives deserved much better.

Meanwhile are you familiar with Swiss Army Man, aka "the farting-erections Daniel Radcliffe movie"? It seems to have such a wonderful soundtrack. Here you can listen to the preview of all the tracks

I won't lie, I'm curious.
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SO. The first part of HP and The Cursed Child was performed yesterday and I'm struggling to not look at the spoilers. Guyyyys, how can I handle this curiosity for two more months? I'm not genetically set up for not reading informations when I know where I can get them easily. I even look at my arm when the nurses are taking blood because I'm just too curious to see what is happening!!

I put the filter on Tumblr but then I looked at some stuff and ... yes, I'm a little bit spoiled at this point. My bad.

I just want to know what this thing is all about. The general plot, you know. I will try harder to stay away from the spoilers of the second night, because that would be completely ruining the show by knowing the ending long before the beginning. But I'm just so curious and I would love to read what happens right now. It's so hard to stay away from spoilers. (This fandom is very polite though, everything is tagged and people are respectful of JKR's request)

How do you manage to avoid spoilers when the curiosity is just too much? Also: what are you scared about and what you would like to see in the play?

I won't add any spoiler here, so feel free to comment and talk.
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Guyyyys! Your comments are amazing and they gave me so much food for thought (And I literally want ALL the pretty #aesthetics, [ profile] carlyinrome ◕ω◕✿)

Right now, [ profile] quinara pointed me in this post direction, in which she also tries to put our faves into these funny little boxes. It's really interesting because there's also an indepth explanation of the 8 functions according to Jung. Useful to understand this stuff.

These sort of things make me curious, I enjoy reading and knowing more about psychology and social studies and tests made by people who want to categorize other people. LOL.

I discovered this -->

That also has cute drawings in it and the personality types look so adorable! They are color coded! Violet for the "analysts", green for the "diplomats" and so on. Apparently I'm an INFJ, so I'm in the green diplomatic section. Super-cute. My guy has a beard of wisdom.

And there's this section called "Sentinels" which, I guess, are the people who are naturally disposed to protect other people and there's this type called "THE DEFENDER" (ISFJ) and I guessed that it was Buffy Summers or Harry Potter's type and it would be so cool if that's true mostly because of the name. Perfect. (Hermione Granger is officially put into ISTJ. I repeat, Hermione Granger is officially there!)

And, just like the horoscope (But I hope with a much more solid scientifical base), this thing tells you everything about romantic relationships, parenting, friendships and so on. Amaze.

Have fun reading! XD

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Guys, I just watched the movie "Colonia Dignitad" with Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl and I'm the shell of the human being I was before.


Yeah, I generally knew about abuse and crimes committed during the Pinochet regime in Chile, but I knew nothing about this particular brand of absolute disgusting creepy and gross fuckery.

I'm so grossed out, I could vomit.

(Brief summary: the movie is inspired by the true story of this so called "Colonia Dignitad" which was basically a nazi camp where Pinochet sent his political oppositors. This place was officially a "religious community" lead by a nutjob who told everyone that he was speaking for Jesus and stuff like that, while he was performing tortures for the regime and child abuse + women abuse)

The thing is: I wasn't actually expecting all of that? The movie is so disturbing and very explicit at some points. And even if the scenes of child abuse are just hinted, you perfectly understand what it's going on and I'm SO GROSSED OUT. How can they let this happen for decades? I just can't begin to understand this (Or, to explain better, I kinda think I do and that's the scary thing)

This also comes after some general readings of articles about Mother Theresa and some things friends of mine told me about abuse in the Roman church and, once again, I feel so angry and horrified by istitutionalized religion. Literally, THE WORST.

(And sorry for the believers and religious people. I don't have anything against you or your faith. It's just that I'm currently nauseated and I had to get this out of my chest)

Carry on as usual and thanks for the patience.

Never trust preacher nutjobs.
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Hi, guys. How are you? I recently came back from my trip and these days I'm very tired, don't know why (Possibly I still have to sleep more after a "great enterprise"? Anyway, I'm also kinda productive, so I don't mind)

I have questions for you.

First one: what should I watch?

At the moment I'm not following any tv show. I watched "The Night Manager" just out of boredom, but uuugh. So goddamn predictable (Although the leading lady had great hair that also inspired my desire to have a pixie) I also saw some episodes of "Shadowhunters".

I couldn't get into that show. Even the romances aren't that great for me (Although Tumbr is totally going for Malec, these days) But I did love the hot eyeliner guy - Magnus Bane - and I honestly want a show only about him?? He's the most interesting character of them all and the most talented actor of the bunch. Who cares about that blond angsty/rage dude when we can follow the adventures of an immortal bisex awesome warlock?

But yes, all the actors involved are super-hot and super-well dressed and there's the vampire guy who seems like a cute puppy and this woman:


Why is she so hot and how I'm supposed to deal with her flawless lipstick choices? (Also, yes, her brother is literal sex on legs. I understand that the idea of having him kissing Magnus is pretty awesome)

But, unfortunately, the show itself didn't do much for me. I'm also disappointed and not following The Good Wife. Kalinda is gone and I've read that Cary and Diane don't have much space and their plotlines are separate from Alicia's storyline. What's the point of doing that? Why should I care about Alicia's new relationships if I can't have my faves on screen? Uuuuugh uugh.

I accept suggestions.

Also second question - and that requires being an heterosexual man, I guess?

I made a shitpost that jokes about Harry James Potter's supposed heterosexuality. Basically, as we read in the books, Harry himself is very appreciative of male beauty or, at least, he recognizes it in fellow dudes.

For example:

"Sirius was lounging in his chair at his ease, tilting it back on two legs. He was very good-looking; his dark hair fell into his eyes with a sort of casual elegance."

Or, you know, saying that Tom Riddle was handsome and stuff.

I honesly just made a joke. I don't get why an heterosexual man couldn't admit or even think by himself that another man is handsome or attractive. I suppose that, due to the constant request of "proving your masculinity" and "NO HOMO" issues, men are compelled to never admit these sort of thoughts but, really, do actually het!men never think about other men that way? (Like, appreciating the beauty, recognizing the attractiveness and anything like that. It would be ridiculous if that's true! And that HJP is at least BI is something I'm gonna support FOREVAH but that's not the point) I mean, you get it yeah? What do you think about this?

Also if you want to do a game of "Would you rather" I'm up to that too! (Thanks for the idea [ profile] carlyinrome XD)

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On a side note, even Hello Quizzy thinks I'm a Ravenclaw.

I like this one because it goes deeper with the possible characterization of the person who's taking the test, although I can't tell if that's completely accurate. (According to Tumblr, Ravenclaws are hipster stoners and they really enjoy space XD)

Your result for The Sorting Hat: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Personality Assessment [Test/Quiz]...


66% Ravenclaw, 50% Hufflepuff, 44% Slytherin and 34% Gryffindor!

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

if you've a ready mind,

Where those of wit and learning,

Will always find their kind;

       The cardinal traits of Ravenclaw are intellect, wit and openness to experience. They are the most introverted house of the four. Ravenclaws are more likely to prefer small gatherings of like-minded individuals and require recooperation after stressful social interaction. These individuals are intuitive creatures, the quintessential researchers. They lack the stubborn, strict, and rule-abiding qualities that would inhibit intellectual growth—one can't be too set in their ways if they are to be open to exploring new ideas and paths of thought.In contrast to Slytherin and Gryffindor, Ravenclaws in general are much more emotionally stable. Their reactions seem dampened compared to the sometimes dramatic responses of the other houses—they're much less likely to get offended, they're more open to criticism, not particularly argumentative and interested in hearing different points of view. They can at times seem to be less interested in people and more interested in their own inner world, and appear to be disconnected from the rest of humanity.

         Ambition is secondary to them. Although they may strive to excel in school, knowledge and self-enrichment is the primary goal as opposed to simply wanting good marks. If they do happen to strive for excellence, it is because it fits with their other goals, not out of a desire to be superior or the best. Due to their intuitiveness and willingness to listen, Ravenclaws can be empathetic and make good advisors. They should generally leave leadership roles to people who are more extraverted and who would enjoy them more, however.

Take The Sorting Hat: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Personality Assessment [Test/Quiz] at HelloQuizzy

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Okay, I kinda decided to partecipate to the [ profile] hp_goldenage bingo challenge. In order to get the right ideas and to know better the fandom I'm gonna do a poll about Drarry.

Also because I woke up really late and I'm still sleepy but I shouldn't sleep more.(BEDBEDBED)

Also because POLLS. So interesting!!

Bear with me

[Poll #2036484]
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Hi guys! How are you

A strange thing happened to this journal. Basically the other day my wi-fi connection just quit for ten minutes and since then I can't access to my "recent entries" page. I can post stuff (Or I'm trying) I can see my friends list using other links, I can reply to messages, but if I even try to go in the main page LJ stops working. Dafuq?? I'm puzzled.

It's annoying! Because I have to search for the specific pages instead of using my own link. I sent a request, I hope they provide soon. If I don't answer or stuff, you'll know why.

Other things:

A huge THANK YOU!!! to the guys (I use this term as gender neutral, as you can see) who nominated me three times for the [ profile] rwsawards THANKSSSSSSSS. I feel so honored.

Also: I'm on Pottermore!

As you'll probably know - or don't? Idk - Pottermore is all new. The other day I saw some friends doing the Sorting Hat test and I was curious! I did the internet "all the possible questions" and I ended up Ravenclaw. But I saw some people complaining about being put in the wrong House (And once you get there you can't change, that's the rule!) and I figured that maybe the test was different and maybe I was gonna end in another House. (Not that I really identify with the others but anyway)

Bonus point, now you can choose your wand. Yay!

So, despite my residual common sense that "you don't need another account on the internet", I did the registration and I was sorted in ... Ravenclaw! Big surprise!

Apparently that's my House and I can't take it back. I'm fine with it, since I can't identify with the other houses' values, especially with Slytherin and Gryffindor (I have zero ambition and zero bravery) and I do think that imagination is my best assets, as far as my virtues go. Also I look very cute in blue.

That's my wand:

I think it's very pretty! It's dogwood (I didn't know what dogwood was) and Unicorn core. I think that the Sorting whatever thinks I'm feisty, 'cause my wand's nature is "quirky and mischievous".

But it's the wand the chooses the wizard, so! XD

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My laptop is still doing its own thing and I'm seriously thinking to buy another, so I need to check my money situation and see where it leads. Which is the first thing I wanted to comunicate with this post.

Second thing:

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

YOOOOOOOO! I'm still doing this challenge!

Yesterday I talked about the importance of feedback, something essential in the fandom IMHO, and today I have to create my own challenge.


I thought about it, because my greedy!side wanted to ask more stuff I like and also because challenges are such interesting and ambitious projects and they can involve a lot of people from different fandoms which is so amazing.

After a somehow serious pondering I decided what to do.


Create a fanwork - and it could be a banner, wallpaper, fanfiction, vid: whatever you like the most, whatever you think it's your medium of choice - about your ultimate FAVE (or faves, if you prefer) that expresses the reasons why your favorite character is the best and you love him/her/them so much.

I think it could be really amazing to see people creating something to promote their own favorites and it could help share so much positive energy. Because sometimes characters are hated or heavily criticized or saw as "problematic" and therefore undeserving of admiration (Which is also cool, btw. Not the last part, but the hate. You can hate characters) But to me the fandom is primarly about LOOOVE and why don't trying to involve other people in your things and try to explain to them why you love a character so much?

(Okay, this thing is mostly what we all do, but also no because it should consist in just *one epic fanwork* that expresses your tiny fan-heart. And so very often people create for other people or using others' prompt so this one should be all about yourself. TREAT YOURSELF!)

(Also I don't have other ideas)

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Things I've learned watching award winning show "The Affair":

- All men are disappointing. Never trust them.

- The husband you married in hope to never meet and deal with a man like your father will eventually become just like your asshole dad. Enjoy.

- Heterosexuality is a sin.

- Ruth Wilson can do anything.

- Truth doesn't exist, we are just fragments in other people's imagination.

This show is SO GREAT and you people need to start watching it. Also my keyboard is again partially unfunctional. WTF.

Also ... who's gonna watch Victor Frankestein when it comes out in cinemas? I know that I'm behaving like an emotionally compromised 12 years old (Because that's what I really am) and I honestly wanted to watch the movie just to see DanRad's tiny little perfect body moving on screen while he rocks a soft long bob kinda like mine, but it seems that the relationship between Igor and Victor (Dan's and James McAvoy's characters) is actually complex and I'm curious.

FYI (the trailer is just too messy and Richie's Sherlock like)

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Hi guys, how are you?

I really hope you're all fine. I'm feeling good these days. I'm watching and reading very good stuff and taking time to appreciate nature and my baby cousins. <3


- The Affair, season two. Very very good show. I'm in love with Ruth Wilson, who was amazing in Luther and never disappoints. Actual goddess. I'm also curious to see who is lying at this point, because clearly isn't about subjective perception anymore, I think that some motherfucker isn't telling the truth. Very engaging narrative. An interesting exploration of love and human relationship and the murder case is enjoyable.

- Doctor Who. Just one thing: MORE ASHILDR! I do love immortal murderous children (See Anne Rice's Claudia)

- Just saw Crimson Peak. Good movie. Beautiful creepy house, gorgeous costumes, gorgeous actors ... but I was expecting more? Like, everything was perfect just like that. I understood what the mystery was about quite early so ... maybe I wanted them to push the envelope more, so to speak. Explore the characters even more.

I read the latest issue of BtVS )

Also news from JKR! There will be a new chapter in the Harry Potter story! The Cursed Child will be out in theaters in July 2016! *CCC*

How do you feel about it? Curious? It's strange, for me, because I'm new to the fandom and super-invested, so I can't ignore the excitement of knowing more. I have A TONS OF ISSUES with the idea of Harry, 30 something, already married and father of three and working for the Ministry. I just can't this epilogue, guys. I cannot.

Still, I'm a curious kind of girl and I want to know more. Albus Severus, despite his unfortunate fate in the name department, seems an interesting kid and who doesn't want a Potter among the Slytherins? Still so many problems with Harry being a family man like that

Hope we see McGonagall! And Hermione and Ron! And Hagrid! And professor Neville! And Draco and Scorpius!

... I'm new. I like this 'verse. I have feelings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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