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I've just spent the day sleeping. I'm the worst person ever and now I don't know what to do.

Also I'm shipping terribly hard Doctor/Master. Guys, if you have/know any good fanfic just tell me. I'm having a lot of feelings here.

I always ship the wrongest most doomed couples. And I'm not even sorry.
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I really did. Didn't have time to talk about it, but I think it was a great episode. At some point I may make a proper post about it.

But let me post just this now:


And I'm shipping her so hard with the Doctor. So fucking hard. SEND HELP.

New things

Sep. 20th, 2014 09:41 pm
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Hi guys, how are you doing?

A post for the good things )
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The teacher and the life lesson )

I really liked the episode. It kinda reminded me Midnight which was one of RTD's masterpieces of his run.

I can finally appreciate Clara and the contrast between her morality/attitude and Twelfth. It really works. She doesn't have to be "Impossible Girl" but she needs to be the teacher and the Doctor needs to learn (Which is something that characterize Moffat's run)

And the lesson about fear just speaks to my soul. Thanks Moff.
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Very, very good. Without spoiling anything I would like to express my appreciation for the episode. Which was much better than the first one, in my opinion.

I'm starting to like Clara a lot. I just love more the human aspects about her and the fact that she's a teacher is a plus. Kinda cute the I just said I didn't want to spoil anything, but let's put this thing just in case )

Interesting stuff.

But I definetely don't like how they trasformed the musical theme at the beginning. I like the previous version better.
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I'm going to bed. Just one thing:

*cries* )
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So, here a quick post about the last episode of Sherlock. I have to go out so I'll be brief, but there are some things I have to say.
I have to rewatch the episode, because I'm kinda confused about it. I have mixed feelings.

My thoughts/reactions/emotions )
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Originally posted by [ profile] elisi at My Doctor.


Goodnight, travel well <3
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I stole this meme from all around.

Here. Duh. )


Dec. 29th, 2013 11:33 pm
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1) I'm still crying over Matt Smith's last episode. I know, I know, I just loved his Doctor SO MUCH. I'm glad I have to wait to see Capaldi in action. I really like him but I need time to accept another person as the Doctor.

2) I'm anxious about everything. I want to be able to relax.

3) I'm finally watching S3 of Homeland. I'm in the middle of episode 5, I skipped one Brody centric episode because it was boring.
The dynamic between Sal and Carrie is still the best thing about the show and it was interesting to see Carrie in an istitution. I'm still afraid that Sal (Giles 2.0) will eventually betray Carrie, because I like Sal so much (As I liked Giles, but kinda more) and there are things that point at him as the mole.
I have a controversial relationship with Dana Brody: she's an interesting character but she's also so spoiled it hurts my nerves. I don't think that she merely annoying. Actually I find her bathroom post-suicide speech powerful and I think that she has the right to feel hurt by her father's alleged actions but she's also fucking full of shit.

Also, yesterday was [ profile] local_max's birthday. I hope you had a quiet and nice day. 
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Okay, I wrote a thing. First in English then in Italian (I'm actually enjoying these experiments with language, yay!)
It's nothing special. (To be honest it feels like the stupidest idea ever for a Who ficlet, but yesterday they aired the LAST EPISODE WITH MATT SMITH, so forgive me and my feels.)

It's a love song.

ETA: Thanks to [ profile] ladykikuri for her precious suggestions.

The Long Song )

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So, last Eleven's episode.

I'm a puddle on the floor. I've cried the whole time. The episode was mixed, I still need to process it, but the ending was perfect. I've completely related with Clara the whole time and she was my least favourite companion but I really loved her and I loved how Jenna Coleman expressed all her emotions.

I'm going to miss the Raggedy Man so much! He's the reason why I watched my first Doctor Who episode in the first place and he will always be "my first Doctor Who face".

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... I don't have words. I only have feelings.

It was great. Funny, touching and amazing. And all the characters were at their best (I literally loved EVERYONE, God help me: Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt - he made me love a character in just one episode!! - Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper and all the other characters and the surprise guests too!)

I was a song of joy and revolution. The warrior, the hero ... and the trickster: The Doctor.

I cried, of course, because I'm an overly emotional girl, especially during the Doctors speech about their promise.

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I'm having a classic headache and I'm watching the last interviews with Matt Smith as the Doctor.

People, I'm sad. I know that it's stupid. Also I'm happy for the new Doctor and so curious about him and I like Peter Capaldi as new choice (He really deserves the attention he's getting) ... but Matt Smith is *MY* Doctor. He's the Doctor who won me and made me a fan. I'll never forget the first time I saw a clip with Eleven on youtube - I remember that it was the clip with little Amelia Pond, the immortal fish fingers and custard, and the clip in which Amy remembers the Doctor - and I thought: "This man is so funny and weird and there's something about him. I have to watch the show". And basically everyone was saying how amazing was Doctor Who and especially David Tennant, but for me was Matt Smith's smile the thing that changed everything.

I'm going to miss him so, so much. <3

(Also listen the song above. It's terribly funny.)

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And the new Doctor is finally here! It's Peter Capaldi, my friends.

I'm pretty satisfied with the choice. I mean, I still have to see this new Doctor and judge watching the episodes, but I liked him in Children of Earth and I think he's a good actor. Let's see what happens. I have faith.

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HERE the article.

I'm going to miss him so much! I wish him the best and I think he's really talented so I'm expecting to see him in movies and other works. He's been my favourite incarnation of the Doctor so far. It will be sad to say goodbye to Raggedy Man. I just loved him from the start.
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I must leave this here

Because of reasons.

Now that I have expressed my feelings I can go to bed. (I'm not really sleepy and that's all Doctor Who's fault) 
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I don't have words to express how I feel.

Seriously best episode ever or best episode ever?

And River was amazing. Everything was amazing, from the beginning to the end. Things I can't right now: EVEN. 
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This week I've started to follow Hannibal, the NBC show. I'm liking it.
The show itself is really, really disturbing at times - we are still talking about someone who eats people. PEOPLE. I think it's wise to watch it when you're not eating anything, especially meat. But I'm liking it.

The structure is similar to a classic procedural cop show, with the FBI constantly involved, the tormented detective and the badass boss. But there are also original bits. For example the characterization of Will Graham, a complete empathic who often identify himself with the killer and bases the investigation on his feelings and perceptions. I miss the instinctual component in a thriller. After years and years of CSI whatever there's no room for emotions and I think that's a pity. I love my detectives to be instinctual, perceptive and emotionally involved.

Somehow the empathy feels like a premonition in this show. They really push the button. Will Graham is able to understand the killer just looking at the crime scene and he feels like a magician more than a real detective. Still, I like how is characterized. He's inability to be indifferent, his inevitable attraction for the dark side of the human mind and he's incapacity to deal with emotions in a normal way.
I think that Hugh Dancy does an amazing job. It really feels like his character has been through hell.
And here we go with the other protagonist: Hannibal Lecter. Mads Mikkelsen portrays him in a incredibly charming way. We are talking about a cannibal and serial killer and still Lecter is an intersting and charismatic man. He's always dress amazingly and he's very intelligent. As audience we should feel disgusted by Hannibal's urges but somehow - at least it happens to me - we like to watch him and we even feel sad for his loneliness. I feel like there is a parallelism between the audience and Will: both are becoming more and more fascinated by something so dark and wrong. Both are empathizing with the killer.
Also I think there is nothing sexier than a man with a sexy accent and amazingly sharp cheekbones who can cook like a god, but that's me.

Other news!

Today is the day for Doctor Who fans. The last episode didn't give me the feels, even if it was written by Gaiman. I'm still very indifferent to Clara - I think that she's the companion I'm liking the least. Personally I didn't dislike Martha Jones so Clara is my least favourite companion so far. Uhm, let's see what happens tonight and if they are going to reveal her true identity or the mystery about Clara.

If you're a fan of Loki and Thor and a Thunderfrost shipper, you should totally read THIS series, By watchfires and thrones of crowned kings by Melitot. It's an amazing series of short fics that focus on the relationship between Thor and Loki. It's like the heaven of a shipper because we see all the stages of their relationship but it's also a good series because the characterization of both Loki and Thor is perfect. And Loki is still a little shit at times - so very IC with the Loki in the movies.

I'm developing a kink for Jotun!intersex!Loki. I think it's interesting the idea of Loki both female and male because Loki in the movies has problems with women and now he has to accept that he's also a female. And it feels so appropriate for Loki - someone who has solid problems of self-acceptance - and cool because Thor still loves everything that Loki is, as he does in the comics and the movies. Also hot alien sex. (Basically asgardians and jotuns are aliens and it feels right to mix with genders with them)


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