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Hi! I finally get to post this chapter of Dreams and Mirrors. Sorry for the delay.

I'm just dealing with my sleeping/study schedule and it's a mess. Plus my friend keeps sending me like 354646 messages per minute about her stuff and I'm thinking that this whole socializing thing is really brutal, to quote Angel. I need silence, guys.

Anyway, this is it. It counts as belated birthday gift for Buffy Summers, hero extraordinaire.

I'm also finishing the snowflake challenge and, if you're interested, you can drop by and see what stuff make me all mushy-fangirly and we can squee together.

January 19, 1998 )

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Fourth day of the Snowflake Challenge!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

According to this one, I have to create a fanwork (Whatever I want: art, drabbles, fics and so on) So I thought it would be nice to post another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors, also because I started this one while ago and it was almost ready and I don't have much time in my hands, LOL. *w*

Hope you like this one, hope you didn't forget the story, hope I didn't make too many mistakes!

You see the date and you understand where we are in the canon. Have fun!

January 18, 1997 )
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Hi guys!

Still in the middle of the apathy phase of life. Everything is boring or too difficult to be done and I don't have time for stuff or I have too much time and I don't have energy. It kinda sucks.

But I want to keep writing because it gives me energy, so please help me with your feedback, if that doesn't bother you, because I want to commit to something. I need to commit to something and feel like I'm doing something that it's productive after all.

(I know it's embarassing and maybe kinda gross to ask for reviews but it would be great if I could keep focus on things and I wish I didn't, but I need help to do it and, I don't know, having to please other people makes me focused XD)

A part me being the most gross human being ever, everything is fine. On the plus side I'm very calm and it's spring and the cherry tree outside my room is full of flowers. Most beautiful thing ever.

I'm going to post weird headcanons on Tumblr and try to write another chapter of this fic.

As always many thanks to drusillathekiller for her beta work.

December 22, 1997 )
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Hi guys! Today's SMG's birthday and I'm casually posting this chapter (Spoilers: Dru finally meets her golden girl)

I really hope you like it. I'm trying to focus on the important moments of S2 for Drusilla in relation to Buffy and I actually like how this came out.

Thanks so much to my beta: for her awesome work.

Ha-ha, I've got a Dru/Buffy icon now!

November 12, 1997 )
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Hi guys!

After yesterday we're back in deep winter and my head hurts since this morning. I also have to start studying again and doing something productive in general and I feel so passive and demotivated. It's like the apathy is eating my whole life.

I think that, maybe, I could try with something I generally like. I'll try to write another True Detective fanfic (I'm thinking about an Audrey & Maisie centric story. Is anyone interested in that?) and write the next two chapters of Dreams and Mirrors, at least. I hope to fight apathy with creativity.

(I don't want to do anything anymore)

This chapter is set during School Hard. I hope you like it, despite being boring because all the action is far away from Dru (And also because I suck at writing - I'm having a whiny moment, sorry, but I don't like anything I do) Let me know how you feel about Dru's characterization and what happens into this chapter. Here begins the real canon and I'm afraid to fuck up big time, so ... hope it doesn't suck much.

Thanks to my beta drusillathekiller.

October 1st, 1997 )

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Hi guys!

I did nothing productive today and I couldn't go out because it's raining since this morning. SO BORED. Here's the new chapter of the Dru fic, I really hope you like it. The next is also ready, but I have to translate it and send it to my beta, but I'll try to be fast because I'm excited about it (Spoilers: School Hard :D Which is cool since they are talking about this episode in [ profile] fantas_magoria)

Many thanks to drusillathekiller

September 12, 1997 )
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm currently obsessing over True Detective. For some reasons I had to rewatch it and let me tell you: the second watch is even better than the first. I'm falling in love once again with Rust Cohle and I'm kinda reading slash fanfics about him and Marty post-Carcosa (And I don't like Marty. I feel guilty, but also I'm totally into slash)

But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to share the love! Aka: the amazing artworks that [ profile] red_satin_doll made for my fic, Dreams and Mirrors.

I was uncertain about the way of sharing her artworks. I thought I could put a banner in the first chapter of the story or in all the chapters? But I'm super-clumsy when it comes to html and I don't want to mess up stuff. Also [ profile] red_satin_doll did some amazing variants and I think it's nice to show them. Personally I like to understand more about the creative process in art. Also there are lots of pretty colors.

So here's a whole post about these amazing gifts and I hope she likes it and that I still have her seal of approval.

Dreams and Mirrors - the fanarts )

Long story short: I'M SO GRATEFUL, THANK YOU.

Check on [ profile] red_satin_doll's LJ if you don't know her to see her artworks. And I hope she does more and more and more, because I'm very greedy.

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Hi guys, how are you?

Here's the new chapter to the Dru fanfic. The Sunnydale saga begins and I hope you'll like it. As always comments and suggestions are very welcome.

I'm also a bad person because I'm reading Marty/Rust slash fanfics. WTF. I didn't even ship that, but hot male/male sex. Help me.

Anyway here's the chapter, that also features a naked Spike. Enjoy.

April 3rd, 1996 )
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Hi, guys!

I feel off today and apparently I can't do anything. I'm posting because I hope to find some kind of energy in that. Hope you like the chapter. It's the final chapter of the first part of the story. (Although the story is not really divided in parts, but there will be a huge gap between this chapter and the next, when we'll move into the series canon)

Once again thanks to and thanks to all the readers. Your appreciation makes me happy.

Golden Time )
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Hi guys, how are you? I'm still doing nothing productive in terms of studying but I really have a lot of story ideas and I think I'm going to write the Spangel fic. I hope I'll do a decent job in portraying an established relationship (Because, spoilers, it will be) and generally a good job with Angel and Spike characterization.

Yesterday, in the middle of the night, I wrote the concept and now comes the hard part: actually writing the story. The word empty page mocks me. But I miss the Spangel and I'm having a great time writing the Dru fic and I think my brain is enjoying it (Maybe too much?) because I feel happier.

Also some friends of mine think that ... maybe I should write something on my own? Like, they think that The Queen is pretty original, that I could convert the fic in a original story. Wow. And also how you do that? It's a HUGE work. The Queen works because I picked a universe with already established laws and the main characters are Buffy, Spike and so on. Okay, I added my own and so what? The work to do to create something original is vast and takes a lot of time. I don't have that and I don't know if I'm ready, but I'm so flattered and ... happy, really. Because when I write I feel so carefree and I feel like I can go in the darkest places without being hurt. It really helps me a lot and it saved my life in a way. And if someone thinks that my stuff is good that's amazing!

(Still I think that I need to mature as a writer and a person, especially, I can see all my flaws. I'm not God's gift)

Also writing fanfics is so cool because it doesn't take a lot of time and it makes me feel happy. (I still trying to figure out why I'm so emotionally connected to this show. I can see some reasons, but the bond is really deep)

Anyway, lots of talking. Here's the new Dreams and Mirrors chapter. There is this one, another and then the first part of the story ends. I really hope you enjoyed and I really hope you like Dru a bit, because I'm falling in love with her.

Thanks to drusillathekiller once again. I would have liked to dedicate one chapter to [ profile] red_satin_doll for her birthday, but it's actually a Sprusilla-centric chapter. So maybe when it comes to the real Dru/Buffy it would please her more? Anyway you have a gift saved here.

October 30, 1880 )
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Hi guys!

Here's another chapter of the fic. Warning for sexual abuse (and generally abuse, as always)

In this chapter I explore a little bit more Dru's sexuality and sexual behavior. I hope to read your suggestions and comments. I hope I'm not pushing too much on this pedal, but I really think it's important in order to understand her. Sexuality is a big part of Dru's existence.

And I hope the story is not boring. XD

November 1871 )

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Hi! Here's the new chapter, more crazy than the others, I guess, but I hope you like it.

Once again thanks to my beta, Drusillathekiller on Tumblr.

November 1870 )
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Hi guys!

There's another chapter of the Dru fic.

Once again thanks to my beta: who imagined Dru as a slayer (Interesting post, I recommend it) and gave me plotbunnies.

September 13, 1860 )
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Okay, this fanfic wasn't meant to last long, at the beginning. It was something to do in my spare time. And now I have this huge amound of feels about Dru and I'm kinda excited about this exploration of abuse (Which is exhausting) and love/obsession (Which is also exhausting) but my passion for this story is burning with the fire of thousands suns and I'm writing down a lot of ideas for new chapters, just so you know.

So thanks for commenting and generally liking this thing. It means a lot. The Italian fandom is kinda dead, I'm sad, and here is amazing. Thank you so much.

Also I'm emotional at the moment because of life stuff. But not in a bad way. I'm here posting to control my emotions XD

Thanks to my beta:

(Also check out my new amazing Dru icon! The creator is [ profile] red_satin_doll)

August 30, 1860 )
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Here with another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors.

This time the beta is the owner of the Drusillathekiller account on Tumblr. There she is: This tumblr is awesome for a Drusilla fan. I highly recommend it if you're interested in Drusilla-centric posts but also in general good posts about the Buffyverse.

Here's the chapter

July 15, 1860 )
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Hi! Hope you're all having a great weekend. Here's the new chapter of the Dru story.

Warning for implied rape and violence. It's NOT graphic and it's very ""dreamy"". I tried to portray the violence through Dru's eyes and so give it a different prospective. I hope it feels right for you too and, generally, hope you like the chapter.

Thanks to [ profile] itsnotmymind who replied to my mail in like 20 seconds. XD

June 1860 )

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Here's another chapter. I really hope you like it.

Thanks to [ profile] itsnotmymind.

May 22, 1860 )
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Hi! Another chapter of the Dru fic because I'd like to get into the interesting part soon. (I really hope these chapters are interesting too but, you know, it's also the beginning)

As always your feedback is most appreciated. It gives me the energy to write more and I'm so lazy these days. (I'm finding hard to focus and do shit) I'd like to be more productive, even in the fandom side.

Thanks again to [ profile] itsnotmymind, my beta.

January 15, 1860 )
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Hi! Here another chapter of the Dru fic. I really hope you like it.

Thanks to [ profile] itsnotmymind for her precious work as beta!

January 18, 1857 )
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Okay, finally here with the Dru fic.

Disclaimer first, right?

I don't own any of these characters - except the ones I invented, I guess - and I just write out pure fangirl joy and excitement. No profit. This fic wants to explore Dru's life: her dreams, her visions, her tragedy and her love. And a strange blond girl who keeps appearing in her mind.

Pairings: Dru/Angelus, Dru/Darla, Dru/Spike and Dru/Buffy.

Rating: I would say mature. Warnings for mentions and/or scenes of psychological and sexual violence. Bloodplay, killing and those things vampires do. I won't be too graphic, though, so maybe not really NC17 but something like PG-13.

A big thank you to [ profile] justwolf, for her lovely work as beta.

Notes: I translated myself the quote from Albert Camus' Caligula. I'm deeply sorry. I was also inspired by the "mirrors" prompt. So yeah, I kinda used it.

I need a Dru icon.

Prologue )


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