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... Oh guys, I rewatched the couple skating scene and I'm still SO OVERWHELMED WITH EMOTIONS.

It's literally the most beautiful love scene I've ever seen and I just need to promote the shit out of this Anime, because it's truly an act of self-care to watch it. Watch Yuri On Ice!

I was thinking. So basically, the aria explains the whole plot, right? "Sento una voce che piange lontano. Anche tu sei stato forse abbandonato". So I'm thinking that Victor, when he saw Yuuri's performance recorded by the triplets (The performance that prompted his decision to go to Japan) HEARD Yuuri's cry for help from far away and he responded. He came to save him. And Yuuri did the same, saving Victor from loneliness, from his silent suffering that no one spotted before (Except for Minako, incidentally)

So YOI must be the story of two souls who listen to each other and save each other and, in the end, create beauty and art. Isn't this the most wonderful, life-affirming thing that love could do?

I'm sorry, I'm over-emotional. I wish I could just watch S2 right now!

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I'm currently physically exhausted, so this will be hopefully brief and resembling some kind of logic (Although I can't promise anything on that front) I was also thinking about the Sorting of the characters of YOI and I'm mostly confused and overwhelmed with feelings.

One thing I know, tho: Victor Nikiforov, skater extraordinarie and inspirational Russian icon, is def a Ravenclaw. Y'all can meet me outside and FIGHT ME. Still not really sure about Yuuri, but probably Ravenclaw too?

Because let me tell you something about Yuri On Ice aka "The Ultimate Tale of Beauty, Truth and Love" )

[So yeah, basically: I'm going with Victor in Ravenclaw 'cause: creative, intelligent, eccentric, innovator (He always aim to surprise), accepting, open-minded, wise and emotionally avaible in every way.

Yuuri is either a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, because his whole life is ultimately dominated by Victor and what he represents: beauty, love, ART. He struggles to let it out, to express himself, he's SO BRAVE in facing his fears ... but maybe Ravenclaw 'cause his ultimate life-goal isn't morally related, but aesthetically-related.

Yurio is a Slytherin because of pure ambition. He wants to freaking WIN]

And that's it. Sorry. Bye.👋.
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Awww guys, I'm currently marathoning the new Anime series "Yuri On Ice" and I'm so !!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't even know about this! Or, to be more precise, I saw many posts on Tumblr, due to the fact that some people I follow were watching it, but I didn't pay much attention. Until yesterday, when I saw a clip from the final episode and I watched and I found it so poetic I had to watch the series.

Very good decision, self!

"Yuri On Ice" is the tale of the romance between Yuri, a Japanese skater, and his coatch Viktor.

What is great about this love story is basically how supporting and caring Viktor is. He's Yuri's coatch and Yuri is a 23 years old skater - which, apparently, is bad for skaters, since their age to perform is very low - and he's so used to fail, he doesn't believe in himself anymore. But Viktor, his actual skater hero, is there to encourage, support, challenge and love him all the way and I'm just so

It's so heartwarming and encouraging! Yuri blossoms under love and faith and Viktor is the best ever!

(Also, that goddamn kinda like Drarry aesthetic! I'M TRULY SOBBING ;O; Viktor looks like fanfic Draco in the Muggle world, so elegant and gorgeous. There's even the proper heights difference!!!!!!)

Oh, and there's the character of the other Yuri, the Russian one, who looks like a little shit kitten powered entirely by spite and rage, which is adorable!

Here's a piece of the soundtrack, this incredibly beautiful aria sung as a "love theme" for the final dance. GUYS. REALLY.

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Guys, my stupid laptop wants to kill me >*< I can't write properly! UUUUUGHHHH

(I'm currently using the desktop board which is annoying, believe me)

So seventh day of the snowflake challenge and I have to share a bit of canon and explain why I love it so much. If this thing keeps working I would like to share TWO pieces of canon about two of my most beloved characters ever: Harry James Potter, because I fell really hard after reading those books, and Buffy Anne Summers.

First piece of favorite canon: The forest chapter (Deathly Hallows)

You have the actual photographic proof of how much this book hurt my soul. Reading the last chapters of DH was an emotional journey and I cried my eyes out reading about Harry going to the Forbidden Forest for the last time, to let Voldemort kill him. Jesus.

It was very powerful and I think one of the best pieces of Rowling as an author. After learning the truth about his mother's death from Snape's memory, Harry decides to accept his fate in a very stoic manner and go alone towards his own death. I WILL FOREVER CRY ABOUT THIS. Mostly because, guys, he's going towards Voldemort!! The wizard he bravely fought for SEVEN mothereffing books, the wizard responsible for his parents' deaths, for Sirius' death, for all the pain and suffering he went through since AGE ONE.

And he knows that he cannot fight back - which is something that punches me right in the ovaries, he knows he cannot fight back. Harry learns the truth about Dumbledore too: how he groomed him for this, how he always planned Harry's death. And Dumbledore was his mentor and the person Harry trusted above all.

He learns the truth in the most desperate hour and he doesn't even hesitate. He doesn't stop for Ron and Hermione because he'll know he couldn't find the strenght after seeing them.

Oh Harry. He doesn't want to die. He never wanted to die. He suffered so much and lost so much (I believe he starts suffering of PTSD after the fourth book and depression in the latest two) And still wants to live but he has to do this. He has to walk to the Forest alone. AND HE'S SO BRAVE. He's only a boy and he's so so brave.


Second piece of favorite canon: Dawn/Buffy scene from No Place Like Home

DON'T TOUCH ME. I believe you all know where this scene comes from and I don't really have to explain so much. It was hard to choose a single Buffy favorite scene because there are so many and I wanted to maybe include a funny one, because the Harry Potter choice was emotionally draining but well, here you have it.

Buffy's love for Dawn is the ultimate light into my pointless existence. I just can't deal with the fact that Buffy discovers that her annoying child sister isn't real in the middle of a fucking shitstorm of idiotic boyfriends, anxiety for her mother and dangerous hell-bitches and she just accepts her. She accepts and protect and loves Dawn with all her heart, even though she's not *hers*.

I'm literally so emotional about brave and accepting heroes. I'm out.
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I saw this meme going around on my f-list and I think it's awesome and I wanna do it, soooo ... here we go!

Stories I wrote in 2015, in chronological order:

- Dreams and Mirrors. (Technically the first chapter was posted on November 2014, but I feel like this story is a product of this year in the way it grew on me and for its significance, especially in the first half of the year) Anyway, Drusilla-centric story. From her controlled and hopeful youth to the time in Sunnydale and more. Dru/Buffy as main pairing, Dru/Spike, Dru/Angel(us), Dru/Darla. NC17, because of creepy, disturbing vampire stuff and insanity issues. WIP

- Forever After Days Spike/Angel, post-Apocalypse fic, romance and angst. WIP.

- Endless Flight True Detective, post S1. Rust&Marty, Rust&Sophia implied. Basically everything Rustin Cohle, because he's such a complex, interesting character and I had to try.

At the end of May I started my own private prompt ficathon because of reasons and these are the stories I wrote. (Btw, I have to start working on the remaining prompts. Sorry!)

- Ciao, Ciao, Bambina Spike/Dru, 1950 Italy. Romance, angst.

- Beautiful Butterflies Dru/Angel, future-fic, shanshu, major character death.

- Meditations on Perfect Happiness Kennedy/Willow, break-up fic in which Kennedy isn't the "bad guy" but neither Willow.

- After the Fall the OT3 Spike/Buffy/Angel, post-NFA.

- Roma, Amor Natasha Romanoff-centric (& Clint Barton) for [ profile] carlyinrome who helped me with this whole project thing.

- Girls Never Stop Playing Dressing Up Illyria & Lady Loki, gen, evil-plotting, pretty dresses.

And then Harry Potter came into my life and I cried a lot.

- Harry Potter, in a June Afternoon post-Battle of Hogwarts, EWE. Draco/Harry, PG13. What happens after Voldemort's defeat for an ex-Death Eater and the Chosen One?

- In the Name of the Son Lucius Malfoy-centric story (!!!) Draco&Lucius, Draco/Harry, Lucius/Narcissa implied, PG13. This story explores the relationship between the Malfoys and, especially, the relationship between Lucius and his son. With Drarry implied because that's how I roll.

Question time! )
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Hi guys!

Thanks for your support yesterday! I hope you're all doing fine. Personally I'm trying to "do stuff" which is good, even if I get tired easily. Anyway I'm still living an Harry Potter situation that turned my little cousin, mini-Hermione, into a fan. Today she came at my home with her dog to watch the third movie. It was hilarious and I didn't remember that but PoA is really a beautiful movie, there are so many wonderful scenes, and Ron and Harry's hair is majestic. (As recognized by mini-Hermione)

I should continue my book review but I also think that mini-Hermione's opinions are gold.

I had to explain her the whole deal with Sirius because she didn't understand it as explained, so she was like: "OMG, that's Sirius!" or "Where is Sirius?" every five seconds. She thought that sleeping!Remus in the train was Sirius and that Harry should have checked, in case he was hiding there (Smart girl) Then she asked if Sirius could have changed his appereance and I said yes and she checked for every animal, especially Hermione's cat, until she went for the big dog. Obviously.

I'd like to inform everyone that Draco isn't the cutest anymore, because of his awful haircut. Instead Harry and Ron are really pretty with those messy hair. Romione has a legit reason to exist now.

Hermione punched Draco!!1!11BEST *high-five* That mouse is a guy but he still looks like a mouse! So who is the bad guy? I didn't imagine Sirius like that, he should have a full beard. OH GOD EVEN THE DEMENTORS! TOO MANY EMOTIONS, MY HEAD IS SPINNING. (---> literally her reactions)

Also everyone is stupid with different degrees of stupidity:

Ron being afraid = he's stupid! XD / Draco sending Harry the note = He's stupid! / Fred and George with the map = They are so stupid, but also smart!

And now let's talk about the seventh book )

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Hi guys, I hope you're all doing fine or better, in case you're having a difficult time.

My life is going on. There are stuff happening and I would like to talk about that with you, but I didn't have time for a proper post so anyway. I'm having the biggest crush on Daniel Radcliffe and I'm also dealing with the overwhelming HP FEELS because I FINISHED "THE DEATHLY HALLOWS" AND GOD HELP ME, I'M STILL EMOTIONAL.

How did you guys survive after the ending?

Without further ado I'd like to share my considerations and random opinions about the book )

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Guys, I did it. I finally finished the Harry Potter saga! It was amazing and I cried a lot.


I'm so overwhelmed right now and maybe, when I'll organize my thoughts, I'll find something to bitch about, but right now I only feel happy. Ultimately it's such a great book on the whole and I loved the moments of absolute emotional truth in it.

I really loved the first part with Ron, Hermione and Harry on the run and I loved the deathly hallows tale. But most of all I loved the constant exploration of the moral ambiguity of the characters (Harry trying to discover Dumbledore's past, the whole deal with the Malfoys, Ron coming back to save his friends, the young students fighting) and the bonds between the characters, especially the incredible family bond between Ron, Harry and Hermione.

I adored the final connection between Voldemort and Harry, between Voldemort and Dumbledore, Harry and Draco. Parallels are my favorite thing ever. (Which makes me even more Drarry trash, because honestly)

And Harry's hero journey. I loved him most of all. Harry James Potter is my hero and my baby and I love him and admire his incredible ability to be compassionate and brave as fuck.

The hardest chapters were the ones starting with Snape's past, Harry's discover of the truth, his decision to face death and his time in the afterlife, or whatever space that was. As I predicted, I cried my eyes out. (Hence the tissues) And at some point, when Harry had to reveal himself to Voldemort - because he was wearing the cloak - I put both of my hands on my mouth to prevent a scream. I literally could not deal with that.

Harry, you wonderful boy. You brave, brave man. Thank you for all the feelings.

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... And I'm back from the holidays!

I spent a week at the beach, it was really nice and I felt relaxed most of the time so I did enjoy it. I do love the sea. This time, strangely, it rained for three afternoons straight. Also the water was really, really warm even in the mornings. I think that climate change is involved and I hope that we'll find a way to save the Mediterranean sea (And also the people who constantly die there. That would be nice). It's such a beautiful place and for the first time it seemed really obvious that it is in serious danger.

I really wish I could take one more bath and enjoy the sun. I'm tanned! And I have photos to prove that. (And the fact that for three whole afternoons the sky was grey!)

I'm also very pleased to discover that I was nominated to [ profile] wicked_awards and SunnyD awards. THANKS SO MUCH, GUYS! <3 <3 <3 I'm so happy that you liked the stories (The nominated fics are "Beautiful Butterflies", two times, and "After The Fall". They are also favorites of mine and I enormously enjoy to write about Dru and I ship Spuffel so much!)

Here's the pretty buttons.

Thank you, really.

I also continued my HP reading marathon and I finished "HP and the Half-Blood Prince" and I've started "The Deathly Hallows". I'm seriously stopping every three words now because of feelings. And I already felt the tears coming a couple of times, especially when Harry found Lily's letter to Sirius.

It's gonna be great, guys. I think I'm going to handle the angst just like a mature, rational, adult person.

I just have so many feelings about these books and about Harry my bby boy. I actually took notes to talk about the most important things in "The Half-Blood Prince".

Yes, I'm a nerd )
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Oh guys, I have to attend to another graduation tomorrow. Wish me luck XD

Anyway I'm deep into Harry Potter stuff and I'd love to read your thoughts, especially since I know that many of you are longtime fans of the saga and know more about HP than I do. Please, feel free to share your opinions, recs or feelings and tell me more about the characters and the story and whatever you like. I enjoy fannish discussions!

Here's a recap of the books I've read so far: HP and the Philosopher' Stone; Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban; HP and the Goblet of Fire; HP and the Order of the Phoenix 1; HP and the Order of the Phoenix 2; HP and the Order of the Phoenix 3

Basically I have to read the last two and it will be over. I do not want! But also I'm really curious. These books are the stuff.

I'm also enjoying True Detective S2, but I don't know if there are any fans here. I even dreamed about Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) yesterday. I don't know what that means XD You are really screwed up when you dream about about fictional characters, right?
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And the "Kiki reads HP" saga continues. I finished the fourth book and now I have to read the fifth. Guys, I'm drowing in the feels already, I don't know if that's normal.

At first I lol'd but then ... )
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I was challenged by [ profile] lokifan and I'm replying to this meme.

Feel free to do the meme yourself. I'm curious about the books that my f-list reads.

But ten are not enough ... )

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I don't know if you saw the previous post. Basically someone gave my 15 more icons. I'm still so very grateful for the gift and so I'm remembering it. It's so hard to choose the icons because there are too many pretty ones. You people are talented and generous.

Last days of the meme and thanks to everybody who commented it. I'm also very grateful for your interest and kindness. Thank you for sticking with me these days.

Day 1: Favorite Season
Day 2: Favorite Episode
Day 3: Favorite Song Used In An Episode
Day 4: Favorite Female Character
Day 5: Least Favorite Female Character
Day 6: Favorite Male Character
Day 7: Least Favorite Male Character
Day 8: Favorite Friendship
Day 9: Favorite Romance
Day 10: Least Favorite Season
Day 11: Least Favorite Romance
Day 12: Least Favorite Episode
Day 13: Favorite Potential Slayer
Day 14: Favorite Female Villain
Day 15: Favorite Male Villain
Day 16: Episode You Like That Everyone Else Hates
Day 17: Character You Relate To The Most
Day 18: Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time
Day 19: Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates
Day 20: Best Spike-centric Episode
Day 21: Best Willow-centric Episode
Day 22: Best Xander-centric Episode
Day 23: Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did
Day 24: Hottest scene
Day 25: Favorite Buffyverse Saying
Day 26: Favorite Scooby Moment
Day 27: Cutest Moment
Day 28: Character You Love To Hate
Day 29: Episode You Hate That Everyone Else Loves
Day 30: What You Think Made Buffy So Great

My heart is full of love right now )

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Okay, I kinda just translated another ficlet, this time Spuffy (Aaaww, OTP) There's someone who wants to read it first and corrects my many grammar mistakes?

Today I'm drowing into Buffyverse feelings. Again.
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So, last Eleven's episode.

I'm a puddle on the floor. I've cried the whole time. The episode was mixed, I still need to process it, but the ending was perfect. I've completely related with Clara the whole time and she was my least favourite companion but I really loved her and I loved how Jenna Coleman expressed all her emotions.

I'm going to miss the Raggedy Man so much! He's the reason why I watched my first Doctor Who episode in the first place and he will always be "my first Doctor Who face".

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... I don't have words. I only have feelings.

It was great. Funny, touching and amazing. And all the characters were at their best (I literally loved EVERYONE, God help me: Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt - he made me love a character in just one episode!! - Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper and all the other characters and the surprise guests too!)

I was a song of joy and revolution. The warrior, the hero ... and the trickster: The Doctor.

I cried, of course, because I'm an overly emotional girl, especially during the Doctors speech about their promise.

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I finished the last Harry Potter movie, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II". Here my thoughts feelings

(I'm aware that I'm recently posting a lot. I hope it doesn't bother anyone to always find my boring posts on the f-list page. I find relaxing writing about things I like these days)

I cried )
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New Thor spoilers! I'm screaming! >O<

"When do we start?"

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Since I recently watched the last episode of Merlin, here's a review of the series finale published on Hypable.

"The platonic love story of Merlin and Arthur" )


(Yes, the underlines are totally mine.)

The bit about Angel and Buffy made me smile. XD I still have grudges with the show (the authors' choices!) But this article is amazing and the series finale just killed me with feels.
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I'm having a classic headache and I'm watching the last interviews with Matt Smith as the Doctor.

People, I'm sad. I know that it's stupid. Also I'm happy for the new Doctor and so curious about him and I like Peter Capaldi as new choice (He really deserves the attention he's getting) ... but Matt Smith is *MY* Doctor. He's the Doctor who won me and made me a fan. I'll never forget the first time I saw a clip with Eleven on youtube - I remember that it was the clip with little Amelia Pond, the immortal fish fingers and custard, and the clip in which Amy remembers the Doctor - and I thought: "This man is so funny and weird and there's something about him. I have to watch the show". And basically everyone was saying how amazing was Doctor Who and especially David Tennant, but for me was Matt Smith's smile the thing that changed everything.

I'm going to miss him so, so much. <3

(Also listen the song above. It's terribly funny.)


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