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So, I messed up AGAIN with technology and I did something wrong with my antivirus program because it crashed and I had to restart the WHOLE computer. Damn! I did restablish windows and chrome (As antivirus now I have Windows Defender, which was the default one, I guess. Is that any good?) I still have to download the program to watch movies and some other stuff I can't remember at the moment because it's SO LATE and I'm SO TIRED.

Good news, the computer didn't delete all my stuff, especially the university files I'm needing to study. Bad news ... I don't even know? I'm restarting the whole thing now, putting on passwords and stuff. I'm too tired to deal with anything else. Tomorrow is another day, as the movie says. And I have to study.

In case something weird happens and you don't hear from me, I was not abducted by the aliens (Hopefully) it's just technology issues.

But also, writing this message to inform you that I dreamed of Harry Potter last night! *___* 

I dreamed that I was inside the narrative along with JKR herself. (I should read less fanfics, I know) And anyway, I was with Joanne and we were together inside Harry's reality and I was in the middle of criticizing her choices about the Epilogue. XD

In my dream, Harry and Ginny had eight children (Nine, but one died after birth or something) Plus Harry had three other children from another woman? And I was like: "Joanne, that was truly unnecessary! Twelve children in total are too many! I didn't really like him with Ginny and, anyway, he didn't need to have children in order to be happy!"

And she was like: "You don't understand, but it makes perfect sense!"

And that's was the second time I've ever dreamed about Harry Potter. (Though the first time happened while I was reading the last book, so you know, normal to dream about the book you're currently reading)

Imagine Harry with twelve children though, DAMNNNNN.

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Guys, I woke up this morning and this thing was on Tumblr. Apparently the Russians have Trump in their pocket 'cause ... golden showers? Is this really happening or I woke up in Bizzarro World? (To quote Buffy XD)
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Goodnight, guys. Actually going to bed because I've spent an interesting hour, so to speak. (Do you remember that scene with Ron throwing up slugs after the failed curse against Draco? Well, that was me a little bit earlier. Interesting times.) Also still having a hard time with family related stuff because, surprise, I've discovered that basically all my American relatives are going to vote for Donald Dick. EWWWWW. Do I have to fight with them too now? Uuugh. Humanity is being so disappointing in the past two weeks. Please, fellow American f-listers, try to turn the vote.

Anyway, I wanted to say happy birthday to Harry James Potter, that actual ray of sunshine! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Aww, I love this character so much, guys. And the new book is available! I don't know how to feel about that, actually. I didn't resist and I've read the super-secret-but-not-so-much spoilers about the play and I basically know everything and I'm ... huh?

I'm the in party of those who are mostly confused by JKR's choices (And also can we please keep ignoring the epilogue? I'm enjoying so many EWE fics these days. I don't want to be stopped XD)

But I've read that there's the possibility that they would change something for the definitive version of the play tonight? (Which, I don't even know if it can be done and anyway isn't the book already printed? Does that change too?)

How are you feeling, f-list? Excited for the new book or indifferent?
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I woke up and the UK is out of EU? I can't believe this is actually happening and people are so fucking dumb. But what will happen for you British people now? And, most importantly, can you change this outcome? I read that England could be out in 2 years time so ... what if you change your mind meanwhile? Is this a legit hope?

I'm afraid that now Italians morons will ask for the same kind of referendum. I'm afraid that Trump is going to win. The human race confirms to be the worst.
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Guys, we are joking and having fun about the Harry/Ginny/Albus pictures, but in the Italian Facebook Fanpage for HP - one of the many, except that this one is pretty popular - there's a literal shitstorm going on about black!Hermione.

The ironic (!) thing is that the same justifications they came up for Harry and Ginny - it's theatre, the physical aspect doesn't matter, what matters is the talent and so on - suddenly are invalid because the actress chosen to portray Hermione is black? WTF?

I'm vomiting at this point. Where are the SJW when they are needed?

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I think I just found my new hobby: watch stupid movies to talk shit about them.

I'm currently watching Batman VS Superman. Who even wrote this stuff? It's idiotic! XDDD

I'm kinda towards the end. The plot doesn't make sense and Lex Luthor seems The Joker 2.0. Also Batman is apparently freaking stupid. I'm gonna see how it ends. Wish me luck. 
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Hello guys! How are you? Hope you're all doing great.

First things first: yesterday was Buffy Summers' birthday. Yay!

If we consider January 19th 1981 as canon birthday date, we can conclude that Buffy must be 35 years old now. Amazing!

It reminds me that I'm terribly behind with the comics and I'm not reading them since October or something. Am I missing something important? Something nice? Are they gonna ruin Spuffy for the 246547254 time because they are too afraid to move things foward?

Anyway, to celebrate the event I'm planning to post another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors which would be also appropriate, considering the fact that we are following the story during Buffy's birthday. (When everything sucked, poor baby)

And speaking of poor babies: lately I was in a rage!

Basically, now I'm super-fannish about the HP saga, y'all know, and there was this meme on FB dedicated to Snape and, guys, THE DEBATE STARTED AGAIN!  Once upon a time, a friend of mine told me that the "Snape debate" was very controversial in the fandom and I believed her and I think I understand why, but honestly, the Italian fandom always gets to be more scary than all the other places IMO?

So, the meme was about Snape and somebody commented with a "I can't believe there are people in this world who don't even like Snape!" And the moderator was like "Do they even exist?" ... and so it started.

A guy wrote that people who don't like Snape understood nothing of the saga and, of course, some replies were like "Maybe we understood everything but we just don't like him??" which was also my opinion. But I get kinda pissed when people were like "Harry is just dumb and lucky" and "Snape waS so much better than your precious hero". DON'T TOUCH MY BABY, BITCH.

I'm sure that being *friendzoned* (Jesus, I HATE this expression and the very concept behind it) must be so painful that 10 years of psychological and possibly physical abuse + constant danger of dying + post-traumatic stress sydrome are just a walk in the park compared to that. But honestly.

Why can we accept that:

1) Your faves are not my faves. But that doesn't mean that I didn't understand the text or that I'm dumb. I'm just moved by different things and different characters and it's fine.

2) You can love a "problematic fave" even if he's an asshole and he does terrible things. Narrative Life.

Because I find kind of disturbing this thing that I saw happen the other day, in which fans justify a creepy behavior by whitewashing a character and his reasons, because they can't find themselves in the position of loving someone who is wrong. Like, WHY?

Don't mistake me. I understand that everyone has his own standards of right/wrong and creepy/non creepy, but when people are like "Okay, he was stalking her but just because he did care about her so muuuuuch!" and stuff like that, there's always a tiny part of my brain that goes "so this person would be totally fine if something like that would happen in RL?"

I don't know. Like I said, narrative doesn't equate real life. But I guess that many guys saw Snape's pain as "too real" and justificable, considering that being friendzoned is the worst that could possibly happen to a human being, and I was kinda squicked.

I would defend the right to ship all the wrong things and enjoy all your favorite psychos. Isn't this the great things about narrative? That we can adore people who would want to stay the hell away from us in RL? Recently, while watching the latest BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie's tale, I was pretty sympathetic towards a mass-murderer (!!!) Like, you know what I mean, right?

Just own it. OWN IT, ffs! You love an asshole character who does terrible things, that's fine! You don't have to whitewash the ground where he walks or bash other characters just to make your fave look like the hero! (As in fanwriters who wrote Buffy like she's an heartless whore from Hell just to make their fave look awesome, for example)

Own. It.

*Btw, I'm pretty conscious that Snape's story is very complex and that he too was abused in many ways since young age. I do feel very sorry for him and I don't dislike him as a character inside the main narrative. I just don't feel "warm" enough towards him? I don't love him. But I'm generally pretty meh towards all the Marauders. They are interesting and fun, but I'm more emotionally involved with the actual kids in the seven books. That's just my take on the story.

** I do feel like a moral!Hermione when I make these posts because I'm dealing with concepts of right and wrong and I'm assuming that some characters like Buffy or Harry are intrinsecally "good" which is kind of a moral absolutism on its own. See, I'm contradicting myself within the post! Why I even write stuff?

So, that was just a pointless midnight rant. I'm sleepy. I'm gonna post soon the real interesting, I hope, stuff.

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Tomorrow is December 31 and you know who is in bed with the flu(again)?



So, yesterday I went to the doctor and he just gave me some paracetamol and told me to stay in bed and stay warm, but I honestly think that maybe I have an infection? And maybe that's why the flu keeps on bothering me. Idk.

I feel sick. Hope you're having a better end of year.

(Also my 5 years old cousin came here and since he's a big boy now - awwww! - we officially plan to go see Civil War together when it comes into our cinemas. It will be his first time! I love him so muuuuuch!)
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I'm failing at life and my sleeping schedule is still the most fucked up thing ever.

So I'm spending my time watching random episodes of Bones. (I stopped watching the series after S6, I guess) Basically it's still the same show: nothing ever changes, everybody is happy ever after, all the couples are straight, monogamous and with kids. Heteronormativity for the win. Also all the characters are noble and good - they all have an abusive childhood (But who cares about writing what really happens after abuse?) so you can feel sorry for them and admire them while they save the day. Booth and Brennar are tru wuv forevah and so on.

But I feel off and there's David Boreanaz there. He's so cute and I like when he smiles. So so cute.

WARNING: spoilers, sarcasm.

Things I watched )
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm currently totally fucked with my sleeping/studying schedule. I feel sick when I think about it so I don't and I enjoy the relaxing apathy that comes from absolute denial. I'm the worst person ever.

On a completely unrelated note - and since I'm that irresponsible right now - I want to write a Spangel so bad. I actually miss writing about Angel, but it's weird because he plays such a huge part in the Drusilla's story. But yeah, as the evil father. I miss the other part of him, the tormented trying-to-be-good warrior hero. I like to write about him. He's such an interesting character and I have a complicated relationship with him. (I also miss the part where Angel and Spike do it which is hot and a favorite fantasy of mine.)

So maybe I could write about him if I have a decent/not already used idea? That would be good. So far I have lots of angsty ideas, because Angel comes with the pain and some very fluffy stuff (Like Angel being human and sick and Spike taking care of him) because he has a cute face.

I already wrote in Italian a WIP - but then I deleted it - in which Spike, Angel and Illyria are human, post Not Fade Away, and I would love to go there but it takes time and it's a multichaptered and I should have priorities in my life. (FUCK ME). So maybe focusing on something short, easy, terribly angsty because WTF would be the best for now.

If you have something inspirational (music/vid/shirtless hot men) send it to me. Maybe I won't be a constipated writer anymore.

Meanwhile I could post another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors, because this story is becoming my sweet baby and I can't stop writing more chapterSEND HELP.

So in the end I'm the worst student ever, an irresponsible person and a committed writer.

(I also may have watched some Bones episodes to satisfy my DB need. I quitted Bones long ago because I was watching only for David and S7 was boring. It's still the most happy procedural ever, where everything goes just the way it supposed to. I see that Bones and Booth now have a child, they are married and happy. In 10x01 we had the most convenient death ever. Booth was in jail but only for half of the episode and now he's already taking his rightful place in the narrative. Wow, pathos. The writers know how to scare us. It says something, I think, when you even't watched two seasons but you can perfectly understand everything that happens. However shirtless David. Weird!beard David.

I miss Angel)

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Hi guys!

I made a sliiiight mistake with Buffyversetop5 and I'm going to fix it. But since I already made this post let's leave it there.

Here it is: TOP 5 BUFFY PINK ICONS OF DOOM. (The variant in which I didn't check the year) + 3
(The order is not about best or less best, it's just to facilitate myself)

Pinkish cut )

F-list HALP

Jun. 5th, 2014 09:06 pm
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I slept a lot. I cleaned the bathroom and my room. I didn't study.

And now I'm SO BORED.

What can I do to spend time? Translating? Watching something? I didn't watch this current season of Game of Thrones, but I don't feel compelled to. I read the books, so I guess I'm less curious. Are you making icons/vids/fanfics/something else?

I'm having a major case of BOREDOM (But it's too damn late to start study and just ... please no. >*<) 
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Really Gage? Really?

And, of course, everyone's opinion is going to be "Why do you even bother? Just don't read the comics!" Which is a very, very wise opinion but, you know, me being the endlessly stupid hopeful girl and sometimes I like the comics so.
But this time, this issue ... OMG JUST NO is a strong enough opinion?

A little rant to explain why I'm disappointed  )


Mar. 15th, 2013 10:05 pm
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So today I studied a bit - I still need to take it easy - and I spent the rest of my time watching beautiful dresses on Zalando. I'm planning to buy something. I really love ultra-feminine fashion - like pink or floreal dresses. Meanwhile my hair is very, very short so I guess I'm balancing everything.

I'm also waiting for the Ted meta written by [ profile] red_satin_doll (I could also buy a red satin dress, you know? It would be awesome) and I rewatched the episode. I don't rewatch very much S2, mostly because of all the Bangel drama and because I get angry when Angel makes Buffy cry. I just noticed some differences between the English-speaking fandom and the Italian one. In Italian Buffy forums I generally read comments about how violent was Buffy - in Ted, yes - and how the episode it's about Buffy losing control and kicking a human ass, foreshadowing Dead Things basically. Nobody really thinks about how creepy Ted was and how dangerous is that, somehow, Angel is doing the same with Buffy; reproducing his "ex-wife" Darla in her and making her suffer. And, generally, when I read comments about this stuff it was all: Angel is such a complex character or Angel has a dark sensuality so he does stuff.
Basically Angel is a male.

I want to read comments that challenge the assumption that Angel can make Buffy sad because he's dark and brody and he has a violent past. Comments that don't talk about Angel's sexuality as a special snowflake. I have a right to get angry with a character when all he does is making suffer a 17 years old girl and parading around with his enormous ego - as Angelus.
I also know men like Angelus - in RL - and there is nothing special or alpha (Really? Can we throw in the trash centuries of sociology just like that?) about them.

So, yes: watching S2 makes me grumpy and this is a rant.
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I just downloaded the last James Bond movie because I had nothing to see. I'm waiting for The Walking Dead to start back again, I don't like this last season of Supernatural and, generally, I don't have favourite shows on air right now. So, yes, I searched for this movie on streaming because I was bored.
I never liked all the James Bond saga. It's an unpopular opinion, I know, and I know that James Bond, especially the old movies with Sean Connery, is like gold for the fans. Personally I've never found appealing the idea of a classy playboy dude who works for the gouvernment. Maybe because I'm a woman, I don't know, even when I was a little girl I disliked the general concept of Bond: a guy who basically sleps with every human being with a vagina, has fancy suits and save the world Britain without even get dirty. I'm a big fan of Buffy Summers and she goes on patrol with fancy dresses and amazing hair, but Bond isn't my type. And I would never have sleeped with Sean Connery when he was young. Go search another vagina, Sean.
In any case: not a fan. But, you know, after Daniel Craig I've heard that James Bond was a bit different and somehow disappoiting for the fans of the old movies and everyone thinks that Skyfall is a good movie. (Adele's track is certainly good) So, moved by the absence of anything else, I start to watch the movie.
And I stopped after ten minutes.
Really, am I the strangest creature or this Bond-thing it's just unnerving?
And, you know, I actually like Daniel Craig, I think he's a good actor, and I like Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw, but for God's sake!
The first scene in the movie is an epic chasing. Which, okay spy-movie, it's predictable. Dear God, my nerves! Basically it was the most devastating chase ever. They didn't even bother to contain the damages, like in other movies, and so here we go with shooting in the middle of the street, destroying cars and motorbikes, shooting at the cops and breaking everything around. It's spectacular, it's cool and James Bond wears a good suit. But for all the time I was thinking "who is supposed to pay for all of this?" (Which, I know, isn't the right approach to a James Bond movie, because, yay!, fictional)
I'm pissed because everytime where the hell does these scene happens? In Africa, of course! Or in the middle East. Because, who cares if proprieties are distroyed and people are armed, if they live in Africa? MY NERVES! I mean, go have your stupid spy chase in the middle of London, in the house of the queen or whatever (In America too much things happens. It's like the center of the world for aliens, tragedies, big wars and so on ..) In anyway: I just ruined my first Bond movie. I think we are just un-mixy things.

What do I watch now

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Originally posted by [ profile] shadowkat67 

1. The Sire Bond. This is basically the hold that the vampire who sires another has over them. In short, I sired you, now you are my sex slave because I turned you into a vampire. I'm your maker and now you are my slave.

Forgetting the gross incestuous implications for a minute...I find it silly And it has pulled me out of various stories...regardless of the writer. I don't think anyone has pulled it off. I stopped reading Dracula by Bram Stoker in part because of it and he created the stupid trope. I rather liked what Joss Whedon did with it - which was make fun of it and shrug it off.

Fanfic writers and romance writers invariably consider it romantic or cool and overdo it. The gist of it is...I didn't do these things, my maker made me do I get a "get out of jail" free card. In short I was under his or her control.

I can like fanfics with this trope. But. I hate the overdoing of it just for the porn's sake. 

2. Loss of Character Agency - the Devil Made Me Do it storyline. Or I was possessed by an evil spirit. Or under mind control.

Unfortunately this bit has been over-done. I've only liked in some situations - examples when it works? Spike in S7 Buffy, with the trigger. I like the trigger and the psychology behind it.
He didn't really lose his agency, he gave it up - so he wouldn't have to feel pain. So he does take responsibility for it. Or in S4 Buffy - with Riley...who fights the control of Professor Walsh. Or Clockwork Orange...also done with Spike in Buffy - the attempt to change or modify behavior. That is interesting and builds plot and character, because the character is active, not passive.

What is not interesting is what they did with Angel. Oh, I lost my soul - it's all Angelus fault.
Or oh I was possessed by the evil Twilight...or in short someone else's puppet against my will.
They do this a lot in comic books. It's always annoying. And the character doesn't change or grow.
We just go back to the way things were. There's no real plot progression. And it happens again and again, and again and again her or she is excused.

3. Soul's EPIC!

Oh please.

Two characters meet, they exchange five words, and its instant love. And of course continues forever. They get involved with other people, but are always drawn back to each other...because we are each others one true love. The romeo/juliet syndrom...forgetting of course that they died.
It's all fine and well for about five months...then after a bit one gets tired of the speechifying.
And groping. There's no plot progression, no character advancement. It's just OMG, I love you so much I will die! Bored now. The characters are passive - love controls them. They have no choice in the matter. And the story doesn't move it hovers.

4. The Oppressive Love Triangle, which is only there to create conflict for the One True Love.

Often a third character is introduced, who is hot and sexy, and used to pry the OTL or OTP apart.
They don't of course, because we must have the epic love. But it creates conflict. The pitfall of this approach is sometimes the third character is more interesting, less passive, more aggressive and more proactive to the plot. The third character may change and evolve due to the unrequited love, while the central two remain stagnant.

It's okay for about one or two seasons or five minutes, but if the writer doesn't move on and keeps the love triangle past a certain point - we start to wonder about the characters sanity.

5. The Grudge Story Line - or have a character you don't like do horrible things or bash them to prove a point.

Mainly in fanfic, but also a stand-by in long running soap operas and comic books, unfortunately. Often writers will feel the need to make a character they don't like and don't want the readers to like - do something that will piss the reader's or audience off. ie. "This is supposed to be a villain - you are supposed to love to hate them, you nitwits! And be rooting for Character A over here!" Often the action is either out of character or would have been in character a year or so ago, but isn't now - because the writers evolved the character over the course of the last three years. But now, they want to set them back a bit...for whatever reason. The audience thinks wait, I thought XYZ was on the path to redeemption. Why did they do that? That makes no sense. Damn. This alienates your reader and audience, don't do it.

In fanfic it's worse - often they'll take a character that other's love and make them horrible in the fic. The Grudge Fic.

6. Saint to Sinner and back again. Rinse and Repeat as needed.

They also do the which they take a character they've turned darker, then suddenly out of the blue redeem them. The character is saintly again. There's no build-up. Or anything.
Or they'll build up to it - but just over two episodes...after spending five episodes making them dark. The audience has whip lash. There's really no in-between, they are either evil or saintly and we bounce back and forth.
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... the arrival of the chivalry! 
I posted the exactly same discussion in a public italian forum and the next moment some bangel fans wrote that I want to bash Angel! *w*
Oh, sweet democracy! Sweetest maturity! 

(Btw, if you understand italian the link is here:

It's always nice to talk with mature and intelligent people! *C*

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So, here I am. Bored.
I'm working on the next chapter of Valholl, my shiny new fic about Thor and Loki, and I'm literally freaking out. I can't write down the next damn chapter, I. CAN'T. WRITE. IT. I'm stuck with some ideas and I can't put them down properly. It's so unnerving! 
What did you do when you find yourself stuck with the writing? Generally I force myself to go on, write the damn thing and move on. I need to do so, but my attention is caught by some other, sometimes stupid, things.

1) Fans being rude with Tom Hiddleston.
Yesterday, Tom posted a status in FB, telling his fans about some autographs he was selling. Some people take the news like some sort of betrayal, I don't know why. 
Personally I'm not a big fangirl for celebrities. I don't care about their life, I just care about their art and while I can deeply love a fictional character, I always think that actors are another thing. I can't help but being indifferent and slightly annoyed by gossip: private life is private, also actors are lucky enough, being rich and able to do their art, so why being all difensive about them? 
Tom Hiddleston is one of the few exceptions to this unspoken "rule": I like to follow his thoughts about life and his post in Facebook. I think that he's an adorable, intelligent and very talented guy and I wish him the best.
I don't understand why being rude with such a gentle guy. Okay, he's selling some autographs and so what?

"Kiki, what makes you sad?"
"Unnecessary rudeness."

2) Fans being fake like a domestic Monna Lisa.
I'm talking about some Buffy/Bangel fans that post two opinion: one in their private, locked forum, with a lot of Spike hatred, and one in public, unlocked forums, all about respect for the characters even if they ship another couple.
I use to write the same stuff about the characters or the couples I like or dislike. In pubblic forums and private ones, in Italian and English, on my LJ and on Facebook. I can change my mind, of course, but I usually write first: "I've changed my mind".
I deeply dislike hypocrisy.

3) I've started watching Homeland, after reading [ profile] gondolin_maid's post.
I loved the first four episodes, then I find all the mystery a little bit disappoiting. I'm stuck in episode 1x08 and, I swear, if the mole is actually Sal (the only character I really like) I'm gonna be so pissed off! è_é
Carrie's characterization is a bit inconsistent: she deals with borderline personality disorder like is just flu or something. Also, she doesn't take the pills for days and manage to be okay, after all. I say thee NAY!
This is unrealistic. I very much prefer Mireille Enos' character and performance in The Killing. Trust me, give Linden a chance. 

4) Does anyone has made a meta about Clint and Natasha's relationship and past?
I admit to be much more attracted by Loki and Thor (And when I say attracted, I mean that I ship and love them with all my heart and I feel ALL THE FEELINGS for them) but the relationship between Clint and Natasha is very interesting and they clearly are a badass Otp. I find similarities with Spike and Buffy, in some ways. We can see that they share a complex, deep bond and a past not always so happy. What do you think?


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