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Happy birthday [ profile] enchanted_jae! Hope you're having an awesome day! (PLZ, give us more "Gains" soon!) XDD

On this day, I'm going to Mini-Hermione first communion. Can you believe that she's already eleven and doing this sort of stuff? Incredible! They grow up so fast!

Needless to say, the church space will make me feel anxious and uncomfortable. I tried to picture the Gloria Steinem's uterus imagery, but it still doesn't work on me. Churches give me the anxious mood. Maybe, in a previous life, I was a woman condemned for witchcraft by the Spanish Inquisition!

(Fun historical fact! The approved Inquisitions were three: Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. They were, of course, branches of the Roman Church. But they actually didn't burn at the stake the witches? Basically, these Inquisitions had a more paternalistic view and while they humilated and scared the accused, they didn't use to condemn them. The most vicious tribunals, for women accused of witchcraft, were the North-European and American ones, where protestantism was the dominant religion)

IDK, history.

Wish me luck!

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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm good. On Sunday, I went out with my dear friend L. and Little One and we took him to the local museum. Awwww, HE WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! As you probably already know, in Sicily there are many remains of the Ancient Greek culture. Helenistic Sicily was very rich in terms of exchanges and cultural landscape and we have the privilege to guard a lot of this wealth. There are so many stuff to see and, in the place where I live, the most important are related to the worship of Demeter and Kore (And Hades, obvs) because they were the agriculture deities.

So, I took Little One with me and we saw all these ancient statues of the Greek gods and, at some point, he asked me if Hades was before or after the dinosaurs. I answered that Hades was way after, since the dinosaurs were pretty much the first things ever, but he replied to me that the first thing ever had to be Jesus, "Because he was born in year zero!

Well, there's a solid logic working on there. I'll work on explaining chronology, at some point. XD

Anyway, it was fun and he's the cutest child ever. I love him so much <3333 and I love babysitting him.

On fandom matters, HD_remix has already started and I'm already behind (Ouuuch). I need to manage my free time in order to enjoy the beautiful new creations. I'm so exciteeee! And today is May 2th, the anniversary of the "Battle of Hogwarts"!

On that note ... guys, can we please not with these stupid flame wars? 

Apparently, there's a whole "situation" going on because, on this day, JKR apologized for the death of Snape. Why does she feel the need to even apologize for her writing choices is beyond me. I believe she shouldn't even address these matters. But you know, it's a free country (hers and also mine, hopefully XDD) and everyone should do whatever the hell he/she wants. 

I'm just so borderline annoyed with the black & white Tumblr logic sometimes. I don't understand how can you enjoy a work of art - a work of any kind, really - while being obsessed with some restrictive morality standards. Do you know that morality standards are a product of society during a certain time period? By moral standards, we have a lots of 1600 morality books shaming women with different sexualities or because they were more free, for example. It's a thing, go check in your History books or local library.

Now, the moral imperative seems to be enjoying and stanning only "unproblematic faves" (Ignoring that actual reality that humans are, pretty much by definition, flawed creatures) and Snape is very, very problematic.

(I can't believe I'm doing this, I don't even like Snape!)

... But what the hell are we even talking about?? 

People can like Snape! Are we having arguments about this? Of course, you can like Snape. Just as I like Draco, for example, who is a bully as a kid and a coward, or just as others can like Voldemort or Bellatrix who are pretty much freaking evil. 

It's the beauty of narrative. You can like problematic things while being safe. You don't have to share your favorite characters' beliefs, not always. Of course, it's uplifting to see a character who embodies your values and most optimist beliefs (For me, Harry is a character I would like to emulate in my RL. Or Buffy Summers. They are brave and generous, I admire that deeply) But you can also enjoy the narratives of literal pieces of shit.

Now, arguments and stuff I would like to point out:

Snape really was BRAVE. One of the bravest characters we encounter in the whole saga, where bravery is valued above all virtues. Snape tries to manipulate and lie to a goddman evil sociopath with a snake face. Someone who terrifies even his most loyal acolytes. (Lucius Malfoy was SCARED AS FUCK during the whole table scene/chapter at the Manor in DH) And, in order to accomplish that, one must have balls of steel. Let's be real here.

Now, do you find difficult to believe that Harry James Potter - Gryffindor extraordinarie and boy who sacrified himself at the age of 17 - would admire and even celebrate this bravery? Once again, he values - and the author herself values - bravery above all things, because bravery requires great sacrifices and it's the hardest thing to do. Also, Harry is forgiving in his nature. He even manages to pity Voldemort during their last stand. WTF! 

I don't find hard to believe that he would admire Snape and possibly even use his first name for a son. That's Harry. 

There are cinnamon rolls too pure for this world and there are characters who manage to be both selfish and selfless at once and they have their own group of admirers. It's natural.

Do I personally like Severus Snape? NOPE. But that doesn't matter. Back off from people's imagination.

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Mini-Hermione, 10 years old, has FIVE suitors. Five.

Who are, according to her: "Stupid, stupid, annoying, arrogant and not worthy of my time". All of them, apparently. She's planning to become a vet and live with her BFF Michelle. I told her that I approve.

Also, did I tell you that she was sorted in Gryffindor? LOL. She forced me to translate the test for her and we stole my dad's email to let her login. She wanted to be either a Slytherin - for aesthetic purposes - or a Gryff. In the end, she's quite pleased with the sorting.

I freaking love this kid. 
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Hi guys, how are you?

Still looking for a beta for the [ profile] multi_genfic story featuring a Harry Potter lady of the past. I'd like to post it this week, if that's possible.

I'm also getting even more blind? And I don't know how it can be even possible, because I have the same sight of a bat, but. My eyes hurt all the times these days and I know I shouldn't be spending so much time on the internet (reading!!) I live on the edge. But, really, I think I might be in need of a new pair of glasses. Or a new pair of eyes.

Latest pointless contributions to the fandom: I did a Harry Potter meme you can share/do, if you like, and mini-Hermione gifted us with her new art featuring Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco.

Let's see, shall we? )

I'm also pleased to say that mini-Hermione, aged 9, is already furious because people treat boys and girls differently.

I'm so freaking proud.

Anyway, self-made meme.

Which HP character are you?

Harry Potter
[] Brave
[] Master degree in bitchface
[] 1100% made of Sass
[] Natural leader
[] Relies on insticts and feelings
[] Forced to mature very quickly
[] Abuse survivor
[] Rage issues
[] Talented but lazy
[] Forgiving and compassionate
Total =

Hermione Granger
[] Overachiever, perfectionist
[] Motherly
[] Little ball of anxiety, terrified of failure
[] Wants social concord so bad
[] Will fight your ass 24/7 anyway
[] Insides of steel
[] Do what is right
[] Emotional
[] Fucking hair why???
[] Angry feminist
Total =

Ron Weasley
[] Childhood phobia
[] Inferiority complex issues
[] Best kisser
[] Ginger ftw
[] Engaged in a bromance
[] Loyal until the end
[] Scary mom
[] Bickering in love
[] Big family
[] Strategist
Total =

Neville Longbottom
[] In love with plants
[] Cinnamon roll
[] Raised by grandparents
[] Will forget his own ass if it wasn’t attached to his body
[] Accident prone
[] Shyness overcome
[] Will fight for what is right
[] Terrified of one teacher
[] Why is it always me?
[] Sleepovers fan
Total =

Luna Lovegood
[] Eccentric
[] Body and self positivity
[] Believes in anything
[] Blonde
[] Cares about animals
[] Enjoys collecting peculiar things
[] Likes to paint
[] Lonely child
[] High pinched shrill when pissed
[] Loves dancing
Total =

Draco Malfoy
[] Trash baby
[] Secretly very emotional
[] Would do anything for his family
[] Moves around followed by squad
[] Committed to *the aesthetic*
[] Creative af
[] Witty replies
[] 300% obsessed with Harry Potter
[] Learned to bottle up emotions in the hard way
[] Drama queen
Total =

Ginny Weasley
[] The Beyoncé of her squad
[] Athletic and strong
[] Mini-skirt fan
[] Youngest sibling
[] Childhood trauma survivor
[] Secret valentines to her crushes
[] Great at flirting
[] Sports fan
[] Fearless
[] Quick-tempered
Total =

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Na na na nah ... it actually snowed this morning! The whole morning, and even if now it stopped all around is white and I suppose it will become ice during the night.

Now, considering the state of our provincial roads, I hope that they close the schools. (But I'm sure they will. We have terrible roads already, can you imagine driving there when it's all covered with ice?) And yes, ITALY! Awww.

Anyway, here's the meme.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

I have to list at least three things I like about myself.

I've thought about this one since yesterday because "Do I even have good qualities?" It's actually easier to list my faults.

But anyway:

1) I'm thoughtful. I try to be kind and supportive towards other people. I'm not super-expansive, on the contrary I'm pretty introverted, but I always think about other people's problems and why they behave in a certain way. Part of this it's a defense mechanism, I know. I don't trust people easily and I'm naturally an observing type of person. But I do believe in kindness and compassion. Kindness makes this world better and when somebody is in trouble or sad a kind gesture could mean the world. Honestly, I think the compassion and knowledge are the only things that could elevate the human race. Per aspera ad astra!

2) I'm creative. Which is, you know, the reason I'm here in the first place. I daydream basically all the time and I've always found easy to come up with stories. Creating makes me happy!

3) I'm maternal. I like this quality on me. Not because I think that every woman should be maternal or stuff like that (I literally don't know if I'm ever gonna be a mother myself!) But because for me it means loving someone without expecting anything in return and getting over your shit to protect another human being. And I just love spending time nurturing the kids I love and watching as they grow.
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I just spent the whole afternoon going around with a four years old kid, then I did homework with my goodchild. I'm exhausted. XD

Anyway I would like to inform you that mini-Hermione just finished the whole HP saga, all the eight movies. It was an amazing and exceptionally verbose journey for myself (Because she wanted me to explain the plot while the characters were LITERALLY talking about it) and it the end she was waiting for Ron and Hermione's marriage - or at least to see Hermione deliver the babies - and that didn't happen so I guess it was disappointing. But Draco had a blond son and the balance of the universe is restored!

I didn't remember all the fuckery in the last movie, like Voldemort and Harry flying together (WAT?) When they, maybe, could have explained why Harry was still alive after the avada kedavra? Anyway.

Later I found a gifset of the forest scene and I cried my eyes out in the middle of the night. I just can't handle that moment without being incredibly emotional about it. It breaks my heart so much.

So I made a thing for mini-Hermione and to fix my feelings about baby Harry and his parents

I actually don't care at all about Jily but I have SO MANY FAMILY FEELINGS I CAN'T EVEN.

Also I can't color. Also I can't art.

That's the thing.


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