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And anyway, positive stuff because otherwise I seem just a whiny child.

1) I finally wrote the story I was planning since forever for [ profile] carlyinrome. It's Pepper Potts-centric and that's because I like Pepper Potts. I wish we could see more of her in the movies. (And I wish they would do a Black Widow movie? Goddamnit) I hope she can read it soon, mostly because if she can read it, maybe the migraine wouldn't be so bad for that time frame. Migraines are the worst.

2) Tom Felton with a rose for [ profile] felixfvlicis's joy. And you know that now I'm thinking about Harry buying so many red roses for his Draco. How cliché, and yet how beautiful!

Also, look here! )

3) Barry Jenkins met Isabelle Huppert and he was super-excited about it and there are cute selfies of those moments. Also, Jessica Chastain and Isabelle Huppert selfie game in heaven. Red haired, beautiful queens. <3 We need another movie starring Huppert and Chastain, this time directed by Jenkins. (The Disappearence of Eleanor Rigby is underrated but truly gorgeous) I need it.

4) Back in Wong Kar Wai hell. I think I'm gonna watch "The Grandmaster". Tony Leung is so dreamy!
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OMG, GUYS! Have I already shared this video or not? In any case, never not share.

Look, this is the reconstruction of Villa Adriana, emperor Hadrian's house built in Tivoli, and WOW, it looked SO awesome! Imagine walking through those corridors or sitting near the gigantic pool. Imagine how it felt to being admitted to an house like that, to talk to philosophes and statists. Why haven't we already invented the Time Travel Machine? *sobs*

I love the rationality of space division in Roman architecture. Surely, there are much more "artistic" and eclectic ancient architectures, but the Roman one looks so refreshing and fuctional, very modern in a way. Great, great work!

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Guyyyys, how are you? I hope everything is fine and you're enjoying these pre-Christmas days as much as one can.

Still using my mom's old laptop! I went there to see if the guy was done with mine but apparently not. It was a malware problem and it's taking it a bit longer than expected. Ouch. I hope that it will be ready on Monday, at this point. How did I even got this malware thingy?? (You downloaded stuff) Whatever.

[ profile] hd_erised and [ profile] hd_owlpost are making me happy. So many wonderful stories and art, yaaayy! I'm struggling to read everything and I'm little behind - but that could be good, I could save stuff for later - I want to partecipate and give many kudos and feedback, that's why I want to keep up. But I was seriously thinking to save something for later, when I won't have this much fanfic to read. #fangirlproblems

Also, also, also ... I discovered that there's the naughty Christmas celebration at "Daily_deviant", but I don't have an account for that and I should look to see if there's interesting stuff. I realised that I have a MAJOR GODDAMN KINK for sub!Draco and/or objectified!Draco. OMG I FEEL SO BAD AND YET IT'S SO GOOD!

I honestly love Draco/Harry because it's so switchy. I really like bottom!Harry and top!Draco. Love it <3 And I'm very interested in their dynamic beside sex. Sex scenes aren't necessary for me to appreciate the stories about this pairing and I love when an author can feel me THE FEELS.

But when it comes to dirty!bad!wrong! porn? Oh man, sub!Draco FORLYFE. Especially when he has a little bit sadistic dom (Although I still don't get the appeal of rape fantasies and non-con, big no for me) who makes him squirm so deliciously. Awwww. And I guess that mostly, when it comes to porn, is about the psychological space of the characters (Also the graphic images, yes, but you get what I mean) So reading about this type of Draco is ... satisfactory. Hope I will find stories with the trope.

And also, thinking about the fact that I should have a happy, shippy Drarry icon at least!
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Hi guys, how are you? Everything okay?

I sent my laptop to assistance. The guy thinks it's probably a malware, let's hope it's not bad! Meanwhile I'm using my mom's old laptop (OMG, what if I ruin her laptop too?) and REWATCHING DISNEY MOVIES? *C*

I may be biased, but the old movies are literally THE BEST. Mulan is the most relatable! Pocahontas is still the hottest girl in a Disney movie! (Plus that freaking song about the wind!!) "The Lion King" is still my overall fave: greatest songs ever, cutest protagonists and how can a lion be so sexy? I'm kinda upset.

Simba was a SEXY LION.
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Tomorrow [ profile] hd_owlpost and [ profile] hd_erised are starting to post. I'M SO EXCITEEEE!

I'm so eager to read new D/H stories and to see all the art people created for the occasion. So eager to be part of this awesome fandom experience, awwwww!

(And it's technically midnight in one and half hour here, so can we start now? *childish screams*)

So curious, guys. SO CURIOUS.

Also, "The Affair" S3 IS THE WORST EVER. I'm currently watching the second episode and I don't understand what was the thinking process behind this shit and how come there was somebody who had allowed it. What the fuck, Sarah Treem? What the actual fuck??
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Super-ultra-busy trying to stick information in my brain. But I just wanted to tell:

On [ profile] hd_familyfest, the authors' names were revelead and, yay, I also posted a story and it's "The Best Offer". Go see this year masterpost and enjoy the greatness of the Draco/Harry parenting fics, that will add 30 years to your lifespan!

Linky link to the masterpost:

It was an AMAZING fest, I had fun reading and writing and I plan to answer very soon to all your comments. THANK YOU, guys!

A whole post about "The Cursed Child" and its debatable greatness needs to be written on this journal, but I would like to send this plea to all of you Artists who love this fandom: GUYS, PLS, DO DRACO WITH LONG KHALEESI BRAIDS.

You know you want it! And Draco with long hair offers so much opportunities! Please!

Also, talking about hair, I'm back to my classic pixie. LOLOLOLOL. I would like to know if any of you have suggestions or styling tips for short straight hair (Because my hair now is straight and that's a little challengy in terms of styling, I need to get used to it) I've learned that put the gel when wet and trying for the wavy is not good. But I'm gonna look cute and not mommysh at all, you writer of that magazine who told people that pixie hair is difficult to pull off! YOU LIE!

See you later!

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Oi guys! How are you?

Still enraged at selfish people, but anyway. I'm gonna do this like/dislike HP list, so if you have to do a gift *wink* you know where to look at *wink wink* Also because it's fun and it could be nice to look at it in three years and discover that all my kinks have changed. LOL.

Likes/Dislikes/Kinky kinks? )
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Guys, guys, guys.

I'm going to read HPCC after all because of Scorpius Malfoy. Since I absolutely have no chill, I spoiled myself with various details of the play and, apart from the fact that I want to ship middle-aged stressed hot daddies Harry/Draco come what may, I'm really thinking that Scorpius could become an instant fave of mine. I do like my trash Malfoy boys.

I wanna know what are the differences between fanon!Scorpius and canon!Scorpius (Also because I created my personal fanon!Scorpius and I made him so loyal to his father. I'm a sucker for these things, I need to understand the bond between Draco and Scorpius and die over it, if it's possible) Since the translation of the book will arrive here only on September 24 and I could read the original version, I was wondering if there are any places where I can already buy the non-translated version. Otherwise I'll buy online, but I want an excuse to go to the library.

I'm currently trying to read as much stuff as I can before the lessons start again, but HPCC kinda ruins the mood because now I see everybody talking about it and I can't concentrate on my current book! I need more time to handle all these feelings over things I'm reading/want to read. SO MANY LOVELY BOOKS!! I FINALLY READ "THE SECRET HISTORY" BY DONNA TARTT AND CRIED LIKE A BABY OVER THE FATE OF HENRY WINTER, WTF SELF??? I need to finish my current book about greek heroes which also brings me suffering. I have to stop mixing fanfics with it, if I want to finish quickly so I can read another. I'm just so !!!!! I need more time to handle the feelings. BOOKS ARE OVERWHELMING.

Also, on Tumblr the "Buffy Summers Appreciation Week" is happening. People with graphic skills or just fans of the Buffster, you can spread the love for our tiny majestic favorite blonde Slayer. She deserves it.
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Hi guys! How are you? Everything's okay?

Hope you are enjoying this beginning of Summer (in the places where it's currently Summer, of course) and once again I've fucked my sleeping schedule and study schedule so while I'm adjusting I'd like to make a post and talk to you a little.

First of all, the latest episode of Game of Thrones was !!!!!!, amirite? Very curious to see what happens next although I have theories about that and I'm in the group of people who believe that

Putting a spoiler cut )

Super-curious, as you see.

I'm also very excited that I've just found the [ profile] hd_familyfest and they are asking for prompts. YAAAAAAAAYYY!

There's nothing in this world that I love more that Draco/Harry + stories focused on family and children. I'm just so hyped thinking about them as parents, I'm gonna squee over this forever! O(≧▽≦)O


Join [ profile] hd_familyfest this year!
Love Makes A Family
Prompting is NOW OPEN
Fest posts from September 10-25.
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The Draco/Harry mpreg fest is officially started at [ profile] harrydracompreg. I'm super-excited! It's the first time I take part in something like this and I'm curious to see if people will recognize the story I wrote or if I can recognize other authors, although I'm not that experienced in this fandom. But I'm happy and also I saw that someone picked two prompts of mine and I WAAAAAANNNNAA!

Pretty banner time:

art by vividescent

Art by [ profile] vividescent ~ banner by [ profile] imera

I also spent the entire afternoon looking for icons of Dawn Summers? I actually realized I had saved none with her alone and the lacks of her tiny face in my folder made me sad. *legitimate life choices*

Moar Dawn icons.
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Guyyyys! Your comments are amazing and they gave me so much food for thought (And I literally want ALL the pretty #aesthetics, [ profile] carlyinrome ◕ω◕✿)

Right now, [ profile] quinara pointed me in this post direction, in which she also tries to put our faves into these funny little boxes. It's really interesting because there's also an indepth explanation of the 8 functions according to Jung. Useful to understand this stuff.

These sort of things make me curious, I enjoy reading and knowing more about psychology and social studies and tests made by people who want to categorize other people. LOL.

I discovered this -->

That also has cute drawings in it and the personality types look so adorable! They are color coded! Violet for the "analysts", green for the "diplomats" and so on. Apparently I'm an INFJ, so I'm in the green diplomatic section. Super-cute. My guy has a beard of wisdom.

And there's this section called "Sentinels" which, I guess, are the people who are naturally disposed to protect other people and there's this type called "THE DEFENDER" (ISFJ) and I guessed that it was Buffy Summers or Harry Potter's type and it would be so cool if that's true mostly because of the name. Perfect. (Hermione Granger is officially put into ISTJ. I repeat, Hermione Granger is officially there!)

And, just like the horoscope (But I hope with a much more solid scientifical base), this thing tells you everything about romantic relationships, parenting, friendships and so on. Amaze.

Have fun reading! XD

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Starting from now to the next week it will be an asskicking period of studying and stuff (Hopefully, if I can stay that productive!) And I'm feeling kinda bummed out by the idea at the moment, so why not make a pointless post on LJ? I do like to write here.

These days on Tumblr there's this very popular idea of sorting characters with different methods (zodiac, Hogwarts House and so on) One of the most popular sorting system is the Myers-Briggs test which, if I'm not mistaken, was already discussed in here.

I'm not a psychologyst, but since people make pretty gifs I think I can express my opinion. (✿╹◡╹)

And, in doing so, I'm gonna consider the core characters of my current obsession (HP) and my long lasting love (BtVS). Brace yourself.


Buffy Summers = The reason why I'm posting this, tbh. I saw a bunch of gifs categorizing Buffy as ISTP (introverted, sensing, THINKING, perceiving) Now, I can potentially agree on everything except that "thinking" part. WTFFFFFF! Which show where you watching, guys?? Buffy is absolutely and primarly ALL ABOUT FEELINGS.

She listens to her guts, she thinks that emotions are totally valid assets, she makes the most important choices following her heart and she forgives even when hurt.

Of course, she *thinks*. She's a very intelligent lady and she also has this very strong moral compass in which she needs to prevent badness from happening and it's all her responsability. But if you pick a dychotomy "feeling or thinking" and you ask me what's Buffy Summer's prevalent function, it must be feeling. Ultimately she can sacrifice herself for love.

Buffy could be either extroverted or introverted, I don't know. She clearly enjoys social situations and she has a past of being a "queen bee". But she develops a strong stoicism and the ability to bottle up her emotions. Plus, in the end she goes out with the same two people for decades! I think she could be an introverted who plays the extroverted role very well.

She's sensing - apparently means pratical. She's a very pratical person and, in battle, she often picks casual stuff to kill vampires. She's not so much for abstract thought, more like: let's see what happens and what can I do to handle the situation.

FEELING AF. Because she ultimately relates on her insticts and emotions.

Perception or judgement, IDK. Mostly because she has a strong moral compass (And that's the judgemental part, I guess) But she's also very practical, so IDK. Anyway I would say that Buffy is ISFP or ISFJ and see what happens and what Wiki tells me about these kind of people.

Incidentally, I believe that Harry James Potter is also a ISFP.

Again, all the same conclusions )

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Guys, guys, guys! A frivolous post just to talk. How are you?

Things happening:

- I'm kinda planning to improve with things I do in RL. Let's see what happens.

- I have to write another HP ficlet and I'm super-happy and excited about it! I hope that, this time, I can write about the ladies, because I've been primarly focused on Harry and Draco and there are other stuff I would like to explore and so many interesting female characters.

- I'm planning to change my icons but this project is completely destroying me. I love the icons I'm using now, especially the red Harry Potter one. And anyway I need to select icons that I feel comfortable using (Like, for some weird reason but also not since they are called "avatars", I have to pick icons that "express my emotions". So sometimes there are beautiful icons that I save, but I don't use because they don't seem to express my tiny self) [ profile] red_satin_doll What kind of icons are you planning to post very, very soon? *puppy eyes*

- It's also much more difficult, because now I have to do a BtVS/HP proportion and I have like 95834 Buffyverse icons saved on my folder.

- Harry Potter and Buffy Summers are SO ALIKE tho. I'm hyper because maybe I have a "type". Harry is also mocked by part of the fandom (especially by an Italian fanpage) because he's "whiny". I WANNA FIGHT THEIR MOTHERFUCKING ASSES.

- I'm officially headcanoning Harry as short. Partly because he's played by DanRad and I have a crush on him and everything, partly because this thing about Harry being TINY AND STRONG kills me with love. The books are never specific about his height, although when we first meet him he's smaller than the other children (Maybe because he grew up in a cupboard). But he's supposed to look like his father and James is described as "tall".

- Whatevs. SMOL!HARRY IS LOVE. Also, Draco is taller than him anyway. The canon says so! And Draco holding smol-but-powerful Harry to his chest, think about that. *dying whale noises*

- I need to buy more winter dresses because wearing trousers is stressing.

Meme time, maybe?


A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)
B - A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind
C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will (be nice)
D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t (again: be nice)
E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what
F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom
G - Do you remember your first OTP, if so who was in it
H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., tv shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)
I - Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why
J - Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr
K -Say something nice about someone in any of your fandoms
L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves (chars you’re neutral on are fair game, as are chars you dislike)
M - Say something genuinely nice about a ship that you don’t ship (or its shippers, or anything related to you)
N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice)
O - Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of
P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas)
Q - A ship you’ve abandoned and why
R - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships
S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)
T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending, about anything at all (gender identity, sexual or romantic orientation, extended family, sexual preferences like top/bottom/switch, relationship with poetry, seriously anything)
U - 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms
V - 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms
W - 5 favorite ships and 5 kinks you like best for said ships
Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)
Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go (prompts optional but encouraged)
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm waiting for my beta to send me the corrected version of the new chapter of the Draco/Harry goldenage fic (Yes, I wrote that!) and I'm actually planning to write a story for the Harry Potter round in [ profile] multi_genfic (Check that out!) so if you want to send me suggestions, ideas, stuff that you'd really love to read about you're welcome. More food for the brain.

I kinda want to read about House politics, except that I wanna write a completely different thing and maybe an Hermione-centric fic? I still didn't write anything about Hermione! Shame on me!

I also downloaded doodleface and mini-Hermione, my little cousin, did a portrait of me making me look prettier than I am.

That's my try:

I incidentally made myself look like young Minerva McGonagall XD (I just wanted the witch hat!) I wish I was remotely cool as Minerva.
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Hi guys!


Also kinda annoyed at friend who keeps calling me all the time and sending me messages about her being SO STRESSED because her whole program consists in like 50 pages she already studied and only have to re-read again. (No, we are not in the same university and yes, she's going out with her gf now *sighs*)

I wish I was in the same kind of stress tbh ;O;

Anyway, I'm done for today and I hope I can do more tomorrow because I'm still in deep shit.

I also don't like to talk about study in my free time and generally *talk* - I wish people could take a hint - and I'm using all my spare time to fantasize about the epic gay romance between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, because if I survive this I'm gonna produce stuff.

AND I FOUND A FANART! WITH MYERS-BRIGGS TYPES!!! (Is this how they are called?) And LITERALLY *O* !!!!

Like, Harry is perfect IMO. He's an ISFP which, according to this peculiar sorting, means a pratical person who relies on his feelings and sensations and who is also an introvert. This fits Harry very much.

But Draco INTP?? Like, somebody who is thoughtful?? An introvert????? WHERE DO YOU SEE THAT, GUYS?

How can you say that Draco Malfoy is an introvert, when his tiny gay self craves attention like nothing else in the world? Draco enjoys being at the centre of the stage and that's only because he's a Malfoy that he kinda acts like *he doesn't care*.

I'm also puzzled at Hermione Granger because the fandom shifts from extrovert to introvert.

I think she's very similar to Willow. Willow is the quiet bookworm who starts with a very low self-esteem (Idk if that's also Hermione's case, it's not completely clear) but she's also very friendly and gregarious and later, when she goes to college, she really enjoys the new life and the possibilities of friendship and seems at ease in social groups, like the fake wiccas group. Does this mean that she's an introvert or an extrovert?

Hermione also spends a lot of time in solitude studying, but she's very dominating and pro-active. Someone who's not scared to step into leadership positions. Does this require at certain degree of extrovertion? IDEK.


I'm kinda surprised that these very young kids on Tumblr, who want to refuse all kind of categorizations also feel this very strong need to put people and characters in such tiny boxes. Like, they can categorize everything, even emotions and sexual orientation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so curious when it comes to these stuff and I love the idea of knowing more about people and how they behave and why. But that's surprising still, given the *****progressive***** nature of Tumblr.

Anyway I'm the same as Remus Lupin, which is kinda accurate. :D

And I'm gonna make myself the biggest sandwitch now.

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Okay guys, I need to be really quick 'cause you know. I'm sleep deprived as fuck and maybe I should use my pause to rest BUT

IT'S FREAKING HERE. Or it will be, at least.

There will be a book for "The Cursed Child" story. Let's hope it doesn't suck because I have feelings and I'm also super-happy because of BLACK!HERMIONE (It will be canon!! Did I mentioned it? Love me some black!Hermione)

Things I want in my life:

-  A satisfying book that its true to the HP saga spirit, where Harry, Hermione and Ron aren't just old ass fucks with no rage at all.

- Hermione planning to run for the Ministry of Magic.

- Albus Severus in Slytherin and "being cursed" doesn't have to be "him not wanting to be in Slytherin 'cause it's the Evil House". (although I think it will be that?)


- Draco and Harry having awkward 40-years-old-men-with-a-past sexual tension, pls Lord (I'm gonna write this old men romance damn my soul)

- SCORPIUS MALFOY BEING IN RAVENCLAW. IDK, I just love this idea and I love young Malfoy breaking the tradition and going in a House that's all about imagination and curiosity rather than ambition. I think that Draco would have been a great Ravenclaw if he wasn't raised by Lucius and Narcissa, because he's such an artistic little shit and he's totally TRANSPARENT.

- I know that the fandom has a boner for Slytherin team mates Albus and Scorpius but can these freaking houses collaborate for once?? Like, it was this pointless division that raised so many problems in the first place, if these wizards are smart as they think they are they would have found ways to not create such isolated groups anymore.

Gonna go, see you laterZ!

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Hi guys! How are you

A strange thing happened to this journal. Basically the other day my wi-fi connection just quit for ten minutes and since then I can't access to my "recent entries" page. I can post stuff (Or I'm trying) I can see my friends list using other links, I can reply to messages, but if I even try to go in the main page LJ stops working. Dafuq?? I'm puzzled.

It's annoying! Because I have to search for the specific pages instead of using my own link. I sent a request, I hope they provide soon. If I don't answer or stuff, you'll know why.

Other things:

A huge THANK YOU!!! to the guys (I use this term as gender neutral, as you can see) who nominated me three times for the [ profile] rwsawards THANKSSSSSSSS. I feel so honored.

Also: I'm on Pottermore!

As you'll probably know - or don't? Idk - Pottermore is all new. The other day I saw some friends doing the Sorting Hat test and I was curious! I did the internet "all the possible questions" and I ended up Ravenclaw. But I saw some people complaining about being put in the wrong House (And once you get there you can't change, that's the rule!) and I figured that maybe the test was different and maybe I was gonna end in another House. (Not that I really identify with the others but anyway)

Bonus point, now you can choose your wand. Yay!

So, despite my residual common sense that "you don't need another account on the internet", I did the registration and I was sorted in ... Ravenclaw! Big surprise!

Apparently that's my House and I can't take it back. I'm fine with it, since I can't identify with the other houses' values, especially with Slytherin and Gryffindor (I have zero ambition and zero bravery) and I do think that imagination is my best assets, as far as my virtues go. Also I look very cute in blue.

That's my wand:

I think it's very pretty! It's dogwood (I didn't know what dogwood was) and Unicorn core. I think that the Sorting whatever thinks I'm feisty, 'cause my wand's nature is "quirky and mischievous".

But it's the wand the chooses the wizard, so! XD


Jan. 24th, 2016 02:48 pm
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The 2016 Drarry mpreg fest is taking your prompts and this is THE LAST DAY to post one! If you're interested, please, go to [ profile] harrydracompreg comm or click on the pretty banner below and write your own prompt!

I'm so excited at the prospective to pick a prompt and write a story. It could be youuuuuuuurs!

art by vividescent

Art by [ profile] vividescent ~ banner by [ profile] imera
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My laptop is still doing its own thing and I'm seriously thinking to buy another, so I need to check my money situation and see where it leads. Which is the first thing I wanted to comunicate with this post.

Second thing:

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

YOOOOOOOO! I'm still doing this challenge!

Yesterday I talked about the importance of feedback, something essential in the fandom IMHO, and today I have to create my own challenge.


I thought about it, because my greedy!side wanted to ask more stuff I like and also because challenges are such interesting and ambitious projects and they can involve a lot of people from different fandoms which is so amazing.

After a somehow serious pondering I decided what to do.


Create a fanwork - and it could be a banner, wallpaper, fanfiction, vid: whatever you like the most, whatever you think it's your medium of choice - about your ultimate FAVE (or faves, if you prefer) that expresses the reasons why your favorite character is the best and you love him/her/them so much.

I think it could be really amazing to see people creating something to promote their own favorites and it could help share so much positive energy. Because sometimes characters are hated or heavily criticized or saw as "problematic" and therefore undeserving of admiration (Which is also cool, btw. Not the last part, but the hate. You can hate characters) But to me the fandom is primarly about LOOOVE and why don't trying to involve other people in your things and try to explain to them why you love a character so much?

(Okay, this thing is mostly what we all do, but also no because it should consist in just *one epic fanwork* that expresses your tiny fan-heart. And so very often people create for other people or using others' prompt so this one should be all about yourself. TREAT YOURSELF!)

(Also I don't have other ideas)

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Fifth day of the Snowflake challenge! And if my laptop doesn't die and STOPS MAKING ME MAD!!11! we could actually make it. *growls*

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

On this day I have to leave feedback. Nice! *___*

Let me tell you a thing: feedback is GREAT. Feedback is actually the best thing for a fanwriter or an artist in general, because you spend so much time trying to create a decent fanwork and you sob and you stare at the blank page and you loose your ability to can. So it's really nice to see that your stuff is accepted and even liked. A good feedback takes 9% of your time and makes an author very happy. Protect your local author and preserve his natural equilibrium by leaving a little note once in a while. (This message is brought to you by the League of Supportive fangirls)

Also you CAN'T get better if you don't know your mistakes and weaknesses, so it's just really useful.

But talking about my daily task. I always try to leave a little comment because of the reasons above (I'm not totally blameless 'cause sometimes I forget or I don't have time or I don't know what to say, so there's that)

Today I left a feedback on [ profile] velvetwhip's story, because it was one of the three she picked for this challenge, [ profile] spikesredqueen, because it was in the list of the Willow-centric stories and it has Willow/Buffy, also on [ profile] crazycordy S3 icons which are really great.

And lately I left some comments on [ profile] luvscharlie's Harry-centric stories (I especially enjoyed the Christmassy one featuring Sirius. Awww!) and also [ profile] rurounihime's "Delaney" which is such an adorable Harry/Draco + tiny child story that will make you smile so hard, and more. Good stuff.


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