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And anyway, stuff is happening, FESTS ARE HAPPENING!

Let me just spread the world about the prompting going on right now. First of all, guys, [ profile] hd_familyfest officially opened the prompting part of the fest, YAY!!!

You know how I love Draco/Harry + kids and, generally, focusing on the "family" theme. It's my weakness. So please, leave prompts and give us writers ideas to come up with new family stories.

HERE the prompting page with the rules.

I'm counting on you!

Also, also (And I was not familiar with these two fests but I'm 100% on board starting from now) there's the chance to leave prompts at the cliché fest (At this address --> CLICHES HERE) and at [ profile] party_4_potter (--> PARTY HERE) a community about our boy Harry's birthday.

Feed your local friendly ficwriter with new ideas and imagery for Draco & Harry! :D

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Good afternoon, guys! How are you?

I'm bored and restless and generally too lazy to start working, so I'm waiting for the cats to show up and have my kittens fix of the day. But, as I wait for them, I'm thinking about the ranking list which always comes a bit wrong because it's hard to choose between favorite episodes of your all time favorite series and maybe I could do a post about my fave episodes?

Let's do a whole post.

Childhood living is easy to dooo  ♪
The things you wanted I bought them for youu 

(I still haven't read that bit about doing the cut on DW. I'm so sorry!)


A very hard thing to do while ranking episodes was to choose between the ones I love. Episodes that aren't so great in terms of narrative or plot, but are significant to me as a person. And, you know, I was also thinking that I started watching this show at fourteen years old and I'm sure that sixteen me would have picked episodes like "Passion" because it was romantic and angsty enough for my teenage self and Angel was quite an object of attraction for me, at the time.

I'm almost thirty now and this show stayed with me for so many years. I've changed, I've grown and I find different meanings in the narrative that followed me and shaped these formative years. And this is where a narrative proves its greatness, because it evolves with us and it has different angles to look at in different times. My angles now - and for the last decade maybe - are mostly about Buffy and her coming at age, along with Willow and Dawn and Anya and Faith. The Buffyverse is the place where I can see myself, portrayed in different female characters.

So anyway:

1. The Body

2. Restless
, this episode aged so well in terms of experimenting with absurd shoots and dialogues. The core characters' portrayals in their existential moment - Willow and her struggle with identity, Xander and his search for meaning, Buffy ... - are so powerful I believe one can identify with each member of the gang in different moments of his life. That makes the episode always relevant.

3. Selfless, a true masterpiece of episode IMO. I love the journey of Anya, again with the searching of her identity, sticking with each and every alias she chooses for herself and later falling in love and sticking to that alias too. The song is so beautiful, we've been blessed with the inclusion of a OMWF cameo and a retrò wig that gives as the good wife vibes - put intended. "What if I'm really nobody?" Do you ever cry?

4. Intervention

5. Blood Ties
, because it's such a wonderful Buffy & Dawn bonding episode, it makes me emotional af, and I loooove when Spike reassures Buffy when they are searching for missing Dawnie. A parallel, considered the previous fight. Spike & Buffy as concerned parents are everything ever, yes I'm a monogamous sappy spaz.

6. The Freshman, actual GPOY of yours truly.

7. Hush

8. After Life

9. Checkpoint

10. Bargaining part I & II.
"Where did I go? I was here. Here. But then I run away." I find that watching it is strangely comforting.

11. Pangs. "It's a sham with yams."

12. Living Conditions. "SHARE THIS!"

13. This Year's Girl / Who are you? Maybe my fave combo episode ever? I've always thought it was one of the scariest though, because being robbed of one's body and identity is terrible.

14. Doppelgangland, I remember - back when I had the DVDs that I lost - watching Joss' list and there was "The Wish" in his favorite episode list and I was a bit puzzled because I actually think it's a good episode but a bit overrated. It doesn't change anything in the narrative as whole. Still, if the result is this episode, I'm on board. Maybe one of the funniest Buffyverse episode ever. I love poor lost Vamp!Willow.

15. No Place Like Home, do you ever cry at the final Dawn/Buffy scene? 

16. Triangle, cute ponytail Buffy comfort episode. Don't judge me!

17. I Was Made to Love You
, so okay, some episodes are entirely perfect and great from start to beginning. Some are experimental and daring. This episode is neither, but it has a place in my heart because of the final scene between Buffy and the robot. So beautiful, so bittersweet. I love the fact that Buffy is more compassionate towards a potentially dangerous sexbot than his disgusting creator. I love the dialogue bit while she's sitting with April and comforting her as she dies. A great foreshadow of what's to come for Buffy, the losing of innocence, the desire to be perfect and "good" for the ones we love, Buffy's final resolution that comes right before "The Body", the episode that changed everything. "It's always darkest before dawn" and the "when life gives you lemons ..." Formative af to me.

18. Conversation with Dead People

19. Real Me
, Dawnie's diary POV forever.

20. Fear, Itself

21. The Weight of the World,
because I love dreamy Buffy episodes and because we have tiny Buffy flashbacks and a better look of her psyche, which actually foreshadows the S6 issues.

22. Fool For Love

23. Showtime
, remember the bit about "perfect iconic scenes that represent a whole not so perfect episode"? The final shoot with Buffy rescuing Spike.

24. OMWF

25. Tabula Rasa

And yes, there are other episodes I absolutely love and I guess episodes that define the show and its legacy (Surprise/Innocence, anyone?) But these 25 great or silly choices are home for me and all in an ideal number one spot. 

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Guysssssss, hi!! How are you? I hope you're all well and enjoying these late April days. Which are freaking cold around here, idek.

Today there's a national fest, the "Liberation Day", which celebrates the arrival of the Anglo-American soldiers who fought alongside the Italian Resistance to finally free the penisula from nazi-fascism. Of course, there are still folks who don't like this celebration, who miss Mussolini and fascism. How come, in effin' 2017, one can be nostalgic over a short, bold asshole who liked to talk non-sense and parade around like a cock, you ask? The human mind is a gross mystery. 

But anyway, National Celebration, yaaayyy! 

On this day, allow me to rec some Draco/Harry stuff. First of all, I'm still 3000% over-emotional about this pairing. I don't know what it is - or to be more honest, I can understand and try to analyze what it is, but the emotional variable is something one cannot control. 

I suppose that this old fashioned tale of love and redemption speaks to my soul. Both Draco and Harry have traits, as single characters, that fascinate me and having them interacting is bliss. And yes, Draco is problematic! "My fave is problematic", Tumblr folks! He was a Death Eater and, before that, an annoying bully. I can understand the hate towards a character like him (Although, he's very much romanticized by the fandom which, again, understandable for reasons and also problematic) When I bump into a story that show this character's complexity, his contraddictions, his cowardice and his beauty and I'm just .... !!!!! MAN! 

I'm still in that emotional place where good hurt/comfort fanfics kill me dead. While I adore fluff, established relationship shenanigans, children fics and over-indulge into writing them myself, when an author portrays the blossoming romance, the slow falling in love between one Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy with all the problems and the angst that is courtesy of their past, I turn into actual jelly.

Case in point, the fic I want to rec today:

(Should I rec things more often? I'm so inconsistent with everything, I wouldn't trust myself)

I felt lots of feelings while reading this story and I'm sure many of you will too. It's a slow-build and deals with injury and disability on Harry's part. We have redemeed Draco but his past isn't forgotten, he still displays his best qualities. Awww. I don't know guys, I just want to save this blond little shit and redeem him. Sue me.

Also, a fanart with the ultimate Older!Drarry aesthetic:

Hot and brave and heroic and HOT Harry, with a bit of white in his hair and the beard of sex, and long-haired Draco. Sweet dreams are made of this. Sue me, part 2.

And also this actual piece of pure Draco Malfoy aesthetic:

To hopefully please [personal profile] felixfvlicis You're a precious rainbow ice-cream filled cake and I love  ... pleasing your eyes, I suppose! XD 

Enjoy the OTP! I'm gonna make dinner.

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HO HO HO! [ profile] carpemermaid I'm stealing this idea from you, because it's the end of the year and I want to celebrate/procrastinate with the study. I'm allowed!

These are my 2016 fandom accomplishments! You can ignore this self-ass-centric post and move on, but! In case you're curious.


Upcoming writing projects:

- Another mysterious story I can't talk about for [ profile] hp_goldenage

- Natasha/Pepper, MCU, for the lovely [ profile] carlyinrome because she deserves it.

I'm super-excited!
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So, it's that time of the year again.

I'm not a religious person or anything, I loved Christmas as a little girl mostly because I used to spend it with my whole family, my cousins and uncles and everyone else, and that made me happy at the time. Exhausted but happy.

Lately I spent some really awful Christmases (You do the plural of the word like that, right?) and being sad during these days it's kinda the worst? Mostly because you're supposed to be happy, you're supposed to be loved and cheered for and fullfilled with your life and that doesn't always happen. Sometimes, Christmas is just the worst, reminding us of our failures.


I also think that human kindness and compassion can fix this bad feeling and I want to express my appreciation for ALL OF YOU, MY FRIENDS. For being so intelligent, funny, kind to me and awesome 24/7.

Your opinions, your comments, your artistry and just the fact that you exist, make my life 34636346% BETTER.

Everytime I have feelings in excess or anxiety, I know I can write a post and someone will answer and I would feel a little bit better, so ... this sappy post is FOR YOU AND IT COMES FROM MY HEART AND I HOPE IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER TOO.

I love you [ profile] teragramm [ profile] beer_good_foamy [ profile] anemonen [ profile] slaymesoftly [ profile] sunclouds33[ profile] ladykikuri[ profile] gillo[ profile] lokifan[ profile] carlyinrome[ profile] carpemermaid[ profile] capitu[ profile] infinitewhale [ profile] torino10154
[ profile] ever_neutral[ profile] kerkevik_2014[ profile] amorette[ profile] red_satin_doll[ profile] itsnotmymind[ profile] melitot_pd[ profile] feliciacraft[ profile] shapinglight
[ profile] istar
[ profile] alisanne[ profile] endeni[ profile] oceaxe[ profile] comlodge[ profile] baudown[ profile] double_dutchess[ profile] diebirchen [ profile] misskittydu34[ profile] rbfvid [ profile] dragonyphoenix[ profile] afrozenflowerr [ profile] thisficklemob [ profile] frelling_tralk [ profile] lynnenne [ profile] digthewriter [ profile] velvetwhip... AND I hope I'm not forgetting anyone! In that case, I'm sorry. I tried to tag everyone, but you are SO MANY and I forget stuff.

So, sappiness time and I hope you're eating well. From 24 to 26 it will be a eating marathon, yayyy!

Also: WATCH YURI ON ICE if you like true love and all the best feelings in the world. I'm SO IN LOVE with Victor Nikiforov, our lord and saviour, who was born on this day and whom people put in ... Gryffindor, REALLY?! I was sure he was 1000% Ravenclaw! GUYS!

I think I'm gonna write a whole post about Hogwarts Houses and characters I love because there are things I CANNOT STAND, like Faith Lehane in Slytherin. And anyway ... isn't Victor a Ravenclaw? I need your comfirmation about this important issue.

Have a nice time today!

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Okay, guys, since I noticed that many of us are having hard time, these days, to process everything that is happening and sadness seems to be the dominant emotion in my f-list, here a post of things that would make you smile.

Use it as often as you need and be safe and happy. I love you all.


Also: ICONS and iconmakers do exist. Tiny squares of joy.

Also: Tom Felton is wearing suits and stuff in "The Flash", for all the Draco/Tom fans here: you can see him there and get your eyes a little bit of eyecandy.

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I've got it, guys! I finally got my copy of The Cursed Child!


I just finished it and I'm in the classic glass case of emotions. TBH, I loved it. I really do.

Again, I don't know if that's a "valid" opinion because: 1) I spoiled myself, multiple times (Why can't I resist spoilers? ;O;) 2) Since I read lot of fanfics and, generally, I read the entire saga as an adult person, it's not an effort for me to imagine the characters as adults and parents. It just feels natural. But I wonder if that's the same for those who grew up along with Harry, Hermione and Ron.

I'm very tired - it was an intense day also for reasons, I'll talk about those in future maybe - and I need to study a bit since I also have AN EXAM NOW (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) But I just wanted to share this joyful, spoiler-free thing that happened to me on this day, October 1st.


See you guys later, possibly with a full review of this book.
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Here we are.

Happy Christmas! Or Hanukkah. Or Winter Solstice. Or whatever thing you're celebrating tonight, if you're celebrating in any way. I wish you all the best and I hope that this ending year was merciful to you and that it brought you at least some joy.

Christmas feels so strange in this stage of my life. Since my 23 birthday it became a painful time of the year, something I never thought it could ever be when I was a child. And it still is strange, in some ways and because of reasons, but I'm choosing to look at the bright side and appreciate the many wonderful things this year gave me: new friends, new abilities, new confidence in myself and most of all the love of my family. I'm so very grateful for all the good things I had so, if there's an higher power around, THANKS! And also, please keep going like this. I don't mean to sound greedy, but it would be nice to see things get better.

And, anyway, thanks to all the people who kept me company this year. I hope you all know how much I appreciate your kindness, humor and creativity. Keep up the good stuff!
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm currently obsessing over True Detective. For some reasons I had to rewatch it and let me tell you: the second watch is even better than the first. I'm falling in love once again with Rust Cohle and I'm kinda reading slash fanfics about him and Marty post-Carcosa (And I don't like Marty. I feel guilty, but also I'm totally into slash)

But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to share the love! Aka: the amazing artworks that [ profile] red_satin_doll made for my fic, Dreams and Mirrors.

I was uncertain about the way of sharing her artworks. I thought I could put a banner in the first chapter of the story or in all the chapters? But I'm super-clumsy when it comes to html and I don't want to mess up stuff. Also [ profile] red_satin_doll did some amazing variants and I think it's nice to show them. Personally I like to understand more about the creative process in art. Also there are lots of pretty colors.

So here's a whole post about these amazing gifts and I hope she likes it and that I still have her seal of approval.

Dreams and Mirrors - the fanarts )

Long story short: I'M SO GRATEFUL, THANK YOU.

Check on [ profile] red_satin_doll's LJ if you don't know her to see her artworks. And I hope she does more and more and more, because I'm very greedy.

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Hi guys, how are you? I'm still doing nothing productive in terms of studying but I really have a lot of story ideas and I think I'm going to write the Spangel fic. I hope I'll do a decent job in portraying an established relationship (Because, spoilers, it will be) and generally a good job with Angel and Spike characterization.

Yesterday, in the middle of the night, I wrote the concept and now comes the hard part: actually writing the story. The word empty page mocks me. But I miss the Spangel and I'm having a great time writing the Dru fic and I think my brain is enjoying it (Maybe too much?) because I feel happier.

Also some friends of mine think that ... maybe I should write something on my own? Like, they think that The Queen is pretty original, that I could convert the fic in a original story. Wow. And also how you do that? It's a HUGE work. The Queen works because I picked a universe with already established laws and the main characters are Buffy, Spike and so on. Okay, I added my own and so what? The work to do to create something original is vast and takes a lot of time. I don't have that and I don't know if I'm ready, but I'm so flattered and ... happy, really. Because when I write I feel so carefree and I feel like I can go in the darkest places without being hurt. It really helps me a lot and it saved my life in a way. And if someone thinks that my stuff is good that's amazing!

(Still I think that I need to mature as a writer and a person, especially, I can see all my flaws. I'm not God's gift)

Also writing fanfics is so cool because it doesn't take a lot of time and it makes me feel happy. (I still trying to figure out why I'm so emotionally connected to this show. I can see some reasons, but the bond is really deep)

Anyway, lots of talking. Here's the new Dreams and Mirrors chapter. There is this one, another and then the first part of the story ends. I really hope you enjoyed and I really hope you like Dru a bit, because I'm falling in love with her.

Thanks to drusillathekiller once again. I would have liked to dedicate one chapter to [ profile] red_satin_doll for her birthday, but it's actually a Sprusilla-centric chapter. So maybe when it comes to the real Dru/Buffy it would please her more? Anyway you have a gift saved here.

October 30, 1880 )
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Hi guys!

I made a sliiiight mistake with Buffyversetop5 and I'm going to fix it. But since I already made this post let's leave it there.

Here it is: TOP 5 BUFFY PINK ICONS OF DOOM. (The variant in which I didn't check the year) + 3
(The order is not about best or less best, it's just to facilitate myself)

Pinkish cut )
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Hi! How are you? Hope you're enjoying the last days of this year.

I'm eating chocolate cake, relaxing and I'm still rewatching Angel the Series.

As always the rewatch is very messy. I really can't follow the right order, I like to jump from point to point and see the episode I like to see. I'm a chaotic watcher and also I already know this show so I don't really need to follow the right order. I've watched so many S4 episodes just to enjoy evil!Cordy's evil!schemes and the general dark massacre that the Beast gently brought to us. Also Jasmine. I LOVE Jasmine's arc and that's actually my favorite when it comes to Fred. She displays bravery and intelligence before everything gets back in the men's hands. And Jasmine is the most intriguing Big Bad.

But - messy rewatcher - I jumped into S5 and, since 5x01 wasn't avaible on streaming, I rewatched Just Rewards.

Here's some bullet points:

- Angel's very petty when Spike is involved.

- And Spike does his best to annoy Angel to death

- They actually have a very similar relationship to Buffy and Spike during S4. Angel's annoyed as much as Buffy in S4 and S5.

- I'm actually not 100% sure about Gunn wanting to be the super-layer. I never questioned his choice before - it's true that he needs to feel useful and active part of the team - but Gunn is also a very good man with a strong sense of right and wrong. Still he does look good in a suit.

- I love Harmony. She's adorable. And Spike never felt the need to apologize for his dickish behavior even with a soul, Christos Gage. He has a soul, he's not a saint.

- Fred looks so HOT. I like her new hairstyle and the Wolfram and Hart fashion choices are kickass.

And these are my very deep considerations for now.

I'd like to also pimp a beautiful video. I just discovered it thanks to Restfield on tumblr:

Scarlett Ribbons. It's about the slayers and it's very poignant. I think some of you will appreciate it a lot ([ profile] red_satin_doll do you like it?) certainly I did.
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... are fanarts about Cordelia and Buffy.

I've spotted some beautiful things on Tumblr and the feels came to me. I also rewatched a random Cordelia-centric episode of AtS, because now I know Homecoming by heart, and, you know, I love Cordy interacting with the ladies (The episode in question is Disharmony) I wish that the angle Buffy/Cordy would have been much more explored. They are both fierce, strong and caring ladies and Cordy is Buffy's mirror in many ways.

So there's that. I need more Cordy. And thanks to [ profile] endeni for linking a long Cordelia meta. I'm curious about it.

Other breaking news are CHECK OUT [ profile] red_satin_doll's amazing Dru icons:

My heart is three times bigger because she was inspired by my fic. It's really amazing the fact that she likes my fic, to begin with, but I feel super-special because I inspire icons. And there's going to be more art, yay!
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm making this post to just say ... CHECK OUT MY NEW AMAZING DEFAULT ICON! *C* This one is made by [ profile] red_satin_doll and I like how the colors blend, the green and the warm pink/orange of Buffy's picture. Lovely association. Plus, as often when it comes to RSD, it's conceptually very interesting. I don't know if it quite rapresents me now (I really, really wish it doesn't because it implies Buffy's suffering for her mother and please God never) but I love too much the colors.

I had to change the default image and take out the "Once there's was a girl" one which is a pity, also because it inspired me the first line of my Dru fic. Also, I should use a Dru icon but I don't know what other icon to delete from my batch. I was thinking about taking out the Loki one, even if I like it, but probably I won't use it a lot.

Also I strongly recommend [ profile] evangelin1202's icons. I just saved a bunch of her icons and I'm amazed by her ability to color. Such vivid, lovely colors, wow!

I was thinking about making a decent post the next Buffyverse recs occasion to celebrate the icon makers in the fandom. So far read this little post and spread the love.

New things

Sep. 20th, 2014 09:41 pm
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Hi guys, how are you doing?

A post for the good things )
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My brain is hurting so much right now that I think it's going to implode at some point. (It's not about the vid. It's just a common headache that I have since this morning. Ugh)

So, I did the vid.

It isn't actually very pretty, I guess. I initially wanted to make it all stylish with a nice coloring and such. Turns out that both After Effects and Adobe Premiere are really REALLY difficult and that the episodes I use - the one saved on my laptop and not coming from the original DVD which I've lost - are damaged or something, so I can't use Adobe to work on them. So I should buy the DVDs (which is something I'm planning to do since always) and Premiere and learn how to use it and ...

Meanwhile I made this. It's not really pretty but I hope it expresses the idea behind it and that doesn't suck much. This vid is inspired by Conclusive etymology of a Summers by [ profile] clockwork_hart1 and [ profile] red_satin_doll's artwork for the story. I hope I'll do justice to their works.

The vid focuses especially on love - the word "love-ology" is constantly repeated by the song. I tried to include all the people Buffy loved because I believe that part of what we are comes from all the people we love. Plus Regina Spektor's song is so beautiful. I know it's a live version and there's no studio version - you actually can see the noises behind the song - but I thought that it was perfect for the concept.

And nothing. That's just it.

(My headache is actually getting better while I write this. Awesome!)

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I'm currently very relaxed (Few days of delay from the exams) so I'm kinda starting to think about a new Buffyverse video. But that's all [ profile] clockwork_hart1's and [ profile] red_satin_doll's fault. (Go read Conclusive Etymology of a Summers with the new shiny - and very, very pretty - RSD's art) They casually filled my brain with ideas.

Also I just read [ profile] beer_good_foamy's new ficlet about S6 Buffy and God knows how much I love the first half of S6 and Buffy in it. I'm planning to read the larger posts or ficlets when I have more time, but seriously go read and appreciate these fanworks.

Here's the last chapter of EROS. I hope it's decent. It's a fluffy happy ending. The last quote is from one of the most famous Sappho's fragments.

EROS ~ Epilogue )
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I just checked my e-mail and that's it: Your LiveJournal account for user "kikimay" has been credited with the following add-on: - Extra Userpics (3 packages) - 12 months.

Somebody just gave me 15 icons. I can't believe it. I just want to say


Whoever you are. You did something so generous and beautiful for me and I don't know how to reciprocate and I don't even know your name, but for some reasons you choose to be very kind to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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I know I already posted my daily meme post, but I have to add something.

First of all, I discovered a collection of porny Spangelus drabbles and flashfics: Nyghtpet's Wicked Boys. So hot guys. SO DAMN HOT. I really like Spangel while I don't usually like Spangelus, except when Angelus is less the asshole and there's sweet young William involved. Newly vamped William with his big blue eyes and his angelic curls reveals the perv in me. And Angelus was totally attracted to him too. I don't know if the author is still around but I'd like to openly express my enjoyement and appreciation for the series. Very well written and truly sexy.

Other thing: I just translated the first chapter of Lust. The chapters are brief so I kinda think it's something I can do. I hope I didn't do a mess a lot with the grammar.

(Sorry, apparently I can't use the cut. Stupid LJ)

Because relations are always ambiguous and I continually fail to communicate;
Because I continue to blame myself even when I'm not to blame;
Because each failing has made me more remote from myself
For all these reasons and many more still unknown,
I must listen, I must look around more than ever, I must leave.
I'm Not There. Todd Haynes

Blue Room was shining in the decadent light of the sunset. Flashes of gold dazzled between old surfaces of poor wooden furniture, inside the dirty corners of wallpaper, deep blue and almost green. From the window beside the bed images of a distant civilization were filtering into the room – people shouting, running in the streets.

Everything was far away. Every voice and tear and laugh was muffled in a plastic peace smelling of mold and squalor.

He closed his eyes, inhaling the smoke from the cigarette between his fingers. His unknown lover said something. “One day you’ll tell me what’s the great pleasure of smoking after sex …” she indirectly asked, standing up.

He clenched his lips and gave her his best skeptic glare.

“It’s just curiosity,” she said. “I don’t smoke.”

“It’s the best time, sweetheart,” he whispered stretching between the sheets. His voice came out low, weakened by tiredness and pleasure. “All the tension fading …” Running his tongue into the corners of his mouth, he looked at her. She was now standing in the middle of the room wearing her bra and panties. Her hair was soft and disheveled. “That’s it?”

“Yeah, love,” he replied completely comfortable with his own nakedness.

His lover looked at him in silence then bent down to pick up all her clothes. She was lovely and tender all crumbled on herself like a small animal. In between of her movements her sharp bones were appearing under her skin.

Standing up she slid her legs into her precious silky skirt. She pulled back her hair and wore the shirt. Then she put on her high and painful shoes. She tied the shoelaces with feminine grace.

“Next time I’ll be fifteen-twenty minutes late,” she said.


“Next time,” she flatly repeated. “I’ll be twenty minutes late. Don’t start to count.”

“I wouldn’t have done it anyway,” he replied with his trademark seductive voice. “Twenty minutes late, huh? Do you need to bake a cake for your boyfriend?”

She didn’t reply. Adamantly she stared at him, reminding him of the rule without words.

With a tired sigh he got up and began to pick up his clothes. “There will be ever a day when I’ll start counting?” he asked frowning.

“Who knows …” she said taking her coat and keys. Heading to the exit.

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Second day of the meme. I was thinking to do this post tomorrow *already slipping* But I love you guys and I love to read your thoughts about BtVS.

But first of all let me tell you about me crying for tv-shows. I don't know if anyone in my f-list is watching True Detective. Today I saw the last episode of this season and I cried. I found it so beautiful and moving. The final scene reminded me a verse from The Divine Comedy. Amazing. Plus, I also watched the final episode of Looking (first season, still on HBO) and I found it touching and also beautiful.
Basically I cry a lot for stuff I like. I'm a crybaby when it comes to touching stories. And that brings me to my next topic.

Day 1: Favorite Season
Day 2: Favorite Episode
Day 3: Favorite Song Used In An Episode
Day 4: Favorite Female Character
Day 5: Least Favorite Female Character
Day 6: Favorite Male Character
Day 7: Least Favorite Male Character
Day 8: Favorite Friendship
Day 9: Favorite Romance
Day 10: Least Favorite Season
Day 11: Least Favorite Romance
Day 12: Least Favorite Episode
Day 13: Favorite Potential Slayer
Day 14: Favorite Female Villain
Day 15: Favorite Male Villain
Day 16: Episode You Like That Everyone Else Hates
Day 17: Character You Relate To The Most
Day 18: Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time
Day 19: Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates
Day 20: Best Spike-centric Episode
Day 21: Best Willow-centric Episode
Day 22: Best Xander-centric Episode
Day 23: Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did
Day 24: Hottest scene
Day 25: Favorite Buffyverse Saying
Day 26: Favorite Scooby Moment
Day 27: Cutest Moment
Day 28: Character You Love To Hate
Day 29: Episode You Hate That Everyone Else Loves
Day 30: What You Think Made Buffy So Great

Favourite episode )


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