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If you haven't seen the episode yet and you don't want me to ruin it for you

DON'T LOOK IN HERE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
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Hi guys! How are you? Everything's okay?

Hope you are enjoying this beginning of Summer (in the places where it's currently Summer, of course) and once again I've fucked my sleeping schedule and study schedule so while I'm adjusting I'd like to make a post and talk to you a little.

First of all, the latest episode of Game of Thrones was !!!!!!, amirite? Very curious to see what happens next although I have theories about that and I'm in the group of people who believe that

Putting a spoiler cut )

Super-curious, as you see.

I'm also very excited that I've just found the [ profile] hd_familyfest and they are asking for prompts. YAAAAAAAAYYY!

There's nothing in this world that I love more that Draco/Harry + stories focused on family and children. I'm just so hyped thinking about them as parents, I'm gonna squee over this forever! O(≧▽≦)O


Join [ profile] hd_familyfest this year!
Love Makes A Family
Prompting is NOW OPEN
Fest posts from September 10-25.
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I just watched episode 6x06 and I have to write down some considerations.

Clearly SPOILERS! )
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Just saw the latest episode of GoT and I'm impressed.


Goals, TBH


Yara Greyjoy: I’m naturally talented, very qualified. I’ve learned many things in my working years, standing side by side with my people. I know all of you and worked hard to understand your needs. I intend to plan carefully my moves and reclaim our space in the narrative and …

Euron Greyjoy: LOL, I have a dick.
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So, here we are. It's super-late and tomorrow I have to wake up at a decent hour to do some work.

But I want to share stuff.

First of all GAME OF THRONES

Spoiler cut for those who haven't seen the second episode )

Also The Good Wife is definetely ending.

I thought I was ready, but I'm not. I'm gonna miss Alicia drinking all the wine and staring at her husband like she secretly wants to cut his head off.

“What? Do you want me to cry Mr. Canning?"

Amazing XD

I wanna see how it ends.

Also I did a Drarry friending meme. Here:

In case you want to do that too!
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So, I watched the two things that were on this weekend: the 20th episode of The Good Wife S7 and the premiere of Game of Thrones.

I'd like to express my unrequired opinions about those )
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Hi guys! How are you?

I feel a little bit better and a little bit worse. Today I decided that I'm really ready to commit on study again and it was hard, to be honest. I have problems focusing on the subject and I get tired easily or my mind just wonder off. To ease the first days - or week maybe, because I'm that dumb - I decided that I can take it easy and listen to music and not think about deadlines. Just do my job and see what happens and if I get better. I hope I'm doing the right thing. I'm actually starting to care again (strangest thing this caring process) and it's painful somehow.

I'm reading Drarry fics because I have to read something that gives me the fuzzy feelings. They are actually the cutest in fluffy post-canon married fics. I also took another time the pottermore sorting hat test and I changed some answers to see what was going to happen (But honestly, could you give the same answers twice? Also I don't remember stuff) and apparently I'm still a Ravenclaw girl, which is cool, I guess. I can see why I have affinity with this house, although I'm not that smart or witty and I never have sassy comebacks. But, okay, I'm not brave and I'm not ambitious. Still, apparently, the second house in the list is Gryffindor. Huh? There must be something wrong. But I also find a cool post on Tumblr explaining the differences between the houses and I actually thought "Ravenclaw 100%". LOL.

I watched Game of Thrones! GUYS!!1!

Raise your hand if you ever been personally victimized by GRRM )
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I just watched episode 5x06 of Game of Thrones and the series finale of Mad Men. Plus I read the latest issue of BtVS, which made me happy, but eventually I'll do a proper post for it.

I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS RN (And the 80% of them are rage)

Spoilers! )
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Pointless post but I have to share my fangirl excitement: I changed all the icons, yay!

Basically the gift with three packages of icons expired today, so I had to delete 15 icons and decide the ones to keep. It was a hard choice because I just adore these tiny pieces of colorful art, but in the end I decided to replace even the ones I could have kept because change is good. So I just went like "this is Sparta!" and changed almost everything (I only kept like 4 of the old icons) and I'm actually happy with it. I think that, maybe, from now on I could change the icons like once in a year or something. Keeping things fresh.

(Thanks again to the person who sent me the gift. You made me enjoy so much prettyness this year)

Other news: I fell again in the old men hell. I'm reading Stannis Baratheon/Jon Snow slash fics and I'm not even sorry. (Or I'm a bit sorry because Jon is supposed to be just a kid!) It's just that Kit Harington is really hot and Stephen Dillane is also a very attractive man. (There's something about him) and so the ship sails itself.

Plus now the Jon/Stannis bitchfest at the Wall is officially upon us. I hope we're going to have all the hilarious grumpy interactions between them.

And I'm also kinda watching Pompeii just to admire Kit's abs. Those are really good abs to have. But the movie itself is bullshit XD Literally it's so historically inaccurate it makes me laugh!

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I really totally fucked up my sleeping pattern.

How long does it takes for your body to adjust to a regular sleeping schedule? I would like to see the sun more. *sigh*

I'm also playing with an idea of Angel, Spike and Illyria fic. I kinda started it and then dropped it years ago. I still have the first three chapters. But the Italian fandom is pratically dead and I don't know. (Plus I should be study)

I watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones. After I read the books I was less eager to watch the show and generally I maybe find a little bit confusing watching a show with 98345 different characters and storylines. With the books I don't mind. So I missed the whole season. Maybe I will watch the missing episodes now that I don't have anything to watch.

Only thing I can say: the guy who played Oberyn is really, really hot. Maybe the hottest male character so far?

I have more icons now. They are shiny. <3

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Because the internet is full of wonders. Here's a compilation of reactions for the last episode of Game of Thrones, The Rains of Castamere.
Of course spoilers. But that goes without saying.


Seriously, I knew everything from the beginning of the episode (from the books) and I'm still shocked about it. I imagine how hard can it be for someone who didn't read the books.
The reactions, however, make me giggle.
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Game of Thrones is back, yay!
Did you watch the first episode? Did you like it? I liked it very much. And now that I read the books I know where they are heading! I'm so pleased! :D

The Walking Dead's season finale was strange and anti-climatic. I'm slightly disappointed about it. The episode was like a regular episode while the season finale needs to resolve all the issues addressed during the season. Not good. There's also a little room for expectations.

The last episode of Being Human US was really great. Super-happy episode and we also got: flashback!Aidan, Josh VS his creator, Sally VS the witch and generally Sally being funny and lovely dressed (Seriously, her dresses! I love them!) and Josh's sister came back for his brother. And Nora always wears amazing shoes. I love it.

I'm much more pleased about Being Human than The Walking Dead and I'm generally very happy about Game of Thrones return.

Also I need to pimp this wonderful Dawn meta ---> This one, yes. Follow the link. It explains a lot about Dawn's cleptomania. Personally I never quite understood her need to steal things and generally what that compulsion was representing for her. Read the meta! It makes me want to rewatch a Dawn-centric episode, like Older and Far Away. I'm gonna do it with my new shiny knowledge!

Because of dragons:

Beautiful, right?
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Just want to change the argument.
I find this pic and I'm amazed: WOAH! 


Just give me a blonde guy with amazing cheekbones. 


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