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Hi guys! How are you? Are you enjoying these warm Summer days?

I've been just eaten alive by the mosquitos as I went downstairs to feed Moustache and Prince Leopold. I definetely need to buy some sort of spray or something, because I was there for 10 minutes and I have like 20 bites on my body. Can someone please explain to me why mosquitos exist and what's their point in the bigger scheme of things? Because I'm ready to kill them all.

Anyway, Moustache and Leopold are becoming SO GODDAMN PRETTEE, guys. They will be one year old this August and, IDK, they look even more beautiful than usual? I also think that Leopold is somehow becoming more attached. For example, today I was there giving them the food and, at some point, Moustache just dropped everything and went to check his favorite bush on the other side of the road. I started to grab the keys, but Leopold looked at me as if he wanted something (Clearly not to be touched, since he's allergic to human contact XD) I assumed that he wanted more food and I left a bit upon the wooden thing where he likes to jump and I started to climb the stairs. He ignored the food and followed me.

He still kept a safe distance from me but, as I opened the door, I looked behind and he was still there staring at me. I could be interpreting this wrong, but it felt like he wanted to say goodnight to me. It was heartwarming! I love his furry cute face

And you know what else I love? The Rupaul's Drag Race and Sasha Velour, the latest winner!

OMG GUYS!!!! I wasn't even familiar with drag and this particular kind of performing art. I didn't think it was interesting for me, but I've got curious as I saw gifsets and posts on Tumblr and I started to watch random videos on Youtube.

I immediately adored Alyssa Edwards. I think she's hilarious and her "Alyssa's Secret" videos are hysterical! If you ever feel stressed or angry, just watch the videos when she tells about her everyday life or the funny stuff that happen to her! She's a great narrator, you really follow her tales from start to ending and I like the fact that she has a Southern accent. She impersonates this sort of "Southern proper lady" character which is fun.

I also like Bianca Del Rio obviously (The "Not Today, Satan" must be the most iconic line ever spoken on television), Latrice Royale, but the latest winner of the race ... OMG. I think I'm in love!

She's Sasha Velour and I love her approach to drag, how she pulls off a whole theatrical, emotional performance during her pieces, her dramatic eyebrows and eyes! Think of a Disney female villain like Maleficent with a sort of romantic, heartbroken vibe.


Shea Couleé, the other contestant, is also great and her dragging of Valentina added 20 years to my lifespan ("Do I look upset to you?" OH MANNN, YASSS! GO OFF!!) But there's no context. Sasha used her prompts really good and her dramatic performance was great.

I also kind of want her dress. Mh.

Good stuff.
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Goddamn Dreamwidth isn't working anymore already, so I'm going to stick in here for a bit. Honestly, it's becoming an annoying issue and I don't have time for that.

I'd like to report the current cat situation, particularly concerning Little Flint.

As you know, she's the only female of the group. Prince Leopold and Moustache, her brothers, are males but, as it happens in life, they are pretty useless while Flint is the more proactive and dominant one. She was always like that, but now that she's almost one year old, she's becoming more and more indipendent. We talked about her the other day, when I saw the lady's daughter.

Little Flint is going on hunting/exploring and she comes home sometimes in the mornings and sometimes after a couple of days. She's sterile, so there's no way she's going to make new kitties, but she goes away all the same and I think she puts herself in danger? One time she came back with her tiny forehead all dirty with something like plaster. (??) Another time she came back after two days and she was limping. One time she came back running, literally chased by another, bigger cat. Yesterday, when she came to me, she looked so anxious! She was jumping at every sound and, at some point while eating, she heard a dog barking somewhere and she stopped eating and jumped on the highest spot to search for the dog.

Little Flint, where do you go?

It's hilarious because Leopold and Moustache never, ever go that far away. They stay in the perimeter between my house and the lady's house. Instead, I spotted Little Flint at the very end of the road, where there's a house which is work in progress (That would explain the plaster!) and there's a hill.

I saw the bushes moving, I turned and ... who was there? You guessed it, Little Flint!

Thing is: this hill brings you to a whole new side of the town and there are dogs there and other houses. I fear Little Flint could put herself in danger. But I know she has fire in her veins and she's free as the wind, there's no way of stopping her. Still, I hope she doesn't wound herself. She's so tiny compared to the other cats!

And now, gratuitous photos of Little Flint:

Under the cut! )

Thus I conclude the cat spam.
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The feud between the Odin cat (I think I'm going to call him like that, the one with the different eye, you know) and Leopold is still going strong. Hissing, murder glares and general hostility are coming from Prince Leopold anytime he sees Odin approaching. I'm putting the food in different spots and trying to keep them separate, but I believe they are having a whole situation where they need to piss each other off for the sake of pissing each other off. It's hilarious, honestly.

Meanwhile, I talked with the old lady's daughter and the Odin cat is now officially starting a medical cure for his eye and respiratory system. Yeah, he's currently "public enemy n°1" for the other cats, but he's also sick and IDK, I hope he gets better. He just looks so miserable! But hopefully, thanks to the meds + a good diet he will get better.


The disruptive element of this "cat family".

Moustache looking pretty and baffled as usual.

IDK. I created a new tag for the cats, because apparently I'm going to spam this content too, from now on. Sorry. I'm becoming a cat lady and my mother resents that and resents my neighboor who allowed it in first place. XDD


- WATCH AMERICAN GODSSSS! OMG guys, trust me on this one! Do you happen to like "unlikeable female characters"? You're going to love Laura Moon. Do you like violent stupid motherfuckers? Mad Sweeney is there for you. Do you care for cinnamon rolls too pure for this world? Salim is in there. I love everything.

Also Zorya Vechernyaya is great and she reminds me of my paternal grandmother.

(Lowkey shippin' it)

ALSO, ALSO - and here I stop for now because I need to study like crazy - I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT "ALIEN: COVENANT"


Someone explain to me wtf was that and why they decided to put into the trash the most attractive and interesting parts about "Prometheus"! EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN!


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