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I loved it and I have opinions about it.

If you're curious about it, follow the cut. (While I try to finish this owl_fest story thingy which is torturing me)

Under the cut 'cause spoiler, also BIG DEFENSE OF HARRY JAMES POTTER. FIGHT ME EVERYONE )
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I've got it, guys! I finally got my copy of The Cursed Child!


I just finished it and I'm in the classic glass case of emotions. TBH, I loved it. I really do.

Again, I don't know if that's a "valid" opinion because: 1) I spoiled myself, multiple times (Why can't I resist spoilers? ;O;) 2) Since I read lot of fanfics and, generally, I read the entire saga as an adult person, it's not an effort for me to imagine the characters as adults and parents. It just feels natural. But I wonder if that's the same for those who grew up along with Harry, Hermione and Ron.

I'm very tired - it was an intense day also for reasons, I'll talk about those in future maybe - and I need to study a bit since I also have AN EXAM NOW (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) But I just wanted to share this joyful, spoiler-free thing that happened to me on this day, October 1st.


See you guys later, possibly with a full review of this book.
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Hi guys!

Thanks for your support yesterday! I hope you're all doing fine. Personally I'm trying to "do stuff" which is good, even if I get tired easily. Anyway I'm still living an Harry Potter situation that turned my little cousin, mini-Hermione, into a fan. Today she came at my home with her dog to watch the third movie. It was hilarious and I didn't remember that but PoA is really a beautiful movie, there are so many wonderful scenes, and Ron and Harry's hair is majestic. (As recognized by mini-Hermione)

I should continue my book review but I also think that mini-Hermione's opinions are gold.

I had to explain her the whole deal with Sirius because she didn't understand it as explained, so she was like: "OMG, that's Sirius!" or "Where is Sirius?" every five seconds. She thought that sleeping!Remus in the train was Sirius and that Harry should have checked, in case he was hiding there (Smart girl) Then she asked if Sirius could have changed his appereance and I said yes and she checked for every animal, especially Hermione's cat, until she went for the big dog. Obviously.

I'd like to inform everyone that Draco isn't the cutest anymore, because of his awful haircut. Instead Harry and Ron are really pretty with those messy hair. Romione has a legit reason to exist now.

Hermione punched Draco!!1!11BEST *high-five* That mouse is a guy but he still looks like a mouse! So who is the bad guy? I didn't imagine Sirius like that, he should have a full beard. OH GOD EVEN THE DEMENTORS! TOO MANY EMOTIONS, MY HEAD IS SPINNING. (---> literally her reactions)

Also everyone is stupid with different degrees of stupidity:

Ron being afraid = he's stupid! XD / Draco sending Harry the note = He's stupid! / Fred and George with the map = They are so stupid, but also smart!

And now let's talk about the seventh book )

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I decided that I have to plague the internet with my random considerations about HP and now I'm about to finish with the last book review so let's do this.

I'm also pleased to say that a friend of mine started HP because I was reading it and my nine years old cousin who totally looks like Hermione googled HP stuff. XD Today she came here to do some homework but first we finished the first movie and next time we'll watch the second one.

She thinks that everyone is really pretty, Hermione, Ron, Harry and Draco. Except that Draco is also a little shit. But she saw the pictures on google and he's so beautiful when he's older! So I guess that she forgives him. XD She also likes everyone except Dumbledore, but because he looks like Santa Claus and she can't take him seriously, and Snape who, she thought, should have a moustache. Don't know why.

Anyway, here's the second part of my pseudo-review of HP and the Deathly Hallows.

Spoilers? )
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Hi guys, I hope you're all doing fine or better, in case you're having a difficult time.

My life is going on. There are stuff happening and I would like to talk about that with you, but I didn't have time for a proper post so anyway. I'm having the biggest crush on Daniel Radcliffe and I'm also dealing with the overwhelming HP FEELS because I FINISHED "THE DEATHLY HALLOWS" AND GOD HELP ME, I'M STILL EMOTIONAL.

How did you guys survive after the ending?

Without further ado I'd like to share my considerations and random opinions about the book )

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... And I'm back from the holidays!

I spent a week at the beach, it was really nice and I felt relaxed most of the time so I did enjoy it. I do love the sea. This time, strangely, it rained for three afternoons straight. Also the water was really, really warm even in the mornings. I think that climate change is involved and I hope that we'll find a way to save the Mediterranean sea (And also the people who constantly die there. That would be nice). It's such a beautiful place and for the first time it seemed really obvious that it is in serious danger.

I really wish I could take one more bath and enjoy the sun. I'm tanned! And I have photos to prove that. (And the fact that for three whole afternoons the sky was grey!)

I'm also very pleased to discover that I was nominated to [ profile] wicked_awards and SunnyD awards. THANKS SO MUCH, GUYS! <3 <3 <3 I'm so happy that you liked the stories (The nominated fics are "Beautiful Butterflies", two times, and "After The Fall". They are also favorites of mine and I enormously enjoy to write about Dru and I ship Spuffel so much!)

Here's the pretty buttons.

Thank you, really.

I also continued my HP reading marathon and I finished "HP and the Half-Blood Prince" and I've started "The Deathly Hallows". I'm seriously stopping every three words now because of feelings. And I already felt the tears coming a couple of times, especially when Harry found Lily's letter to Sirius.

It's gonna be great, guys. I think I'm going to handle the angst just like a mature, rational, adult person.

I just have so many feelings about these books and about Harry my bby boy. I actually took notes to talk about the most important things in "The Half-Blood Prince".

Yes, I'm a nerd )
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I can't believe that there are only two books left and the story will be over.

Maybe I'm gonna slow down and wait a bit more to start the sixth volume. (I wanted to be super-fast because these days I'm enjoying summer and I have a lot of free time on my hands so I can't read for fun) I'm also super-curious and emotionally invested so I can't stop myself. I promise nothing, but I wish I could enjoy this story as much as I can.

This story is so compelling! )
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Guys, I'm not done yet, but I have to share my feelings. I think that at the end of this HP reading marathon I will probably write something send me Drarry prompts because REALLY.

Everything happens so much.

- First of all: HERMIONE JEAN MOTHERFUCKING GRANGER. Okay, I know, I know! She was clever and capable since day one, but now she feels much more confident about her abilities and she comes up with the idea of Harry teaching Defense against the Dark Arts because she understands how important that is. I love the fact that she doesn't pick Harry to flatter her bestfriend's ego, but because he actually knows shit and he can really make the difference. Hermione's very protective towards Harry and Ron, but at the same time she doesn't care about anyone when it comes to *serious busness*.

- She's kinda ruthless? I mean, the punishment for the traitor in case Umbridge discovers the secret meetings, the way she scares Rita Seeker ... she even takes Voldy's idea to communicate with the other members of the secret club. Can you imagine how much the world would be fucked in case of dark!Granger? There would be no Chosen One to save the day. Mark me down as scared and slightly aroused.

- Umbridge sucks. She reminds me of a Literature teacher I despised. I can't wait to see her going down.

- I'm staring to hate Percy. Breaking Molly's heart sending back the matching sweater was one thing, but fuck, does he have to be so squishy with Fudge? This guy is so authority-whipped, he should grow a pair.

- Draco is soooo annoying and now he's even part of the Inquisitorial Squad. Can he be more slappable? At the same time I always find him very amusing because a) he's an incredible loser, b) he's such an artistic sassy little shit. He invented the song to mock Ron. He's always involved in these artistic projects like the "Potter sucks" things. He actually spends time making shiny things to express his feelings or thinking about funny lines. That's very creative! There's a bit of Ravenclaw in Draco.

- James Potter was an asshole. Seeing Snape's memory was painful. A kid always wants to know about his parents and he always hopes that they are awesome people. It hurts when you realize that your father is a jerk, it really hurts. I understand Harry's confusion and disappointment. Thinking about his amazing father always helped him and he faced so much pain, trauma and loss. It's not easy for him. And it feels somehow a brave decision from Rowling to show an unlikable James Potter after one probably has imagined him as a good guy all the time.

- The bullying scene felt so real and James and Sirius were two fucking assholes to use magic against Snape and James was so disgustingly arrogant. And yes, he was only 15 and that was just an episode and I know that he probably changed and became a better man. But ewwww. The exact kind of guy I hated when I was a kid.

- At the same time we have a confirmation that Snape is a racist little shit, but I honestly would really be that harsh with him about the insult of Lily? It felt like something horrible he said also because he was embarassed to be saved by a girl? I still don't know if he really believes in the pureblood bullshit.

- Lily is so much better than both Snape and Potter. Why did she married one of the assholes?

- Which is also Harry's question. XD It makes me laugh because this "enemies turning into lovers" trope is also pure drarry.

- Gary Oldman's Sirius was a much better godfather. Harry needs a reliable parental figure not someone who wants him to spice his life with more risk. Wtf, Sirius?
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm enjoying Summer afternoons and eating way too much these days. I'm also reading the Harry Potter saga for the first time (I watched the movies only two years ago) and I'm posting these kind-of reviews to talk about the characters, my first impressions and stuff. Because *I have so many feelings*.

Today I'm posting the commentary about the first part of "HP and the Order of the Phoenix", because I'm still in the middle of the book and I already have so many thoughts about it so I need to bother you.

It's also DanRad's birthday! I'm developing such a crush on him. He's cute and funny and has totally sexy body hair. I can't wait to see his new movie and fangirl like a mad.

But anyway

HP and the Order of the Phoenix - part I )
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And the "Kiki reads HP" saga continues. I finished the fourth book and now I have to read the fifth. Guys, I'm drowing in the feels already, I don't know if that's normal.

At first I lol'd but then ... )
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Who just finished "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"? Who did that?

Me! :D It's really late here and I just finished the third book of the series. Of course I also read the second book, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" yesterday. This saga is really cool and is such a pleasure to read! You just want to go on and on, without getting bored. Really awesome, Rowling.

So here some really lame first impressions because it's too late to function and I also don't have interesting ideas on my own.

Spoilers? )
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Guys, guys, GUYS! I finally read my first Harry Potter book, yay! *throws confetti at self*

I know, I know! I'm definitely late to the party and I'm an adult now and the saga starts with a book that's really for kids, but I FUCKING LOVED IT and it was so amusing and the worldbuilding is so interesting! I can't wait to read the second one! I'm really curious to see the differences between the books and the movies and I loved the first one so I'm motivated to continue. Yeah, I'm giggly because funny books make me happy.

I'd like to share few superficial impressions about the first book, because I don't know if I can say something original and I'm sure you're much more familiar with the saga and have more insights on the characters and the plot, but anyway.

I loved ALL THE CHARACTERS! I love everyone in this bar! X3 From Harry to Hermione, Ron, Minerva ... even Severus, who seems terrible from Harry's POV and Draco who is a little shit. They are reliable characters, rounded and well-written and they are interesting. Severus Snape, for example, gives off this vibe of ambiguity about him and you want to know more about him and about his past with Harry's dad and why he's so hostile to Harry. He's interesting after you discover that he's not the Big Bad of the first book.

Harry's aunt and uncle are disgusting and gross, but they are such cartoonish villains in a way. They reminded me of Matilda's parents and Harry's kinda like Matilda herself: the strangest little kit who finds friends and true family at school. You go, Harry! He's such a sassy little guy and I like the fact that he's basically clueless about everything but he doesn't take that bad. He's cool beans, really. His only true pain is related to the loss of his parents, poor baby. (How can his own aunt be so cruel to her sister's son? Ugh)

Ron is SO SMART! I remember that in the movies he was kinda like the dumb sidekick and we laughed because of his funny faces. But really, he doesn't seem that scared of everything and he even punches Draco in the face (You go, Ronald!) Neville is much more the terrified bullied little guy, while Ron seems to be more confident. He just feels inferior because of his older brothers and I'm so happy that, in the end, he sees his value recognized by Dumbledore. That was amazing.

Can you explain me why Dumbledore is a Gryff? So far he seems very clever, manipulative and calculating. I'm impressed by his way to test Harry and prepare his future army. It was very smart. Why he's not a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw, since those seem the houses for the cunning/wise guys? Anyway I liked him and I can see why Harry is so attracted to him (Although a part of me is sad because Harry doesn't know what it feels to be loved and appreciated without being used and he was the guy who left him in an abusive home but he's so eager for an older parental figure. Poor baby!)

McGonagall is an absolute QUEEN and I'm so happy that she's played by Maggie Smith in the movies, because I love Maggie Smith. Hagrid is such a total sweetheart! He's so loving and he would have been a much more fit guardian to Harry and I'm sure he would have showered him with all his love and care and Harry would have known what it feels to be loved. Aaaww. Hermione is adorable.

Draco is such a little shit! OMG XD He's even pathetic at times, because he's such a spoiled, immature child, but the first meeting with Harry was cute and they hate each others so much: THE SOLID FOUNDATION OF EVERY SUCCESSFUL OTP. I'm into it! *w*

Really, I couldn't ship Draco with Neville because it would seem so unfair to poor Neville who really suffers a lot for Draco's cruelty, but Harry is so into the game. He's like: yeah, bitch, let me show you why I'm better than U! And of course Draco is livid because of that. Amusing and it builds the tension for when they are grown up.

Loved the shopping for the wand, Snape's first lesson and the Quidditch first match! The scene with Harry in front of the mirror made me sad and also when Dumbledore went to see wounded Harry. Baby!

On a side note, do you know that in the original Italian translation they translated Ravenclaw with "Pecoranera" (Blacksheep)? What the hell?! XD I'm happy they changed it later.

(Btw I'm also watching S2 of True Detective and eventually I'll make a post about it)

(Also my beta is out of town, so I wrote another ficlet but it won't be published until 16 of July. I didn't forget the challenge! Hope you'll wait)


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