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I'm crying and laughing. This is hysterical XD

Give this man his own reality show, please.

And today is the Election Day for UK. Good luck, guys! <3
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Hi guys, how are you? Still with the flu myself, but feeling better. Also, my dad is home. I'm happy. <3 Happy International Women's Day once again!

Since I'm having free time, I was uncertain if it was time to embark in the journey of re-reading HP (I feel like I need to deepen my knowledge, so I'm not a fake fangirl!!) or watch the movie "Elle" with Isabelle Huppert, in order to understand what was the fuss all about. I did the latter and, pity me, that movie is shit.

You know the basic premise, right? A middle-aged successful business woman gets raped in her house. I was under the impression that she was on the path for revenge, but no. Not at all. At least, not in a sense that we - as actual human beings - would understand.

Because the character portrayed by Huppert isn't a "real woman", she's just a fantasy. A male fantasy, given the fact that a man wrote this shit and another man chose it as subject to his movie.

Anyway, since this thing is bullshit I won't bother with respecting the spoilers rule. Also I won't talk much about a movie that, IMO, is an uneven mess, only blessed by the grace of an actress who can substain two hours of utter bullshit.

Lots of storylines put there and never fully developed, a protagonist who seems to be a sociopath herself, so the audience doesn't even bother with compassion, a calm and polite exchange with the rapist who is also called as emergency contact by the victim and the wife of said rapist (BTW, you understand who is he very soon) who thanks the victim for understanding her husband's special needs. And a random French actor who looks like Benito Mussolini. //that's gross tbh

It's kinda hilarious because it's so detached from anything remotely real, you can't possibly feel emotion.


Feb. 25th, 2017 03:33 pm
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During my post-lunch naps I have dreamed of fandom stuff.

Guys, listen:

1) Dreamed about the ending of Game of Thrones. I literally dreamed that Jon Snow was resurrected by the god of light just to serve as human sacrifice for Lady Stoneheart. In my dream, she bathes in his blood and her body absorbs Jon Snow's body until she gets bigger and bigger like a monster in a Japanese videogame. When she's the godzilla of Westeros, she conquers it and the darkness envelopes the whole thing as she establishes her reign. End of GoT according to my subconscious. Wow, dark.

2) Dreamed about BtVS in which there's a me self-insert. But it's also not really me, as I look like one of my friends (I'm blond and thin like her, at some point, and I have her fashion sense which involves cute shorts and boots) I'm in a cinema-party of some sort and I'm sitting near Angel when, at some point, I feel the urge to go to the bathroom. As I go to the bathroom, he shifts from Angel to Angelus and I escape from the little window in the back. // Stuff that I don't remember, confused stuff // I discover that trusting Angel is bad - who knew? - and I go into to the library from some research on his soul. I'm also really scared about meeting him and try to go out just when it's daylight, but also no because it's dark very soon. Realising that I'm fucked, I try to exit the library and go to my car fearing for my life and suddenly it's daylight again and Buffy appears, but she's brunette and looks like this:

And she goes like: "You too, huh?" Clearly, I'm in love with her. Pity that the dream doesn't continue.

I think that being a fangirl is ruining my subconscious. Also, maybe, Freud would argue something about my mom.

Luckily, tonight dream just involved me swimming, sea, sea creatures, sand, water and more swimming ... I think I might want to go to the beach!
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If you want to amuse yourself and endorse your OTP (I can't believe Drarry is only 9%, GUYS!!)

Buzzfeed poll about HP ships:

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Hi guys! I should be studying but I'm still extremely done.

I watched the Germany VS France match and it was hilarious. Also I found this test (Because apparently now there are also the variants: "what do you like to be" and "your MBTI boyfriend") It's pretty accurate in my case. I'm still INFJ in this one, but I've always loved the idea of being more rational and less affected by emotions - even though I'm now learning to appreciate more and more emotional people and myself for it - but being a *cool mastermind* could be awesome. LOL at the attraction type one.

Jung Explorer Test
Actualized type: INFJ
(who you are)
INFJ - "Author". Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.

Preferred type: INTJ
(who you prefer to be)
INTJ - "Mastermind". Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty. A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population.

Attraction type: ISFJ

(who you are attracted to)
ISFJ - "Conservator". Desires to be of service and to minister to individual needs - very loyal. 13.8% of total population.

Take Jung Explorer Test
personality tests by

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Basically shitposting but whatever, I'm too sleepy.

The new Sorting system of Ilvemorny is the "sorting" system that Joss Whedon used for his characters in Buffy XD


And Buffy, of course, is "the hand".

LOL. Of course, if you come in America, you have to consider Buffy. And I'm super-tired.

Edit: anyway, apparently, we have a similar imagery of the Hogwarts Sorting with the Horned Snake as Slytherin (In the writing he says that he belongs in the family of the protagonist, who is related to a Gaunt) Thunderbird Ravenclaw and so on. Except that if you consider the definitions, I would say that Gryffindors are the "adventures" - except when they are not, see Hermione Granger - but I can see the parallels. Aww, funny boxes to put people in!
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OMG, guys.

If you go on Pottermore now, you can see the first photoset of the actors being in character: Harry, Ginny and their son Albus. It's weird and I'm having weird reactions.

The actors themselves look so cool! I love Ginny's haircut (The actress resembles Julie Walters with her red hair and especially the whole look sweater + long skirt) But they look ANCIENT. Like, old in the spirit, if you know what I mean.

It looks like a Prom photoset from twenty years ago, when everybody got married with their high-school sweetheart and at the ripe age of 40 they looked like they have been through a long, loooooong life. (??? LOL I'm using this sort of suburban imagery from American television shows, IDEK) Except that the actor who plays Harry looks kinda hot. I don't know, but his whole stony look with the scar and everything ... I might have a HJP sexual related problem here, I'm not denying anything.

I just want them to divorce and have crazy sex with ALL THE PEOPLE. Is that normal? XD

Anyway, I must go study now. See you laterssssss.
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Guyyyys! Your comments are amazing and they gave me so much food for thought (And I literally want ALL the pretty #aesthetics, [ profile] carlyinrome ◕ω◕✿)

Right now, [ profile] quinara pointed me in this post direction, in which she also tries to put our faves into these funny little boxes. It's really interesting because there's also an indepth explanation of the 8 functions according to Jung. Useful to understand this stuff.

These sort of things make me curious, I enjoy reading and knowing more about psychology and social studies and tests made by people who want to categorize other people. LOL.

I discovered this -->

That also has cute drawings in it and the personality types look so adorable! They are color coded! Violet for the "analysts", green for the "diplomats" and so on. Apparently I'm an INFJ, so I'm in the green diplomatic section. Super-cute. My guy has a beard of wisdom.

And there's this section called "Sentinels" which, I guess, are the people who are naturally disposed to protect other people and there's this type called "THE DEFENDER" (ISFJ) and I guessed that it was Buffy Summers or Harry Potter's type and it would be so cool if that's true mostly because of the name. Perfect. (Hermione Granger is officially put into ISTJ. I repeat, Hermione Granger is officially there!)

And, just like the horoscope (But I hope with a much more solid scientifical base), this thing tells you everything about romantic relationships, parenting, friendships and so on. Amaze.

Have fun reading! XD

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Hi guys, how are you?

Still looking for a beta for the [ profile] multi_genfic story featuring a Harry Potter lady of the past. I'd like to post it this week, if that's possible.

I'm also getting even more blind? And I don't know how it can be even possible, because I have the same sight of a bat, but. My eyes hurt all the times these days and I know I shouldn't be spending so much time on the internet (reading!!) I live on the edge. But, really, I think I might be in need of a new pair of glasses. Or a new pair of eyes.

Latest pointless contributions to the fandom: I did a Harry Potter meme you can share/do, if you like, and mini-Hermione gifted us with her new art featuring Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco.

Let's see, shall we? )

I'm also pleased to say that mini-Hermione, aged 9, is already furious because people treat boys and girls differently.

I'm so freaking proud.

Anyway, self-made meme.

Which HP character are you?

Harry Potter
[] Brave
[] Master degree in bitchface
[] 1100% made of Sass
[] Natural leader
[] Relies on insticts and feelings
[] Forced to mature very quickly
[] Abuse survivor
[] Rage issues
[] Talented but lazy
[] Forgiving and compassionate
Total =

Hermione Granger
[] Overachiever, perfectionist
[] Motherly
[] Little ball of anxiety, terrified of failure
[] Wants social concord so bad
[] Will fight your ass 24/7 anyway
[] Insides of steel
[] Do what is right
[] Emotional
[] Fucking hair why???
[] Angry feminist
Total =

Ron Weasley
[] Childhood phobia
[] Inferiority complex issues
[] Best kisser
[] Ginger ftw
[] Engaged in a bromance
[] Loyal until the end
[] Scary mom
[] Bickering in love
[] Big family
[] Strategist
Total =

Neville Longbottom
[] In love with plants
[] Cinnamon roll
[] Raised by grandparents
[] Will forget his own ass if it wasn’t attached to his body
[] Accident prone
[] Shyness overcome
[] Will fight for what is right
[] Terrified of one teacher
[] Why is it always me?
[] Sleepovers fan
Total =

Luna Lovegood
[] Eccentric
[] Body and self positivity
[] Believes in anything
[] Blonde
[] Cares about animals
[] Enjoys collecting peculiar things
[] Likes to paint
[] Lonely child
[] High pinched shrill when pissed
[] Loves dancing
Total =

Draco Malfoy
[] Trash baby
[] Secretly very emotional
[] Would do anything for his family
[] Moves around followed by squad
[] Committed to *the aesthetic*
[] Creative af
[] Witty replies
[] 300% obsessed with Harry Potter
[] Learned to bottle up emotions in the hard way
[] Drama queen
Total =

Ginny Weasley
[] The Beyoncé of her squad
[] Athletic and strong
[] Mini-skirt fan
[] Youngest sibling
[] Childhood trauma survivor
[] Secret valentines to her crushes
[] Great at flirting
[] Sports fan
[] Fearless
[] Quick-tempered
Total =

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Hi guys, quick post before I go to bed.

I'm still waiting for my goddamn laptop to be ready. Yesterday the assistance guy said that it was ready and today he said that it needs the keyboard replaced. Wtf?? I feel like he's kidding me. (Also I'm cut off my email address and tumblr, because I don't remember the passwords, so if I don't answer to emails or stuff like that you know why. Sorry!)

I saw the Victor Frankestein 2015 movie. I couldn't wait the Italian release date (April!) to see DanRad and James McAvoy's prettiness combined.

Honestly I don't know why this movie got so many bad reviews? Okay, it's not the greatest movie of the year. There are some things I would change too and the ending is a bit messy and, yes, it doesn't say anything particularly new (But what does?) Still, it's a good movie. The acting is really good, it's shot with grace and the script is interesting.

I think I'm used to 348543 episodes of character development now, so I've always feel like "you're going too fast!" everytime I watch a movie and this one in particular had so many stuff that could have been developed better and deeper, but that's pretty much the movie format for you.

I don't get the hate. I think it's a nice movie. Good see it and let me know! I want to watch it again and watch it when it comes in my country.

(I'll eventually post a much more detailed and spoilery review)
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Hi guys, how are you doing?

I'm making the most useless post ever just because it won't stop raining and I already slept too much and [ profile] red_satin_doll shares my interest in Buffyverse fashion.

I also like to inform you that yesterday I ate one of the most delicious things ever. Ravioli with capesante (How do you call those in English? It's a species of scallop) and shrimp with orange and lemon flawored butter. OH GOD, heaven. (Although apparently I have weird taste or, at least, I really like strong stuff in kitchen and my friends don't) If anyone has the recipe for that or knows something like that just tell me because it was delicious!

Anyway I would like to rant about JKR choosing the wrong profession for Harry, but let's start with the fashion post and under the cut you can find the prettyness!

(NO SPOILERS. Also I will consider only the outfits inside the issues, not the cover)

FAVORITE FASHION ITEMS IN S10 OF BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Of course, the season is WIP so it's an incomplete list) )

So, that's it. My pointless post about BtVS fashion.

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Guuuyys! How is it going? Everyone's fine?

I hope so. As you probably already know, I'm planning another Drarry fic but from Lucius Malfoy's POV. Doubts: should I shift from Lucius's POV to Draco and/or Harry? Is Lucius capable of redemption of some kind?

Full disclosure: I do believe that Lucius loves his son and wants him to survive, but I also believe that he's emotionally abusive af and he probably doesn't even realize that, because he grew up with a strict father himself and he thinks that fathers just behave that way normally. So yeah, it's a pretty fucked up relationship (I LOVE THOSE) because it's between people who truly care for the other and at the same time are hurting the other. And, of course, it's Lucius who is hurting Draco. Draco, as young boy and then adolescent son, doesn't have the power and the authonomy to hurt his father.

But also: I despise Lucius as a person, as a racist asshole supporter of magic!Hitler, so if I make him recognize his huge mistake, because he just has to in my fic, that would be OOC? (And, don't worry, I don't plan to transform Lucius in Saint Lucius follower of Hermione 2.0. He's still an aristocratic ass anyway) I do think he understood how wrong everything was when his son and wife - and himself scared shitless - where suffering in their own house.

Also why did I have these fic ideas?

Anyway. Talking about shit fathers: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? *points to the latest BtVS issue*

The Return of Hank Summers )

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Guys, guys, guys! I just want to inform you that I'm reading Harry/Draco fics. Like a lot during this weekend. I don't even know why.

I know that it's maybe wrong, but I love this enemies to lovers thingy and, honestly, doesn't Draco sound suspicious to you? Always obsessed with Harry and always trying to be mean to him but miserably failing and being so hopeless. I don't know. Tumblr prompted some stuff and now I'm reading a lot because there are so many lovely fics on AO3 and I'm curious! (I imagine it's a very popular pairing, so that's not just me) Also Daniel Radcliffe is totally hot now that he's all grown up. Yeah, I said it and I believe it.

Do you, by any chance, have some interesting recs? I like post-Hogwards stuff (I don't like underage) and angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, romance, smut and I found out that I just adore established relationship drarry. I think it's cute when two mortal enemies become husbands.

Yeah, I'm trash. 
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I'm failing at life and my sleeping schedule is still the most fucked up thing ever.

So I'm spending my time watching random episodes of Bones. (I stopped watching the series after S6, I guess) Basically it's still the same show: nothing ever changes, everybody is happy ever after, all the couples are straight, monogamous and with kids. Heteronormativity for the win. Also all the characters are noble and good - they all have an abusive childhood (But who cares about writing what really happens after abuse?) so you can feel sorry for them and admire them while they save the day. Booth and Brennar are tru wuv forevah and so on.

But I feel off and there's David Boreanaz there. He's so cute and I like when he smiles. So so cute.

WARNING: spoilers, sarcasm.

Things I watched )
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I can't believe this shit XDD

So Red John was ... )

Norse myth

Apr. 17th, 2013 06:48 pm
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... I tried to make some Buffy icons with Microsoft Office. ò_ò
I've never made icons before and I didn't even know what program I needed to use. The results were like when you don't even know how to cook a decent pasta and you're already planning to make a stunning parmigiana or an homemade pizza. Disastrous, in one word.
I saved just one icon, a Triangle one, 'cause pretty. And, you know, there are some incredible icon-makers in the Buffy fandom. I love their works! All the icons I use are made by someone else (I think that there are some without the author's name. If you know the icons, if they are yours, please claim it) and I'm grateful for their talent. Thank you for making such pretty icons. I love you! <3
Here my only icon. Pretty and alone


Now I'm thinking about a fanmix ... do you prefer something to download or just listen from youtube? 
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I just watched the last episode of Spartacus: War of Damned.
My main reason to watch the show is the slash between Agron/Nasir, even if I don't think that they are so interesting - or hot - later. The sex scene in season premiere left me totally indifferent. :/ But I don't have anything to watch at the end of the week and Doctor Who starts in March, if I understood correctly.
Spartacus isn't very accurate about Roman society and the historical context. There are too many mistakes and, actually, the show is like 300, a big giant comic with lots and lots of blood, porn and blood. Which, I guess, it's acceptable. It isn't the kind of show you watch to understand the history. It's just something fun and light. And, you know, I was kinda on board last year, because I thought that Agron was cute and so, whatevs, I'm watching it.
BUT. Seriously.
I just watched episode 3x02, Wolves at the Gate (Uh! Like BtVS Season Eight) and I. SAW. CEASAR.

I saw Spartacus version of Ceasar.
I just can't. I can't even EVEN

This guy is Ceasar according to Starz )



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