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Hi guys! Who came up with even more prompts for the [ profile] hd_familyfest?

Exactly. Your girl Kiki, who should definetely STOP to get all mellow over fictional families (NEVER STOP). Guys, if you like family fics just as much as me, go there and leave a prompt. I can't wait to read aalllll the stories.

Stuff happened: I cut my hair again. Soon I will produce photographic evidence, I guess. This time around I'm not completely sure over the haircut because, surprisingly, I think it's too short on the back (It's still a bob, supposedly) I did such a GOOD, DIFFICULT job in keeping it growing and maybe I should have said to the hairdresser that I wanted to not regret my life choices. But alas, it happened and there's no point in crying over spilled milk. Also, more comfort for the Summer.

Since we're here,

Leave the pencil emoji --> ✏️ and I will write down an headcanon for the character/pairing of your choice.

Leave the fire emoji (🔥) if you want to enjoy an unpopular opinion over a character/plot/series of your choice. If you send me this 🎀 I will ask you.
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Guys, guys, look what I found on Tumblr! *C*

Oh man. In ten days I'll add the tens 3 to my age. *panics*

Should I do this? Mmmmhhh.

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Guys, send me a character and I'll tell you why I'm similar to him/her/they.
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Oh guys, pls let's do this! XD

send 6 characters/people and i’ll tell you who i would:


  • do the sexy love™ with
  • sacrifice myself for
  • kick
  • take to prom
  • abandon in jurassic park
  • push off a bridge
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Fave girls to live an adventure with! 

1) Buffy Summers as the most obvious. Clearly she's the first choice that comes to mind. After watching seven seasons and loving her adventures and characterization, it would be SO COOL to actually meet her and be a slayer or something. If I only could! And, does it count as cheating to put in here also Dawn and Willow? Because that's the whole Scooby gang package (Minus the boys which is even better, lol)

2) I would LOVE to be a vengeance demon of some sort and see the whole History of humankind unfolding as I chat with Anyanka. GOALS.

3) Minerva McGonagall and, please, let me be able to trasform myself into a cat! I want that too! 

4) Kalinda Sharma, because she's the coolest and smoothest and I would learn SO MUCH by being near her.

5) Clara Oswald because she's basically becomes her own Doctor and we could travel IN SPACE AND TIIIIME!

Adorable dorks

1) Elsbeth Tascioni. Absolute and adorable dork with fun jacket patterns. I love her so much. She has the funniest, most random lines and she's a motherfreaking GENIUS. I wish I was that clever!

2) Marissa Gold, awwwww. She has dorky moments and she's also very clever and witty. I love her so much. I love The Good Fight ladies.

3) Leslie Knope. I loooove Parks and Rec, it amuses me so much! I love Leslie because she's generous, kind and ambitious. She wants to make the best of her time and she's so energetic (I don't know how she manages, tbh!) And she has the most wonderful, quotable, funny DORK MOMENTS EVER. QUOTES TO PROVE IT: "Ann, you are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox" (I love her love for Ann), "OVARIES BEFORE BROVARIES, UTERUSES BEFORE DUDERUSES", "Winning is every girl's dream", "Clipboard mouth! Clipboard mouth!" Incredible.

4) Obligatory Buffy and Willow, c'mon. The goats quote, "I'm nice to meet", "Fire bad, tree pretty", "I like pancakes ‘cause they’re stackable", "I wish Buffy was here. I wish I had a million dollars", "I'll try for quiet rage, bye!" ... Do I need to continue? (OMG, I love the Buffyverse women! There are also Cordy, Anya ... aaww)

(Does a homicidal evil goddess count as dork? Because I would like to add also Glory to this list. She's such a fun villain! IDK XD)

5) Amy Brookheimer (Veep) more like neurotic self. She screams a lot, it's fun. "I've eaten hummus with a pen cap. Don't tell me how I can eat!"

Girls who I think deserved better endings

As I wrote in a previous comment, I'm not so much for that "She deserved better!" rethoric. Either a story is good - whether is tragic or not - or is not. And when a story is not good, I generally stop following it without remorse. I don't have time for bad narrative, tbh.

But in the context of the question and considering good stories which where actually disappointing just at the end, here's my answer:

1) VANESSA IVES as a perfect example of an engaging, intriguing story that, IMO, ended badly. "It was foretold", that's what the author said about the ending, but with all due respect many things were foretold during the three seasons arc and didn't happen. I still don't buy that final choice about Vanessa, but maybe it's just me.

2) And, since we're talking about Penny Dreadful, I would also add Mina. Her death is quite symbolic and starts the "other arc" of Vanessa's life. (And Sir Malcolm) But maybe for an AU idea, it would have been nice to see Mina and Vanessa together again.

3) Donna Noble & Rose Tyler? Not a big fan of RTD's run, I'm more a Moffat girl myself. I LAUGH at the whole idea of Rose being with the Faux Doctor. Most hilarious thing ever! WTF? XD

4) Robin Scherbatsky and the gross epilogue of HIMYM. For obvious and clear and totally justified reasons.

5) Miranda Hamilton just because I love her so much. I would probably have saved her, despite everything.

 I want to rescue from their horrible narratives

1) Vanessa Ives, I would rewrite her ending.

2) Another character from Penny Dreadful (Thinking about it, I remembered all the wrong choices) Angelique is the epithome of "she deserved better". I would LITERALLY go there and kill that motherfucking stupid asshole Dorian Gray with my own two hands to protect her. She just wanted to be loved and accepted! She deserved better.

3) Obviously Sansa Stark and all the ladies who had the misfortune to meet Ramsay Bolton.

4) Diane Lockhart, when the authors decided to make her miserable for no reason.

5) When I watched Supernatural (Centuries ago and I'm glad I dropped that) kinda all the ladies in the show. That casual misogyny though.

That I would love to kiss

OH MAN. I have many crushes for fictional characters and actors/actresses who play them. PLS DON'T JUDGE ME!

1) Buffy Summers, obviously, since forever.

2) Okay, don't judge me here, but I have difficulties with the thinking process everytime Melisandre shows her boobs on screen. There's a lot of boob showing in Game of Thrones, you know, but Melisandre is the one who does it for me. Is it maybe because she's so mysterious and dangerous and having sex with her could lead to bad stuff? I should tell my therapist about this. Anyways ... she's hot.

3) Okay, okay, I admire Diane Lockhart too much to think about her in that way. I wouldn't want to complicate the relationship with lusty feelings, because I would love to have her as a mentor/teacher/guide. I admire her SO MUCH. But thinking about Alicia Florrick though ... OH MAN! What about emotionally unavaible women? Kalinda too but IDK, Alicia always wears those tight dresses and she's more enigmatic in terms of emotional involvement. Also she's powerful and very controlled and so feminine, and she's the wife of that asshole Peter Florrick and it would be technically infidelity behind his back ... I'm not gonna add anything else. (Don't judge me)

4) Lucy Liu IN REAL LIFE, but especially in Charlie's Angel when she flips her hair.

5) Ruth Wilson IN REAL LIFE, but especially in "The Affair" and also as Alice Morgan, although maybe that's a bad idea, so just in "The Affair".

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Posting my LJ answers for the LADIES MEME here too, in a proper topic format, so if you would like to talk more about the LADIES we could totally do that! Honestly, I have a bad memory and, while I was trying to remember all the things I've watched for answering the meme, I got nostalgic.

LADIEZZZZZ! Are great.

And you know what else is great? Captain Flint's ginger beard in the first season, and his appetite for absolute destruction. LOL.

But first the LADIEZ.

Favorite villains

1) DarkWillow. Don't judge me, I think she's great! She has an amazing potential that partly goes to waste, when they decide to downplay her struggle with her dark side as "addiction". GURL WHEDON! *glares* But in the three episodes featuring this character we have some amazing and iconic scenes (For example: Willow literally absorbing power and knowledge from the books, woooow!) and we could have had it all, as Adele says.

2) Lady Macbeth, LOLOLOL. Is she a villain being technically also a protagonist in the play? Cunning and ruthless, would "smash a child's head" (She says that!) and yet, an incredible complex character. The best female character Shakespeare ever wrote? I let you people judge.

3) Medea, LOL x1000. I think she's the actual first female character who does something so horrible and so unforgiving - as society we put so much effort in the celebration of motherhood and its sacrality - and yet she's so sympathetic during the whole play! A woman who was betrayed by her husband (The husband she helped, condemning her original family) a woman who has no place in the Greek society, seen as inferior for her female nature and her origins. A woman who was powerful and knowledgable in her own country, who is hurting in so many ways but first and foremost intellectually. Also, the cautionary tale of what passions can do to a human being, but I feel like bro Euripides just wanted to shoot fires at his own social tissue. Rightfully so.

4) Vera Claythorne (Especially in the latest television adaptation which I saw 500 times!) OMGGGGG. She was created by Agatha Christie and, actually, everybody knows about the version of the tale where she's innocent and she survives the island. First final girl in what is, essentially, a gore horror tale. I love the fact that, in this late version, we explore her psyche and understand the reasons why she does what she does.

(LOL, I'm so protective over kids and I'm putting these characters in the list)

5) Alice Morgan from Luther. Do I have to explain this one? She's so amoral and so great. Ruth Wilson is A+++++.

Favorite protagonists

(I'll try to consider only protagonists in the strict sense, although the vast majority of things are male dominated)

1) Buffy Summers, my fave, my inspiration, my GPOY. I've said so much about her, I don't think I need to argument so much here. I LOVE BUFFY SUMMERS, I DO!

2) Nina Sayers (The Black Swan) Natalie Portman deserved that naked man statue. Along with her Nina, we can go deep into this sexual nightmare, but also, I think, into the identity of a perfectionist. Nina just wanted to be perfect. She dedicated her whole life in achiving an impossible goal which is to become art itself. Of course she destroyes herself in the process and I feel so deeply for that. Perfectionism strikes a cord, also because I feel like, as women, we are compelled to constantly perform and perform perfectly. Our mistakes aren't just screw up, but characters flaws. I don't know if that makes sense, but I feel like perfectionism is also a female issue.

3) Alicia Florrick, LOLOLOL. While we're here talking about perfection. An epic journey feat. Julianna Margulies, actual queen of subtle acting. Engaging, great, complex character. 

4) Eleanor Rigby (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby) The most amazing portrayal of a mourning woman? This movie is just so beautiful and I especially adore the "Her" part. Jessica Chastain is wonderful.

5) Stella Gibson (The Fall) basically Gillian Anderson being the coolest. Her speeches give me life. Actual feminist hero.

Favorite Magical girls

(As in "witches and stuff, right? I'm not considering superheroes, due to the fact that they have their own question)

1) Willow. Okay, I've already mentioned her two times in this meme, I don't know if that's fair. But she's the witch in training of my formative years. Curious Willow who wants to learn magic! And do you see goats around? No, because she sacrified them!

2) I'm fascinated by Melisandre, but also I'm not? I loved her especially in the latest season of the show, when she starts to doubt her god and she questions her beliefs (Pity that she comes back from that too soon ... or does she?) On one side, there are clear references to actual historical religious figures and religion makes me feel uncomfortable and endangered. I firmly DO NOT LIKE people who never doubt and place all their knowledge in religion. UUUUUGGGH. On the other hand, she's fictional character and all, and we get to see her actual age and maybe figure out more about her past and nature in the future? I'm curious! I want to know more, I wish they would let us see all Melisandre's history from the beginning.

3) Illyria, who's actually called "god-king", BUT! Her gender seems fluid and not affected by the traditional dicotomy male/female, as I believe an ancient god who was there before civilization would be. I adore Illyria! Ancient, powerful, ruthless and yet struggling to understand her new nature as partly-human. I LOVE HER.

4) Hermione Granger. Obligatory and necessary. The greatest witch of her age. I dig her a lot in the books, especially when she starts her crusade for the house-elves' rights. She's not perfect and that makes her such a great, relatable character. I'm happy that so many girls had Hermione as role-model. One must thank JKR!

5) Pocahontas. Not actually magical ... except that she also talks to trees and stuff, so there's magic in her world? And anyway, she's kinda magical herself! I think I've already said this, but I LOVE THE WIND SONG! Also, such an inspiration character: wise, open-minded, understanding. She understands the value of compromise but also the need to be true to oneself and she becomes her own woman.

I wish they had a better development/writing 

To me, "horrible narratives" is actually wishing the characters had a better development or writing. A narrative can be tragic and horrible and yet still interesting. (Ex: Sansa Stark, who suffers a lot and yet becomes more intriguing. Or Miranda Hamilton who dies tragically and I felt so sad because she was my fave lady character in Black Sails, and yet it's kinda fitting to the narrative of tragedy and death) I can understand miserable and horrible in a certain context, I can't understand bad/lazy writing.

Better writing!

1) DARKWILLOW. LOL. Okay, okay, I've already said this, but it's my first example of wishing better writing. Dark!Willow had so much goddamn potential and she was anticipated and constructed in the canon and then ... magical cocaine! No.

2) Saint Blond Cordelia, do I need to add more?

3) Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful) WTF. WTFFFFFF! Great character, such a complex and vivid portrayal of a woman who wanted to belong to the light but was also deeply attracted to the dark side and, honestly, even more than that, when Vanessa rebels against both light and dark. Everything was great, everything was cool and Eva Green was working for that Emmy and then ... the most idiotic ending ever?? Not today, Satan, not today.

4) Fred Burkle, (AtS sucks with the ladies) Had better potential, was great in her solo episode during the Jasmine arc - when Fred was the only one to see the true face of that god - was written off as the lady who always needs some saving by the handsome and heroic men in the series. Her last episode is literally "ALL THE MEN WANT TO SAVE FRED". Not impressed.

5) I have a literal WANT TO SAVE HER situation about Sally Draper (Mad Men) Which contraddicts my post entirely, because her narrative is actually good and tragic but in a "well-written" way. And yet, AND YET! When she's forced, by the ending of the series, to take care of her mother and brothers when her father does the yoga coca-cola guru or something, I have the mighty need to go there on the back of a white stallion and save her from that misery. I LOVE SALLY! I want to save and protect Sally!

I will answer the others tomorrow. Night! <3


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This post is an actual effort to see if I can manage to use DW as first platform. It's kinda the same, right? And I didn't have the paid account anyway (Suck it, Russians!) Let's see how many people can reply over here or there and how's this whole thing works. 

With fun MEMES! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚

  • Send me a number and I'll write out my top 5 fictional women.
  • 1 - Protagonists
  • 2 - Villains
  • 3 - Superheroes
  • 4 - Magical Girls
  • 5 - Queens/Empresses/Royalty
  • 6 - Who are adorable dorks
  • 7 - That I'd invite to a sleepover/dinner party
  • 8 - That I'd want to go on an adventure with
  • 9 - That I'd want to be friends with
  • 10 - That I'd want to kiss
  • 11 - That I will love till the end of time
  • 12 - Who I think deserved better endings
  • 13 - I wish had better development/writing
  • 14 - I wish had better a love interest(s)
  • 15 - I want to rescue from their horrible narratives


Feb. 4th, 2017 09:45 pm
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Hi guys, how are you?

Currently spending another Saturday at home and feeling a little bummed out because of it, but also still incredibly tired for no reason? I don't even know. Apparently I've lost my will to exist somewhere. I hope you're doing better.

I'm proud to announce that I've finally finished my [ profile] hp_goldenage story! I had to rewrite the whole second part, because it wasn't really working for me, and now I believe it does and I sent it to my beta for Grammar check, but it's basically done. Yay! I need to thank [ profile] felixfvlicis for helping me out with the rewriting process. Your suggestions were everything!

And, because I'm a mess like that, I have decided to partecipate to [ profile] hd_remix and I completed the form. I'm officially in the game now! And here's the beautiful banner for the fest:

(Art by upthehillart​ banner by [ profile] snowgall)

The sign-ups are open until February 10th, so if you want to partecipate fill the form and join me in this cool new thing!

I've never been in a fest like this one (Well, it was literally my first time in all the fests I've been! XD) But the idea of taking inspiration from a already existing story and writing it from another angle or POV or whatever is SO EXCITING! I can't wait to read my assignments and try to figure out how to do this thing. I'm loving all these writing challenges. ♥

And I'm still sleepy despite having slept to much? DAMN. Meme-time!

Stolen from [ profile] frelling_tralk

Name an episode (or episodes, as many as you like) from one of my shows and I will tell you the following about it. (+Movie/books, in my case)

What I like about it.

What I don't like about it.

Favorite line.

Best performance.

A scene/idea from it that's particularly interesting to me.

Something I would have changed to make the episode better.
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I saw this one and why don't try it too? I'm sooooo curious!

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I just posted about how disappointed I'm in all the characters on the goddamn show called "The Affair" (Except for Ruth Wilson's character because she's a gem) and I found the Hogwarts Houses logo with dinosaurs as house animals, which is hilarious and ingenious. I can't believe this is the first time someone actually did it.

I would like to torture you all even more with my opinion on stuff and just rambling because I took a pill for my headache and I feel mellow and chatty.

First of all, on this very day MY OWLS HAVE ARRIVED! *w* The owls I was waiting from [ profile] hd_owlpost. The fest in which you leave some prompts and they send you gifts. I'm soooo pleased. Fandom fests are SO COOL!

Also, I would like to apoligise in advance to those who are following me on Tumblr: I'm spamming you with ALL THE THINGS Yuri On Ice. I'm so sorry, please don't block me. It's just ... they are so perfect and the artworks are amazing and, so very often, incredibly hilarious.

Speaking of which: I saw the Sherlock episode that aired yesterday, "The Six Tatchers". Without spoiling anything, but that super-dramatic moment at the end when I was supposed to feel teary and emotional? I kinda laughed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Badly done, worst acting. Not impressed by the author choices here, but the whole episode has a nice rhythm as always. I'll keep watching!

I found this meme: OTP ASK ME!, I wanna do it.

which one sexts like a straight white boy?

which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “guess who” thing?

who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

who had that embarrassing reality TV marathon?

who laughs more during sex?

who is the little spoon?
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Hi guys, how are you feeling? Still kinda bummed by the US elections, but I'm glad to see how many people are fighting and even joking about the new establishment. Sometimes irony is the best answer against sadness and defeat. I'd like to ask all my fellow LJ friends who are currently protesting/deciding to protest to please be careful. I've seen some concerning posts on Tumblr and I'm worried. Please, try to stay safe.

Anyway, because humanity is a disappointment, fandom was invented.

My last TOP 5 asked by [ profile] frelling_tralk

TOP 5 Spuffy Moments *pinches cheeks* )

Credits: gif1, gif2, gif4 and gif5 by marilynmay at

gif3 by aikobot, at
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Hello, guys! It's saturday night and I'm stuck at home. Boooooooredom.

I'm going to use this occasion to complete the penultimate question for the TOP 5 MEME. Gimme something else to do! Gimme something else to do!!! It's been a up and down week and I honestly can't wait for [ profile] hd_owlpost to start, because I feel a mightly need for new Draco/Harry stories and fandom interaction.

Also, we are in November

*obligatory gif usage*

And in this month there will be the election of the President of the USA. I'm absorbing a lot of Hillary hate from my cousins these days and I can't wait for this shit to end, thank you very much. I hope Trump will crawl back in whatever hole he came from.

Meanwhile [ profile] itsnotmymind asked for TOP 5 Buffyverse quotes!

This is so hard because BtVS is so quotable! )


Oct. 27th, 2016 09:56 pm
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I wanna do this.

Ask me "Top 5" stuff (You know my fandoms: HP, BtVS, Dollhouse and so on)

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Hi guys, how are you?

At the moment I'm super-anxious, so why not talk about stuff? If everything goes well and I don't die and Italy doesn't get crashed by an asteroid and my local book shop doesn't suck, tomorrow I'm going to finally buy my copy of "HP and the Cursed Child". I'M CRY. I'm just so curious and I want to see myself what this is all about.

Also, I finally had the chance to watch "Swiss Army Man" and, let me tell you, it's adorable! It's not a movie for everyone, there are farts, erections and masturbation involved. At times, it's puerile and silly, but it has such an heart. I confess, the masturbation monologue made me cry. And DanRad was on top of his game: best role ever. His character was a dead body who gradually came back to life (So, there's also that) and he had limited facial and body mobility and yet his Manny was able to convey joy, surprise, love, disappointment. Paul Dano portrayed Hank with grace and he was also amazing in conveying the more "feminine" traits of his character (Or, rather, "playing the girl" to allow himself the experience of being courted by Manny) The technical department of this movie deserves an Oscar: the objects made by Hank were SO COOL!

Aaand I'm going to stop right here, so I won't spoil too much. Anyway, lovely movie and gorgeous soundtrack. If you get the chance and you think you can handle a bit of grossness, give it a try.

Also, meme: Give me a character and ask me about his Hogwarts House.
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Apparently I'm meme-addicted and maybe it's annoying, but this is cool! This meme was created by [ profile] carlyinrome

Describe yourself in three fictional characters.

How to make a Kiki )
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My writer's block let me breathe and I wrote 1000 words today. Yaaas. It was supposed to be a romantic story and it's becoming a lady-centric introspective story. Mh. I have kinks, I guess.

My haircut is longer, messier and unmanageable in its current state. I actually didn't like the shape this hairdresser gave to it. It makes it so hard to give it any kind of body and, really, shape. I want to go back to my usual hairdresser!! (She's got married in June and took a vacation, I hope she's back to business now.) A growing pixie = THE WORST. So, I must find a solution before I'll become crazy, do you have any suggestions about cute pixie haircuts? My genre is that Michelle Williams' do. Also Emma Watson looked sooo much better with short hair (Am I the only one who thinks that?) but I don't want to get that short. No undercuts, pls.

Also, let me post a meme, just because. Stolen from [ profile] lokifan


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Hey fellow LJ user,

Do you happen to like children, parenting and family stories plus Drarry? You're in luck, because HD_Familyfest is officially begun! Yayyyyyyyyy! *___*

Join [ profile] hd_familyfest
Posting from Sep 10 - 25
Reveals: October 1

I may or may have not wrote something for the fest (I DID) and I also left prompts for other authors to fill, so I'm gonna sit here, relax and enjoy the fest. I'm so excited! Maternal feelings are my weakness.

While my writer's block still kicks me in the ass and makes me very grumpy, I'm stealing a meme from [ profile] ever_neutral. Hope she'll soon become a meme overlord to rule us all.

--> comment with an on-screen character/idol/whatever and i'll reply with visuals of my favorite hair/outfit(s)/~LOOK~ for them

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I stole this meme because I'm having the writer's block and it sucks. (; ̄д ̄)

hermione granger or ronald weasley (Sorry Ronald. But if I have to choose ...)

avada kedavra or expelliarmus

elder wand, resurrection stone, or invisibility cloak (I kinda love all of them though? Even the Resurrection stone. Maybe the Resurrection stone most of all?)

ravenclaw, slytherin, hufflepuff, or griffindor (Obligatory house pride, I guess)

dumbledore’s army or the order of the phoenix

➵ the first or the last harry potter film (Deathly Hallows PART ONE)

➵ diagon alley or hogsmeade

➵ yule ball or bill and fleur’s wedding

house cup or the triwizard tournament

➵ potions or defence against the dark arts

➵ dragons or house-elves

More questions under the cut )
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Stealiiinnng a memeee.

Stealing a meme. This one was originally posted by [ profile] endeni, but I think it could be nice to spread it around. I want to ask literally ALL these questions to the many ficwriters we have here on LJ, so.

In other ficwriting news: I submitted as pinch hitters of [ profile] hd_erised. I hope I get to write something for that fest! I took the liberty to link [ profile] ever_neutral and [ profile] ladykikuri in case of questions about me? Mostly because ladykikuri knows everything about my loser self and ever_neutral could suggest terrible plot ideas for an eventual fic. (I hope you get to do it. Make us suffer, yaaaay!)

Buffyweek on Tumblr is making me happy.


1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

2) what work of yours, if any, are you the most embarrassed about existing?

3) what order do you write in? front of book to back? chronological? favorite scenes first? something else?

the rest )

Meme time

Jul. 12th, 2016 09:08 pm
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The LJ posting format on my journal is still freaking out. I don't know why.

Also super-tired and super-anxious, so MEME!

Send me a fandom

and i will name a character…

who i will protect at all costs:
who deserves better:
who was killed off too early:
who i used to hate but now i love:
who i used to love but now i hate:
who needs to be killed off asap:
who is unfairly hated:
who is unfairly loved:
who needs to sort out their priorities:
who needs a hug:
who needs to get out of their current relationship:
who the writers love:
who needs a better storyline:
who has an amazing redemption arc:
who is hot af:
who belongs in jail:
who needs to be revived from the dead:


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