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Guys, hi!

I know that many of you are devoted Tom Felton's fans (And some of you post incredible Tom-appreciation picspams, lol [ profile] felixfvlicis) so I guess I already have a keen audience for this one.

I've watched the movie "Feed" with Troian Bellisario and Tom Felton himself and I must tell you: IT'S GOOD. I won't spoil anything, but I can say that Tom has an important role in the movie and his character is pivotal to the protagonist's journey in a peculiar way. Watch and see.

What actually impressed me was Troian's performance as the main character, Olivia, and the fact that she wrote the story herself, putting a lot of her personal struggle into the writing process. I think you can feel how her look into Olivia's struggles is an "insider look", a POV coming from someone who actually dealt with anorexia and mental illness.

Yes, the big theme of this movie is eating disorder and I think it's fair to say that some people will probably find it triggering and scary due to their personal experiences. But if you can watch it without getting too scared or uncomfortable, I think you will appreciate a fine movie about this girl and her struggle with control issues, guilt, loss.

I especially enjoyed the ending - which, again, won't spoil - because it's unlike other movies dealing with the same stuff and it felt true to life.
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I can't wait to see even this one. Looks like Johnny Depp is the one who gets murdered. LOL. Anyway, HEAR MY SCREAMS OF JOY!
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You already know that I'm feeding three kitties who live around here (Prince Leopold, Moustache and Kitty). On this day, I've witness a "conflict situation" between them and another huge grey and white cat who came in here and stole their food.

So, okay, I put the food in their usual plate and put the plate a bit away from me, because Leopold and Moustache are two goddamn fools who look at me and wait for food but still are afraid to come closer. While I was playing with my phone, this huge grey/white cat came in front of them and they all run away. (Even Kitty! And she's the boss!) And he/she started eating. 

I don't know what I was supposed to do? Because I should probably defend *my cats* - except that they aren't truly mine - and maybe chase away with new cat, but also ... maybe the poor thing wasn't eating in days? I know that the three cats are supported by me and an old lady who lives near and I suppose they easily would find food, whether this new cat maybe doesn't have that chance? So I didn't chase him away and he ate.

Did I do a wrong thing or not? I don't understand much, sorry. 

(Also I'm apparently turning into a CAT LADY because I'm starting to see all kinds of cats around my house. OMG! THEY KNOW!)


Yesterday I've watched a movie with Blake Lively, where she goes into an amazing/paradise on Earth beach and gets attacked by a furious killer shark and has to survive during the whole movie. 

Honestly, HONESTLY. I've read some negative opinions on this movie - The Shallows - and I was watching with this understanding that the movie wasn't that good. But I think it was! Of course, the whole premise is silly ... this shark is literally a serial killer, ultimate weapon of Mother Nature. But it's the sub-genre itself! It's like those movies where Bruce Willis single-handedly has to save a whole city and America while the bad guys are 200 people with guns and stuff. Adventure/action thingy, not really realistic but fun to watch.

The movie is like that; the basic premise of this shark doing all the damage is a bit ridiculous, but Blake Lively was great. She acted the whole movie by herself, basically, and she makes her character relatable, even with her super-survival skills, and "alive". And yes, she has a great bikini body and she's very pretty, but also a very good actress I think. She did good. I hope it was appreciated.

Oh! Also, talking about actors. Tom Felton Fans, LOOK HERE --->

And vote for your fave "British Tom" (Who I know it's Felton for many of you!)

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Guys, guys, guys!

Danny De Vito directed a short movie about two grumpy old men in love and it's the most romantic thing ever.

Here you can watch it: It's called "Curmudgeons" and it's about 15 minutes long. And it's great. If these two aren't Draco/Harry in all the goldenage, grumpy grandpas in love scenarios though! 


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Guys, you also need to watch "Jackie" by Pablo Larrain.

95 minutes of Natalie Portman doing ACTING, with her expressive face and her great wig, as she embarks on the journey that it's about creating a woman who creates a narrative about her dead husband, but also about herself, I believe.

Was that just performance or truth? And what's truth anyway? "The characters we read on the page become more real than the men who stand beside us". The hubris narrative we all deserved and needed, pity it wasn't appreciated enough. But if you love a tale that it's sort of meta-narrative in its nature and if you like complex women, you should totally watch this movie.

Nighty night!
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Hi guys, how are you? Still with the flu myself, but feeling better. Also, my dad is home. I'm happy. <3 Happy International Women's Day once again!

Since I'm having free time, I was uncertain if it was time to embark in the journey of re-reading HP (I feel like I need to deepen my knowledge, so I'm not a fake fangirl!!) or watch the movie "Elle" with Isabelle Huppert, in order to understand what was the fuss all about. I did the latter and, pity me, that movie is shit.

You know the basic premise, right? A middle-aged successful business woman gets raped in her house. I was under the impression that she was on the path for revenge, but no. Not at all. At least, not in a sense that we - as actual human beings - would understand.

Because the character portrayed by Huppert isn't a "real woman", she's just a fantasy. A male fantasy, given the fact that a man wrote this shit and another man chose it as subject to his movie.

Anyway, since this thing is bullshit I won't bother with respecting the spoilers rule. Also I won't talk much about a movie that, IMO, is an uneven mess, only blessed by the grace of an actress who can substain two hours of utter bullshit.

Lots of storylines put there and never fully developed, a protagonist who seems to be a sociopath herself, so the audience doesn't even bother with compassion, a calm and polite exchange with the rapist who is also called as emergency contact by the victim and the wife of said rapist (BTW, you understand who is he very soon) who thanks the victim for understanding her husband's special needs. And a random French actor who looks like Benito Mussolini. //that's gross tbh

It's kinda hilarious because it's so detached from anything remotely real, you can't possibly feel emotion.
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Hi guys! How are you?

I'm not really well, unfortunately. The children got the flu and I've got the flu from the children. Adventures in babysitting, you know? I'm currently in bed, feeling all sick and ouch-y. Anything new you'd like to show or talk to me about? I'm doing nothing, so. XD

[ profile] hp_goldenage started posting and I'm happy! I LOVE fics about my faves getting older. I'm waiting for aaaall the older Draco/Harry in the world with arms wide open. (Also, there's a fic about Luna/Ginny that I highly recommend! Enjoy it, guys!)

My Tumblr is killing it lately. I'm posting so many cute giftsets and fanarts! I'm so pleased with myself (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ I know that I'm spamming an insane amount of Yuri On Ice artworks, but this fandom is so productive and talented! (And Victor Nikiforov is #HUSBANDGOALS forever) Although I have to admit: I struggle to like Yuuri sometimes. Not because he isn't deserving, but because I see so much of myself in him and, mostly, the things I loathe and would like to suppress about myself ... I can't help but wanting to erase those aspects in fiction too.

Learning to love oneself is tricky.

I think that I'm gonna rewatch 2015 Macbeth, maybe? I was inspired by the Ginny/Luna story and, honestly, this movie is great. Apparently, some people didn't appreciate it enough, but to me it's wonderful. Cotillard and Fassbender played their characters beautifully and - unpopular opinion alert! - I prefer Fassbender's take on the "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" monologue compared to other ones. (Yes, even to McKellen's one. Sue me)

I think that many Macbeth portrayals always kinda forgot one aspect that makes the play so fascinating to me: the relationship between Macbeth and Lady. They plot the murder together, they go on this journey together and they share the defeat together.

I don't feel the solitary approach of the McKellen's scene (Although, he uses the words so beautifully! Such a great actor) Because it makes much more sense to me that Macbeth would think of Lady during that monologue, that he would direct the speech to her in a way. They are a together in this.

Also, I can understand more of Macbeth's vulnerability, the fact that he's not that hateful or determined as he may seem. Honestly guys: it's the Lady the determined and ruthless one! It's Lady the one who chooses to act and "rules" the marriage. Macbeth is kinda passive compared to his wife and very obedient to her wishes. He sort of regains himself only after she dies.

I love this couple and the gender-flippery thing I can see in it, with Lady being all ruthless and ambitious and pragmatic, while Macbeth is maybe more fragile. They are also dysfunctional in many ways, Lady knows how to wound her husband deeply, but ultimately ... great marriage story? I dig it more than Romeo & Juliet, tbh with you.
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So, who said that "La La Land" was a better movie that "Moonlight"?

In other unprecedented news: I'm watching a movie while crying. Literally. The first part of the film I was mostly fine, despite the fact that I usually feel very bad for children in difficult situations, I was handling everything like a mature, detached human being. The second part had me struggling, the emotions intensified, and now I'm watching the third part of the movie (Black) and I broke down in tears two times already.

I still have to watch the last 25 minutes of this thing and I pray to God

Spoiler question )

EDIT: Thank you, Barry Jenkins. <3

EDIT2: I just wanna say that if Barry Jenkins doesn't win the freaking Oscar for this movie, the Oscars are fake. Not only, Moonlight narrates the story of a black man as we don't often see them (Frankly: never) but it does it beautifully, in such a cohesive, intimate manner. It's masterfully done and it really deserves all the positive recognition.

And I finished a whole pack of tissues, but I'm happy. Thank you and goodnight.

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I just watched "The Man from the U.N.C.L.E." 3 centuries later and it was fun!

I LOVE ILLYA AND GABYYYY OMGGG!!! Tomorrow I hope I'll find shippy fics about them. So cute <333
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm feeling terribly tired, so I've stopped reading very early this afternoon and made myself a cup of hot chocolate. (And now I'm feeling kinda guilty for the chocolate too, because I've promised myself to lose a bit of weight this year) Anyway, so, so tired. I feel like I need to sleep for three days. I'm not getting much shit done.

In the meantime, I've got my [ profile] hd_remix assignement, yay! I don't have the energy or time to write at the moment, but coming up with new ideas for stories? I love that! I wish there was a machine that transformed toughts in sentences without having to write them. XD (Also because, yes, [ profile] carlyinrome I've come up with the idea for your story AGES AGO, but I still don't have the strenght to write it. *slumps*)

I think I'm going to put on my orange pyjamas and just rest a bit now.

Also, I would like to share a Tom Felton video with [ profile] felixfvlicis, because of reasons


I just needed to share it. I hope she will appreciate it.

Also, I've watched "Nocturnal Animals" by Tom Ford and ... WTF was that anyway? To be clear, the movie itself is good, very Lynchian in a way - which is terrifying for me btw - but I've seen a comment Tom Ford made about the parallels between the writer in the story and how it felt being dumped by his ex-wife and I'm like ??????????? What even???

(Basically: the movie is about Susan, super-cool art manager, played by Amy Adams. She left her first husband because of reasons we understand as we watch the movie and, after years, she was gifted with a copy of his novel, "Nocturnal Animals", dedicated to her. The book talks about kidnapping, rape and murder and ... somehow it was an expression of the pain the author felt because of being dumped? Like, ACTUAL RAPE AND MURDER = DIVORCE PAIN)

Uuuuugh, manpain is the worst.

Where are the good movies without too much angst and violence? (I'm not feeling in the mood for hard stuff these days)
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It's happening.

I'm starting to work on the [ profile] hp_goldenage fanfic. I managed to pull off something like six pages, but they need SO MUCH refining and work done on that (Plus translation). But you know. Doing that and managing to finish in time, hopefully.

I also watched "Arrival" with Amy Adams and it's amazing. Highly recommend this movie.

It's what Interstellar wanted - and failed miserably - to be. The science part IS SO GREAT! Guyyyys, the heroes in this movie are LINGUISTS!!!! Because every aliens movie ever is "they want to kill us", but also they understand our language and we understand theirs at first meeting. When, in fact, what are the chances? A completely different form of life and civilization comes to Earth and we suddenly understand each other with google translate? Please!

So the movie works a lot on linguistics and communication issues (Such as the structure of a language or the problems to translate) and that was so interesting! This is a movie where people try to understand and communicate with aliens, rather than just kill kill kill, because wouldn't be our first priority ever? To just ask them questions and gain some knowledge, if we are in our right minds.


(Also the emotional/character-centric parts killed me too. I cried a lot by the end. So many emotions!)

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Hi guys, how are you? Everything okay?

I sent my laptop to assistance. The guy thinks it's probably a malware, let's hope it's not bad! Meanwhile I'm using my mom's old laptop (OMG, what if I ruin her laptop too?) and REWATCHING DISNEY MOVIES? *C*

I may be biased, but the old movies are literally THE BEST. Mulan is the most relatable! Pocahontas is still the hottest girl in a Disney movie! (Plus that freaking song about the wind!!) "The Lion King" is still my overall fave: greatest songs ever, cutest protagonists and how can a lion be so sexy? I'm kinda upset.

Simba was a SEXY LION.
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Guys, guys, guys!

I saw FANTASTIC BEASTS and I believe I've also catched the flu *sighs* But mostly, I SAW FANTASTIC BEASTS!!!!!! *throws confetti at self*

It's late and I really should go to bed at this point, also because I took medication to prevent the flu (I can't catch it right now, c'mon! I need to study!) But I need to write a quick comment on the movie because you know, MUCH EXCITE and stuff.

Liked it, although not really into the story of the beasts themselves. The whole pokemon-like chase of them was a little bit boring for me. I did appreciate the worldbuilding of the Wizarding community in America and the characters. Eddie Redmayne has such a cute face, I want to pinch his cheeks! I liked Queenie and Tina, awww, and Jacob, OMG! So, so adorable.

And, of course, the whole graphics/costumes/scenery porn. Really cool. But I'm eager to see more about the story will all know of Dumbledore and Grindelwald and about that


Anyway, hope you also enjoyed the movie. I'm gonna read AAAALLL the spoilers/reviews tomorrow.
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Oh guys! There's a movie in which Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel are lovers and nobody ever told me anything about it? Fandom disappointment, fandom disappointment! ù__ù But I'm watching it right now and it seems interesting but ... kinda odd? Or, at least, odd in terms of me thinking about America and his multiculturalism at the moment.

Okay, the plot: Jenny (Katherine Heigl) loves her girlfriend Kitty (Alexis Bledel) and decides to marry her. The only problem is that she never told her parents and siblings that she's gay. And they never suspected a thing, apparently (Or, at least, so far in the movie, I'm at the beginning basically) This summary sucks.

It seems a nice movie and, I hope, not too sad, but the family seems so ... Italian? XD Idk, the kind of family I would see around here, where we still don't talk much about homosexuality and issues about gender and identity, while I've always thought that in US it was a much more open issue or, really, different. In this movie the mom seems so much like my mom! Wow XDD

Anyway, I'm going to keep watching. Alexis Bledel with bangs is SO CUTE.

(Okay, now that I'm thinking about the recent electoral upcoming maybe not so odd? Anyway, I'm watching)
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Hi guys, how are you?

At the moment I'm super-anxious, so why not talk about stuff? If everything goes well and I don't die and Italy doesn't get crashed by an asteroid and my local book shop doesn't suck, tomorrow I'm going to finally buy my copy of "HP and the Cursed Child". I'M CRY. I'm just so curious and I want to see myself what this is all about.

Also, I finally had the chance to watch "Swiss Army Man" and, let me tell you, it's adorable! It's not a movie for everyone, there are farts, erections and masturbation involved. At times, it's puerile and silly, but it has such an heart. I confess, the masturbation monologue made me cry. And DanRad was on top of his game: best role ever. His character was a dead body who gradually came back to life (So, there's also that) and he had limited facial and body mobility and yet his Manny was able to convey joy, surprise, love, disappointment. Paul Dano portrayed Hank with grace and he was also amazing in conveying the more "feminine" traits of his character (Or, rather, "playing the girl" to allow himself the experience of being courted by Manny) The technical department of this movie deserves an Oscar: the objects made by Hank were SO COOL!

Aaand I'm going to stop right here, so I won't spoil too much. Anyway, lovely movie and gorgeous soundtrack. If you get the chance and you think you can handle a bit of grossness, give it a try.

Also, meme: Give me a character and ask me about his Hogwarts House.
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Hi guys, how are you? I hope you're all fine and not tormented by mosquitos like me (Seriously, why they always bite me? Even if I'm with other people, they pick me!)

Stuff that are happening/I have watched/read these days:

- My 5 years old cousin is in Primary School!! He had his first day on September 12 and he was SO ADORABLE (His mother dressed him with a bowtie and a blue shirt. He was THE CUTEST) I'm so proud of him! I remember the day after he was born and then when he used to run in the house with the walker and later when he started to walk on his own. I can't believe he's already in Primary school, what the hell?? It makes me think that be a parent must be truly an adventure: you see this tiny human being and all his milestones and you just want him to be happy, protected and healthy. And they grow up so fast!! Incredible.

- I have seen the Suicide Squad movie. Without spoilering too much: fun movie. Much, much better than Marvel's CIVIL WAR (Which was, IMO, a boring mess) Best things about the movie: Viola Davis, Margot Robbie and Will Smith. Jared Leto is so annoying. I don't know if you read the articles about him "going method" and sending unpleasant stuff to his female co-stars. Ewww. And all for what, 7 minutes of screentime? Dude, get a grip.

I'm not saying that he's not good, because he's actually intimidating and his mouth with the fake teeth freaks people out. But, again, put things in prospective. Don't be annoying. Also a friend who currently lives in UK found the romance between the Joker/Harley "romantic" and I didn't. I honestly thought that Harley deserved much better.

- Watching random episodes of "Veep" the Julia Louis-Dreyfus show. It's fun. Frankly, I've preferred the kind of comedy done in "Parks and Rec", it was never vulgar but always so fun and the jokes made me laugh (I don't get most of the American comedy tbh) This one uses insults as jokes, but still it's a good political satire and the actors deliver. Selina Meyer is a terrible human driven only by ambition and I like Amy, another terrible human being. <3

Here a great scene featuring Amy having an emotional breakdown:

- And finally, you know when I said that I was very, very vanilla when it came to HP fanfics. Well ... I might have being naughty. I just discovered the hottest thing in the world which apparently, for me, is sub!Draco. SWEET BABY JESUS, THAT'S SO HOT. I read some stories with Draco being a bratty bottom and it was fun. Plus I can really picture him down on his knees. LOL. Still I wouldn't like non/con fics and Draco being in pain or seriously mistreated, but good bdsm featuring sub!Draco could be a bulletproof kink of mine.

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Hi guys, how are you?

Yesterday I saw X-Men Apocalypse and I enjoyed, despite some flaws in the plot but you know what they say about perfection. I thought I could write a post about the movie because it was nice and, predictably, I loved all the kids in it.

I didn't really liked "Days of Future Past", I thought it was dumb and I don't care about about time-traveling Wolverine. Plus whenever Marvel does *THE THING* (Escalating, putting 35983953 characters in a movie without developing a single one, using stupid apocalyptic tropes) I get extremely disappointed. So I was kinda surprised when I enjoyed this one. Also because there's, once again, the Big Bad Who Will End the World, but I think that Oscar Isaacs did a good job and somehow his character wasn't too dull to watch, despite being totally insignificant himself.

Spoilerish review )

In the end, watch it for:

- The kids
- Sansa Stark AU in which she has amazing super-powers and kicks everyone's ass.
- Quicksilver and Nightcrawler being my actual sons and me loving them.
- Erik/Charles
- Erik/Charles/Raven
- Erik/Charles/Raven/Hank
- Apocalypse fun being not too lame (Although the Egyptian part is kinda lame)
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Guys, I just watched the movie "Colonia Dignitad" with Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl and I'm the shell of the human being I was before.


Yeah, I generally knew about abuse and crimes committed during the Pinochet regime in Chile, but I knew nothing about this particular brand of absolute disgusting creepy and gross fuckery.

I'm so grossed out, I could vomit.

(Brief summary: the movie is inspired by the true story of this so called "Colonia Dignitad" which was basically a nazi camp where Pinochet sent his political oppositors. This place was officially a "religious community" lead by a nutjob who told everyone that he was speaking for Jesus and stuff like that, while he was performing tortures for the regime and child abuse + women abuse)

The thing is: I wasn't actually expecting all of that? The movie is so disturbing and very explicit at some points. And even if the scenes of child abuse are just hinted, you perfectly understand what it's going on and I'm SO GROSSED OUT. How can they let this happen for decades? I just can't begin to understand this (Or, to explain better, I kinda think I do and that's the scary thing)

This also comes after some general readings of articles about Mother Theresa and some things friends of mine told me about abuse in the Roman church and, once again, I feel so angry and horrified by istitutionalized religion. Literally, THE WORST.

(And sorry for the believers and religious people. I don't have anything against you or your faith. It's just that I'm currently nauseated and I had to get this out of my chest)

Carry on as usual and thanks for the patience.

Never trust preacher nutjobs.


Feb. 7th, 2016 09:39 pm
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I was left out of my LJ again this afternoon and quickly fixed it with antivirus + cleaning. WTF??

There are some freaking evil cookies going around and I think I know which site is making those things. I'm super-pissed at them. (Don't worry, I think it's an Italian site. If it's not Solarmovie and the shitstorm of pages that it opens when you're trying to watch something)

Because yesterday I was super-awake at midnight so I ended up watching "Steve Jobs" with Fassbender and Winslet. Great movie! I really enjoyed it and I thought that the performances/cinematography/dialogues were excellent. I don't know much about Steve Jobs, but that dude was a jerk. XD So annoying! Fassbender, though, was great the whole time and I lovelovelove the fact that the heroine in the story was his daughter. Parent/child bonds are my weakness.

(I even cried a bit at the end)

On other news, apparently Rupert Grint thinks that Ron and Hermione would be divorced by now? XD

I don't know why people make a fuss over that. It's something an actor can do: have a personal opinion, I mean. And maybe Grint was even joking (I'm new and I don't know if he have any precedent in dismissing Romione. I saw that Emma Watson was a shipper though)

But, even if he was deadly sirious, I don't see the big deal because, again, he's an *actor* and he has his own opinions on things. But he's not Ron. (Same with SMG loving Bangel and everything)

Personally I think that JKR made some huge mistakes in her books like Gryffindor!Dumbledore and Slytherin!Bellatrix and Harry/Ginny as endgame ship (I really don't like this couple and I won't be sorry about that. Ever. Try to take me alive, suckers!) but Romione isn't one of them. Actually it's the ship I want to work even if I'm not a shipper personally.

Of course, my only objection would be like: how can something that started when they were 17 could resist to the major changes of adulthood but that it's the problem with ALL the Potterverse pairings. Literally ALL OF THEM.
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Guuuuuys, how are you?

I'm still in bed with the flu but I'm feeling slightly better than yesterday! Tonight I'm at my aunt's house with all the family and kids and I hope I'll feel even better by then. Outside is cold.

Stuff I wanted to tell you before collapsing:

- I LOVE YOU ALL and I hope you have a nice last/first day passage thingy. I hope 2016 will be merciful and good for you.

- I'm so happy I discovered the HP fandom this year and I have THE GREATEST crush on Daniel Radcliffe (He's just so tiny and funny and frankly freaking hot, if you ask me) and the greatest love for my new beloved fave Harry James Potter. (I actually think that maybe I have "a type" when it comes to favorite Chosen Ones because Harry and Buffy have a lot in common)

- My laptop is still possessed by Satan and now it shifts in different modes randomly. Yay!


(Basically my life is being always late to the party)


Without spoilering too much: AWESOME MOVIE. Really, really good. I didn't think I could have liked it so much but I did. Very action, much adrenaline. It doesn't have dull moments and it's honestly very scary at times! (The make-up of the Big Bad and the Warboys freaked me out)

CHARLIZE THERON IS AMAZING. I love the fact that her character is a freaking badass but she's so caring and she has vulnerabilities, hopes and so much rage. She's fully human and she manages to kick ass even with the physical limitation of not having an arm. She's basically the absolute Boss of this movie and Max helps and trusts her. GOOD STUFF.

Also, the wives are such interesting characters. I love them all?? Like, they could have been just the trophies going around in this race but their individual characterization emerges during the movie and they are beautiful, interesting, powerful. I cared for them and I have a crush on each and everyone, especially Splendid. Also The Dag's faces are my new favorite thing. I also have a crush on her.

WOMEN EVERYWHERE BEING AWESOME. Elderly women, freaking amazon-like women with a motorbikes. Women caring for each other and protecting each other. Women kicking the Patriarchy in the ass.

The Big Bad is scary and hateful as fuck.

NUX BEING A PRECIOUS FUCKED UP WARBABY. Incredible tenderness. (Although the warboys are still scary! But there are also tiny warbabies, awwwww. <3 <3)

Majestic scenery.

100% Would recommend.

I'm going to rest a bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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