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Hi guys! How are you? Are you enjoying these warm Summer days?

I've been just eaten alive by the mosquitos as I went downstairs to feed Moustache and Prince Leopold. I definetely need to buy some sort of spray or something, because I was there for 10 minutes and I have like 20 bites on my body. Can someone please explain to me why mosquitos exist and what's their point in the bigger scheme of things? Because I'm ready to kill them all.

Anyway, Moustache and Leopold are becoming SO GODDAMN PRETTEE, guys. They will be one year old this August and, IDK, they look even more beautiful than usual? I also think that Leopold is somehow becoming more attached. For example, today I was there giving them the food and, at some point, Moustache just dropped everything and went to check his favorite bush on the other side of the road. I started to grab the keys, but Leopold looked at me as if he wanted something (Clearly not to be touched, since he's allergic to human contact XD) I assumed that he wanted more food and I left a bit upon the wooden thing where he likes to jump and I started to climb the stairs. He ignored the food and followed me.

He still kept a safe distance from me but, as I opened the door, I looked behind and he was still there staring at me. I could be interpreting this wrong, but it felt like he wanted to say goodnight to me. It was heartwarming! I love his furry cute face

And you know what else I love? The Rupaul's Drag Race and Sasha Velour, the latest winner!

OMG GUYS!!!! I wasn't even familiar with drag and this particular kind of performing art. I didn't think it was interesting for me, but I've got curious as I saw gifsets and posts on Tumblr and I started to watch random videos on Youtube.

I immediately adored Alyssa Edwards. I think she's hilarious and her "Alyssa's Secret" videos are hysterical! If you ever feel stressed or angry, just watch the videos when she tells about her everyday life or the funny stuff that happen to her! She's a great narrator, you really follow her tales from start to ending and I like the fact that she has a Southern accent. She impersonates this sort of "Southern proper lady" character which is fun.

I also like Bianca Del Rio obviously (The "Not Today, Satan" must be the most iconic line ever spoken on television), Latrice Royale, but the latest winner of the race ... OMG. I think I'm in love!

She's Sasha Velour and I love her approach to drag, how she pulls off a whole theatrical, emotional performance during her pieces, her dramatic eyebrows and eyes! Think of a Disney female villain like Maleficent with a sort of romantic, heartbroken vibe.


Shea Couleé, the other contestant, is also great and her dragging of Valentina added 20 years to my lifespan ("Do I look upset to you?" OH MANNN, YASSS! GO OFF!!) But there's no context. Sasha used her prompts really good and her dramatic performance was great.

I also kind of want her dress. Mh.

Good stuff.

Oh guys!

Apr. 3rd, 2017 11:12 pm
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Black Sails did it. They truly, completely and totally DID IT.

I'm not a "true fan". I watched the show randomly, when I had spare time to kill. I was mostly fascinated by the character of John Silver, beloved incredibly clever trickster, and by Flint, a murderous ginger cat from hell who wanted to destroy civilization. I bumped into the show mostly because of [ profile] ladykikuri and her taste in men *smirks* ... and, you know, tales of terrible pirates and ships and stuff.

Thing is: I also learned a lot in terms of pirates and their history meanwhile? I wasn't a "pirate kid", back in the days of my childhood, I didn't get the appeal tbh and also they seemed to me just scary people. I understand now that, while they were scary and terrible in so many ways, piracy was also accepting of very different individuals, the kind of people who were rejected, abused and shamed by society. It's important, I believe, in terms of "queer history", to know what Western civilization did to many people who didn't comform to the norms. Order doesn't mean necessarily justice or fairness.

I loved this tale of piracy, because it is linked to many social themes we find interesting and even enraging on this very day. And I really, really, REALLY loved the ending which I won't spoil here but, as I said at the beginning of this post, THEY DID IT.


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(Except Alison, I love her so much <3)

Goddamnit Helen, get your shit together! You and your fucking "24/7 facepalming" mode! Also, your children are the worst! You and Noah should have used a condoooom!

I can't believe I'm still watching, I'm actually experiencing the "hate-watching" feeling!

Also: how do you crosspost?

Also: Hogwarts and dinosaurs! Here: Slytherin has the raptor! XD

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Oh guys! I started watching the third episode of "The Affair", the Showtime series written by Sarah Treem, and I'm really having a hard time with it, especially in terms of the treatment of the female characters.

I think I'm starting to like the new lady character, Juliette, and ouch. I have feelings.

Also I'm finding it SO HARD to like the male characters, especially Noah and his sorry ass. OMG. It's a torture.

VAGUE-ISH SPOILERS (+ discussion about consent and female sexuality)

Juliette is a middle-aged French professor who accepts a job in the University where Noah is working AND ALL THE MALE CHARACTERS ARE GROSS )
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Anybody following "The Affair" by any chance? Can we bitch about Noah Solloway and his endless, exhausting, BORING manpain?

Because I just catched up with the premiere of S3 and I'm already 3000% done with him. Give me a break, Sarah Treem.

The Fall

Oct. 30th, 2016 11:58 pm
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I finished the third and, possibly, final season of "The Fall".

This shit needs to continue right now. Call the author and tell him that we need another season asap.

Also: Stella Gibson. Knows everything.

Thank you and goodnight.
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Hi guys, how are you? I hope you're all fine and not tormented by mosquitos like me (Seriously, why they always bite me? Even if I'm with other people, they pick me!)

Stuff that are happening/I have watched/read these days:

- My 5 years old cousin is in Primary School!! He had his first day on September 12 and he was SO ADORABLE (His mother dressed him with a bowtie and a blue shirt. He was THE CUTEST) I'm so proud of him! I remember the day after he was born and then when he used to run in the house with the walker and later when he started to walk on his own. I can't believe he's already in Primary school, what the hell?? It makes me think that be a parent must be truly an adventure: you see this tiny human being and all his milestones and you just want him to be happy, protected and healthy. And they grow up so fast!! Incredible.

- I have seen the Suicide Squad movie. Without spoilering too much: fun movie. Much, much better than Marvel's CIVIL WAR (Which was, IMO, a boring mess) Best things about the movie: Viola Davis, Margot Robbie and Will Smith. Jared Leto is so annoying. I don't know if you read the articles about him "going method" and sending unpleasant stuff to his female co-stars. Ewww. And all for what, 7 minutes of screentime? Dude, get a grip.

I'm not saying that he's not good, because he's actually intimidating and his mouth with the fake teeth freaks people out. But, again, put things in prospective. Don't be annoying. Also a friend who currently lives in UK found the romance between the Joker/Harley "romantic" and I didn't. I honestly thought that Harley deserved much better.

- Watching random episodes of "Veep" the Julia Louis-Dreyfus show. It's fun. Frankly, I've preferred the kind of comedy done in "Parks and Rec", it was never vulgar but always so fun and the jokes made me laugh (I don't get most of the American comedy tbh) This one uses insults as jokes, but still it's a good political satire and the actors deliver. Selina Meyer is a terrible human driven only by ambition and I like Amy, another terrible human being. <3

Here a great scene featuring Amy having an emotional breakdown:

- And finally, you know when I said that I was very, very vanilla when it came to HP fanfics. Well ... I might have being naughty. I just discovered the hottest thing in the world which apparently, for me, is sub!Draco. SWEET BABY JESUS, THAT'S SO HOT. I read some stories with Draco being a bratty bottom and it was fun. Plus I can really picture him down on his knees. LOL. Still I wouldn't like non/con fics and Draco being in pain or seriously mistreated, but good bdsm featuring sub!Draco could be a bulletproof kink of mine.

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Guys, how are you?

I'm feeling a little wishing for more LJ activities at the moment, so let's do a meme. Taken from [ profile] amorette

Pick a number and Ill give you my answer for Favorite and Least Favorite
It's specifically made for Harry Potter, but feel free to choose other fandoms too and use the 21 question for those.

1. Pairing or ship
2. Canon pairing
3. Pairing you only discovered when entering fandom
4. Husband/wife pairing
5. Best friends
7. 3 rare pairs
8. Marauder pairing
9. Next gen pairing
10. Friends to lovers pairing
11. Enemies to lovers pairing
12. DE pairing
13. Siblings
14. Coworkers
15. Mentor/mentee relationship
16. Boss/employee relationship
17. Age disparity pairing
18. Taboo pairing
19. Unhealthy or fucked up pairing
20. Friend w Benefits pairing
21. Fill in: _______ pairing

I'm having difficulties in finding the movies you told me to watch so there's that. As you know, I watched "Colonia" recently, but I'm hoping to find more interesting things to see soon. And more ... stupid stuff? I'm in the mood for movies that requires you to live the brain at home, but I still want them to be fun.

The latest movie I saw in the cinema was the sequel of "Snowhite and the Huntsman" with Hemsworth and it didn't care much for it. Not even the prettiness of the three leading ladies could save me from boredom. Also I would have liked more exploration of the character played by Emily Blunt and less voice-over narrator parts but LOL NOPE. Whatever.

"The Night Manager" with Tom Hiddleston was also boring AF and I can't force myself to watch "The Good Wife", because I couldn't care less about the romance between Alicia and Dad Winchester. Uuuuugggh, why there aren't interesting things around that don't require committment?

I'm waiting for Game of Thrones tbh. Not only because I'm curious to see whatever happens to Jon Snow - It's not that I care that much about him but how can I not be curious after that cliffhanger? Plus he's part of the Stark family and I'm waiting to see these children reunite once again. Give me ALL THE PLOTTING, RUTHLESS CERSEI and all the scheming Tyrells and all the viciousness of Kings' Landing. Thank you and goodbye. Also pray for naked Melisandre because I have a big crush for the actress.

I was even curious about Suicide Squad, but Jared Leto and his annoying pretentiousness is ruining everything. Okay, you won an Oscar, now sit down. (I can't deal with this guy since the day he made a band and used pretentious and off context Latinisms and war imagery just because. Dude, despite your hair you're not actually Jesus.)

And nothing. Entertain me with memes and stuff!

(LOL, this woman. I can watch absolute garbage for her. You know that they are planning a Cruel Intentions show, right? Bring it on!!!)

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Hi, guys. How are you? I recently came back from my trip and these days I'm very tired, don't know why (Possibly I still have to sleep more after a "great enterprise"? Anyway, I'm also kinda productive, so I don't mind)

I have questions for you.

First one: what should I watch?

At the moment I'm not following any tv show. I watched "The Night Manager" just out of boredom, but uuugh. So goddamn predictable (Although the leading lady had great hair that also inspired my desire to have a pixie) I also saw some episodes of "Shadowhunters".

I couldn't get into that show. Even the romances aren't that great for me (Although Tumbr is totally going for Malec, these days) But I did love the hot eyeliner guy - Magnus Bane - and I honestly want a show only about him?? He's the most interesting character of them all and the most talented actor of the bunch. Who cares about that blond angsty/rage dude when we can follow the adventures of an immortal bisex awesome warlock?

But yes, all the actors involved are super-hot and super-well dressed and there's the vampire guy who seems like a cute puppy and this woman:


Why is she so hot and how I'm supposed to deal with her flawless lipstick choices? (Also, yes, her brother is literal sex on legs. I understand that the idea of having him kissing Magnus is pretty awesome)

But, unfortunately, the show itself didn't do much for me. I'm also disappointed and not following The Good Wife. Kalinda is gone and I've read that Cary and Diane don't have much space and their plotlines are separate from Alicia's storyline. What's the point of doing that? Why should I care about Alicia's new relationships if I can't have my faves on screen? Uuuuugh uugh.

I accept suggestions.

Also second question - and that requires being an heterosexual man, I guess?

I made a shitpost that jokes about Harry James Potter's supposed heterosexuality. Basically, as we read in the books, Harry himself is very appreciative of male beauty or, at least, he recognizes it in fellow dudes.

For example:

"Sirius was lounging in his chair at his ease, tilting it back on two legs. He was very good-looking; his dark hair fell into his eyes with a sort of casual elegance."

Or, you know, saying that Tom Riddle was handsome and stuff.

I honesly just made a joke. I don't get why an heterosexual man couldn't admit or even think by himself that another man is handsome or attractive. I suppose that, due to the constant request of "proving your masculinity" and "NO HOMO" issues, men are compelled to never admit these sort of thoughts but, really, do actually het!men never think about other men that way? (Like, appreciating the beauty, recognizing the attractiveness and anything like that. It would be ridiculous if that's true! And that HJP is at least BI is something I'm gonna support FOREVAH but that's not the point) I mean, you get it yeah? What do you think about this?

Also if you want to do a game of "Would you rather" I'm up to that too! (Thanks for the idea [ profile] carlyinrome XD)

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Third day of the Snowflake challenge and I have to rec my own fanworks so brace yourself for the self-indulgence.

I recently talked about the favorite stories I wrote this year and I'm gonna put here the ficlets I consider the best, maybe. Like, how you even judge your own stuff? But I'm kinda satisfied with my work this year? (Okay, in few months I will possibly realize how much everything I create sucks. But I have the impression that I'm getting better at writing, so there's that)

In the Name of the Son Which is something I'm proud of. Like I said, I'm very interested in family dynamics, especially when the family isn't all and all functional and when bad/evil people have a family and are still capable of truly caring for it. Lucius Malfoy was actually one of the characters I despised the most while reading and watching Harry Potter. He's a racist awful human being and he deserved his stay at Azkaban. I was actually very pleased when Voldy pubblicly emasculated him - metaphorically, but you know - in front of the other Death Eaters because GOOD, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET SUPPORTING MAGIC!HITLER!

But at the same time, he's such an important figure for Draco, he's the almighty father, and there's this amazing bond between the Malfoys that it's stronger than their cowardice (Lucius and Draco's, because Narcissa is a boss). It's really interesting because Draco adores his father but he also fears him in so many ways and I find this dynamic so very relatable. Between Lucius and Draco there's such a strong bond and it's painful for so many reasons, but could be redeeming for others. Or, in the end, fathers: how do they even work? I hope you read this stuff.

Harry Potter, in a June Afternoon again a story from a Malfoy's POV, this time Draco. I cried my eyes out after finishing the last book, Deathly Hallows, and I had to express my feelings. In the end I'm pretty pleased with the story. It's angsty and sweet, I think. Harry is seen through Draco's eyes and he's beautiful. And they are just 17 years old, aww.

Meditations on Perfect Happiness I pick this one because Willow's POV is actually difficult to me, but in the end I found my affinity and my understanding of her and I wish we could have more complex interesting Willow in the comics? Aww, man.

Beautiful Butterflies BECAUSE OF DRUUU. And Angel. Because there's one again this sort of father/child bond that I find so interesting, here mixed with lover and Pygmalion. And because I think it would be only right for Angel to end his unlife in Dru's arms. Poetic justice.

And these are the stuff I picked!

I would also like to recommend a BBC mini-series. Guys, do you like Agatha Christie's tales?

Basically, the BBC did an adaptation of Christie's "And then there were none" (Which in Italian was translated with "Dieci Piccoli Indiani") I read the story when I was 9 or something and it scared the shit out of my child self.

I found this new version amazing and frightening with some nice touches on the characters' backstories and I think that some of you could actually appreciate it, especially because the cruelty of the characters - even the female ones, even the Final Girl - isn't under-played. We truly get some despicable human beings and some dangerous sociopaths in the island with the murderer. Good stuff.

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Hi guys! How are you?

I'm back to 15 icons! I think I'm just gonna change them regularly since I won't have that much space. The good thing is that I can always keep it fresh and shiny new. Thanks again to the person who gave me the payed account gift! Incidentally I used to it to put in my space a bunch of HP pretties and I have no regrets! XD

I'm keeping a lot of HP icons because of the feels and I'm also keeping the Buffybot icon, which remains the only one I've used almost since day one here. (I just adore the Buffybot and the WTF face she makes in that scene - which it's one of the saddest scenes in the series, but anyway - it expresses me so much at times. We definetely need more wtf!Buffybot faces in our lives)

I also sent my laptop to the assistance guy to clean the keyboard and I hope that it will resolve the recent problem. As you know, my laptop is posseded by the devil so I'm not really counting on it but let's try. (I think that this guy just laughs in his mind everytime he sees me coming)

On a completely different note, The Affair is killing it. Literally. Greatest collective episode so far. And I'm glad to welcome No Bullshit Hot Guy and Catalina Sandino Moreno's character to the mix. There's hope for these people.

And I use the spoiler cut because ... it's spoiler! )

I don't particularly hate Noah at this point, also because I've never really trusted him. I just hope he gets his shit together at some point, mostly because Alison deserves better.

I'm also loving the Alison/Cole parts so much <3 <3 <3 But I did really love the latest Noah/Helen episode, especially the Helen part. Pity that Noah had to screw up.
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Things I've learned watching award winning show "The Affair":

- All men are disappointing. Never trust them.

- The husband you married in hope to never meet and deal with a man like your father will eventually become just like your asshole dad. Enjoy.

- Heterosexuality is a sin.

- Ruth Wilson can do anything.

- Truth doesn't exist, we are just fragments in other people's imagination.

This show is SO GREAT and you people need to start watching it. Also my keyboard is again partially unfunctional. WTF.

Also ... who's gonna watch Victor Frankestein when it comes out in cinemas? I know that I'm behaving like an emotionally compromised 12 years old (Because that's what I really am) and I honestly wanted to watch the movie just to see DanRad's tiny little perfect body moving on screen while he rocks a soft long bob kinda like mine, but it seems that the relationship between Igor and Victor (Dan's and James McAvoy's characters) is actually complex and I'm curious.

FYI (the trailer is just too messy and Richie's Sherlock like)

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I'm failing at life and my sleeping schedule is still the most fucked up thing ever.

So I'm spending my time watching random episodes of Bones. (I stopped watching the series after S6, I guess) Basically it's still the same show: nothing ever changes, everybody is happy ever after, all the couples are straight, monogamous and with kids. Heteronormativity for the win. Also all the characters are noble and good - they all have an abusive childhood (But who cares about writing what really happens after abuse?) so you can feel sorry for them and admire them while they save the day. Booth and Brennar are tru wuv forevah and so on.

But I feel off and there's David Boreanaz there. He's so cute and I like when he smiles. So so cute.

WARNING: spoilers, sarcasm.

Things I watched )
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm currently totally fucked with my sleeping/studying schedule. I feel sick when I think about it so I don't and I enjoy the relaxing apathy that comes from absolute denial. I'm the worst person ever.

On a completely unrelated note - and since I'm that irresponsible right now - I want to write a Spangel so bad. I actually miss writing about Angel, but it's weird because he plays such a huge part in the Drusilla's story. But yeah, as the evil father. I miss the other part of him, the tormented trying-to-be-good warrior hero. I like to write about him. He's such an interesting character and I have a complicated relationship with him. (I also miss the part where Angel and Spike do it which is hot and a favorite fantasy of mine.)

So maybe I could write about him if I have a decent/not already used idea? That would be good. So far I have lots of angsty ideas, because Angel comes with the pain and some very fluffy stuff (Like Angel being human and sick and Spike taking care of him) because he has a cute face.

I already wrote in Italian a WIP - but then I deleted it - in which Spike, Angel and Illyria are human, post Not Fade Away, and I would love to go there but it takes time and it's a multichaptered and I should have priorities in my life. (FUCK ME). So maybe focusing on something short, easy, terribly angsty because WTF would be the best for now.

If you have something inspirational (music/vid/shirtless hot men) send it to me. Maybe I won't be a constipated writer anymore.

Meanwhile I could post another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors, because this story is becoming my sweet baby and I can't stop writing more chapterSEND HELP.

So in the end I'm the worst student ever, an irresponsible person and a committed writer.

(I also may have watched some Bones episodes to satisfy my DB need. I quitted Bones long ago because I was watching only for David and S7 was boring. It's still the most happy procedural ever, where everything goes just the way it supposed to. I see that Bones and Booth now have a child, they are married and happy. In 10x01 we had the most convenient death ever. Booth was in jail but only for half of the episode and now he's already taking his rightful place in the narrative. Wow, pathos. The writers know how to scare us. It says something, I think, when you even't watched two seasons but you can perfectly understand everything that happens. However shirtless David. Weird!beard David.

I miss Angel)

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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm not feeling very well today. I guess I feel a little bit under the weather (Cool expression, right? I've learned it watching Agent Carter) but I'm also trying to be productive and don't sleep in the afternoons and it's working. Yay me!

Agent Carter (vague spoilers) )

I also saw some movies. I loved Wild with Reese Whiterspoon. Beautiful movie, wonderful scenary and solid interpretations. I tried to watch The Judge and ... bored now! RDJ being Tony Stark RDJ and having daddy issues. Should I care? Plus how does the justice system work in US? They could really send to prison a 80-plus years old man? Mah. I tried to watch a movie about Giacomo Leopardi - a famous Italian poet - but I couldn't find it online. I'm curious thought.

I also finished what I imagine is the first part of Dreams and Mirrors, the one about Drusilla's backstory before she ended in Sunnydale and knew a certain Slayer. I'm kinda unsure now. I know where I want to go, but I also hope I don't write something other people already wrote and handling the whole Angelus/Dru/Spike threesome is not easy for me. Plus the story should have ended in 8 chapters or something and I'm at the ninth and I'm still beginning to tell the tale. Go me XD

How are you?
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Hi guys, I need to go to study. I may be or may be not put myself in a difficult position with the uncoming exams. I'm really the greatest person at auto-sabotage.

But let me post this thing first.

- Some of you already know that I'm sleeping a lot these days. I need to call my doctor (Or the doctor needs to call me, I've already send him a message) and fix this. But the dreams are so awesome these days. So vivid and complex and I have a lot of them. Tonight I had a BtVS themed dream. Two BtVS themed dreams: in the first one I was Buffy and I was having sex with Faith. Such a good dream, I don't need to tell you that :D In the second one I was plotting S10 or I was reading S10, idk. In the dream, the Scoobies' building was hunted by the ghost of a little Sicilian girl - weird, I know - and they had to run out and Buffy almost lost Dawn but then she found her sister again and put her in a red box with wheels (I don't know the name for this thing. It's where the little girls play) and then Willow, Buffy and Dawn found Xander again and he was standing beside my cousin's house and Anya had just made him a Vegeance demon. I don't know what all of that means.

- Dreams and Mirrors was supposed to be eight chapters long. I'm at chapter 8 and Dru never even met Spike. Very cool, Kiki. I have a lot of ideas for this story.

- Also why on Tumblr there isn't a Buffy/Dru tag? We should have more femslash and more Buffy's ladies interactions. But a user has started to point out the similarities between Dru and Buffy and it feels cool because I've thought about this stuff.

- I'm so tired. I need to sleep.

- Agent Carter has now my full attention. If they are going to insert a Black Widow plotline I'm here for watching.
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Happy Halloween everyone!

Unfortunately I'll be at home, so I was thinking about a mini-Buffy marathon. Maybe with the three Halloween themed episodes, even though I know Fear Itself by heart (And so Halloween and All the Way) But, to be fair, I know all BtVS by heart and I guess I should stop rewatching it at some point.

A thing that maybe some of the people in my f-list will like: Carmilla, the web-series.

Basically it's a web series inspired by Le Fanu's novella and settled in modern days in a college. It's actually really cute and funny and I intially liked it because it reminded me of The Freshman, which is one of my most favorite Buffy episodes. Synopsis: Laura is a college girl and a journalist. At some point her roommate mysteriously disappears and a strange girl takes her place, Carmilla.

The thing some of you will probably like: all the protagonists are female and some of them - maybe all- are gay. So it's really all about female interactions. Also it's funny and Carmilla is the less badass vampire ever, which is something that kinda reminds me of Spike and makes her so entertaining.

You can find the series on youtube. Here's the trailer, in case you want to give a look

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Hi guys!

Today I sent my laptop to assistence again because it was too dusty inside and it was doing strange noises. I just hope that after that I won't have anymore problems. >O< Also I'm studying and I'm amazed by how much I can forget things I've said 2358395 times. I just have the worst memory in the world. I'm like the biggest loser.

Other things: apparently Sebastian Stan is a Tumblr beloved. I kinda want to watch Captain America: the Winter Soldier. I didn't watch the first movie because I really can't say that I care about the character or his storyarc but I'm interested in the concept of someone from another time who is stuck in the present. It's also part of the charm of vampire characters (Being very old and seeing the world change) And there's also Natasha and now the cute brainwashed guy. So maybe I'll watch the movie.

I still need to catch up on Game of Thrones. I'm not overly excited about that, maybe because I read the books and I want to know what happens next, I already know about things there are happening now. Also the interaction between Sally and Don (Mad Men) in the final scene of the 7x02 gave me all kinds of feelings. Don and Sally. They have such powerful scenes.

I'm still in the process of translating the Fuffy fic and it was nice and incredibly interesting to read [ profile] kwritten's latest meta: The heroic outsider, because of FAITH. I have lot of thoughts and emotions about Faith. I'm conflicted and I didn't like her at first and Who are You still creeps me out - even if it's the MOST AMAZING EPISODE - and, really, Faith.

I just had to write about her and being creepy myself, because I wanted to explore the darkest things about her. Because Faith's relationship with Buffy is such a complex thing. There's desire involved and anger and envy and I'm always kinda scared of that. But also [ profile] kwritten makes a lot of good points about Faith and the socioeconomics problems of a working class slayer so it's an interesting meta that wonderfully explores the narrative. I recommend it.

Also I'm constantly thinking about Faith and Angel and how much I don't ship them. I think that they are an understandable pairing (I can understand why people ship them) But, seriously, it has to be Buffy. The sexual tension and the emotional complication is there. And the Spuffy parallels too.

(Yes, I still have a couple of days of the 30 days meme. So I'm going to bother you some more)

(Oh, and I casually watched the pilot of Orphan Black. It's really similar to Ringer, but I hope that this one is better written tbh. I still wish to watch Sarah in something I really like. Why we can't have nice things?)

(Okay, now I'm going to stop for real but I kinda want to have a Faith icon or a Fuffy one now. But I don't want to delete any of my icons. It sucks to have to use only 15 of them)
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Hey guys! This is the time for my scheduled meme post.
Some things first. There's another Buffyana poll at [ profile] mcjulie. This time about Normal Again. I love those polls and I love NA! It was nice to answer. Other pretty stuff (I was already typing Spike! XD) is [ profile] comlodge's latest artworks about basement-crazy!Spike. I have a soft spot on crazy Spike mostly because: 1) still so pretty; 2) the gorgeous curls; 3) STILL SO EFFING PRETTY.

I also wrote in the Slay Alive topic about the first issue of S10. I'm kinda having hope which is bad. I guess that after lowing the standards so much it's almost normal to really like issue 10x01. I want two things from this season: 1) Ending the guilt fest of Buffy in the comics. Seriously, stop with that shit. 2) TEH SPUFFY. Give it to me, please. Their little moment in the first issue was so beautiful. I'm tired to see her putting herself down because she wasn't lucky with men - stop. with. the. guilt - and I'm tired to see them having feelings for each others that can't be expressed because we have to preserve that other option. Take a fucking stand, authors. (And, yes, I know the answer "they never will")

Day 1: Favorite Season
Day 2: Favorite Episode
Day 3: Favorite Song Used In An Episode
Day 4: Favorite Female Character
Day 5: Least Favorite Female Character
Day 6: Favorite Male Character
Day 7: Least Favorite Male Character
Day 8: Favorite Friendship
Day 9: Favorite Romance
Day 10: Least Favorite Season
Day 11: Least Favorite Romance
Day 12: Least Favorite Episode
Day 13: Favorite Potential Slayer
Day 14: Favorite Female Villain
Day 15: Favorite Male Villain
Day 16: Episode You Like That Everyone Else Hates
Day 17: Character You Relate To The Most
Day 18: Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time
Day 19: Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates
Day 20: Best Spike-centric Episode
Day 21: Best Willow-centric Episode
Day 22: Best Xander-centric Episode
Day 23: Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did
Day 24: Hottest scene
Day 25: Favorite Buffyverse Saying
Day 26: Favorite Scooby Moment
Day 27: Cutest Moment
Day 28: Character You Love To Hate
Day 29: Episode You Hate That Everyone Else Loves
Day 30: What You Think Made Buffy So Great

Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time )

Oh, btw, some unrelated news: Carter Bays, one of the creators of HIMYM, said that they planned an alternate ending for the show. So if you buy the DVDs (Smart, right?) you can see the other version. Maybe they realized that their first planned ending was stupid.

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I don't have time to write a proper post right now but I have to share this: did you saw the last episode of How I Met your Mother?

I don't know my feelings about it. It has some good and touching moments, sure, but I don't know if I really like the ending. What do you think about it? (Eventually in my evening post I'll talk much more about it)

I feel weird because I loved so much the first seasons of the show - S7 and S8 are fail - and I really liked this season, but this ending ... unexpected. And kinda gross.


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