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Something really cool for you!

I know that many of you are trying/struggling to phone to your senators and it must be hard, but here's a thing that will maybe help?

You have to connect to this website (, leave your data, and you will get connected to your senator! Here many cool people are promoting it, such as Aubrey Plaza, Retta and Amy Poelher (I'm a big Parks and Rec fan!) Also Gloria Steinem, Jennifer Lawrence, Jon Hamm and others. It will help in the battle for the defense of Planned Parenthood which, again thanks to the social media, I know it's such an important thing for you and your health.

I thought it was cool to share. Have fun in pissing off the Republicans!
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What the hell did I just read??


And there are other posts about the general confusion on Italians and Italy. These are the actual highlights of the "Italian Discourse" on Tumblr:

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST (The "Terroni" comment though. HAHAHAHA)

Guys, for the love of everything that it's sacred. If you've never been in Italy, if you have never studied Italian history and you don't know what you're talking about, just kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP.

This is just spreading misinformation and confusion on a social platform.

Also, as a general advise, try to learn History from book research and try to ALWAYS search for the sources and their historical validation. Otherwise it will make you even more confused.

Anyway, as you know, your girl here is Sicilian. Born and raised. (And actually living in the island) According to this line of thinking I shouldn't be the way I am which is very, very pale.

Hint: Normans conquered Sicily too.

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Hi guys! How are you?

I hope all my British friends and their families are safe after what happened in Manchester. There are no words and I can't begin to understand the logic behind these actions, just meant to hurt more and more people everytime.

Today I randomly found myself with Little One, my kid cousin. He was out with his mom and saw me walking down the street and decided to come with me. I took him to the library and then we watched the cats. He's such a lovely, sensible, funny little boy. And he told me about terrorism. At school, there was the memorial for Falcone and Borsellino, the anti-Mafia judges to lost their lives fighting against corruption and crime. The teacher explained their story and she must have also explained the nature of the Manchester attack, because Little One added that there are also bad people who hide bombs under their shirts, just to hurt other people.

My heart clenched. He told me in such a simple, innocent way. He's still so little. But he'll grow up soon and I hope with all my heart that the world will be good to him. Baby, baby.

And anyway, enough with the sad mood.

Another go at the Disney meme!!

I still don't know why the hell I can't write on my DW journal, I have to resolve that as soon as I can )
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You already know that I'm feeding three kitties who live around here (Prince Leopold, Moustache and Kitty). On this day, I've witness a "conflict situation" between them and another huge grey and white cat who came in here and stole their food.

So, okay, I put the food in their usual plate and put the plate a bit away from me, because Leopold and Moustache are two goddamn fools who look at me and wait for food but still are afraid to come closer. While I was playing with my phone, this huge grey/white cat came in front of them and they all run away. (Even Kitty! And she's the boss!) And he/she started eating. 

I don't know what I was supposed to do? Because I should probably defend *my cats* - except that they aren't truly mine - and maybe chase away with new cat, but also ... maybe the poor thing wasn't eating in days? I know that the three cats are supported by me and an old lady who lives near and I suppose they easily would find food, whether this new cat maybe doesn't have that chance? So I didn't chase him away and he ate.

Did I do a wrong thing or not? I don't understand much, sorry. 

(Also I'm apparently turning into a CAT LADY because I'm starting to see all kinds of cats around my house. OMG! THEY KNOW!)


Yesterday I've watched a movie with Blake Lively, where she goes into an amazing/paradise on Earth beach and gets attacked by a furious killer shark and has to survive during the whole movie. 

Honestly, HONESTLY. I've read some negative opinions on this movie - The Shallows - and I was watching with this understanding that the movie wasn't that good. But I think it was! Of course, the whole premise is silly ... this shark is literally a serial killer, ultimate weapon of Mother Nature. But it's the sub-genre itself! It's like those movies where Bruce Willis single-handedly has to save a whole city and America while the bad guys are 200 people with guns and stuff. Adventure/action thingy, not really realistic but fun to watch.

The movie is like that; the basic premise of this shark doing all the damage is a bit ridiculous, but Blake Lively was great. She acted the whole movie by herself, basically, and she makes her character relatable, even with her super-survival skills, and "alive". And yes, she has a great bikini body and she's very pretty, but also a very good actress I think. She did good. I hope it was appreciated.

Oh! Also, talking about actors. Tom Felton Fans, LOOK HERE --->

And vote for your fave "British Tom" (Who I know it's Felton for many of you!)

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OMG guys, what even is Dreamwidth method on posting photos and putting things under the spoiler cut? I can't even! (I saw a post about the spoiler tag, but I haven't got the time to read it)

I'm posting on LJ, because I'm too tired to learn stuff at the moment. It's really annoying this whole checking on two journals.

Anyway, yesterday I went out and immersed myself into the Nature and then I came home and watched the season finale of "The Good Fight" and it was GOOD. Under the spoiler tag, you can read my thoughts about it and maybe fangirl with me a bit.

Also, also, a very symbolic photo of the cats I'm currently supporting, because yes.

LITERALLY a photo that says everything: the female kitten is looking pissed and ready to fight, which is essentially what she does 24/7 (She engaged in a fight with an older and bigger cat, apparently?? This cat lives two houses down the road and looks pretty menacing, cat-wise, certainly he's much bigger than her); Prince Leopold - I named the prettiest one like this because he looks like royalty - is looking pretty and generally confused and his brother, Moustache, is gently not giving a fuck about the photo situation thing. AMAZING.

The Tale of the Epic Friendship between Lucca Quinn and Maia Rindell )


Feb. 25th, 2017 03:33 pm
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During my post-lunch naps I have dreamed of fandom stuff.

Guys, listen:

1) Dreamed about the ending of Game of Thrones. I literally dreamed that Jon Snow was resurrected by the god of light just to serve as human sacrifice for Lady Stoneheart. In my dream, she bathes in his blood and her body absorbs Jon Snow's body until she gets bigger and bigger like a monster in a Japanese videogame. When she's the godzilla of Westeros, she conquers it and the darkness envelopes the whole thing as she establishes her reign. End of GoT according to my subconscious. Wow, dark.

2) Dreamed about BtVS in which there's a me self-insert. But it's also not really me, as I look like one of my friends (I'm blond and thin like her, at some point, and I have her fashion sense which involves cute shorts and boots) I'm in a cinema-party of some sort and I'm sitting near Angel when, at some point, I feel the urge to go to the bathroom. As I go to the bathroom, he shifts from Angel to Angelus and I escape from the little window in the back. // Stuff that I don't remember, confused stuff // I discover that trusting Angel is bad - who knew? - and I go into to the library from some research on his soul. I'm also really scared about meeting him and try to go out just when it's daylight, but also no because it's dark very soon. Realising that I'm fucked, I try to exit the library and go to my car fearing for my life and suddenly it's daylight again and Buffy appears, but she's brunette and looks like this:

And she goes like: "You too, huh?" Clearly, I'm in love with her. Pity that the dream doesn't continue.

I think that being a fangirl is ruining my subconscious. Also, maybe, Freud would argue something about my mom.

Luckily, tonight dream just involved me swimming, sea, sea creatures, sand, water and more swimming ... I think I might want to go to the beach!

For Aleppo

Dec. 15th, 2016 07:42 pm
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I really don't know if this is going to change athing, but let's try.

A petition on Avaaz:
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Goodmorning guys!

Do you remember when I told you that my laptop was giving me problems and not opening the folders as it was supposed to do? Well, since yesterday, it doesn't even go on the Internet. It tells me that my IP address is invalid.


If I can, this afternoon, I'm going to take it to the assistance guy and pray for the best. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious, also could it be a virus at this point? Stupid technology! (Currently, I'm borrowing my mom's old laptop, so in case I can't answer quickly or comment on new stories and stuff, I'll know why)

I want to enjoy my internet-addicted life and read allllll the new D/H stories! (Just ... slowly, 'cause they are so many)

And I went at uni and got a very good score on my latest exam. I CLIMBED THAT HORRIBLE LADDER, GUYS! Only sighing to myself and going "Oh God, oh my God ..." every 3 seconds. But I did it. So happy.

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And, anyway, the "NO" front won the Referendum. The combination of Salvini + Grillo + the part of the Democratic Party who didn't like Renzi's leadership + the forever young, I wanna beee forever youuung Silvio are now celebrating the victory.

I don't feel like celebrating. I don't feel anything at the moment tbh, except disappointment and deep, deep pessimism.

The Boschi reform wasn't good, this Executive shouldn't have tried to test his political resistence like this, but I'm also sad because I feel like Renzi was the lesser evil in a very populist landscape. I don't know what I should pray for at the moment. I don't even know if this is good or bad, only time will tell. Now the scenery is open to President Mattarella's decision, possibily leading to another "Technical Executive". IDK, guys.

In these days, the immortal words of the great philosophe-poet Giacomo Leopardi resonates into my soul and heart. I leave here an extract of the movie "Il Giovane Favoloso", about Leopardi's live. Here we see the poet contemplating human existence and composing "La Ginestra" (The Broom Or The Flower in the Desert) which expresses so much of what I feel and believe. I leave the Italian original 'cause it's such a beautiful scene. Here the only translation/explanation I can find:

And, btw, I'll be probably asked about him at the exam and what if I fail? That would be ironic!

So far the anxiety hasn't kicked (except for yesterday when I couldn't breathe) But I'm waiting for tonight and tomorrow. Also there's the LADDER PROBLEM. Wish my brain luck for real!
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Mini-Hermione, 10 years old, has FIVE suitors. Five.

Who are, according to her: "Stupid, stupid, annoying, arrogant and not worthy of my time". All of them, apparently. She's planning to become a vet and live with her BFF Michelle. I told her that I approve.

Also, did I tell you that she was sorted in Gryffindor? LOL. She forced me to translate the test for her and we stole my dad's email to let her login. She wanted to be either a Slytherin - for aesthetic purposes - or a Gryff. In the end, she's quite pleased with the sorting.

I freaking love this kid. 
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I remember my brother telling me that, in Ireland, his roommates used to overcook pasta. Ewwwwwwww, guys! Also, true on the quantities thingy. Why people are so restrained? You could always use MOAR.

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I went to four libraries this morning, FOUR guys, and I couldn't find my copy of the "Cursed Child". ლಠ益ಠ)ლ

Friday night I went to Mondadori and they told me I could find the book on Monday morning, but WTF, I DID NOT!!!! And now, apparently, I have to wait another week because they need to refill the order or whatever. This is life in small southern towns. Woe is me.

On a completely different matter: I went to see my therapist and it was good. I feel more confident about myself now. I'm in a rough patch, but I can come back there in ten days and see how it goes. I'm relieved, honestly. I just want to know that I can find help.

I'm ready to fight, Universe.
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Obligatory sharing because the video is gorgeous and made me feel things.

I bitch about the place I live 24/7 because there are so many things that don't work here, so much corruption and selfishness. It makes me endlessly mad the idea that we have a thing of beauty in our hands and we are destroying or mistreating it. It's shameful.

Sicily is so incredible. Yes, the island belongs to Italy, but for centuries it was a place were different cultures met and so we are a mix of Greeks and Romans, and then Arabs, Normans, French, Spanish: the people who conquered the island in different decades or sometimes at the same time. If you come visit, you can see their traces in the art and habits of the citizens. I really love this thing, being the result of a mix. It's so cool.

Also, look how pretty. I just have to share.

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I woke up and the UK is out of EU? I can't believe this is actually happening and people are so fucking dumb. But what will happen for you British people now? And, most importantly, can you change this outcome? I read that England could be out in 2 years time so ... what if you change your mind meanwhile? Is this a legit hope?

I'm afraid that now Italians morons will ask for the same kind of referendum. I'm afraid that Trump is going to win. The human race confirms to be the worst.


Feb. 24th, 2016 12:09 pm
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I did it, guys :D

(So thematic, honestly XD)

Thanks for supporting me!

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Aaaaaand ... I did it. I finished the meme. Yay me!

So, okay, this is the final snowflake meme post. And also a post in general. I'm pleased to say that today I did 8 km of fast walking with mom. It was really nice, although at some point I fixed the road thinking "Okay, if I drop dead right here who is gonna catch my lifeless body?" It was hard, but I survived it.

(But I need to ask something. When I exercise I tend to feel pain only in my right leg. Like, I'm pulling all the weight there and the muscles hurt. Is it normal? Should I take some precautions?)

Anyway, I'm trying to be productive and stuff, even if I need to sleep more than the average human being. I've catch up on the Passion of Nerd Buffy videos and he does some great, great commentary of BtVS episodes, I recommend his channel.

I also started to write the beginning of my new Drarry story. LOLOLOLOL. I can't tell you anymore since it's a prompt for the mpregchallenge but I'm so excited to partecipate. Yaaas!

Day 15

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

How the challenge affected me.

Not in a big-life changing way, I must say, but it was really, really nice to keep up with the challenge. I thought that the assignments for each day were very interesting and creative and I had fun doing them.

I really appreciated the people who commented on my posts and it was nice to exchange opinions.

It kept me company and it gave me good fun. Thanks, creators!
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Na na na nah ... it actually snowed this morning! The whole morning, and even if now it stopped all around is white and I suppose it will become ice during the night.

Now, considering the state of our provincial roads, I hope that they close the schools. (But I'm sure they will. We have terrible roads already, can you imagine driving there when it's all covered with ice?) And yes, ITALY! Awww.

Anyway, here's the meme.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

I have to list at least three things I like about myself.

I've thought about this one since yesterday because "Do I even have good qualities?" It's actually easier to list my faults.

But anyway:

1) I'm thoughtful. I try to be kind and supportive towards other people. I'm not super-expansive, on the contrary I'm pretty introverted, but I always think about other people's problems and why they behave in a certain way. Part of this it's a defense mechanism, I know. I don't trust people easily and I'm naturally an observing type of person. But I do believe in kindness and compassion. Kindness makes this world better and when somebody is in trouble or sad a kind gesture could mean the world. Honestly, I think the compassion and knowledge are the only things that could elevate the human race. Per aspera ad astra!

2) I'm creative. Which is, you know, the reason I'm here in the first place. I daydream basically all the time and I've always found easy to come up with stories. Creating makes me happy!

3) I'm maternal. I like this quality on me. Not because I think that every woman should be maternal or stuff like that (I literally don't know if I'm ever gonna be a mother myself!) But because for me it means loving someone without expecting anything in return and getting over your shit to protect another human being. And I just love spending time nurturing the kids I love and watching as they grow.
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Tomorrow is December 31 and you know who is in bed with the flu(again)?



So, yesterday I went to the doctor and he just gave me some paracetamol and told me to stay in bed and stay warm, but I honestly think that maybe I have an infection? And maybe that's why the flu keeps on bothering me. Idk.

I feel sick. Hope you're having a better end of year.

(Also my 5 years old cousin came here and since he's a big boy now - awwww! - we officially plan to go see Civil War together when it comes into our cinemas. It will be his first time! I love him so muuuuuch!)
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Here we are.

Happy Christmas! Or Hanukkah. Or Winter Solstice. Or whatever thing you're celebrating tonight, if you're celebrating in any way. I wish you all the best and I hope that this ending year was merciful to you and that it brought you at least some joy.

Christmas feels so strange in this stage of my life. Since my 23 birthday it became a painful time of the year, something I never thought it could ever be when I was a child. And it still is strange, in some ways and because of reasons, but I'm choosing to look at the bright side and appreciate the many wonderful things this year gave me: new friends, new abilities, new confidence in myself and most of all the love of my family. I'm so very grateful for all the good things I had so, if there's an higher power around, THANKS! And also, please keep going like this. I don't mean to sound greedy, but it would be nice to see things get better.

And, anyway, thanks to all the people who kept me company this year. I hope you all know how much I appreciate your kindness, humor and creativity. Keep up the good stuff!
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I don't have words for what happened yesterday in Paris. I think it's better to let the French people speak, especially those who can still make us feel compassion, hope and love.

Also, let's not forget all the innocent people who lost their lives in Beirut. These are really scary days.


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