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Aaaaaand ... I did it. I finished the meme. Yay me!

So, okay, this is the final snowflake meme post. And also a post in general. I'm pleased to say that today I did 8 km of fast walking with mom. It was really nice, although at some point I fixed the road thinking "Okay, if I drop dead right here who is gonna catch my lifeless body?" It was hard, but I survived it.

(But I need to ask something. When I exercise I tend to feel pain only in my right leg. Like, I'm pulling all the weight there and the muscles hurt. Is it normal? Should I take some precautions?)

Anyway, I'm trying to be productive and stuff, even if I need to sleep more than the average human being. I've catch up on the Passion of Nerd Buffy videos and he does some great, great commentary of BtVS episodes, I recommend his channel.

I also started to write the beginning of my new Drarry story. LOLOLOLOL. I can't tell you anymore since it's a prompt for the mpregchallenge but I'm so excited to partecipate. Yaaas!

Day 15

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

How the challenge affected me.

Not in a big-life changing way, I must say, but it was really, really nice to keep up with the challenge. I thought that the assignments for each day were very interesting and creative and I had fun doing them.

I really appreciated the people who commented on my posts and it was nice to exchange opinions.

It kept me company and it gave me good fun. Thanks, creators!
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Yooooo, I'm finishing this meme!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Here we are on day 14th and it actually took me a month to get here? Anyway.

On this day I have to "share my fannish love". Actually I think that I've being doing this since day one, because I talked about the tropes that make me fannish and the couples I'm shipping at the moment, so I guess that you could all go to: THIS DAY, in which I talk about my favorite tropes, THIS DAY, in which I cry about my favorite characters and THIS ONE, in which I ask for stuff *w* (Because I'm still greedy)

I get really fannish when it comes to classic and Greek/Roman mythology, mostly because I grew up with those tales and I fangirled so much when I was a kid. (I'm planning to read "The Song of Achilles", btw. I think it's gonna hurt a lot)

I also have an insane icon obsession that gets me very fannish and generally I love graphic fanarts so much! I wish I would be able to create gifs or something (How do they even work???)

So, that's it.
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

So, on this day I have to rec at least three fanworks. So little time, so many faaavess!

Okay, let's categorize stuff to simply the task.

I recently read way too many Draco/Harry fanfics and I found some beautiful stories I would like to recommend (In case you're into this kind of stuff. Which, I know, not so many people in my f-list, but still)

Written in The Stars written by [ profile] novembersnow (I hope this is the right account) This story is such a tender, thoughtful exploration of Draco and the bond between him and his son Scorpius. I love it so much Draco grows into the narrative and how mature and insightful is Scorpius. One of the best post-epilogue Drarry stories. Must read!

The Betting Men written by [ profile] dracogotgame Talking about mpreg and hilarity. This story is SO SO FUN! I laughed out loud while reading it and bonus point pregnant!Hermione being pissed as hell. If you feel sad read this one!

Strange Love written by theweightofmywords is a wonderful exploration of the hidden tenderness between Draco and Harry and, honestly, I SHIP THEM SO HARD so bear with me.

Bonus point for the Buffyverse crowd: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by [ profile] chaletian HA! 'Cause I put there all HP stuff and I thought it was nice to rec at least something you, Buffyfans, could appreciate. This story features Willow & Buffy and it's such a precious ficlet, IMO. It gets to explore a little bit more the reasons behind Willow's decision to resurrect Buffy and I think it's wonderful in its semplicity. Because, yes, Willow was guilty of hybris but it's not all black or white and people have complex reactions to complex situations, especially when there's love involved.


Okay, you can all go to [ profile] whedon_elite right now and watch and marvel at the beautiful icons for the "redheads" round. I believe you can see where my votes went but it was honestly incredibly hard to pick just 6 icons when there were so many beautiful ones. Most amazing things these days? Willow icons.

Okay, I believe I did my job.
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Hi guys, here I am!

I have to finish the Snowflake challenge, I have only 3 days left! I'm also planning to post another chapter of Dreams & Mirrors, in case you're interested. I wanted to do it on January 19th, 'cause that would have been so appropriate, but I was too tired to do anything.

I would also like to inform you that my shitpost about Harry Potter's sexual orientation got more notes than everything else I've ever wrote! Literally XD (Although I won't deny this: Harry is at least bi! It's all in the books!) Tiny precious obvious child.

Anyway ...

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner .... Let's finish this!

So, day 12 and I have to talk about the things that make me fannish.

I don't know, really. I've never started something with the idea that "this thing is gonna make me fannish". It sort of happens. Although, I understand now that I have certain tropes, certain types of relationships or characters that almost always make me feel the feels. I'm also attracted to certain types of stories that I think could be great for me. But I don't get fannish all the times.

But let's make it simple.

Tropes I love:

- Enemies to lovers. (Buffy/Spike, Angel/Spike, Harry/Draco, Thor/Loki ...) or anything that it's like "dunno if they gonna stab each other to death or just fuck like bunnies". I do love this kind of romantic dynamic. It's fun and it gets to embrace all the feelings, from hatred to trust to love. I love complicated relationships, in which tlove and attraction are fully explored even in the darkest parts. I love relationships that change and evolve, because people change. I really find dull the idea of soulmates and people who are destined together just because.

- Characters who are mirrors of each other (Buffy/Dru, Spike/Buffy, Buffy/Faith, Draco/Harry, Angel/Spike ...) Because it's SO SO FUUUUN! Especially when the people involved are on opposite sides.

- Hurt/comfort, angst (All the ships above) 'cause I'm such a masochist. Break my heart and fix it once again, thanks.

- Psychos in love (Vera Claythorne/Philip Lombard, Loki being in love with Thor...) because I'm rotten inside.

But also fluff, kid!fics, happy families, found families, families of any kind really, my faves being parents, babies (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~

- Brave and selfless heroes
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~ that I usually ship with cunning lying little shits.

- "Strong female characters", as in ladies who are complex, interesting, well-written, with strenghts and vulnerabilities. Ladies who affect the narrative they are in and who gets affected by it.

And Idk, that's it, I think.

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Na na na nah ... it actually snowed this morning! The whole morning, and even if now it stopped all around is white and I suppose it will become ice during the night.

Now, considering the state of our provincial roads, I hope that they close the schools. (But I'm sure they will. We have terrible roads already, can you imagine driving there when it's all covered with ice?) And yes, ITALY! Awww.

Anyway, here's the meme.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

I have to list at least three things I like about myself.

I've thought about this one since yesterday because "Do I even have good qualities?" It's actually easier to list my faults.

But anyway:

1) I'm thoughtful. I try to be kind and supportive towards other people. I'm not super-expansive, on the contrary I'm pretty introverted, but I always think about other people's problems and why they behave in a certain way. Part of this it's a defense mechanism, I know. I don't trust people easily and I'm naturally an observing type of person. But I do believe in kindness and compassion. Kindness makes this world better and when somebody is in trouble or sad a kind gesture could mean the world. Honestly, I think the compassion and knowledge are the only things that could elevate the human race. Per aspera ad astra!

2) I'm creative. Which is, you know, the reason I'm here in the first place. I daydream basically all the time and I've always found easy to come up with stories. Creating makes me happy!

3) I'm maternal. I like this quality on me. Not because I think that every woman should be maternal or stuff like that (I literally don't know if I'm ever gonna be a mother myself!) But because for me it means loving someone without expecting anything in return and getting over your shit to protect another human being. And I just love spending time nurturing the kids I love and watching as they grow.
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Here looks like it's actually gonna snow. (I hope so. Not because I enjoy the cold that much, but because it would be pretty and the kids would be so happy to see the snow)

Anyway, day 10!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Today, in my LJ, I have to talk about resources and places where I dig up canon facts and places where I squee.


First: places where I dig canon facts. The text itself, honestly. When it comes to Buffy it's the actual episodes, which now I know by memory, because I rewatched the show a lot. Like, really, A LOT.

With Harry Potter is the books, even though I enjoyed the movies but they get some things differently, so it could be quite confusing. I would love to remain faithful to the characters and portray them in the most canonical-like way and I guess I need to "study" because I'm a newbie.

With other stuff like Marvel characters it's mostly the MCU, because I didn't read all the comics and I know that there are like 5453 different AUs within them and I'm not that fannish. I very much prefer the fandoms above. So, anyway, the text.

I also love to read meta, I dig that stuff so much, and that could inspire new ways to see a character which is fascinating.

Places where I squee like the overly enthusiastic fangirl I am: here, mostly. You can see in my profile page all the communities I enjoy. Tumblr, because I do like pretty graphics and gifs and see some actors with their beautiful faces and collecting nice pictures (Although I'm not like those who reblog every five minutes. I'm very random in my thing)

Also AO3, because I have a fanfiction problem and it's incurable. These days I'm reading all the Drarry around, all of it. I should try to stop at some point.

I also adore to watch you all make icons. Literally, the best.
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Today, in my own space, I have to set some goals for this new year. Ouch! >*<

I'm actually shit at setting goals and making plans. But let's try. As general life plan I want to study and do productive stuff without pushing myself too hard and getting depressed and stuff. That would be THE DREAM.

As fannish plan, I would like to keep writing Dreams and Mirrors and partecipate to the [ profile] harrydracompreg comm. LOL, I'm trash. I've already left two prompts and I'm thinking about some more.

I don't know why, but I really enjoy domestic/fluffy/kid!fics scenarios that involve Draco and Harry. Maybe because family is so crucial for both of them? I want to write my first mpreg story. Lolololol.
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So ... here again!

I missed some snowflake posts and now I'm gonna catch up. But first:

Happy, happy birthday [ profile] velvetwhip! Hope you're enjoying yourself today. Here some pretty Willow for you



It seems a very sad week in Britain )
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Guys, my stupid laptop wants to kill me >*< I can't write properly! UUUUUGHHHH

(I'm currently using the desktop board which is annoying, believe me)

So seventh day of the snowflake challenge and I have to share a bit of canon and explain why I love it so much. If this thing keeps working I would like to share TWO pieces of canon about two of my most beloved characters ever: Harry James Potter, because I fell really hard after reading those books, and Buffy Anne Summers.

First piece of favorite canon: The forest chapter (Deathly Hallows)

You have the actual photographic proof of how much this book hurt my soul. Reading the last chapters of DH was an emotional journey and I cried my eyes out reading about Harry going to the Forbidden Forest for the last time, to let Voldemort kill him. Jesus.

It was very powerful and I think one of the best pieces of Rowling as an author. After learning the truth about his mother's death from Snape's memory, Harry decides to accept his fate in a very stoic manner and go alone towards his own death. I WILL FOREVER CRY ABOUT THIS. Mostly because, guys, he's going towards Voldemort!! The wizard he bravely fought for SEVEN mothereffing books, the wizard responsible for his parents' deaths, for Sirius' death, for all the pain and suffering he went through since AGE ONE.

And he knows that he cannot fight back - which is something that punches me right in the ovaries, he knows he cannot fight back. Harry learns the truth about Dumbledore too: how he groomed him for this, how he always planned Harry's death. And Dumbledore was his mentor and the person Harry trusted above all.

He learns the truth in the most desperate hour and he doesn't even hesitate. He doesn't stop for Ron and Hermione because he'll know he couldn't find the strenght after seeing them.

Oh Harry. He doesn't want to die. He never wanted to die. He suffered so much and lost so much (I believe he starts suffering of PTSD after the fourth book and depression in the latest two) And still wants to live but he has to do this. He has to walk to the Forest alone. AND HE'S SO BRAVE. He's only a boy and he's so so brave.


Second piece of favorite canon: Dawn/Buffy scene from No Place Like Home

DON'T TOUCH ME. I believe you all know where this scene comes from and I don't really have to explain so much. It was hard to choose a single Buffy favorite scene because there are so many and I wanted to maybe include a funny one, because the Harry Potter choice was emotionally draining but well, here you have it.

Buffy's love for Dawn is the ultimate light into my pointless existence. I just can't deal with the fact that Buffy discovers that her annoying child sister isn't real in the middle of a fucking shitstorm of idiotic boyfriends, anxiety for her mother and dangerous hell-bitches and she just accepts her. She accepts and protect and loves Dawn with all her heart, even though she's not *hers*.

I'm literally so emotional about brave and accepting heroes. I'm out.
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My laptop is still doing its own thing and I'm seriously thinking to buy another, so I need to check my money situation and see where it leads. Which is the first thing I wanted to comunicate with this post.

Second thing:

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

YOOOOOOOO! I'm still doing this challenge!

Yesterday I talked about the importance of feedback, something essential in the fandom IMHO, and today I have to create my own challenge.


I thought about it, because my greedy!side wanted to ask more stuff I like and also because challenges are such interesting and ambitious projects and they can involve a lot of people from different fandoms which is so amazing.

After a somehow serious pondering I decided what to do.


Create a fanwork - and it could be a banner, wallpaper, fanfiction, vid: whatever you like the most, whatever you think it's your medium of choice - about your ultimate FAVE (or faves, if you prefer) that expresses the reasons why your favorite character is the best and you love him/her/them so much.

I think it could be really amazing to see people creating something to promote their own favorites and it could help share so much positive energy. Because sometimes characters are hated or heavily criticized or saw as "problematic" and therefore undeserving of admiration (Which is also cool, btw. Not the last part, but the hate. You can hate characters) But to me the fandom is primarly about LOOOVE and why don't trying to involve other people in your things and try to explain to them why you love a character so much?

(Okay, this thing is mostly what we all do, but also no because it should consist in just *one epic fanwork* that expresses your tiny fan-heart. And so very often people create for other people or using others' prompt so this one should be all about yourself. TREAT YOURSELF!)

(Also I don't have other ideas)

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Fifth day of the Snowflake challenge! And if my laptop doesn't die and STOPS MAKING ME MAD!!11! we could actually make it. *growls*

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

On this day I have to leave feedback. Nice! *___*

Let me tell you a thing: feedback is GREAT. Feedback is actually the best thing for a fanwriter or an artist in general, because you spend so much time trying to create a decent fanwork and you sob and you stare at the blank page and you loose your ability to can. So it's really nice to see that your stuff is accepted and even liked. A good feedback takes 9% of your time and makes an author very happy. Protect your local author and preserve his natural equilibrium by leaving a little note once in a while. (This message is brought to you by the League of Supportive fangirls)

Also you CAN'T get better if you don't know your mistakes and weaknesses, so it's just really useful.

But talking about my daily task. I always try to leave a little comment because of the reasons above (I'm not totally blameless 'cause sometimes I forget or I don't have time or I don't know what to say, so there's that)

Today I left a feedback on [ profile] velvetwhip's story, because it was one of the three she picked for this challenge, [ profile] spikesredqueen, because it was in the list of the Willow-centric stories and it has Willow/Buffy, also on [ profile] crazycordy S3 icons which are really great.

And lately I left some comments on [ profile] luvscharlie's Harry-centric stories (I especially enjoyed the Christmassy one featuring Sirius. Awww!) and also [ profile] rurounihime's "Delaney" which is such an adorable Harry/Draco + tiny child story that will make you smile so hard, and more. Good stuff.
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Fourth day of the Snowflake Challenge!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

According to this one, I have to create a fanwork (Whatever I want: art, drabbles, fics and so on) So I thought it would be nice to post another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors, also because I started this one while ago and it was almost ready and I don't have much time in my hands, LOL. *w*

Hope you like this one, hope you didn't forget the story, hope I didn't make too many mistakes!

You see the date and you understand where we are in the canon. Have fun!

January 18, 1997 )
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Third day of the Snowflake challenge and I have to rec my own fanworks so brace yourself for the self-indulgence.

I recently talked about the favorite stories I wrote this year and I'm gonna put here the ficlets I consider the best, maybe. Like, how you even judge your own stuff? But I'm kinda satisfied with my work this year? (Okay, in few months I will possibly realize how much everything I create sucks. But I have the impression that I'm getting better at writing, so there's that)

In the Name of the Son Which is something I'm proud of. Like I said, I'm very interested in family dynamics, especially when the family isn't all and all functional and when bad/evil people have a family and are still capable of truly caring for it. Lucius Malfoy was actually one of the characters I despised the most while reading and watching Harry Potter. He's a racist awful human being and he deserved his stay at Azkaban. I was actually very pleased when Voldy pubblicly emasculated him - metaphorically, but you know - in front of the other Death Eaters because GOOD, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET SUPPORTING MAGIC!HITLER!

But at the same time, he's such an important figure for Draco, he's the almighty father, and there's this amazing bond between the Malfoys that it's stronger than their cowardice (Lucius and Draco's, because Narcissa is a boss). It's really interesting because Draco adores his father but he also fears him in so many ways and I find this dynamic so very relatable. Between Lucius and Draco there's such a strong bond and it's painful for so many reasons, but could be redeeming for others. Or, in the end, fathers: how do they even work? I hope you read this stuff.

Harry Potter, in a June Afternoon again a story from a Malfoy's POV, this time Draco. I cried my eyes out after finishing the last book, Deathly Hallows, and I had to express my feelings. In the end I'm pretty pleased with the story. It's angsty and sweet, I think. Harry is seen through Draco's eyes and he's beautiful. And they are just 17 years old, aww.

Meditations on Perfect Happiness I pick this one because Willow's POV is actually difficult to me, but in the end I found my affinity and my understanding of her and I wish we could have more complex interesting Willow in the comics? Aww, man.

Beautiful Butterflies BECAUSE OF DRUUU. And Angel. Because there's one again this sort of father/child bond that I find so interesting, here mixed with lover and Pygmalion. And because I think it would be only right for Angel to end his unlife in Dru's arms. Poetic justice.

And these are the stuff I picked!

I would also like to recommend a BBC mini-series. Guys, do you like Agatha Christie's tales?

Basically, the BBC did an adaptation of Christie's "And then there were none" (Which in Italian was translated with "Dieci Piccoli Indiani") I read the story when I was 9 or something and it scared the shit out of my child self.

I found this new version amazing and frightening with some nice touches on the characters' backstories and I think that some of you could actually appreciate it, especially because the cruelty of the characters - even the female ones, even the Final Girl - isn't under-played. We truly get some despicable human beings and some dangerous sociopaths in the island with the murderer. Good stuff.

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I finally get to make lists and ASK FOR THINGS! *______*

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

*greedy!Kiki at it again*


1) LOTS AND LOTS OF DRARRY! Yeaaaah! I know there's a whole new world of fanfics I need to explore, but basically I'm reading 5403 stories per day so I'm responding to the offer. Very enthusiastically. Things I like in Draco/Harry fanfics: hurt/comfort, angst, fluff, romance, sexy sex but without kink, happy endings, tiny children, Auror!Harry in sexy Auror robes. PLS no non-magical AUs.

But, honestly, could you write about Harry and the Malfoys? Like, what would *realistically* happen if Draco and Harry were together? How it would look for Narcissa and Lucius? Also middle-age Drarry but without considering the epilogue would be very interesting. And Narcissa and Harry bonding. Also Drarry with a deeper look into the Black family and the Potter/Evans family. Thanks!

2) Dan Radcliffe is hot and he has a beard now. In consideration of this very important fact, could somebody make a Drarry fanvid with adult!Harry? (Maybe also using footage from Kill your Darlings) My ovaries would be forever grateful.

3) Another thing I could appreciate is Viktor/Harry. I have a soft spot on Viktor Krum. And it could feature also Hermione/Viktor, with Hermione being Prime Minister or something, because she has to have the power.

4) More Buffybot icons, PLZ! I love the Buffybot and she's the source of some of the most hilarious and heartbreaking moments of BtVS. I think that it's very sad her final scene in S6, the way she talks to Dawn always breaks my heart. But also, guys, she's so adorable and she's often dressed in pink and she makes the most wonderful WTF? faces which are something I can deeply relate too. Funny Buffybot icons ftw.

5) Hot femslash with 30-something Buffy Summers that involves Satsu or Willow or Faith or other unconventional pairings because that's how I roll. (Seriously that's the only thing I would read these days. I'm in a major Harry Potter mood)

6) Anything Harry James Potter-centric.

And with that I'm done. Thank you all, bless you all!

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Guys, guys, guys!

I think I'm gonna do THIS:

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Which is, actually, very bad for me at the moment, because the exams are going to start really soon, so I should be studying, but this challenge seems manageable and, anyway, I can at least try (Because I wanna ask about STUFF! *w*)

Basically, my real motivation is one: GREED.

And that successfully concludes day 1.

(I'm gonna lie down a bit now, 'cause my head is spinning for whatever reason. Hope you'll partecipate too!)


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