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So, I messed up AGAIN with technology and I did something wrong with my antivirus program because it crashed and I had to restart the WHOLE computer. Damn! I did restablish windows and chrome (As antivirus now I have Windows Defender, which was the default one, I guess. Is that any good?) I still have to download the program to watch movies and some other stuff I can't remember at the moment because it's SO LATE and I'm SO TIRED.

Good news, the computer didn't delete all my stuff, especially the university files I'm needing to study. Bad news ... I don't even know? I'm restarting the whole thing now, putting on passwords and stuff. I'm too tired to deal with anything else. Tomorrow is another day, as the movie says. And I have to study.

In case something weird happens and you don't hear from me, I was not abducted by the aliens (Hopefully) it's just technology issues.

But also, writing this message to inform you that I dreamed of Harry Potter last night! *___* 

I dreamed that I was inside the narrative along with JKR herself. (I should read less fanfics, I know) And anyway, I was with Joanne and we were together inside Harry's reality and I was in the middle of criticizing her choices about the Epilogue. XD

In my dream, Harry and Ginny had eight children (Nine, but one died after birth or something) Plus Harry had three other children from another woman? And I was like: "Joanne, that was truly unnecessary! Twelve children in total are too many! I didn't really like him with Ginny and, anyway, he didn't need to have children in order to be happy!"

And she was like: "You don't understand, but it makes perfect sense!"

And that's was the second time I've ever dreamed about Harry Potter. (Though the first time happened while I was reading the last book, so you know, normal to dream about the book you're currently reading)

Imagine Harry with twelve children though, DAMNNNNN.

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Apparently is LJ birthday and anyone is doing this, because I think we are all curious to see how much we wrote and posted here?

This is my result:

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

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It's happening, LOL.

Windows 10 is going crazy for the final time. I'm going to bring the laptop back at the guy who was expecting it (Today, if it's open or on January 2th) I should have brought the laptop back on Tuesday, I know, but I was a lazy ass and he told me ...

Anyway, I'm using my mom's old laptop right now. I hope this old thing doesn't die on me. In case you don't hear me and stuff, you'll know why.

Good 2016 ending *___*
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Apparently the Russians are taking over LJ.

Here the confirmation post with the instructions and the explanations about what will change:

SO BUMMED OUT, HONESTLY?! Because LJ is my favorite social media and a safe place and I would hate to see it change. I don't want this space to change in anyway! But, unfortunately, I'm now the owner of LJ and my opinion doesn't matter. I'm creating a back-up on Dreamwidth, just in case. I want to stay here! I'm relatively new, goddamnit!

The only Russian thing I want to see is Victor Nikiforov with long hair and this isn't that.

ALSO, BECAUSE WHY NOT: now my laptop touchpad isn't working. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Basically the assistance guy told me what was the problem with this freaking thing and I had to send it back there on Tuesday but I felt lazy and I didn't go and now I have to go forreal because this thing is killing me.
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Goodmorning guys!

Do you remember when I told you that my laptop was giving me problems and not opening the folders as it was supposed to do? Well, since yesterday, it doesn't even go on the Internet. It tells me that my IP address is invalid.


If I can, this afternoon, I'm going to take it to the assistance guy and pray for the best. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious, also could it be a virus at this point? Stupid technology! (Currently, I'm borrowing my mom's old laptop, so in case I can't answer quickly or comment on new stories and stuff, I'll know why)

I want to enjoy my internet-addicted life and read allllll the new D/H stories! (Just ... slowly, 'cause they are so many)

And I went at uni and got a very good score on my latest exam. I CLIMBED THAT HORRIBLE LADDER, GUYS! Only sighing to myself and going "Oh God, oh my God ..." every 3 seconds. But I did it. So happy.

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Guys, I have a problem with my laptop.

I can't enter in the main folders (Documents, images, videos ...) I click there and nothing happens! But if I search a single file, for example, a song or a video, I'm able to see it. I just can't go to the main "Videos" folder and the same happens when it comes to documents, music and images.

What does it mean and how can I solve this problem?

Thank you!

(Btw, I have an ASUS and, when I click to "documents", for example, for a moment the laptop freezes and I see the cd-rom little icon. What the hell?!)


Feb. 7th, 2016 09:39 pm
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I was left out of my LJ again this afternoon and quickly fixed it with antivirus + cleaning. WTF??

There are some freaking evil cookies going around and I think I know which site is making those things. I'm super-pissed at them. (Don't worry, I think it's an Italian site. If it's not Solarmovie and the shitstorm of pages that it opens when you're trying to watch something)

Because yesterday I was super-awake at midnight so I ended up watching "Steve Jobs" with Fassbender and Winslet. Great movie! I really enjoyed it and I thought that the performances/cinematography/dialogues were excellent. I don't know much about Steve Jobs, but that dude was a jerk. XD So annoying! Fassbender, though, was great the whole time and I lovelovelove the fact that the heroine in the story was his daughter. Parent/child bonds are my weakness.

(I even cried a bit at the end)

On other news, apparently Rupert Grint thinks that Ron and Hermione would be divorced by now? XD

I don't know why people make a fuss over that. It's something an actor can do: have a personal opinion, I mean. And maybe Grint was even joking (I'm new and I don't know if he have any precedent in dismissing Romione. I saw that Emma Watson was a shipper though)

But, even if he was deadly sirious, I don't see the big deal because, again, he's an *actor* and he has his own opinions on things. But he's not Ron. (Same with SMG loving Bangel and everything)

Personally I think that JKR made some huge mistakes in her books like Gryffindor!Dumbledore and Slytherin!Bellatrix and Harry/Ginny as endgame ship (I really don't like this couple and I won't be sorry about that. Ever. Try to take me alive, suckers!) but Romione isn't one of them. Actually it's the ship I want to work even if I'm not a shipper personally.

Of course, my only objection would be like: how can something that started when they were 17 could resist to the major changes of adulthood but that it's the problem with ALL the Potterverse pairings. Literally ALL OF THEM.
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Still having troubles with LJ, still unable to see my recent entries page. So if I'm not interacting much, you know why.

The assistance actually replied to my request, but so far it seems that I only have this trouble (Like, the assistance person wrote that he could see the recent entries page and that my link was working for him.)

It could be my Satan-possessed laptop at this point? I dunno. Fact is that now even the internal battery is failing and I think I should seriously start collecting money for laptop number two, 'cause this one is just a mass of troubles. Uuugh. >O<

I hate this goddamn technology and it seems to hate me back, but with more power and efficiency.

Hope you're all better. Interesting stuff I should check?

EDIT: I THINK I DID IT. OMG. I'm still trying to see if everything works properly but it seems that it does. It was a cookie or something. Fuck them! è_é

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Hi guys! How are you

A strange thing happened to this journal. Basically the other day my wi-fi connection just quit for ten minutes and since then I can't access to my "recent entries" page. I can post stuff (Or I'm trying) I can see my friends list using other links, I can reply to messages, but if I even try to go in the main page LJ stops working. Dafuq?? I'm puzzled.

It's annoying! Because I have to search for the specific pages instead of using my own link. I sent a request, I hope they provide soon. If I don't answer or stuff, you'll know why.

Other things:

A huge THANK YOU!!! to the guys (I use this term as gender neutral, as you can see) who nominated me three times for the [ profile] rwsawards THANKSSSSSSSS. I feel so honored.

Also: I'm on Pottermore!

As you'll probably know - or don't? Idk - Pottermore is all new. The other day I saw some friends doing the Sorting Hat test and I was curious! I did the internet "all the possible questions" and I ended up Ravenclaw. But I saw some people complaining about being put in the wrong House (And once you get there you can't change, that's the rule!) and I figured that maybe the test was different and maybe I was gonna end in another House. (Not that I really identify with the others but anyway)

Bonus point, now you can choose your wand. Yay!

So, despite my residual common sense that "you don't need another account on the internet", I did the registration and I was sorted in ... Ravenclaw! Big surprise!

Apparently that's my House and I can't take it back. I'm fine with it, since I can't identify with the other houses' values, especially with Slytherin and Gryffindor (I have zero ambition and zero bravery) and I do think that imagination is my best assets, as far as my virtues go. Also I look very cute in blue.

That's my wand:

I think it's very pretty! It's dogwood (I didn't know what dogwood was) and Unicorn core. I think that the Sorting whatever thinks I'm feisty, 'cause my wand's nature is "quirky and mischievous".

But it's the wand the chooses the wizard, so! XD

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Hi guys, quick post before I go to bed.

I'm still waiting for my goddamn laptop to be ready. Yesterday the assistance guy said that it was ready and today he said that it needs the keyboard replaced. Wtf?? I feel like he's kidding me. (Also I'm cut off my email address and tumblr, because I don't remember the passwords, so if I don't answer to emails or stuff like that you know why. Sorry!)

I saw the Victor Frankestein 2015 movie. I couldn't wait the Italian release date (April!) to see DanRad and James McAvoy's prettiness combined.

Honestly I don't know why this movie got so many bad reviews? Okay, it's not the greatest movie of the year. There are some things I would change too and the ending is a bit messy and, yes, it doesn't say anything particularly new (But what does?) Still, it's a good movie. The acting is really good, it's shot with grace and the script is interesting.

I think I'm used to 348543 episodes of character development now, so I've always feel like "you're going too fast!" everytime I watch a movie and this one in particular had so many stuff that could have been developed better and deeper, but that's pretty much the movie format for you.

I don't get the hate. I think it's a nice movie. Good see it and let me know! I want to watch it again and watch it when it comes in my country.

(I'll eventually post a much more detailed and spoilery review)
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Hi guys! How are you?

I'm back to 15 icons! I think I'm just gonna change them regularly since I won't have that much space. The good thing is that I can always keep it fresh and shiny new. Thanks again to the person who gave me the payed account gift! Incidentally I used to it to put in my space a bunch of HP pretties and I have no regrets! XD

I'm keeping a lot of HP icons because of the feels and I'm also keeping the Buffybot icon, which remains the only one I've used almost since day one here. (I just adore the Buffybot and the WTF face she makes in that scene - which it's one of the saddest scenes in the series, but anyway - it expresses me so much at times. We definetely need more wtf!Buffybot faces in our lives)

I also sent my laptop to the assistance guy to clean the keyboard and I hope that it will resolve the recent problem. As you know, my laptop is posseded by the devil so I'm not really counting on it but let's try. (I think that this guy just laughs in his mind everytime he sees me coming)

On a completely different note, The Affair is killing it. Literally. Greatest collective episode so far. And I'm glad to welcome No Bullshit Hot Guy and Catalina Sandino Moreno's character to the mix. There's hope for these people.

And I use the spoiler cut because ... it's spoiler! )

I don't particularly hate Noah at this point, also because I've never really trusted him. I just hope he gets his shit together at some point, mostly because Alison deserves better.

I'm also loving the Alison/Cole parts so much <3 <3 <3 But I did really love the latest Noah/Helen episode, especially the Helen part. Pity that Noah had to screw up.
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Guys, just FYI my keyboard is officially dead. I have to go to assistance again, I can't use 50% of the letters so I can't write.

If I don't answer or things like that you know why. 
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So my computer later does something strange lately.

Basically it can't connect to internet. He just can't find any connection and then it asks me to use the ethernet thingy - that I don't know if I still have somewhere. The strangest thing is that at some point the computer stops, restarts and then it makes possible the reinstatement and it magically connects again.

Okay, I should really search for the ethernet thingy and maybe try to use it.


I can't do it anymore with this laptop. It's killing me.
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My laptop did a single "beep" sound yesterday. It's an evolution, I guess. I don't have time to deal with this. Plus I don't understand, everything seems fine and he keeps on doing these sounds? I just hope I'm not killing it by waiting for something - more - to happen. I hate this part when technology speaks another language.

Other thing: I'm keeping on watching and liking Penny Dreadful.
I just watched the seventh episode and now I have so many questions about it, mostly on Ethan, the mystery man.

SPOILERS for episode 1x07 )

I just hope it won't end like Reichenbach, with a giant cliffhanger. >*<
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My laptop just made some strange sounds. Beeps, more than one. It's the second time that it does that and as far as I read, beeps have a meaning when it comes to computer bios.

I'm kinda worried there's another problem with it.

Does your laptops sometimes do this thing? Is it normal and something that can fixes itself or I have to go again in assistence?

I don't want to spend other money for the computer, because at some point it would be more convinient to buy a new one, but I don't want to lose this one. What should I do? >O<


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