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Can't sleep (I slept too much this afternoon) Can't do anything productive. So I'm translating once more.

I wanted to start an old story with Spangel and Illyria, but the Italian side of the fandom is so quiet and no one seems to read anymore. It kinda turns off the enthusiasm. Anyway I want to finish at least the first part of this story (In English, of course)

35. Lies my Parents Told Me )
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Here again with this story. I hope there is someone reading. You must want to re-read the previous chapters since it took me so long to translate this one.

Unbetaed translation. Let me know if I'm killing the English.

(Aster means star)

34. Lineage )
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Another chapter!
Let me know if you like it.

33. Shadow )
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Here's another chapter. The translation of the fight scene was incredibly difficult. I had to rewrite some pieces and cut some others. I hope it still makes sense after everything and after [ profile] slaymesoftly 's suggestions and corrections.

32. What's my Line? (part II) )
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Here's another entry.
Thanks to [ profile] slaymesoftly

31. What's my Line? (Part I) )
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Another chapter - this time without the Times character, the hell if I know why!
Always many thanks to [ profile] slaymesoftly

30. Enemies )
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Here's another chapter of The Queen.
Should I create a separate link for my fanfics? I mean, is it understandible like that, with the tag alone? Should I be more careful with the linkage and everything? I'm having doubts. Also, since the story is long, is it easy to find the summary in the first chapter or is it difficult?
I'm not so good with LJ functions and everything but I'll try to make things easier or prettier if necessary.

Anyway, thanks to [ profile] slaymesoftly for her beta work and I particularly like this chapter, because it's all about my OCs.

29. Fool for Love )

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Here's another chapter thanks to [ profile] slaymesoftly
Hope you like it!

28. Orpheus  )
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Fighting anxiety with fanfictions. Well, I probably should do more productive things but ... fanfics help me. I'm also planning on writing more about Loki and Thor (in Italian, of course) I have a strange idea that involves mpreg ... well, Loki can get pregnant. It's not my fault!

Meanwhile a new TQ chapter and many thanks to [ profile] slaymesoftly
Remember, the word "aster" in Greek means "star"

27. New Moon Rising )
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Here another chapter.
I kinda messed up with the collocation of the army and general stuff about headquarters and similar things. I don't know much about U.S. military so the information can be incorrect. My beta [ profile] slaymesoftly told me about the mistake.

Fanfic trivia: in a story that deals with the slayer army I made up the Boston Treaty to justify some things and also to give a plausible reaction to Buffy and the slayers' power, I guess. The Boston Treaty is kinda like the Lateran Treaty and it basically says that slayers can be slayers and the army can be the army. They deal with very different things and they agree to respect each other's indipendency and to not interfere with each other's tasks. I guess it's understandable that after the Initiative project the army is reluctant to deal with supernatural stuff and at the same time, even if they want to, supernatural is the slayers' turf and they are jealous of their space.

26. Turbolence )
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Another chapter. Always thanks to   [ profile] slaymesoftly for her beta work.

25. Buffy Summers is Dead (Danse Macabre) )
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I'm still crying over the series finale of Fringe - John Noble, you deserve all the emmys. <3
And now I'm going to post another chapter of TQ. In this one I'm presenting the villains, my bbs. They are so cute.

Oh, also odd expression. In Italian, when somebody bites his lips a lot we used to say that he's torturing his lips. But you, English people, don't use this expression. I didn't know and now I do thanks to my beta, [ profile] slaymesoftly

24. Carpe Noctem )

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And here we go. Again. It's just that it's already written and   [ profile] slaymesoftly  is like super-fast.

23. Black Dog )
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And I'm posting another chapter, just because I want to present the Big Bads that I've created.
As always, many thanks to   [ profile] slaymesoftly

22. Bring on the Night )
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I've changed the background again. The previous didn't show the red line at the center, I guess that this one is much more good for my LJ style. Here's another chapter of TQ.

21. Uniform Grey )

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Today is the big day for Italy. I already voted and I hope that my choice will be the right one for the future of my country. I hope we can free ourselves especially from him, the Evil Dwarf. Fingers crossed, people! >*<

I'm posting another chapter of The Queen. As always thanks to   [ profile] slaymesoftly

20. Surprise  )
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I just dreamt about Spike and Buffy. They were gonna be married or something and it was also kinda angsty, I don't remember why. I just remember lots of feelings, Spike and Buffy together, Angel but I don't know what he was doing in my dream - I mean he was there because of Buffy, but she was gonna marry Spike and he was ... pissed, maybe? I don't know. But I do know that there was camping involved and they were all using sleeping-bag, they were frozen because they were sleeping outside and there was also Faith and me, maybe, and snails?
Weird dream. It makes me want to write a lot of fanfics.

19. Predators and Prey  )
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Another chapter of the story, another thank you to   [ profile] slaymesoftly
The infinite mystery of Livejournal: I always pick the font Times New Roman for the chapters. Except that sometimes it really goes Times New Roman, sometimes it goes Arial or something similar. But all the time I do the same thing!
I feel like Anya. I just don't understand.
But, anyway, here's the new chapter

18. Reptilia )
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Here's a new chapter. As always, my beta reader helps me with the grammar and other stuff.
I talk more about Dawn in this chapter and ironically I just re-watched Real Me!

17. Blood Ties )
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Always so many thanks to    [ profile] slaymesoftly   for the grammar.

16. Touched )


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