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Finally I translated another chapter of the Thor fic.

9 - The Battle of the Gods )
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Warning for self-harm and attempted suicide.

The Memories of the Gods )
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I spotted the errors in the previous chapter. I'm going to fix them soon.

Meanwhile the last translated chapter for now.

Interlude )
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And the last chapter for today. (I have another on AO3 and then I have to start with the translation again >O<)

4 - The Promises of the Gods )
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Hi, guys! I'm posting my Thunderfrost long- fic here because I still don't have my laptop and I can't save it in a folder, so I'm using LJ support.

For those who want to read it:

Loki/Thor, future!fic, angst, incest. Thor became a king and Loki served his time in prison. Now they are back together again.

English translation. If there are any mistakes, feel free to tell me.

Prologue: The Tears of the Gods )
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New Thor spoilers! I'm screaming! >O<

"When do we start?"

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Another Thor's trailer is online. LOOK HERE

I'm officially AJHDSKSKJFGSHAGD especially for this scene

Are they fighting together? SPOILER )

With his hair on one side, Loki truly seems a princess.

Tu credi che ogni cosa ti appartenga?
La Terra e ogni paese dove vaiiiiiiiiii

Pocahontas!Loki *CCC*

And Thor is John Smithksdjksdjgksdjgksdjgksdjgksdjgkahwkrhkehtawe *shipping hard* *fangirling*

Loki is also clearly Snow White. Step aside Kristen Stewart and look at dat pale skin

Sweet mother of Thunderfrost sexy smut.

Darcy is my spirit animal. I also want to touch that chest to see how it feels.

Also, SMG has a Twitter account for those who are interested (And have a Twitter account themselves)

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I'm having troubles with writing.

I want to write so bad a new story about Loki and Thor but I'm just unable to focus on a real good idea and develop it. I have hundreds of ideas and thoughts and I put them aside one by one.

The thing is that it's really difficult to bring something new to the fandom. Or at least, it is to me now and I'm suffering because writing makes things better and it's the thing that makes me feel better. On a general level I'm having trouble to find the time and the necessary inspiration to write. I put The Queen on hiatus - I want to continue and finish the (Italian) story this fall - and the BtVS fandom is just my turf. The place where I feel most comfortable and creative. I become much more capricious and volatile when I'm dealing with other fandoms. But I really like to experiment new stuff and, seriously, I'm squeeing since the last trailer so.

But, you know, there's just everything about Loki and Thor. Beautiful movie-verse fanfics that makes me cry and all the possible AUs and every possible kind of interaction. What is missing?

What I personally adore about the pairing - and that's dealt in some fanfics - is the combo warrior king + magician that Thor and Loki embody. Seriously guys, the shiny power of this combo. In a way it's the same idea behind Arthur and Merlin - if you're familiar with the English show - and why I liked them so much the first seasons (And why I shipped them and now I'm shipping Thorki) (And it also could be the same idea behind the combo Buffy + Giles/Willow) The warrior king - golden and beautiful but also dangerous and potentially destructive - can't rule without the thinker. His power is very much physical and while he commands the greatest forces of nature (or men) he also needs the ability to look foward and to see things in prospective and that's the power of knowledge. Thor can use the hammer to build the house, but Loki has to draw the project behind it.

Loki is the magician and so he's most similar thing to a scientist they have in Asgard. He experiments with different forces and he uses his intelligence more than his muscles. He's clever, shifty and curious about stuff. And magic, in Asgard, is the transcendant version of science on Earth. It's very much the thing Thor says in the first movie ("Your ancestors call it magic, but you call it science")

In a simple way is the thought: power + intelligence and knowledge is my legitimate kind of power. Being strong and ignorant is much worse than being weak and impotent.

And, of course, Loki is the bad advisor, the snake at the heir's throne. But I think he will redeem himself eventually and he will become consort king at Thor's side. *MY HEADCANON* *Marvel don't screw things up* And he'll be the perfect queen consort because he's everything Thor is not and he has miles long legs (But that's just for the private pleasure of the king)

And it just came up to me that the femslash version of Thor and Loki it's Jane/Sif.

Think about it. Fierce queen of swords + scientist extraordinaire. They could blow up the universe together and they would still be the opposite sides of the apple or whatever you wanna call it. The dynamic that makes Loki and Thor so damn attractive together.

In a way Jane is the female version of Loki - the thinker - but unlike Loki she's constructive and calm and loving. She won't use her knowledge to destroy a fly. Sif is, very clearly, the female version of Thor; very much like him, she's physically strong, brave and badass but I feel that the counterbalance - reflective/proactive - is much more interesting than similar people bonding. The same old story about opposites and stuff, you know. That's maybe why I'm on board with the Thorki thing and I don't cling with Thor/Sif even if it's canon - at least in the comics.

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... And back with the scheduled fangirlism!

First of all, Happy Birthday [ profile] zanthinegirl! I didn't have the chance to say it in time, because I'm still unable to post from the phone. I hope you had a nice birthday. <3

I think that every Tom Hiddleston's fan already saw his video at the Comic-con in San Diego, dressed as Loki. THIS FUCKING MAN. For serious. When I think that I can't love him more he ends up saying things like: "It's okay to care ..." and "everybody's got two lives ..." and other wise things. I LOVE HIM. And I'm waiting for the footage showed at the con. He basically shows something about "Thor: the Dark World" while dressed as Loki and there's nothing online. I wanna see!

Talking about perfect people.
[ profile] red_satin_doll made some beautiful icons about Buffy and Veronika Decides to Die. Can we talk about that movie? I really think that everybody should see it. Not because of the final moral statement written by Coelho - that love cures depression and basically you just need to get your shit together which is absolutely naive, to say the least - but because of beautiful images + SMG.
Sarah portrays Veronika with incredible intensity. She makes the character very real and nobody can deliver emotion while being essentially numb like her. Season Six docet.

About the movie, let me show a very pretty fanvid - one of my favourites (The author's name is Izachin)

You can see how amazing Sarah is and I adore the coloring and the music; Regina Spektor's voice is so soft and warm. It's a beautiful, beautiful fanvid.

And, generally, apart from the conclusion, the film isn't so bad either. I mean, love doesn't cure depression and it's not about getting your shit together, but I think that therapy can help you in building a new life. (Not in the movie-way ...) You can use the illness to understand better your goals and what are your weak and strong points. And while I don't think that "all you need is love" generally, I do believe that love can soothe your heart and give you the streight to deal with stuff. Love is powerful and energetic and maybe it can't cure you, but it will give you the right motivation to go on. (At least, these are my hopes and considerations and what I'm trying to do)

There are a lot of "I can cure you with my dick" fanfictions. I think about the Loki/Thor's fandom, for example. And while I think it's lame to cure Loki's mental state with sex, I also believe that Loki's love for Thor is the reason he isn't in a complete darkness. I guess that I believe in the reasonable power of love.

And talking about disfuctions.
[ profile] spikes_heart wrote an interesting post about how she sees Buffy and Spike. I'm particularly curious about this point: "Developed an eating disorder".

It's not the first time I read something about eating disorder and Buffy. There was a Tumblr also, "What Buffy eats" about the Slayer and her eating habits. I kinda didn't like the tone on that Tumblr. I mean, it's all my interpretation and everything but it was sarcastic about something, like eating disorder, that personally I don't find funny at all. I generally find irony and sarcasm about disorders in general as a sign of ignorance. Like something you can say if you don't have a real experience of what that means. So, I don't know, it was an unpleasant vibe about that, but it could be just me.

But - me ranting much - the point is that: what do you think about Buffy and eating disorder?

It's all about your headcanon. In the show the thing is never addressed and Buffy seems to have a normal relationship with food. It's just that SMG becomes skinnier and skinnier every season and I think it kinda fits Buffy's character development. She becomes, in a way, harder even physically. More bones than sweet curves. What do you think?

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The Hannibal episode of the week was incredibly fucked up. (And that's the thing one expects watching something called after Hannibal Lecter) [ profile] ladykikuri , who is writing an amazing Hannibal fic, thinks that maybe

Predictions )

And that's clearly fucked up and wrong. I like that the show is actually showing how wrong can be Hannibal. He's a sadistic cannibalistic serial killer after all. We don't need to feel sorry for him.

And, of course, the fandom on Tumblr cracks me up. They make the funniest posts.

Can we talk, please, about the scene with the ladder? I mean, slash fics are obligatory after watching that scene. Mads Mikkelsen is one of the sexiest men I've ever seen on TV, I can easily imagine something sexy with him on it. If you wrote something about it, please gimme gimme.

Fact: I need to write a Thunderfrost story or I'll explode from the feelings.

After Valholl I don't have decent ideas. (I love to work on mythological level with these characters) but at the same time I'm thinking a million of possible plots to write another story. Historical AU? Just AU? I feel like there are too many Thorki and the ideas left are very few.

But I need to express my FEELS.

Tired Kiki

Apr. 27th, 2013 11:39 pm
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I finally found the new background for my LJ!1!!

After three hours of trying. (Yes, I know. I get a little maniac.) I'm crying because of joy. And forgetting all my English.

Also, here's a cover of a New Pornographers' album:

Aren't they Loki and Thor like TOTALLY?
Thor and Loki kissing. Aaawww.

And the goat is clearly a fangirl.

*shipping so hard*
*I will go down with this ship*

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I can't even deal with this trailer.

IT'S SO AMAZING! >W< I want to see the movie NOW!

First considerations )
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This afternoon I forgot to take my pills and so my brain decided to just kill me. Nicely done, brain. Really! You help me a lot in life.
In any case, now I'm feeling so much better and I FEEL ALL THE FEELS for Thor and Loki. I'm just reading the most amazing fic about them Sotto la pelle, by Callie Stephanides and ... anyone here can read in Italian? (Apart fro [ profile] gillo   who is learning my language really fast! I think that Italian is such a difficult language to learn and so I admire her!) But, if you don't read, you can also watch this beautiful fanvideo about Loki:

Sociopath of my heart! <3 Isn't he beautiful?

I'm really loving this character (And Thor. I adore Thor! He's like a huge, golden and beautiful bear. I just want to hug him!) I also started the Marvel comics because of these two characters. I'm randomly reading just the Thor issues and I like Journey Into Mystery and kid!Loki. While the other characters like Sif or Jane can be nice and interesting, I'm just mainly focused on Loki and Thor and their dynamic. And I noticed that movie!Loki is different from comics!Loki - there are similarities but basically the comics reinvented the character so many times, from evil and ugly villain to anti-hero funny sidekick. And in any case I'm going to stick with Hemsworth!Thor and Hiddleston!Loki BECAUSE OTP. Also I don't want to get involved in another round of "kill my heart" comics. I'm dealing with the BtVS issues and it's too much for me. Enough comics!
But, you know, I just like to read about these two Norse guys. Once or twice I pick a new comic, I read fanfics and I squee when Tumblr shows me pretty pictures of them. The classic fangirl routine.
I also kinda characterize the sons of Loki and Thor (Because, yes, Loki can be pregnant! Mpreg is canon, I don't care about anything else, okay? In the myth Loki can have children, so I'm gonna have my mpreg here. Canon. Uh! è_é) ... and I thought that Loki and Thor could start an asgardian divine little family. So far I characterize three sons: two twins (a boy and a girl) and another boy. But I want to add another girl to complete the mix. 
This pairing is so much fun! 

Ps: Here another saga about them I'm reading nbsp;
This time is already translated in English, so if anyone is interested can read without problems

OTP meme

Feb. 10th, 2013 02:19 am
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Pick 3 OTP and answer the following questions

(Okay here we go)

1) Spike/Buffy
2) Thor/Loki
3) Sherlock/John

Because I'm having a little stomach ache ... )
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Two days ago I finished my Thunderfrost long-fic, Valholl I was feelin all the feels for the pairing - Thor and Loki, if you aren't familiar with the name - and I had to write the epilogue to my story. Writing helps with the dealing part, of course. But also music helps a lot. Music is good for the soul and inspires the greatest ideas. 
These days I'm obsessed with a song played by The Black Keys, Everlasting Light, and I listened this song during the whole "I have to finish this!" writing part. And, actually, I find the song fitting with the whole Thunderfrost romance thingy and I associated it with another one and another ... basically I kinda created a fanmix. A Thunderfrost fanmix.
Except that this fanmix is also fitting for Season Six Spuffy and, generally, it's really about love/hate stories and fighting and shagging and all the wasted romances. So, here it is: my Wasted Love Stories Fanmix (A Thunderfrost and Spuffy and similar things)

Wasted Love Stories (You always hurt the one you love) )
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Random thoughts:

- I still have this embarassing, terrible crush on Tom Hiddleston. He's like a living erotic and romantic fantasy. I wish to meet him just once, just to die in his beautiful arms. Gah *C* Liferuiner ruins lives.

- Any fan of Sherlock BBC? I hope so, because it's a great show and Benedict Cumberbatch deserves a damn Bafta, for the marvelous job he's doing with the character. Anyway, Sherlock defines himself "a sociopath". Do you agree with this definition? I think that, maybe, Sherlock behaves more like an high functioning autistic, than a sociopath. Any considerations or suggestion? 

- Thor is Robert Plant and Loki's Jimmy Page and they are beautiful and OTP forever. 
This thing about Loki, the fact that he's so ambiguous he can actually give birth to his own children (Fans of mpreg, I'm warning you!) ... It's like the weirdest and greatest thing about an ancient god. I'm becoming a Loki's fan. Loki'd!   

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This time in English!

In which I explain why I ship them )
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Okay, passiamo al post in cui analizzo Thor e Loki e m'imbizzarrisco perché li sto fangirlando senza ritegno da giorni.
Non garantisco ordine né senso logico, solo entusiasmo! *w*

Thor e Loki, Thor, Loki, Odino eccetera ...  )


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