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'Cause I posted this stuff on Tumblr, so anyway!

As I was looking for new posts about my favorite Gryffindor babe Harry, I bumped into a very common critique against the “Cursed Child” plot and … I kind of want to say my opinion about that?

It seems to me that many fans are upset and disappointed by the relationship between Harry and his son Albus Severus aka = “Harry sucks as a dad!”

About that, I just want to point out that:

- While I maintain my inalienable right to ignore the Cursed Child and, generally, to ignore the whole epilogue and imagine a different future for the characters

- While I firmly believe that, even in the Cursed Child, Harry is not a bad father, but a confused and overwhelmed man trying his best and failing for different reasons …

I have to say that the only thing that actually makes sense to me about Harry’s life as “mature adult” is his failure as father figure.

Don’t mistake me: Harry is my favorite character of the saga and his heart is full of love and compassion. I don’t believe it would be hard for him to love deeply and completely another human being, especially a son.

But that’s the thing: while Harry can love, he also has a lot of unresolved trauma on his back and I think that a love so overwhelming would definetely scare him.

Especially because he doesn’t know how to parent. He didn’t have any positive model during his childhood - while being constantly abused, he also witnessed the awful parenting of Vernon and Petunia towards Dudley - and later he had only tragic and/or problematic parental figures that also fucked him up.

My boy Harry would be terrified by the very idea of being a father, IMHO. And the younger the scarier, because he didn’t have the chance and the time to work on his own issues.

What do you think about that?

Let Harry go to therapy.
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm good. On Sunday, I went out with my dear friend L. and Little One and we took him to the local museum. Awwww, HE WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! As you probably already know, in Sicily there are many remains of the Ancient Greek culture. Helenistic Sicily was very rich in terms of exchanges and cultural landscape and we have the privilege to guard a lot of this wealth. There are so many stuff to see and, in the place where I live, the most important are related to the worship of Demeter and Kore (And Hades, obvs) because they were the agriculture deities.

So, I took Little One with me and we saw all these ancient statues of the Greek gods and, at some point, he asked me if Hades was before or after the dinosaurs. I answered that Hades was way after, since the dinosaurs were pretty much the first things ever, but he replied to me that the first thing ever had to be Jesus, "Because he was born in year zero!

Well, there's a solid logic working on there. I'll work on explaining chronology, at some point. XD

Anyway, it was fun and he's the cutest child ever. I love him so much <3333 and I love babysitting him.

On fandom matters, HD_remix has already started and I'm already behind (Ouuuch). I need to manage my free time in order to enjoy the beautiful new creations. I'm so exciteeee! And today is May 2th, the anniversary of the "Battle of Hogwarts"!

On that note ... guys, can we please not with these stupid flame wars? 

Apparently, there's a whole "situation" going on because, on this day, JKR apologized for the death of Snape. Why does she feel the need to even apologize for her writing choices is beyond me. I believe she shouldn't even address these matters. But you know, it's a free country (hers and also mine, hopefully XDD) and everyone should do whatever the hell he/she wants. 

I'm just so borderline annoyed with the black & white Tumblr logic sometimes. I don't understand how can you enjoy a work of art - a work of any kind, really - while being obsessed with some restrictive morality standards. Do you know that morality standards are a product of society during a certain time period? By moral standards, we have a lots of 1600 morality books shaming women with different sexualities or because they were more free, for example. It's a thing, go check in your History books or local library.

Now, the moral imperative seems to be enjoying and stanning only "unproblematic faves" (Ignoring that actual reality that humans are, pretty much by definition, flawed creatures) and Snape is very, very problematic.

(I can't believe I'm doing this, I don't even like Snape!)

... But what the hell are we even talking about?? 

People can like Snape! Are we having arguments about this? Of course, you can like Snape. Just as I like Draco, for example, who is a bully as a kid and a coward, or just as others can like Voldemort or Bellatrix who are pretty much freaking evil. 

It's the beauty of narrative. You can like problematic things while being safe. You don't have to share your favorite characters' beliefs, not always. Of course, it's uplifting to see a character who embodies your values and most optimist beliefs (For me, Harry is a character I would like to emulate in my RL. Or Buffy Summers. They are brave and generous, I admire that deeply) But you can also enjoy the narratives of literal pieces of shit.

Now, arguments and stuff I would like to point out:

Snape really was BRAVE. One of the bravest characters we encounter in the whole saga, where bravery is valued above all virtues. Snape tries to manipulate and lie to a goddman evil sociopath with a snake face. Someone who terrifies even his most loyal acolytes. (Lucius Malfoy was SCARED AS FUCK during the whole table scene/chapter at the Manor in DH) And, in order to accomplish that, one must have balls of steel. Let's be real here.

Now, do you find difficult to believe that Harry James Potter - Gryffindor extraordinarie and boy who sacrified himself at the age of 17 - would admire and even celebrate this bravery? Once again, he values - and the author herself values - bravery above all things, because bravery requires great sacrifices and it's the hardest thing to do. Also, Harry is forgiving in his nature. He even manages to pity Voldemort during their last stand. WTF! 

I don't find hard to believe that he would admire Snape and possibly even use his first name for a son. That's Harry. 

There are cinnamon rolls too pure for this world and there are characters who manage to be both selfish and selfless at once and they have their own group of admirers. It's natural.

Do I personally like Severus Snape? NOPE. But that doesn't matter. Back off from people's imagination.

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More on the fact that I would really liked to be a Vengeance Demon, no kiddin'. Although that's very bad and I'm a sinner. 

I have thoughts and meta-ish suggestions I would like to write down. Also because it's almost Easter here and I'm DOING NOTHING, YAY! *squees* 

I've always been curious about Anya and vengeance demons and the fact that, among the creatures of the Buffyverse, they are listed as "bad guys". Demons a slayer needs to slay. Of course, we understand that they cause many troubles and they can rewrite the fabric of reality with great consequences like death, loss, evil. 

As watchers, our first encounter with Anya reveals her horrible demon face and we immediately get the message of EVIL + BAD. Later, we meet D'Hoffryn, who is the demon boss of Anya (And Halfrek) and he's almost a monster, a guy who decides to kill one of his best servant just to punish another. So you know: ultimately these vengeance demons, who are women, are controlled and punished by a male and restricted in their capacity to choose action.

And maybe the whole moral of the story is that you can't fight Patriarchy by using the Patriarchy Tools (Violence, abuse, revenge ...) and the Slayer needs to build a different and better system for both men and women. Okay, okay.

But still, I'm curious.

First of all, vengeance demons seem to persue some sort of primal and, yes, violent but effectual form of justice. The justice you can read about in the Old Testament, when God punishes evil deeds with blood and loss. Evolving as society, we understood the deep violence and damage behind this form or retribution and yet, for centuries this was society's justice. Our law. 

Vengeance demons usually take the side of the victims, the ones who didn't have a voice until recent times: women and children (Halfrek, apparently, has "daddy issues" and so she sides with kids) The punished ones are men who are, also usually, guilty. Of course, we could open a whole discussion about how unfair it all is and I agree ... but let's stick with this for a sec.

One thing about Anya that is always played as "comedy thingy" is her hatred for men, her conviction that men and especially unfaithful men need to be punished for their deeds. In our modern and more evolved society, we would totally say: "The guy is a jerk, just leave him" and everything would be fine, hopefully. Anya is mocked because she doesn't seem to grasp this concept and she seems also petty in wanting to punish all men.

Losing a man in pre-modern society - losing a husband - was one of the most terrible things that could occur to a woman. I'm not talking about love and stuff, I'm talking about MONETARY ISSUES.

Women were forbitten to work in most places, they could aspire only to a poorly paid and unstable job (Such as spinster in the cities). If they were with children, this job couldn't have been sufficient to feed them. Having a husband meant stability, economical entries, social recognition, social status. And while for the man the wife wasn't that important, for a woman her whole life changed with marriage. She was "the wife of ..." and so it was a fundamental event in terms of social reasons too and status.

When Luther did the whole scism thing in Europe, and stuff was going a bit crazy because of religion, the authorities at first didn't do a battle also on marriage between Catholics and Protestants or whatever, mostly because for the aristocracy the primary issue regarding marriage was STATUS + POLITICAL ALLIANCE. The religious difference wasn't that important when it came to create a perfect heir for a noble house and the wife was supposed to stick with the husband even if he belonged to a different confession.

The wife must obey to the husband, of course. On that issue both Catholic and Lutherans agreed.

From the actual reports of early courts instituted for women and family law, the wives didn't ask much for divorce but they asked more that the husband was forced to come back with them, to stick to his promises. The wives needed a steady income and having a husband was the only solution for that. In Russia, there are reports of actual separation between the spouses but not divorce, also for monetary reasons. Let's add that, in Russia, poor women were sold as slaves with their eventual kids, in case of huge debts or inabilty to provide for themselves. (No to say that pre-modern Russia was evil, because things weren't that better in other Europeans countries either)

It was important was Anyanka was doing there. By punishing the unfaithful husband she didn't necessarily enforce the marriage institution, she just provided a court of Justice for all those women who couldn't speak up for themselves and couldn't economically provide for themselves.

Not that the crimes of women on women didn't exist. Many witch hunts apparently started among the ladies: one women accused another to poison her milk, to be responsible for her child's illness/death and so on.

Again, Anyanka seems equally eager to punish a woman for the crimes done against another woman. The status of a victim - the loss of economic and social status - justify her action against the perpetrator. 

Status: very important in pre-modern society. History researches actually tell us that unmarried women, poor and single women who came from the country to the big cities to find a job were questioned. Not much about their faith or religious beliefs (Even if, in 1500/1600 Europe was at war because of that), but mostly because without a man they were like beasts without a master and so suspicious and potentially dangerous. 

It's interesting to see that economical and social reasons are intrinsecally linked in women's life and marriage is the crucial changing point for both. Anya doesn't really make a distinction: the damage inflicted could be either social (Cordelia who is isolated by her lady friends) and or economic, the perpetuator must be punished all the same.

I really think it would be SO COOL to explore more of the Vengeance Demons' universe and their ethical code and how Anyanka acted and processed things during her whole run as "patron saint of the women scorned". Again, great importance on economic issues, I think: we saw her basically trigger the Revolution? And Anya is very focused on money - again played as funny stuff.

IMO it's a pity that the Buffyverse just focus on the emotional/sentimental angle - the women scorned, the emotional wound - which is also important, clearly, but I wouldn't have been the reason to trigger such hate and desire of revenge in the past. Not just that. 

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Hi guys! How are you?

I'm not really well, unfortunately. The children got the flu and I've got the flu from the children. Adventures in babysitting, you know? I'm currently in bed, feeling all sick and ouch-y. Anything new you'd like to show or talk to me about? I'm doing nothing, so. XD

[ profile] hp_goldenage started posting and I'm happy! I LOVE fics about my faves getting older. I'm waiting for aaaall the older Draco/Harry in the world with arms wide open. (Also, there's a fic about Luna/Ginny that I highly recommend! Enjoy it, guys!)

My Tumblr is killing it lately. I'm posting so many cute giftsets and fanarts! I'm so pleased with myself (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ I know that I'm spamming an insane amount of Yuri On Ice artworks, but this fandom is so productive and talented! (And Victor Nikiforov is #HUSBANDGOALS forever) Although I have to admit: I struggle to like Yuuri sometimes. Not because he isn't deserving, but because I see so much of myself in him and, mostly, the things I loathe and would like to suppress about myself ... I can't help but wanting to erase those aspects in fiction too.

Learning to love oneself is tricky.

I think that I'm gonna rewatch 2015 Macbeth, maybe? I was inspired by the Ginny/Luna story and, honestly, this movie is great. Apparently, some people didn't appreciate it enough, but to me it's wonderful. Cotillard and Fassbender played their characters beautifully and - unpopular opinion alert! - I prefer Fassbender's take on the "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" monologue compared to other ones. (Yes, even to McKellen's one. Sue me)

I think that many Macbeth portrayals always kinda forgot one aspect that makes the play so fascinating to me: the relationship between Macbeth and Lady. They plot the murder together, they go on this journey together and they share the defeat together.

I don't feel the solitary approach of the McKellen's scene (Although, he uses the words so beautifully! Such a great actor) Because it makes much more sense to me that Macbeth would think of Lady during that monologue, that he would direct the speech to her in a way. They are a together in this.

Also, I can understand more of Macbeth's vulnerability, the fact that he's not that hateful or determined as he may seem. Honestly guys: it's the Lady the determined and ruthless one! It's Lady the one who chooses to act and "rules" the marriage. Macbeth is kinda passive compared to his wife and very obedient to her wishes. He sort of regains himself only after she dies.

I love this couple and the gender-flippery thing I can see in it, with Lady being all ruthless and ambitious and pragmatic, while Macbeth is maybe more fragile. They are also dysfunctional in many ways, Lady knows how to wound her husband deeply, but ultimately ... great marriage story? I dig it more than Romeo & Juliet, tbh with you.
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Hi guys, how are you?

Here we are dealing with the Siberian cold winds or something, it's snowing since this morning and it's very, very cold, wow! The snow is pretty though, but I think I have to clean the sidewalks near my house because I feel like I could fall there.

Anyway, I should also really start the writing process of the [ profile] hp_goldenage fic and the fic I promised for [ profile] carlyinrome (Sorry for being so slow! I still don't have my laptop and I'm using my mom's!) ... I wouldn't want for her to discover a word doc where I plot gay porn. XD

But I really hope I would be start writing soon. I have ideas!

Speaking of which, here's the second part of the Hogwarts Sorting Buffyverse Edition, done because everybody does it.

In which I sort Willow, Xander, Tara and Cordelia maybe )
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Okay, since I'm pretty bored and I can't catch any sleep, this is officially happening: the Sorting Hat for the BtVS characters (Because on Tumblr everybody does it and I'm not good with graphics and also I like to rant aimlessly)

If you're not familiar with the Sorting: in the Harry Potter universe, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there are four houses, each one *picks* its own students who possess the qualities favored by the house itself. This categorization embodies abilities/qualities of the single student, but most of all his goals in life, in the pursuit of happiness and personal growth, and in his ideal view of the world.

And since, basically, these four houses kinda work for everyone, people like to put other characters from other fandoms in these tiny shiny boxes. Boxes are fun.


1) Gryffindor, the house of Harry Potter himself and the protagonists of the saga. The qualities favored by Godric Gryffindor, who founded the house, are: chivalry, bravery, daring, nerve, recklessness. Most of all: the majority of Gryffindors seems to be guided by a moral code encompassing all their actions. Meaning: these guys want to be *heroes*, they want to do good in the world, to change it rightly. (Of course, not all Gryffindors are like this - Peter Pettigrew is a traitor and a coward - and some Gryffs are just show offs and vain) But generally, these guys aim for the Greater Good.

2) Hufflepuff. Qualities: kindness, patience, hardwork, honesty, dedication. The nurturing/hard working type. "The good guys", due to the qualities listed above - although exceptions are always need to be considered - but Rowling herself has a pretty great opinion of Hufflepuff and, honestly, people who are tolerant and loyal and pretty much just trying to do good for other's sake are just great, so.

3) Ravenclaw. Qualites: creativity, originality, wisdom, curiosity. I wouldn't say necessarily logic though, because Luna is often seen as quintessential Ravenclaw and, while she's certainly not lacking in the curiosity/originality field, "her logic does not resemble our Earth logic". And that's the whole point of Logic, guys. But, you know, other ways of thinking and all that stuff. (Still, Hermione Granger, who is sorted in Gryffindor, is much more coldly logical) Ravenclaws are motivated by their desire to gain knowledge and their creativity.

4) Slytherin, my little cousin's favorite house because of snakes. Qualities: cunning, ambitious, self-preserving, determined (Although I recently saw this quality in the Gryffindor description on Pottermore, ouch!), resorcefulness. Slytherins are motived by their ambition and their quest for greatness, which could potentially lead to very narcissistic, self-serving individuals who only care about their personal gains. And the whole saga went on and on about that. But Slytherin doesn't equal evil and some of them are the most interesting, complex and even heroic characters. To understand their fuckery think about the Odyssey, when Ulysses pwns Polyphemus by letting him get drunk and then blinding him. That's the kind of clever and cunning we're talking about. (And that he reveals his true name! Aww <3) Again, not authomatically evil.

And that's it. I honestly wouldn't assume anything else about the characters and how they behave and revolve around the others. These are general boxes and, as proved in the books, pretty different people are classified in the same way (Think about Cho Chang being in Ravenclaw: she's very emotional, not at all just cold logic and wisdom)

So, I would just put the Buffyverse character in a box, instead of another, because of what I think they are trying to accomplish with their lives )
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I'm currently physically exhausted, so this will be hopefully brief and resembling some kind of logic (Although I can't promise anything on that front) I was also thinking about the Sorting of the characters of YOI and I'm mostly confused and overwhelmed with feelings.

One thing I know, tho: Victor Nikiforov, skater extraordinarie and inspirational Russian icon, is def a Ravenclaw. Y'all can meet me outside and FIGHT ME. Still not really sure about Yuuri, but probably Ravenclaw too?

Because let me tell you something about Yuri On Ice aka "The Ultimate Tale of Beauty, Truth and Love" )

[So yeah, basically: I'm going with Victor in Ravenclaw 'cause: creative, intelligent, eccentric, innovator (He always aim to surprise), accepting, open-minded, wise and emotionally avaible in every way.

Yuuri is either a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, because his whole life is ultimately dominated by Victor and what he represents: beauty, love, ART. He struggles to let it out, to express himself, he's SO BRAVE in facing his fears ... but maybe Ravenclaw 'cause his ultimate life-goal isn't morally related, but aesthetically-related.

Yurio is a Slytherin because of pure ambition. He wants to freaking WIN]

And that's it. Sorry. Bye.👋.
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Guys, guys, guys!

I saw FANTASTIC BEASTS and I believe I've also catched the flu *sighs* But mostly, I SAW FANTASTIC BEASTS!!!!!! *throws confetti at self*

It's late and I really should go to bed at this point, also because I took medication to prevent the flu (I can't catch it right now, c'mon! I need to study!) But I need to write a quick comment on the movie because you know, MUCH EXCITE and stuff.

Liked it, although not really into the story of the beasts themselves. The whole pokemon-like chase of them was a little bit boring for me. I did appreciate the worldbuilding of the Wizarding community in America and the characters. Eddie Redmayne has such a cute face, I want to pinch his cheeks! I liked Queenie and Tina, awww, and Jacob, OMG! So, so adorable.

And, of course, the whole graphics/costumes/scenery porn. Really cool. But I'm eager to see more about the story will all know of Dumbledore and Grindelwald and about that


Anyway, hope you also enjoyed the movie. I'm gonna read AAAALLL the spoilers/reviews tomorrow.
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Hi guys, how are you feeling? Still kinda bummed by the US elections, but I'm glad to see how many people are fighting and even joking about the new establishment. Sometimes irony is the best answer against sadness and defeat. I'd like to ask all my fellow LJ friends who are currently protesting/deciding to protest to please be careful. I've seen some concerning posts on Tumblr and I'm worried. Please, try to stay safe.

Anyway, because humanity is a disappointment, fandom was invented.

My last TOP 5 asked by [ profile] frelling_tralk

TOP 5 Spuffy Moments *pinches cheeks* )

Credits: gif1, gif2, gif4 and gif5 by marilynmay at

gif3 by aikobot, at
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Hi guys, how are you? Hopefully better than me, since today seems to be headache day *groans*

I'm doing the TOP 5 MEME and, on this evening, I will answer two random questions.

[ profile] itsnotmymind asks about my top 5 BtVS S6 episodes

Here's my answer )

Since I'm waiting for my headache to go away, I will also answer to [ profile] capitu TOP FIVE TROPES

(I interpreted it as "narrative tropes" in general)

Awww, this is hard )
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I loved it and I have opinions about it.

If you're curious about it, follow the cut. (While I try to finish this owl_fest story thingy which is torturing me)

Under the cut 'cause spoiler, also BIG DEFENSE OF HARRY JAMES POTTER. FIGHT ME EVERYONE )
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Hi guys, how are you?

Still edgy myself. I've discovered "American Crime Story" which seems catchy and I'm gonna watch it now.

Also very ranty lately about Hogwarts Houses, Hermione Granger and Harry. I would like to share my observations with you, so maybe we can start a discussion? Or whatever you prefer.

These meta-ish observations took place at [ profile] ever_neutral's LJ, because she recommended a Tumblr about House Sorting:
The Sorting Hat Chats which is a interesting reading and an in depth analysis of the Houses. In the page I've linked, you can read the basis of this analysis and if you like metas, this is just meat for your teeth! :3

Since I was sorted in Ravenclaw at Pottermore, I was curious to see if the Tumblr definition was also fitting to my case and I've read something and my brain started working on his own.

So, in the category "Ravenclaw Primary", we can read this definition:

Ravenclaw Primaries have a constructed system that they test their decisions against before they feel comfortable calling something right. This system might be constructed by them, or it might have been taught to them as children, or it might have been discovered by them some point later in life. But it gives them a way to frame the world and a confidence in their ability to interact with it morally.

Interesting. Except that I have critical thoughts about it.

Brace yourself )

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Hi guys, how are you?

Yesterday I saw X-Men Apocalypse and I enjoyed, despite some flaws in the plot but you know what they say about perfection. I thought I could write a post about the movie because it was nice and, predictably, I loved all the kids in it.

I didn't really liked "Days of Future Past", I thought it was dumb and I don't care about about time-traveling Wolverine. Plus whenever Marvel does *THE THING* (Escalating, putting 35983953 characters in a movie without developing a single one, using stupid apocalyptic tropes) I get extremely disappointed. So I was kinda surprised when I enjoyed this one. Also because there's, once again, the Big Bad Who Will End the World, but I think that Oscar Isaacs did a good job and somehow his character wasn't too dull to watch, despite being totally insignificant himself.

Spoilerish review )

In the end, watch it for:

- The kids
- Sansa Stark AU in which she has amazing super-powers and kicks everyone's ass.
- Quicksilver and Nightcrawler being my actual sons and me loving them.
- Erik/Charles
- Erik/Charles/Raven
- Erik/Charles/Raven/Hank
- Apocalypse fun being not too lame (Although the Egyptian part is kinda lame)
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So, here's a proper post in which I talk about the ending that made me sob yesterday.

I read that people are disappointed about this finale and, tbh, I don't care about that. It was a solid ending and I appreciated it.

Brace yourself )
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Starting from now to the next week it will be an asskicking period of studying and stuff (Hopefully, if I can stay that productive!) And I'm feeling kinda bummed out by the idea at the moment, so why not make a pointless post on LJ? I do like to write here.

These days on Tumblr there's this very popular idea of sorting characters with different methods (zodiac, Hogwarts House and so on) One of the most popular sorting system is the Myers-Briggs test which, if I'm not mistaken, was already discussed in here.

I'm not a psychologyst, but since people make pretty gifs I think I can express my opinion. (✿╹◡╹)

And, in doing so, I'm gonna consider the core characters of my current obsession (HP) and my long lasting love (BtVS). Brace yourself.


Buffy Summers = The reason why I'm posting this, tbh. I saw a bunch of gifs categorizing Buffy as ISTP (introverted, sensing, THINKING, perceiving) Now, I can potentially agree on everything except that "thinking" part. WTFFFFFF! Which show where you watching, guys?? Buffy is absolutely and primarly ALL ABOUT FEELINGS.

She listens to her guts, she thinks that emotions are totally valid assets, she makes the most important choices following her heart and she forgives even when hurt.

Of course, she *thinks*. She's a very intelligent lady and she also has this very strong moral compass in which she needs to prevent badness from happening and it's all her responsability. But if you pick a dychotomy "feeling or thinking" and you ask me what's Buffy Summer's prevalent function, it must be feeling. Ultimately she can sacrifice herself for love.

Buffy could be either extroverted or introverted, I don't know. She clearly enjoys social situations and she has a past of being a "queen bee". But she develops a strong stoicism and the ability to bottle up her emotions. Plus, in the end she goes out with the same two people for decades! I think she could be an introverted who plays the extroverted role very well.

She's sensing - apparently means pratical. She's a very pratical person and, in battle, she often picks casual stuff to kill vampires. She's not so much for abstract thought, more like: let's see what happens and what can I do to handle the situation.

FEELING AF. Because she ultimately relates on her insticts and emotions.

Perception or judgement, IDK. Mostly because she has a strong moral compass (And that's the judgemental part, I guess) But she's also very practical, so IDK. Anyway I would say that Buffy is ISFP or ISFJ and see what happens and what Wiki tells me about these kind of people.

Incidentally, I believe that Harry James Potter is also a ISFP.

Again, all the same conclusions )

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So guys, how are you doing?

I really hope you're all fine and enjoying Spring (in those countries where it's Spring season, of course!) Here's already super-warm and my cherry tree is blossoming beautifully. I love it SO MUCH. There are a lot of bees buzzing near my window.

Anyway, I'm posting this because I need to express my fangirlish emotions and just rant and stuff, so if you want to skip feel free. Also, if you love Hinny and feel fond towards the pairing, I really hope you know that I consider your feelings and opinions totally valid and cool and this isn't a hating post or a bashing one. I'm just completely confused with JKR choice to create an Hinny endgame and there are stuff I personally dislike in the process and I would like to talk about those.

I'm writing a post discussing the unfairness of HP epilogue because I just read all these books and I HAVE MAJOR DISPLEASED FEELINGS AND I NEED HELP.

I would also like to point out that I generally don't like the "ANTI" word, because I feel it's kinda unfair. Like, everyone has their own OTPs and why should people prevent other people to enjoy theirs? Ship and let ship, that's my philosophy.

But I have to talk about stuff anyway. Bear with me.

I really, really don't like Harry/Ginny as endgame? I firmly believe that it's the worst HP pairing of them all (Along with Remus/Tonks) And I don't understand why JKR even thought that Ginny was "the one" for Harry and how can she being so displeased with Romione and not seeing this giant joist in front of her eyes?

First of all, what are the actual reasons between Harry's immediate love towards Ginny? It's just so unclear! He sees her with Dean Thomas and, suddenly, he wants her. WHAT THE F? And you can say: that's a believable reaction for a sixteen years old boy. I agree. Except that, eventually, even sixteen years old boys grow up and they realize that their sixteen years old love does not equal marriage.

So, yeah, first thing I don't like: 1) the whole ship seems to be based on a sudden possessiveness and jealousy, not previously motivated by anything. Like a child who wakes up one morning and realizes that his playmate took one of his toys and he just wants that back!! Ugh, NO.

Between Harry and Ginny there's no actual meaningful communication. They snog in cupboards like the teenagers they are (Fair) but they never talk about important issues or bond over similar experiences. We have a nice, intimate moment in book 5, when Ginny reminds Harry that she knows how it feels to be possessed by Voldemort, she can understand his pain, but this moment is dropped and after that there no discussions of trauma and deeper issues between them. 2) No meaningful communication, that's my second point.

Also can we talk about how much Ginny is just so under-developed? She has a huge role in the second book and she lives an experience that marks her formative years but what about dealing with the trauma and the consequences of it? File not found.

So, I honestly have problems in caring and being emotionally involved with Ginny's storyline, because for me it's just sketched and I don't know her and I can't really understand her. There's a huge gap in the narrative when it comes to her and I feel like I can understand much, much better Hermione and Luna, who are more clearly developed. I can understand so I can emphatize.

Also - and this thing confuses me to no end! - WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MEAN THAT HARRY LIKES GINNY BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T CRY!!!!??????

It's THE WORST POSSIBLE MOTIVATION EVER! Especially for someone like Harry, who struggles with an healthy understanding of how to emote and how to handle feelings.

Let's say this clear: Harry has a disfunctional approach to emotions. (That's why I love him so much :3)

He was abused and neglected since age 1. He never had positive formative experiences until 11 and later he meets manipulative parenting figures who fuck him up. He's incredibly messed up.

Harry avoids confrontation because he doesn't understand how to handle rage. Where he grew up, expressing rage or even dislike was punished. He saw Vernon and Petunia handle aggressivity - with Dudley, for example - and that was such a freaking toxic approach to rage. Plus there are undertones of physical violence and, if not, Harry experienced A LOT of emotional violence. So, for him, of course rage is a bad thing. It's pure violence and distruction.

Harry bottles up his emotions and assumes an avoidant attitude towards rage, because he feels like "exploding" with it. And if you explode with something you can cause damage. So there's this "repression/explosion circle" which is often something people with a trauma or an abuse in their past experiance and use as a copying mechanism. And, believe me, I feel for Harry. I'm also avoidant when it comes to rage, because I feel like getting pissed is the end of the world and very, very bad of me.

(Which is something that, I think, also Willow Rosenberg experiences in dealing with hate and rage)

Harry avoids rage because that's bad and shouts down all the deepest emotions because, guys, those things are all connected. You can cry because you're angry. It's an emotional response to stress.

So, instead of picking someone who let him express this darker side and let these feelings out, which is something that can only does him good, he picks the most comforting choice: someone who doesn't cry (= express emotions, so you don't have to deal with those things) Excuse me but ... unhealthy? I feel like it's a huge, huge mistake never talking about how bad and truly harmful is not handling emotions.

And I wish kids would learn this thing I've personally learned after too much time and mistakes: you can't avoid emotions. The fuckers always come back at you! For some reasons, we just have to deal with feelings. Unfair but true.

So yes, that's my main, great, huge issue with Hinny. The motivations behind Harry's choice are completely disfunctional and yet the author doesn't seem to acknowledge that, so by default we should assume that "love works like that".

I fucking hope not.

I would also hope that even if you had the worst experiences with rage and abuse, you can find a person/people who help you engage with these feelings in a safe, healthy way. That's what Ron and Hermione do. They bicker all the time and they express rage, aggressivity and irritation, but it's like a constant table tennis match (Which is different from the abuser/abused dynamic)

My therapist often said to me that "aggression" comes from the Latin word "aggrego" which means keeping together. Basically, rage is another emotional human response that we need to express ourselves and protect ourselves, to engage. You know how Romans fought, right? They keep themselves very, very close to each other (the Roman "testudo" was the closest formation) because how can the enemy break the ranks if we are touching each other?

So communication also means "engaging" and since we are different individuals, we often engage in discussions and huge emotional gestures. Even screaming. But since Harry was raised by fucking abusers he doesn't know how to properly engage and screaming can lead to badness.

Now, here comes my trash self that sees this "engaging" process in Draco/Harry. It's rough, not remotely healthy or mature when they are in Hogwarts and so sketched, but if these idiots grow up and mature, that's a good starting point. Draco wants to be seen and wants to engage with Harry so bad.

But, if we want to be even more fair, the healthy version of this process is present in ALL the Harry/Luna interactions, in which Harry doesn't have to "avoid" anything because Luna handles trauma and sorrow in a completely different way and maybe that's the thing for him! A safe, healthy, sincere approach that's different, okay, but still safe and healthy.

I'm puzzled, you know what I mean? JKR had the perfect pairing and she went with the cliché hetero bullshit.

And speaking of heterosexuality - and I end the post here, because otherwise it's a book - why all the protagonists has to be included, in the end, in the Weasley family? WHY?

And with that I do mean = why being legally included in it (Because of course the Weasley family is everyone's family by the end of the War! These people created a bond, helped and supported each others. Molly is the truest motherly figure for Harry, along with Hermione)

But why in hell all are het, married, Weasley and parents??

It feels like we are forgetting diversity in human experience and that doesn't seem right or even true. There's more than just one type of family.

And also this thing

“I knew you wouldn't be happy unless you were hunting Voldemort. Maybe that's why I like you so much.”


She basically sees him as Harry, "the Hero who Conquered the Dark Lord", EVERYTHING HARRY DOES NOT WANT FROM THE PEOPLE CLOSE TO HIM.

(And, okay, it's much more complex than that. I'm oversimplifing the quote and, of course, Ginny admires Harry's attitute and heroism and understand his ethos. Still, if you never develop the other sides of a relationship, the only thing that stays is Ginny seeing Harry as a hero. Nothing more. And that's disappointing)

Basically, and if I may use a popular Tumblr expression, "they deserved better".
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I did a thing!

Buffy Summers Harry Potter Thor Odinson MCU
BRILLIANT BUT LAZY She doesn’t perform well as Willow in school, but she’s a smart and capable student Not erudite as Hermione, but talented duelist, capable of producing a Patronus charm at thirteen, youngest Seeker in a century -
CHILD SOLDIER She was 15 years old when she was called 11 years old (Arguably)
CURSED WITH GREATNESS (Aka The Chosen One) Just wants a normal life Voldemort tries to kill him since he was one year old (Not so much with the curse, he loves being a prince)
ARCHNEMESIS LOVE Spike, Angel/us, Faith (LOL, I ship him with Draco shut up) “LOKI, NOOO!”
MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES (Depression, PTSD, anger issues) Yo After book 4, he seems to be suffering of PTSD -
BIG BROTHER/SISTER INSTINCT Dawn - Keeps protecting Loki, even if he’s a murderous little shit
ABUSED Fought sexual assault more than once + more By aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon, bullied by Snape -
OUT OF CONTROL SASS “If the apocalypse comes beep me” “This is night, Diddykins. That’s what we call it when it goes all dark like this.” -
DEATH IS YOUR GIFT Twice Literally raised like a pig for the slaughter Accepts to sacrifice himself in order to stop Loki’s madness
DEAD PARENTS Joyce (S5) Since he was 1 years old Frigga (TDW)
FALLEN PRINCESS Used to be a popular cheerleader - Used to be an arrogant bratty prince
THE HERO Saves the world, a lot Saviour of the Wizarding World Avenger, protector of the Realm
GOOD IS NOT SOFT Will bash a hellgod’s fucking face with a freaking hammer until she begs to stop Crucioed Amycus Carrow so hard he slammed into a wall He looks like a huge sunshine puppy but he can become the Revenant bear
CHOSEN FAMILY The Scoobies, Dawnie Ron and Hermione, the Weasleys, the DA squad The Avengers, Jane and her science team
BLONDE HOTTIE check - check
GUILT COMPLEX Inferiority/superiority complex issues Blames himself for the people who died during the war After being banished to Earth
BERSERK BUTTON Aka anger issues and violent slayer lifestyle Where you talking ill about his parents? Try to say that shit to his face! He owns a huge hammer to bash heads with
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Hello guys! How are you? Hope you're all doing great.

First things first: yesterday was Buffy Summers' birthday. Yay!

If we consider January 19th 1981 as canon birthday date, we can conclude that Buffy must be 35 years old now. Amazing!

It reminds me that I'm terribly behind with the comics and I'm not reading them since October or something. Am I missing something important? Something nice? Are they gonna ruin Spuffy for the 246547254 time because they are too afraid to move things foward?

Anyway, to celebrate the event I'm planning to post another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors which would be also appropriate, considering the fact that we are following the story during Buffy's birthday. (When everything sucked, poor baby)

And speaking of poor babies: lately I was in a rage!

Basically, now I'm super-fannish about the HP saga, y'all know, and there was this meme on FB dedicated to Snape and, guys, THE DEBATE STARTED AGAIN!  Once upon a time, a friend of mine told me that the "Snape debate" was very controversial in the fandom and I believed her and I think I understand why, but honestly, the Italian fandom always gets to be more scary than all the other places IMO?

So, the meme was about Snape and somebody commented with a "I can't believe there are people in this world who don't even like Snape!" And the moderator was like "Do they even exist?" ... and so it started.

A guy wrote that people who don't like Snape understood nothing of the saga and, of course, some replies were like "Maybe we understood everything but we just don't like him??" which was also my opinion. But I get kinda pissed when people were like "Harry is just dumb and lucky" and "Snape waS so much better than your precious hero". DON'T TOUCH MY BABY, BITCH.

I'm sure that being *friendzoned* (Jesus, I HATE this expression and the very concept behind it) must be so painful that 10 years of psychological and possibly physical abuse + constant danger of dying + post-traumatic stress sydrome are just a walk in the park compared to that. But honestly.

Why can we accept that:

1) Your faves are not my faves. But that doesn't mean that I didn't understand the text or that I'm dumb. I'm just moved by different things and different characters and it's fine.

2) You can love a "problematic fave" even if he's an asshole and he does terrible things. Narrative Life.

Because I find kind of disturbing this thing that I saw happen the other day, in which fans justify a creepy behavior by whitewashing a character and his reasons, because they can't find themselves in the position of loving someone who is wrong. Like, WHY?

Don't mistake me. I understand that everyone has his own standards of right/wrong and creepy/non creepy, but when people are like "Okay, he was stalking her but just because he did care about her so muuuuuch!" and stuff like that, there's always a tiny part of my brain that goes "so this person would be totally fine if something like that would happen in RL?"

I don't know. Like I said, narrative doesn't equate real life. But I guess that many guys saw Snape's pain as "too real" and justificable, considering that being friendzoned is the worst that could possibly happen to a human being, and I was kinda squicked.

I would defend the right to ship all the wrong things and enjoy all your favorite psychos. Isn't this the great things about narrative? That we can adore people who would want to stay the hell away from us in RL? Recently, while watching the latest BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie's tale, I was pretty sympathetic towards a mass-murderer (!!!) Like, you know what I mean, right?

Just own it. OWN IT, ffs! You love an asshole character who does terrible things, that's fine! You don't have to whitewash the ground where he walks or bash other characters just to make your fave look like the hero! (As in fanwriters who wrote Buffy like she's an heartless whore from Hell just to make their fave look awesome, for example)

Own. It.

*Btw, I'm pretty conscious that Snape's story is very complex and that he too was abused in many ways since young age. I do feel very sorry for him and I don't dislike him as a character inside the main narrative. I just don't feel "warm" enough towards him? I don't love him. But I'm generally pretty meh towards all the Marauders. They are interesting and fun, but I'm more emotionally involved with the actual kids in the seven books. That's just my take on the story.

** I do feel like a moral!Hermione when I make these posts because I'm dealing with concepts of right and wrong and I'm assuming that some characters like Buffy or Harry are intrinsecally "good" which is kind of a moral absolutism on its own. See, I'm contradicting myself within the post! Why I even write stuff?

So, that was just a pointless midnight rant. I'm sleepy. I'm gonna post soon the real interesting, I hope, stuff.

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Guys, did you see? Black!Hermione IS REAL! *O*

Basically today the cast of "The Cursed Child" was revelead and the actress playing our beloved Miss Granger is a woman of color. That's okay, I think? I literally see black!Hermiones everyday on Tumblr, so I suppose that the fandom is already on board to begin with. I hope there won't be problems at all.

I also hope that this actress chooses to let her hair grow a bit so it could look Hermione-like. But also, adult!Hermione with short hair! That would be SO COOL. I'm a little bit perplexed with the actor they chose for Harry, but it would be unfair to judge before giving him the chance to show his talent.

I think that everyone had different Hermiones, Rons and Harrys in mind while reading the books. That's fine. That usually happens when you read a book (and picture the characters in your mind) I had a slighty different experience since I watched the movies first and I read the books only recently.

While reading the books, though, I also had a different kind of girl in mind for Hermione - or, just, since she was described in a certain way I pictured her different from Emma Watson, who still was a great casting choice. Rupert, Evanna, Dan, Matthew and Tom were almost physically perfect for their roles. (I love the fact that Draco gets to be cute and "soft" looking but never too beautiful and perfect and Dan should have been thinner, always with PoA hair and green eyes but basically that's Harry, c'mon)

Everyone has a different image or model inside his head and that's fine. I just think that, given the not so detailed canon descriptions (Smart move, Rowling!), POC Hermione or Harry are totally legit.

Also, guys, did you see the season finale of The Affair? If anybody's watching let me know 'cause I have feelingssss about this stuff.

Also I watched the movie with Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy (The disappearance of Eleanor Rigby) and I cried like a tiny baby. I feel the urge to cut my hair like Jessica's and she's so beautiful! Whyyyyyy. And James McAvoy hurts my soul with his Scottish ginger beard.
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... Or maybe I'm antisocial and stupid?

But really. This girl called me at 11 pm kinda drunk, I suppose, and I had to listen to her being silly while her friends were laughing in the background and she gets pissed if I want to stop the conversation? WTF? Do friends behave this way normally? I think I'm maybe rusty or older than my age or whatever.

In other fangirl news:

- I'm watching Broadchurch S2 and so far is very good. I love the new characters and I love how the show focuses on the consequences of the previous season finale. Continuity and character development are THE STUFF I'M HERE FOR.

- I read a lot of twitter messages from JKR, while at the phone with drunk girl, and she basically talked a lot about Snape and why he can't be totally hated or santified. I'm honestly so very tired of this constant preachy kick in the ass, "ur fave is problematic", that the fandom does when a character is slightly morally grey. WTF guys. It feels like talking to 12 years old catholic youth!

Characters can be complex, problematic, shitty. And you can love them without condoning their behaviour or even remotely believing that they are justificable. Narrative can examine the darkest parts of our lives - the addictions, the compulsions, the depressions and the violence - and things aren't always non-problematic and don't have to be morally checked to be appreciated. I adore a good analysis and critique is the salt of the Earth, but stop with the SJW routine. It gets boring at one point and an open mind has to be ready to deal with problematic issues.

I don't even like Snape. I do feel a little bit of compassion for him, because he grew up in a terrible situation and - unlike Lucius, James Potter or Bellatrix - he was poor and trying to find a place in his society. (People don't understand how much poor people can be subject to bullshit ideals ... Although, I believe that the current political situation is an example) I do believe he was very, very brave. Lying in the face of magic!Hitler and plotting against him was so fucking dangerous. He had balls of steel.

That said, his attachment for Lily was just ... too much? And he was so pointlessly cruel to innocent children. To Harry especially, just because he had the misfortune of looking like his father who he didn't even know, but also to Hermione, Neville and the others. I don't have a tiny bit of compassion or pity for someone who bullies children. I'm sorry, I don't. A professor who becomes the most terrible nightmare to a student (Especially to a student who struggles with more important life problems) isn't a good person.

So I'm sorry if you were "friendzoned" and think that life is shit, but there are literally tiny 11 years olds who lost their parents in a war. So well, get yourself together and be decent, pls.

That said, Snape is complex and morally grey. I get why he's "faved" by people even though I don't like him personally. Can we appreciate good narrative?

I'm also hungry, so I'll just drop the ball here.

Did I just write "twitter messages"? I'm old inside.

Also ... did anyone ever thought of Gryffindor Bellatrix? Because, IMO, it could fit. (She's the knight and Voldie is the Madonna. Dante Alighieri would put her with Paolo and Francesca XD)


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