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It's happening.

I'm starting to work on the [ profile] hp_goldenage fanfic. I managed to pull off something like six pages, but they need SO MUCH refining and work done on that (Plus translation). But you know. Doing that and managing to finish in time, hopefully.

I also watched "Arrival" with Amy Adams and it's amazing. Highly recommend this movie.

It's what Interstellar wanted - and failed miserably - to be. The science part IS SO GREAT! Guyyyys, the heroes in this movie are LINGUISTS!!!! Because every aliens movie ever is "they want to kill us", but also they understand our language and we understand theirs at first meeting. When, in fact, what are the chances? A completely different form of life and civilization comes to Earth and we suddenly understand each other with google translate? Please!

So the movie works a lot on linguistics and communication issues (Such as the structure of a language or the problems to translate) and that was so interesting! This is a movie where people try to understand and communicate with aliens, rather than just kill kill kill, because wouldn't be our first priority ever? To just ask them questions and gain some knowledge, if we are in our right minds.


(Also the emotional/character-centric parts killed me too. I cried a lot by the end. So many emotions!)

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Guys, I did it. I'm posting this story and whatever. I just have so many feelings about the Malfoys and Harry and I need your approval to keep going. (Also I may or may have not ... talkedaboutDrarrywithmytherapist. I'm in deep shit)

There are also life stuff happening, but I'll talk you later about those. Let me know if this thing is remotely good. And sorry sorry sorry for all the mistakes. I tried to do my best but I bet that I left some huge fails during this two hours long translation and at this point I can't even distinguish good English from bad English. Am I using the sentences people use? Am I coming up with stuff nobody ever heard? WHO KNOWS!!11! I've never been to UK/America anyway!

In the Name of the Son )

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First of all, happy birthday [ profile] sunclouds33! Hope you're having a nice one.

I'm also searching for a beta for the Lucius + Drarry story, which ultimately became a Lucius and Draco story. As always, you get the story totally translated and just need to check my mistakes. I wish to share this thing with the English speaking fandom!

Also, my 4 years old little cousin today took a bite in the arm from another kid. This kid basically took their teacher's box, or something, and little one grabbed it to give it back to the teacher. Is he a blooming Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff? XD
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Here we go!

È un pomeriggio di Giugno straordinariamente luminoso. A Lucius sembra quasi di aver abbandonato la terra inglese e di trovasi in mondo parallelo, a sud della Grecia forse, dove spiagge soffici incontrano un mare caldo e benevolo.
Narcissa siede tra le lenzuola candide e i cuscini immacolati del loro letto, i lunghi capelli biondi sparsi sulla schiena e gli occhi grandi intenti ad indagare ogni dettaglio del fagotto che tiene tra le braccia ...

But, of course, it's in my language and I need some help with the translation. Sorry! It's also a little bit longer than my usual, 12 word pages or something, but not excessively long and with pauses. So don't be afraid.

It's all Lucius' POV so it was really hard at first, it took me a week to understand how to do words with Lucius, but I'm pretty satisfied with the result. It ended up being a very *personal* story, in terms of talking about a father and I'm kinda proud of it? Which, I don't know, maybe I need some prospective. But I am.

I also need to eat before I faint.

If anyone wants to do the beta, let me know. Thanks!
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Hi guys, how are you?

I post this message to search for a beta for my Dru fic. [ profile] justwolf can't do it due to more important life stuff, so if anyone likes to correct translation mistakes and read about Dru tell me. Thanks! 
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Here's the original Willow story. In the end is a Loki/Willow story, with Thunderfrost and Willow & Buffy implied:

It's angst and it's all about love.

I'm trying to translate it but it's kinda hard due to the construction of the sentences. I'll try to do my best. Is it weeping willow tree or just willow tree is fine? *can't deal with the English*

EDIT: okay, I did it. I really don't know anything about English Grammar at this point. I don't know what I just translated. I hope is generally correct and, please, if there are any mistakes tell me and I'll fix them.

I'm not sure about the result but I'm just happy because I missed writing so much and I'm sure that at least in Italian all the verbs and the sentences are correct. XD

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Just fangirl enthusiasm for crossovers and the time I spend writing this.

Summary: After an attempted murder, Loki falls into a different dimension where he meets Willow.

This is a story of love and identities shaped by it. Willow is a sort of dark!Willow, goddess of the future, and the ficlet could be canon in The Queen-verse. Loki is just Loki, who sees his love for Thor as a battleground.

Pairing: Willow/Loki, Thor/Loki implied, Buffy & Willow implied.

A Tale of Two Lovers )
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Here's another chapter.

First I want to say sorry to [ profile] lokifan. Once upon a time I sent this to her and it was actually the worst translation ever. The worst ever, really. Basically when I have to translate a chapter I use the google translator, just to convert all the words (Which, attention!, because words from different languages sometimes don't have clear corrispondences. So always check on them!) and then I do the proper translation job. Except that I didn't do a lot of that. Or maybe I forgot. My skills are better now, I guess, so it was possible just that I wasn't able to translate properly. (Also, once again, please tell me if the Grammar sucks or if I made any mistake)

I hope I'm really better. And now Fuffy! (But Baith isn't a better word?)

1. )
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I'm in the mood for posting translations so bear with me. This time I'm posting my Fuffy long-fic (Well, like seven chapters long, but still) I hope you'll like it and, as always, tell me if something is wrong with the grammar. I tried to translate the best I could, but there are some real differences between Italian and English construction of the sentences. I think that we are wordier.


The characters belong to Joss Whedon and to those who have the rights, I just use them for fun.

PAIRING: Buffy/Faith

RATING: NC17, I guess. I'm never too explicit but there is hot slayers sex.

TIMELINE: After Chosen (The fic doesn't consider the events of AtS)

SUMMARY: Buffy and Faith together in Vietnam as chief slayers and lovers. I've never been in Vietnam so I can't guarantee for realistic descriptions, but I loved the idea of Buffy and Faith in a foreign and exotic country. Plus after Chosen Buffy travels the world.

NOTES: This was actually my first Fuffy fic. I had the idea and I thought it was appliable for both Spike and Faith as Buffy's lovers but in the end I chose Faith because I wanted to try femslash and naked women are freaking hot.

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Okay, I kinda just translated another ficlet, this time Spuffy (Aaaww, OTP) There's someone who wants to read it first and corrects my many grammar mistakes?

Today I'm drowing into Buffyverse feelings. Again.
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I need to write some Spangel story. Seriously. But I have so little time!

Instead I'm translating a Bangel very angst - oh, so angst! - ficlet, with a hint of Faith/Buffy. Who wants to be the beeeeeta?

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Here I'm posting the new little story both in English and in Italian.

I'll be Seeing you

She still sees him. After battles, apocalypses and little changes that makes the world spin around once more.
Sometimes she can even see him in the eyes of her son or in the smile of Dawn’s twins which is almost ridiculous because they aren’t even related by blood. But forever was the point, after all.
He’s beautiful and sad and lonely. Sometimes she just wants to stroke his hair and make him remember about all those sweet moments they shared and make him feel just the tenderness and the peace.
She acts like a mother with him. Like a big sister or a friend. And she loves him very much. Like a child and like a lover.
Because forever was the whole point and it still is - even when she closes the door and says goodbye. “I’ll be seeing you,” she whispers.
And she still does.


Lo vede ancora. Dopo le battaglie, le apocalissi e i piccoli cambiamenti che permettono al mondo di girare su se stesso.
Qualche volta lo vede persino negli occhi di suo figlio, nel sorriso delle gemelle di Dawn, cosa quasi ridicola perché non sono vincolati da alcun legame di sangue. Ma per sempre era il punto della situazione, dopotutto.
Angel è bellissimo e triste e solo. A volte vorrebbe soltanto carezzargli i capelli e fargli ritornare alla mente tutti i momenti di dolcezza che hanno condiviso, fargli sentire la tenerezza e la pace.
Si comporta come una madre nei suoi confronti. Come una sorella maggiore ed un'amica. E lo ama, da morire. Come una bambina, come un'amante.
Perché, che il loro legame durasse per sempre, era il punto della situazione e ancora lo è, anche quando lei chiude la porta e lo saluta. “Ti rivedrò,” sussurra.
E mantiene la promessa.

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I just slept for hours this afternoon. I'm going to have a funny night because I won't sleep a second. Why do I always make the same mistake about "just closing my eyes for a minute" after lunch?

So I translated the first six chapters of my Spuffy AU. I don't remember who wanted to do the beta job but it can start right now because I have the chapters ready for corrections. So let me know.

And, talking about fanfics, I want to write something about Loki and Thor but I don't have ideas. I think I need the new movie - just watching the trailer made me write a brief story. Need the movie, NOW! And I kinda want to change the plot of one of my fics - a WIP - because I feel like it could be interesting with Buffy/Spike pairing instead of Lindsay/Buffy and Angel/Spike. Lindsay/Buffy is, I think, a very rare pairing and I loved the idea of doing it, but writing the story I kinda realized how - in that particular AU 'verse - the relationship between Spike and Buffy is far more interesting. (Because in the plot Spike is Giles' lover and Buffy is, like in the show, Giles' almost daughter) I'm having this need to change the plot but I've already posted 23 chapters and I feel it would be a "betrayal" for those who liked the fic. I'm torn.

And I'm listening to a song that reminds me of high school.
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I still need a beta for Lust (All!human AU, Spuffy). Emmie needs to take care of her personal stuff and doesn't have time. So, if you want to do it tell me.

Meanwhile, the President of Repubblic is still Giorgio Napolitano. His job was over but the politicians couldn't pick up another name. I was hoping for Stefano Rodotà, a jurist, but PD (the main "left" party) was split until the last moment. And the anger and disappointment of common people increases. It's not a good situation: these people are called to resolve of a terrible crisis and they can't even choose the name of the new President. 
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Searching a beta for Lust. (All!humans AU, Spuffy) You can read the prologue following the link in the FF Masterpost.

Yes, I'm still having many things to do and I'm generally anxious/busy. But when I successfully deal with stuff I feel like I can do more and more. I'm clearly stupid. >O< So I'm posting this here just in case. 
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I'm translating an AU Angel ficlet in which, basically, there is Angel and there is my OC - his daughter - and many portraits of Buffy, Spike, Lilah and everyone. And a really messed up father/daughter dynamic.

I'm planning to do the translation tomorrow or the day after that (or the day after that) but I still need a beta for the English grammar. So, if there's anyone interested let me know.

I also have this new Claire Saunders icon, isn't it gorgeous? I ADORE Claire Saunders. She's maybe my favourite Dollhouse character. (Definetely my favourite alongside Topher, Victor and Adelle. I also liked so much Alpha! He was a space pilot before, he!)
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I just posted the Italian translation to this incredible essay:

Right here: (I'm slowly adding all the pictures. I was worry to lose the text, since I translated directly in the forum page) 

Thank yo [ profile] lostboy_lj or letting me post your essay in Italian and thanks t [ profile] red_satin_doll nd her wonderful recs. 
Fandom is the best thing ever! 
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So, I just finished to translate this fic. It's Bangel and very dark. And, you know, not really romantic but more about psychological damage and vengeance. ... Anybody wanna be the beta? I can really suck in English grammar, so I don't want to post something full of mistakes. 
Thanks! ^_^
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There's another chapter of The Queen. Oh God, translation is really hard! And I always make the same mistakes: about the verbs and, always, about the commas. Aaahhh! I can't seem to understand the correct punctuation and the proper use of commas in English! It's really unnerving but I'm gonna fight 'till the end! Many thanks to [ profile] slaymesoftly r her help with the grammar.
Here the chapter!
Ps: Annie is two years old. In case you're wondering.

Pps: I just deleted the previous post. BECAUSE LJ IS HATING ME.

12. Time of you Life )
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The lovely [ profile] slaymesoftly offered her help for the translation of my fic. 
I think I'll drop The Queen, because it's an enormous job, but I'm actually thinking about a more small fic, Spuffy. 
Doing the beta of my embarassing translation, Patti actually gave me many useful tips about English grammar. I clearly suck in English. I can read easily your posts and fanfics, but when it comes to write my own stuff ... man, I CAN'T! Really, it's too difficult! I want to cry! ;O;
You know what I discovered doing the translation thingy? 
The punctuation is different.
I did imagine the difference between sentence structure and paragraphs, but, really? Even punctuaction?!
Yes! In Italian we use a completly different sistem and we use commas.
Commas, commas everywhere! I love commas, I use them a lot! I'm proud! I also tend to use my language's rules even when I write in English - like now, for example. My forma mentis in grammar is fucking nationalist!!

But, I would love to learn more about English and to actually know if English people like a sentence structure very English or one much more "exotic", like mine, for example. What would you like to read in a translation?
And, of course, it's just an example. I don't want to give work to Patti! XD She was just nice to help me.

Also, I want to write my thoughtson Carrie and Brody in Homeland and my disappointment about Supernatural.
Okay, it's a show for guys, but all the women die! It's so unfair!

I love commas! :3 


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