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Hi ragazzi!

Back at studying all day, I even haven't got the chance to see my wonderful Little One. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the [ profile] hd_remix fest revealed the authors and ... surprise, I was one!

Here's the thing I managed to create:

Also, also, still wondering what I should write next and since the next time I couldn't, because I suck at using my phone, now LEMME DO THE POLL! *____*

[Poll #2068741]


(Because I'm a nerd and, for some reasons, I kind of planned both sequels)

1) The sequel to "In The Aftermath" would explore D/H's relationship as a tentative one. They are both 50 years old and that's the first time they are together as lovers. We left Draco grieving for his father and Harry promising to stay close to him. I think it would involve at least one explicit sex scene. Angst + romance + first times maybe. I have a soft spot for older Drarry trying to make it work.

2) The sequel to "A Recipe" is a story about an established and happy relationship, so the drama has to come from a different angle. I'm thinking about mpreg and the dangers of late pregnancy, maybe? Something like that. The drama feels needed because the first story is basically just fluff, so it would be pointless to add even more fluff, but of course it will portray a different kind of Draco and Harry, as they live together and know each other better than anyone.

Let me know if you have ideas and, generally, if you want to do polls. Because I love polls. Yaaay.
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Greatings from the lake of Iseo! (I really don't know what's the English name for this place)

I'm currently living at my bro's and since I have a bit of free time in my hands ... Guys, listen: which story should I start on working on?

The poll options isn't working, damn!

So, anyway: Which Draco/Harry story should I start writing?

1 - A sequel to "In the Aftermath"

2 - A sequel for "A recipe for perfect happiness"

(Turns out I have ideas™ for both)

3 - A completely new story (+added suggestions)

Should your girl put there more porn?

1 - Yeeees

2 - Cucurucuccu palomaaa (aka "I already have ideas")

3 - I'm fine, thanks

Let me know what you think!


Feb. 4th, 2017 09:45 pm
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Hi guys, how are you?

Currently spending another Saturday at home and feeling a little bummed out because of it, but also still incredibly tired for no reason? I don't even know. Apparently I've lost my will to exist somewhere. I hope you're doing better.

I'm proud to announce that I've finally finished my [ profile] hp_goldenage story! I had to rewrite the whole second part, because it wasn't really working for me, and now I believe it does and I sent it to my beta for Grammar check, but it's basically done. Yay! I need to thank [ profile] felixfvlicis for helping me out with the rewriting process. Your suggestions were everything!

And, because I'm a mess like that, I have decided to partecipate to [ profile] hd_remix and I completed the form. I'm officially in the game now! And here's the beautiful banner for the fest:

(Art by upthehillart​ banner by [ profile] snowgall)

The sign-ups are open until February 10th, so if you want to partecipate fill the form and join me in this cool new thing!

I've never been in a fest like this one (Well, it was literally my first time in all the fests I've been! XD) But the idea of taking inspiration from a already existing story and writing it from another angle or POV or whatever is SO EXCITING! I can't wait to read my assignments and try to figure out how to do this thing. I'm loving all these writing challenges. ♥

And I'm still sleepy despite having slept to much? DAMN. Meme-time!

Stolen from [ profile] frelling_tralk

Name an episode (or episodes, as many as you like) from one of my shows and I will tell you the following about it. (+Movie/books, in my case)

What I like about it.

What I don't like about it.

Favorite line.

Best performance.

A scene/idea from it that's particularly interesting to me.

Something I would have changed to make the episode better.
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HO HO HO! [ profile] carpemermaid I'm stealing this idea from you, because it's the end of the year and I want to celebrate/procrastinate with the study. I'm allowed!

These are my 2016 fandom accomplishments! You can ignore this self-ass-centric post and move on, but! In case you're curious.


Upcoming writing projects:

- Another mysterious story I can't talk about for [ profile] hp_goldenage

- Natasha/Pepper, MCU, for the lovely [ profile] carlyinrome because she deserves it.

I'm super-excited!


Oct. 13th, 2016 08:33 pm
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Oh God, guys, I finally finished my story for [ profile] hd_owlpost *crumbles into the ground*

It was SO DIFFICULT. Not because I wasn't excited or inspired by the suggestions I've found, but because - for some reasons - I couldn't bring myself to write ONE full sentence in the word document. I was so writer-blocked! And there's nothing worse than an empty word document staring back at you. Nothing! The actual void Nietzsche was talking about.

Anyway, I've sent it to my Beta and hope doesn't suck too much. I still have time to make some changes, if I want. Also, I did the other assignment and, [ profile] hd_owlpost mods, what do I need to do to send a submission for you?


Other more serious things: my American cousins are definetely gonna vote for Trump, I'm sure. Like 2000% sure. They are daughters and sons of immigrants, I really can't understand their brain process and I don't want to. I'd like to urge you to go register and vote for Hillary. Trump at the White House seems really scary from where I stand. I hope it doesn't become reality.

Also, could you suggest nice wallpapers? I'd like a good change sometimes (Harry Potter and Buffyverse wallpapers)
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Beta needed, guys!

It's for the [ profile] multi_genfic Harry Potter round. The story has to be posted on Sunday 27th March but I actually need it at soon as possible because on that day I'll probably be away.

It's 2.200 words and it ended up being a fucking Adele angsty song.

Let me know if anyone is avaible. I'll tell you the details.
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Third day of the Snowflake challenge and I have to rec my own fanworks so brace yourself for the self-indulgence.

I recently talked about the favorite stories I wrote this year and I'm gonna put here the ficlets I consider the best, maybe. Like, how you even judge your own stuff? But I'm kinda satisfied with my work this year? (Okay, in few months I will possibly realize how much everything I create sucks. But I have the impression that I'm getting better at writing, so there's that)

In the Name of the Son Which is something I'm proud of. Like I said, I'm very interested in family dynamics, especially when the family isn't all and all functional and when bad/evil people have a family and are still capable of truly caring for it. Lucius Malfoy was actually one of the characters I despised the most while reading and watching Harry Potter. He's a racist awful human being and he deserved his stay at Azkaban. I was actually very pleased when Voldy pubblicly emasculated him - metaphorically, but you know - in front of the other Death Eaters because GOOD, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET SUPPORTING MAGIC!HITLER!

But at the same time, he's such an important figure for Draco, he's the almighty father, and there's this amazing bond between the Malfoys that it's stronger than their cowardice (Lucius and Draco's, because Narcissa is a boss). It's really interesting because Draco adores his father but he also fears him in so many ways and I find this dynamic so very relatable. Between Lucius and Draco there's such a strong bond and it's painful for so many reasons, but could be redeeming for others. Or, in the end, fathers: how do they even work? I hope you read this stuff.

Harry Potter, in a June Afternoon again a story from a Malfoy's POV, this time Draco. I cried my eyes out after finishing the last book, Deathly Hallows, and I had to express my feelings. In the end I'm pretty pleased with the story. It's angsty and sweet, I think. Harry is seen through Draco's eyes and he's beautiful. And they are just 17 years old, aww.

Meditations on Perfect Happiness I pick this one because Willow's POV is actually difficult to me, but in the end I found my affinity and my understanding of her and I wish we could have more complex interesting Willow in the comics? Aww, man.

Beautiful Butterflies BECAUSE OF DRUUU. And Angel. Because there's one again this sort of father/child bond that I find so interesting, here mixed with lover and Pygmalion. And because I think it would be only right for Angel to end his unlife in Dru's arms. Poetic justice.

And these are the stuff I picked!

I would also like to recommend a BBC mini-series. Guys, do you like Agatha Christie's tales?

Basically, the BBC did an adaptation of Christie's "And then there were none" (Which in Italian was translated with "Dieci Piccoli Indiani") I read the story when I was 9 or something and it scared the shit out of my child self.

I found this new version amazing and frightening with some nice touches on the characters' backstories and I think that some of you could actually appreciate it, especially because the cruelty of the characters - even the female ones, even the Final Girl - isn't under-played. We truly get some despicable human beings and some dangerous sociopaths in the island with the murderer. Good stuff.

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I saw this meme going around on my f-list and I think it's awesome and I wanna do it, soooo ... here we go!

Stories I wrote in 2015, in chronological order:

- Dreams and Mirrors. (Technically the first chapter was posted on November 2014, but I feel like this story is a product of this year in the way it grew on me and for its significance, especially in the first half of the year) Anyway, Drusilla-centric story. From her controlled and hopeful youth to the time in Sunnydale and more. Dru/Buffy as main pairing, Dru/Spike, Dru/Angel(us), Dru/Darla. NC17, because of creepy, disturbing vampire stuff and insanity issues. WIP

- Forever After Days Spike/Angel, post-Apocalypse fic, romance and angst. WIP.

- Endless Flight True Detective, post S1. Rust&Marty, Rust&Sophia implied. Basically everything Rustin Cohle, because he's such a complex, interesting character and I had to try.

At the end of May I started my own private prompt ficathon because of reasons and these are the stories I wrote. (Btw, I have to start working on the remaining prompts. Sorry!)

- Ciao, Ciao, Bambina Spike/Dru, 1950 Italy. Romance, angst.

- Beautiful Butterflies Dru/Angel, future-fic, shanshu, major character death.

- Meditations on Perfect Happiness Kennedy/Willow, break-up fic in which Kennedy isn't the "bad guy" but neither Willow.

- After the Fall the OT3 Spike/Buffy/Angel, post-NFA.

- Roma, Amor Natasha Romanoff-centric (& Clint Barton) for [ profile] carlyinrome who helped me with this whole project thing.

- Girls Never Stop Playing Dressing Up Illyria & Lady Loki, gen, evil-plotting, pretty dresses.

And then Harry Potter came into my life and I cried a lot.

- Harry Potter, in a June Afternoon post-Battle of Hogwarts, EWE. Draco/Harry, PG13. What happens after Voldemort's defeat for an ex-Death Eater and the Chosen One?

- In the Name of the Son Lucius Malfoy-centric story (!!!) Draco&Lucius, Draco/Harry, Lucius/Narcissa implied, PG13. This story explores the relationship between the Malfoys and, especially, the relationship between Lucius and his son. With Drarry implied because that's how I roll.

Question time! )
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Here we go!

È un pomeriggio di Giugno straordinariamente luminoso. A Lucius sembra quasi di aver abbandonato la terra inglese e di trovasi in mondo parallelo, a sud della Grecia forse, dove spiagge soffici incontrano un mare caldo e benevolo.
Narcissa siede tra le lenzuola candide e i cuscini immacolati del loro letto, i lunghi capelli biondi sparsi sulla schiena e gli occhi grandi intenti ad indagare ogni dettaglio del fagotto che tiene tra le braccia ...

But, of course, it's in my language and I need some help with the translation. Sorry! It's also a little bit longer than my usual, 12 word pages or something, but not excessively long and with pauses. So don't be afraid.

It's all Lucius' POV so it was really hard at first, it took me a week to understand how to do words with Lucius, but I'm pretty satisfied with the result. It ended up being a very *personal* story, in terms of talking about a father and I'm kinda proud of it? Which, I don't know, maybe I need some prospective. But I am.

I also need to eat before I faint.

If anyone wants to do the beta, let me know. Thanks!
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Hi guys! I'm in bed with the flu. Suddenly it's really cold all around and whatever happened to the quiet progression of the seasons?

Tbh, I think it's mostly my baby cousin's fault, because he was ill the last time I babysit him and I spent the whole afternoon with him. But, you know, things that happen with kids. They are super-cute anyway!

I'm officially writing this Lucius Malfoy/Drarry thingy. It's really hard and I don't know how many years will it take to finish it (Don't worry, it's just me being slow. It's a ficlet). If there's anyone who is willing to do the beta reading that would be awesome.

Lucius Malfoy's POV is freaking hard.

I'm gonna make myself a cup of tea with lots of sugar. Hope you're all doing better than me!

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Guuuyys! How is it going? Everyone's fine?

I hope so. As you probably already know, I'm planning another Drarry fic but from Lucius Malfoy's POV. Doubts: should I shift from Lucius's POV to Draco and/or Harry? Is Lucius capable of redemption of some kind?

Full disclosure: I do believe that Lucius loves his son and wants him to survive, but I also believe that he's emotionally abusive af and he probably doesn't even realize that, because he grew up with a strict father himself and he thinks that fathers just behave that way normally. So yeah, it's a pretty fucked up relationship (I LOVE THOSE) because it's between people who truly care for the other and at the same time are hurting the other. And, of course, it's Lucius who is hurting Draco. Draco, as young boy and then adolescent son, doesn't have the power and the authonomy to hurt his father.

But also: I despise Lucius as a person, as a racist asshole supporter of magic!Hitler, so if I make him recognize his huge mistake, because he just has to in my fic, that would be OOC? (And, don't worry, I don't plan to transform Lucius in Saint Lucius follower of Hermione 2.0. He's still an aristocratic ass anyway) I do think he understood how wrong everything was when his son and wife - and himself scared shitless - where suffering in their own house.

Also why did I have these fic ideas?

Anyway. Talking about shit fathers: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? *points to the latest BtVS issue*

The Return of Hank Summers )

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Le voci si susseguivano senza sosta: ordini, sussurri stupiti, commenti smozzicati e domande velate. Draco non le ascoltava neanche, perso nella contemplazione delle catene che pendevano dalla sua sedia da inquisito ...

Okay guys, I'm officially writing this. In Italian at first, because I need to. I plan to translate it as soon as I finish it, which could be tomorrow or in a million years. It's really hot in here and I'm the slowest, plus I want to say a lot of stuff because I have so many feelings and, I don't know why, it's all Draco's POV. I don't really know what I'm doing.
If anyone is interested in post translation beta-job let me know. I can't post without somebody who corrects my English first.

So let me know, bye!
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Guys, I may be planning to write an HP fanfic. To be more specific, I want to write a Drarry ficlet to see how it feels. So, if you have any suggestions or random ideas it would be interesting to read those. Maybe I could use a prompt or something (?) I'm really a shipper trash and I need to express myself.

(I did not forget the prompt challenge ficlets, but I'm having so many HP feels! Anyway I'll complete the prompts, don't worry)
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Okay, I'm actually doing this. I'm collecting prompts for drabbles and flashfics.

Since it's the first time and I'm really not good at using prompts, I'll start with a list of, let's say, 12 prompts. So I could do more drabbles, if I can't write proper ficlets, and short stuff but about lots of different stuff. (Which should keep my mind busy, I think) I'm also not good with deadlines - yeah, basically I suck - so I'll put the numbers and do them in random mode, because I also have to find a beta to correct the translation in English. Yay! *w*

Ask me anything about BtVS/AtS, I'm really fond of this fandom and these characters. I think you already know my general likes/dislikes and the pairings I love the most, so if you want you can ask me those, but also other things like gen Cordelia or Faith's childhood or something. Basically I'm mostly here for the Buffyverse, but if you want you can also ask me about True Detective and The Avengers (Thor, Loki, Natasha)

Pick a number and ask me what you like the most.

Da prompts! )

(I really hope I'm able to do this and not disappoint. I also want to enjoy this week and keep it cool. I can do this, right? Bring it on!)
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Apparently I just have a really bad luck with this story, because now the current beta can't help me anymore. So I was wondering ... anybody interested in beta-ing (?) Dreams and Mirrors?

I'm kinda sad because it's the story I care more about at this moment and it seems like the universe doesn't want me to post it. (Which maybe is better?)

Anyway, let me know if you're willing to do the job. Thanks! 
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Hi guys! How are you?

First of all birthdays! (I just realized that a bunch of people have their birthdays during Springtime) Happy belated birthday to [ profile] comlodge (and it's really nice to spot you from time to time!) and happy birthday to [ profile] frelling_tralk and [ profile] ash_carpenter! Hope you're all having a great day. Also happy mothers day to everybody who is a mom or who loves his/her mom!

I think I'm going to write a little bit of Dreams and Mirrors now (I already wrote two chapters, but I'm waiting for my beta to be free to correct them and to make a proper post about the story) and I was actually wondering about writing with prompts.

Generally I'm not good at that. I just have to come up with the idea myself, for some reasons, but during the writing of long stories I find it relaxing to write one-shots about other characters and different situations. Also I think I'm very inspired and willing to write these days, while for the whole past two years or so I didn't have any decent idea.

So I'm going to use this occasion to create a poll (Polls, yay!) and I'm going to put there some of the things I would like to write about and see what the majority wants (I know, who cares? But I want to do a poll!) and if you want to leave a prompt or a suggestion or anything in the comments feel free to do so. I'm really slow at writing and generally at thinking about stories, but now I have so many ideas in my head and maybe brainstorming would help me in choosing what I want to do next.

Also poll are fun. *w*

Wasting time for fun )
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I don't know which idea I'd like to pick:

1) Spike/Angel (And Illyria) all human post-NFA. Fluff, angst, Spike and Angel learning how to live again. I wrote the first chapter and it sucks big time in English. Illyria being Illyria but human. Tentative kisses. Angel being the giant dork he is.

2) Spike/Angel. Post-Apocalypse. Grief, angstangstangst. Sex. Married Spangel. Angst. Angel being a little bit Angelus. Hopelessness.


I THINK I WOULD LIKE TO CHOOSE NUMBER 2 MAYBE BECAUSE IT'S SHORTER. (The priority has to be the Drusilla fic. And life, I suppose) AND ALSO MARRIED SPANGEL

Number 1 is the oldest idea and I love it but translating sucks and it's complex and I would love to explore a lot of things with that. So maybe I don't have time for that.

But would you like to read a doomed Spangel?


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Hi guys, how are you? I'm still doing nothing productive in terms of studying but I really have a lot of story ideas and I think I'm going to write the Spangel fic. I hope I'll do a decent job in portraying an established relationship (Because, spoilers, it will be) and generally a good job with Angel and Spike characterization.

Yesterday, in the middle of the night, I wrote the concept and now comes the hard part: actually writing the story. The word empty page mocks me. But I miss the Spangel and I'm having a great time writing the Dru fic and I think my brain is enjoying it (Maybe too much?) because I feel happier.

Also some friends of mine think that ... maybe I should write something on my own? Like, they think that The Queen is pretty original, that I could convert the fic in a original story. Wow. And also how you do that? It's a HUGE work. The Queen works because I picked a universe with already established laws and the main characters are Buffy, Spike and so on. Okay, I added my own and so what? The work to do to create something original is vast and takes a lot of time. I don't have that and I don't know if I'm ready, but I'm so flattered and ... happy, really. Because when I write I feel so carefree and I feel like I can go in the darkest places without being hurt. It really helps me a lot and it saved my life in a way. And if someone thinks that my stuff is good that's amazing!

(Still I think that I need to mature as a writer and a person, especially, I can see all my flaws. I'm not God's gift)

Also writing fanfics is so cool because it doesn't take a lot of time and it makes me feel happy. (I still trying to figure out why I'm so emotionally connected to this show. I can see some reasons, but the bond is really deep)

Anyway, lots of talking. Here's the new Dreams and Mirrors chapter. There is this one, another and then the first part of the story ends. I really hope you enjoyed and I really hope you like Dru a bit, because I'm falling in love with her.

Thanks to drusillathekiller once again. I would have liked to dedicate one chapter to [ profile] red_satin_doll for her birthday, but it's actually a Sprusilla-centric chapter. So maybe when it comes to the real Dru/Buffy it would please her more? Anyway you have a gift saved here.

October 30, 1880 )
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm currently totally fucked with my sleeping/studying schedule. I feel sick when I think about it so I don't and I enjoy the relaxing apathy that comes from absolute denial. I'm the worst person ever.

On a completely unrelated note - and since I'm that irresponsible right now - I want to write a Spangel so bad. I actually miss writing about Angel, but it's weird because he plays such a huge part in the Drusilla's story. But yeah, as the evil father. I miss the other part of him, the tormented trying-to-be-good warrior hero. I like to write about him. He's such an interesting character and I have a complicated relationship with him. (I also miss the part where Angel and Spike do it which is hot and a favorite fantasy of mine.)

So maybe I could write about him if I have a decent/not already used idea? That would be good. So far I have lots of angsty ideas, because Angel comes with the pain and some very fluffy stuff (Like Angel being human and sick and Spike taking care of him) because he has a cute face.

I already wrote in Italian a WIP - but then I deleted it - in which Spike, Angel and Illyria are human, post Not Fade Away, and I would love to go there but it takes time and it's a multichaptered and I should have priorities in my life. (FUCK ME). So maybe focusing on something short, easy, terribly angsty because WTF would be the best for now.

If you have something inspirational (music/vid/shirtless hot men) send it to me. Maybe I won't be a constipated writer anymore.

Meanwhile I could post another chapter of Dreams and Mirrors, because this story is becoming my sweet baby and I can't stop writing more chapterSEND HELP.

So in the end I'm the worst student ever, an irresponsible person and a committed writer.

(I also may have watched some Bones episodes to satisfy my DB need. I quitted Bones long ago because I was watching only for David and S7 was boring. It's still the most happy procedural ever, where everything goes just the way it supposed to. I see that Bones and Booth now have a child, they are married and happy. In 10x01 we had the most convenient death ever. Booth was in jail but only for half of the episode and now he's already taking his rightful place in the narrative. Wow, pathos. The writers know how to scare us. It says something, I think, when you even't watched two seasons but you can perfectly understand everything that happens. However shirtless David. Weird!beard David.

I miss Angel)

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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm not feeling very well today. I guess I feel a little bit under the weather (Cool expression, right? I've learned it watching Agent Carter) but I'm also trying to be productive and don't sleep in the afternoons and it's working. Yay me!

Agent Carter (vague spoilers) )

I also saw some movies. I loved Wild with Reese Whiterspoon. Beautiful movie, wonderful scenary and solid interpretations. I tried to watch The Judge and ... bored now! RDJ being Tony Stark RDJ and having daddy issues. Should I care? Plus how does the justice system work in US? They could really send to prison a 80-plus years old man? Mah. I tried to watch a movie about Giacomo Leopardi - a famous Italian poet - but I couldn't find it online. I'm curious thought.

I also finished what I imagine is the first part of Dreams and Mirrors, the one about Drusilla's backstory before she ended in Sunnydale and knew a certain Slayer. I'm kinda unsure now. I know where I want to go, but I also hope I don't write something other people already wrote and handling the whole Angelus/Dru/Spike threesome is not easy for me. Plus the story should have ended in 8 chapters or something and I'm at the ninth and I'm still beginning to tell the tale. Go me XD

How are you?


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